The Refugee “Crisis” of 2015: One of Obama’s Destabilization Mercenaries Caught Posing as a “Refugee”

by Scott Creighton

(Just a brief note. I am currently neck-deep in how-to video editing videos and pulling my hair out)

Over at Obama’s personal Mockingbird website, the Huffington Post, we see they are busy spending their time debunking any criticism of the UN/Germany/US/CFR/International Crisis Group refugee campaign on behalf of ObamaGod.

One of the things they are trying to downplay is a photo which emerged showing a guy wearing terrorism gear in one shot and touristy-looking “refugee” garb in the next.

The Huffington Post is quick to point out “no. He isn’t “ISIS”! He’s a REBEL!”

Ah. There’s the distinction of the year. I wonder if that means he’s the one who used sarin gas on civilians last year.

<span class='image-component__caption' itemprop="caption">A photo which circulated online which was falsely claimed to be of an Islamic State fighter hiding as a refugee, but is in fact former rebel Laith Al Saleh, who fled the conflict.</span>

And yes, that is the same guy.

The first before-and-after image is that of a man profiled by the Associated Press who was a Free Syrian Army commander before fleeing the conflict. Now, he hopes to bring his family to the Netherlands. The flag photo is from years ago and unrelated to refugees, or possibly even the Islamic State. HuffPuff

As I wrote this morning and talked about last night with Tom Kiely, this latest major PR campaign being run by the likes of the CFR and the International Crisis Group is nothing more than a cover story. As was explained in this morning’s article, the first major concern for the folks at ICG regarding this campaign is garnering “vast sums” of money and then the next is killing off Assad.

Is it any wonder we all of a sudden see their Wahhabist terrorists (oh I’m sorry… “rebels”) that have been fighting and failing in Syria now posing as “refugees” so they can help foster an atmosphere which will permit the wholesale NATO bombing campaign in Syria?

Wasn’t that kid who supposedly died last week from a Kurdish family? Don’t the Kurds want to see Assad gone as well?

Anyone aside from me starting to see a pattern developing?

The article at HuffPuff tries to debunk 5 different “myths” that have developed around this “Refugee Crisis”

It was written by Nick Robins-Early, formerly of the New Republic

Nick seems dedicated to pushing the refugee crisis on his Twitter account. He came at his current profession of journalism via a slightly different route than most:

Freie Universität Berlin

Master’s degree, International Relations and Affairs

McGill University

Bachelor’s degree, Political Science

Yeah, he’s a poly-sci / international relations guy. Now he poses as a journalist and is working hard for the German “refugee crisis” campaign. And where did he go to school? Oh, Germany.

Are these moderate terrorists from Syria posing for the camera for a reason? Do they want us to see them and have the “ISIS Mixed in with Refugees” stories published for a purpose? And if so, what does it serve?

Either way you look at it, there he is and you can’t deny it. You can try to whitewash it like Nick did on behalf of the CFR, but it’s hard to deny the facts when they are wearing bright green “thanks” shirts and staring you in the face.

Either this guy was photographed by accident being shipped off to his next destabilization campaign or… somebody wanted to make damn sure there was some kind of paper-trail linking terrorists (or “ISIS” as was first reported) to these refugees using the manufactured crisis to gain entry to various countries across the EU.

3 Responses

  1. What purpose does it serve? The scapegoating of refugees, the spread of the fear of “terror”, the inflaming of tensions within our societies, the divide and conquer strategy furthered…?

    • they are trying to force former communist nations in the EU to accept a certain number of these “refugees”. These are some of the nations that border Russia and have serious doubts about things like the sanctions being imposed because the US claims Russia is in Crimea. My guess is, it’s a good way to get Wahhabist destabilization mercs into various countries under cover. Obviously, not all the refugees are these FSA guys. But some are.

      Another side to this might just be setting up the narrative that “terrorists” got into various places by posing as refugees. This guy’s photo could be used later to lend credence to that story. Who knows. I seriously doubt though that he just HAPPENED to be photographed out of all those people and then someone just HAPPENED to identify him.

  2. A grandma walks a granddaughter to the mailbox station down at the trailer park in the trashed end of town. The mamma and poppa of the little girl are either out on one of their part-time hours, minimum-wage jobs, or inside on the couch, catching some rest in-between.

    Way over on the upper end, crews of illegals are putting up a brand new shopping mall.

    It’s an American wet-dream for those who run the world, and it’s been a long time coming, they think.

    Those with money to shop also sleep well

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