Introducing the American Everyman YouTube Channel (introduction video)

by Scott Creighton

Yes. I am now in the process of making videos. And it is humbling. This is a quick little introductory video. I couldn’t edit it in Movie Maker because the damn thing doesn’t seem to want to let me sign into YouTube since it wont recognize my user name or password. Is it YouTube? Is it Google+? Are they the same? Are they different? What is the meaning of life?

You know it took me 3 hours to get a picture loaded as the header on my channel? 3 fucking HOURS!

Anyway, thank you all for your support of the website. I know I have been promising for a while to start doing videos so the info I post is easier to access for you guys.

I am currently working on trying to figure all this stuff out. Please bear with me for a few weeks. I will have a video up in the next couple of days, a real one.

If any of you guys have tips or hints, please feel free because I literally have no idea what I am doing.

Thanks again.


And don’t forget, I’ll be on Tom Kiely’s show tonight starting at around 7:30 eastern. The show starts at 7. It’s always fun talking with Tom and he will be having Gilad Atzmon on as well this evening. Should be fun.

You can listen live here. Call in number is 512 646-1984

kiely creighton

25 Responses

  1. I like it !!

  2. This is exciting!!!

    I was gonna ask you what kind of camera you are using, etc. to try to help out with improving picture and sound quality… But maybe another day… For now, I will just say a heartfelt “Good job, Scott” and anxiously wait for your videos to start rolling out.

    (My only concern is you having less time to write for a while 🙂

    • the camera is a Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000. An older webcam, but a good one for what I could afford. I’ve had it for a while. The audio is recorded on a mic located on the camera itself and supposedly can do stereo sound, if needed, which it wont be.

      I anticipate most of my videos to have something of a short into via the webcam leading to a main segment of the video which features me only as a voice over. In that instance, I will use my headset microphone. That sounds better I think.

      Uh, I won’t let this detract from the writing I do for the website. I’ll just have to put in extra hours doing the videos and a bit more at the beginning trying to learn 1. editing software 2. video capture software 3. YouTube guidelines and publishing policies etc etc etc

      I wouldn’t expect a whole lot of visual effects to start with.

      I did download Lightworks and that blew my little mind. I think I’ll stick with Movie Maker to start with, if I can ever get it to allow me to sign into YouTube.

      It should be fun. Cant wait til my first YouTube channel flame war. That’s something to look forward to.

      • Ooops.. You seem to have replied as I was typing up my post below about getting you sorted out technologically. Oh well.. It is there for all to see now .. And I still think it’s not a bad idea.(sorry if I jumped the gun)

  3. To all fellow fans, readers, followers, and, yes, admirers of Scott Creighton:

    Unlike words, the quality of which does not depend on the quality of the keyboard they were typed on, videos and sound rely on the quality of the equipment they were recorded on.

    Personally, I will probably watch whatever he puts on his channel anyway for its content and not for its colors, sound, bells and whistles. But I also would love to see Scott’s work reach as many people as possible.

    Unlike the old days, decent equipment’s cost is no longer so prohibitive (camera+mike), and is in the few hundred dollar range at worst.

    So, if Scott does not mind my doing so, I would like to urge anyone and everyone who enjoys Scott’s output in general to send a few shekels his way.

    Alternately, we can also start a fundraiser at one of those sites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, etc. where the progress of the fundraiser can be observed, which certainly helps with the psychological aspect of the affair.

    In short, if there is any enthusiasm by the readers here towards such a goal (and if we have Scott’s blessing, of course) I really think it is not so hard to reach it.

    What do you all say????

    And, more importantly perhaps, what do YOU say, Scott?

    • I think he is getting ready for his radio interview, it is at 7:30 and he has to listen before he moves in….. something like that..
      your idea sounds good to me…. I think…. I don’t know about such things…. 🙂

    • Something gained, something lost. The uncolored purity of thought portrayed in words disassociated from body language and the inevitable influence of biological and social programming will be lost. The connection to a greater audience that requires these will be gained. along with more recognition and attention both desirable and undesirable.

      • I’ve been reluctant over the years to take this step for a number of reasons, the most pressing being that it was never about promoting myself in any way and I didn’t (don’t) want to become a conduit for the information I try to get out. And by that I mean, I don’t want the relative legitimacy of the work to be judged by those who would first look at who I am as opposed to WHAT I have written. In short, I never wanted my situation or my presentation to detract from the information I present. It’s too important for that I think. And I still feel that way.

        You’re not going to see me sitting in front of a camera for entire videos telling people my version of the state of the world. This is not the vain glory of someone who thinks they should be a celebrity. Eight years of work should make that pretty clear. These wont be “look at me” rants. This is not The World According to Scott. The format I intend to follow will be pretty simple: a brief into and then voice-overs with various screenshots of supporting evidence from the internet. I wont be doing “man on the street” interviews. I wont be looking to give lectures. There are no selfie sticks in my future, I can tell you that.

