Deconstructing Kyle Kulinski’s and Sam Harris’ “ISIS™” Disinformation

by Scott Creighton

“ISIS™” in Iraq is nothing more than a pre-text creating the narrative for a FID or Foreign Internal Defense campaign

The other day Sam Harris went on some obscure YouTube channel “news” outlet called the Rubin Report and said that it was “delusional” to think President Bush’s illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq gave rise to “ISIS™”

His reasoning, if you want to call it that, was that “fundamentalist Islam” existed long before our (illegal) invasion and therefore something like “ISIS™” was bound to crop up eventually in the Baathist nation.

Along comes someone named Kyle Kulinski on his obscure YouTube “news” channel too say that Sam is missing the point and that he’s absolutely wrong about  “ISIS™” being caused by the (illegal) invasion (curious how both Harris and Kulinski continually forget to mention the illegal aspect of the Iraq invasion and occupation)

It should be noted that Kyle Kulinski is a construct of another fake left disinformation peddler, Cenk Uygur.

However, while Kulinski does that, he peppers in so much disinformation and self-contradictory BS, he completely convolutes the essential lesson to be learned from “ISIS™” and Iraq and Syria as a whole leaving his “secular progressive” audience with the distinct impression that we are right and just to be fighting “ISIS™”

In short, Fox “News” couldn’t have done it better and in fact, Fox “News” couldn’t have done it at all with his audience of “secular progressives”, hence the controlled opposition function he performs is served.

In order to expose this clown for what he is, I’ve decided to take his little video point by point and show you exactly what he’s doing and how he’s twisting the facts in order to preserve the sanctity of the Global War OF Terror via his rather extravagant  “ISIS™” disinformation.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Kyle Lulinski Doesn’t Seem to Know Who or What Sam Harris Is

Yes, Sam Harris is a lying Islamaphobic shill when he tries to say that our (illegal) invasion and occupation of Iraq had nothing to do with the creation of something called “ISIS™”

His argument, that religious fanatics have always existed over there and eventually they would have developed power in Iraq in spite of the Baathist government that was in place, is spurious too say the least.After all, Sam Harris has a long history of being a NeoCon and Likudnik apologist.

Harris is a part of something once referred to as the “new atheists” which is basically a group of “enlightened” non-believers running around telling all their hipster followers to hate Muslims in a slightly different way than the Pam Gellers and Rita Katzs of the world.

Here are a few of the tamer quotes from Mr. Secular Atheist, Sam Harris of the New Atheist movement:

Sam Harris: “We should profile Muslims, or anyone who looks like he or she could conceivably be Muslim”

Sam Harris: “While the other major world religions have been fertile sources of intolerance, it is clear that the doctrine of Islam poses unique problems for the emergence of a global civilization.”

Sam Harris: “Islam, more than any other religion human beings have devised, has all the makings of a thoroughgoing cult of death.”

Sam Harris: “All civilized nations must unite in condemnation of a theology (Islam) that now threatens to destabilize much of the earth.”

Apart from his clear disdain for the religion of Islam, Harris has repeatedly offered up his support for some of the most brutal NeoCon / IDF atrocities (and ideologies) of the past 14 years and he does so with the blind acceptance of propaganda rhetoric you would expect from a middle America farm-worker with a 10th grade education.

Sam Harris: “there are extreme circumstances in which I believe that practices like ‘water-boarding’ may not only be ethically justifiable, but ethically necessary

Sam Harris: “In their analyses of US and Israeli foreign policy, liberals can be relied on to overlook the most basic moral distinctions. For instance, they ignore the fact that Muslims intentionally murder noncombatants, while we and the Israelis (as a rule) seek to avoid doing so. . . . there is no question that the Israelis now hold the moral high ground in their conflict with Hamas and Hezbollah”

Sam Harris: “The erection of a mosque upon the ashes of this atrocity will also be viewed by many millions of Muslims as a victory — and as a sign that the liberal values of the West are synonymous with decadence and cowardice.”

Back in 2004 Harris explained the (illegal) Iraq invasion and occupation this way:

civilized human beings [westerners] are now attempting, at considerable cost to themselves, to improve life for the Iraqi people.”

After a million dead, their civilization lying in ruins, electricity working 20 minutes a day for most Iraqis, their standards of living diminished considerably, our proxy dictators installed rounding-up and killing Iraqis who dare to speak out against them… all based on a variety of lies spouted by the Bush administration and their apologists (like Harris) from the MSM… would anyone dare too say we have improved the lives of the Iraqi people? Anyone?

The mythology of bringing democracy to Iraq to save them from themselves as the impetus of the (illegal) Iraq invasion and occupation ended up being the core of the last stand of the NeoCon apologists. No one with any measure of self-respect would try to claim in public that our Shock and Awe campaign and the brutal occupation and Salvador Option that followed it was an attempt to “improve life for the Iraqi people”. I seriously doubt you could find a Fox “News” analyst who would try to make that argument today.

In short, Sam Harris is a working Islamaphobe who now exposes himself in no uncertain terms as a NeoCon apologist and progressive sheepdog backer of the Global War OF Terror.

However, with his long history of taking such an apologist stand for the NeoCon-led war of aggression in Iraq (and every crime against humanity that Israel has committed against the people of Palestine), how or why is this recent statement of support for the (illegal) invasion and occupation of