        This will make things a bit more difficult. It takes time to do research and then, at least at the beginning, twice that doing the editing and voice over work. I’m not even sure which comes first to be honest with you. But what this process will do is allow more people to access that same information that I write about. I have to admit, the medium is certainly more accessible than the written word in a world that is so dependent on cell phone sized screens and garnering news while people are in transit or “multitasking”

        And I also have to admit, the power of the medium to convey an idea is superior to the written word. At least it is superior to mine. I’m not a writer, I never was. I feel I have some small measure of talent for it, but I still struggle with “to” and “too” which detracts from my credibility as well. I’m a prop-maker, a carpenter and a draftsman with half a college degree for God’s sake. I shouldn’t be here in the first place. I’m not Lendman or Pepe or Hedges. At best I’m a broken journeyman carpenter turned into a self-styled independent journeyman journalist.

        That’s all I ever hoped to be with this. It’s enough, you know. I don’t have 12 self-published books. I’m not looking for a gig on RT like so many others before me have tried. When they called, when Press TV called for interviews some years back, I lied to them and told them I didn’t have a Skype account or a camera with which to conduct one because it never was about me or recognition. and it still isn’t.

        And yes, you are correct. Something has to be lost for something to be gained.

        As was discussed in last nights interview, this is a critical time we are entering. Certain as critical as the months leading up to the TARP bailout and those leading into the Iraq invasion. And people are becoming intensely aware of the class warfare being waged right now in front of our very eyes and they are becoming equally aware, I believe, of the ramifications these days will have on their future and the future of their children.

        In my opinion, the ideological war has transitioned from a cold one. We have to transition ourselves and our tactics accordingly. Something lost for something gained.

        I’m a reluctant soothsayer perhaps,but I think one that is aware enough of his surroundings to know it’s not really the best time to be stepping forward… but then again, when is?

    • Hi Lilaleo, sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier. Hit the hay right after the interview. I’m getting old I guess. It’s either that or the hours spent trying to figure out the simplest of functions on YouTube and Movie Maker left me exhausted.

      I will be using the headphone mic for the voice overs starting with the next video, though vanity, I suppose, will keep me from doing that during the intros. I look goofy enough without trying to look like some rabid gamer in the corner of someone’s screen.

      Or a drone pilot.

      I appreciate your suggestion and anything people can send will certainly help. I think the camera is certainly good enough for now. I have no intention to do roving interviews at this point, so there is no GoPro in my near future. A mic would be nice for the intros though. I can’t seem to figure out the settings on this one (if it has any)

      I suppose the biggest expenses will be editing software (though that isn’t an immediate priority), a printer and some ink cartridges, perhaps an upgrade to the YouTube account allowing for larger video uploads and other benefits (I’m not even sure what that entails at this point), Photoshop… and maybe a face-lift, some liposuction, a new wardrobe, hair implants, some forgiving lighting equipment and of course, I need to pay JayZ for a nice intro riff…

      Did I mention tickets to Vegas? Lots of truth to be found in Vegas.

      The printer is the biggest thing right now and they are cheap. But I think that would make doing the storyboarding of the videos a lot easier, so if anyone has a working one lying around gathering dust…

      I guess I first have too see how the videos are going to be received, you know? The intro video already has 152 views and 9 “likes” and my channel has 18 subscribers. That’s not bad for less than 24 hours I suppose. But then again, VanossGaming would have about 5 million views by now and so I have to keep things in perspective. Let’s face it, people would rather watch a guy play Garry’s Mod than learn about color revolutions halfway around the world, and who can blame them?

      (Did you know that guy makes between 40 and 70 grand A MONTH! and he he’s now starting to do uncrating videos so he can get even more? Really? 40 to 70 grand a month for playing video games and you want MORE? GO ‘MERIKA!)

      Thank you for posting this. It certainly would help at this time. But you know, sharing the videos with friends, leaving comments here and at YouTube will help as does hitting the “like” button and subscribing. All that helps in the end somehow (though I don’t quite know how) with the channel. But it certainly makes me feel better and that’s good enough for me.

      You know, I could use some fake diplomas to hand on those empty walls behind me. And maybe a statue back there. Something subtly looking like a pyramid or a pagan god… give the haters something to focus on. That would be nice.

      And a bus pass since it seems the car is officially dead. 😦 Oh well, maybe not. But I do appreciate the thought.

  4. Hurray!! Subscribed!! Video software and hardware can be quickly learned. An insightful and informed mind takes years to develop. More please!!!

  5. when you have created the vid in movie maker go file>save movie and choose format (high quality mp4 is fine) then manually upload to youtube via browser etc rather than using the built in youtube uploader 🙂

    • thank you. that’s what I ended up doing with this one kinda. Or, more specifically, I saved the video from the camera software to my desktop and then uploaded it via the “upload” button on my YouTube page. that’s a good idea bypassing the upload function from Movie Maker so I can still edit the video. Thanks. will do.

  6. Making videos is just a process like everything else, after awhile it will become less daunting. I wouls offer some advice but mainly use mac now.
    Cheers and welcome to youtube!
    My first youtube video

  7. Hi Scott. Sorry to ask, but I missed last night’s broadcast as my phone didn’t like the Logos streaming formats. Do you have a link for the recorded version? (Logos site does not seem to). Thanks.

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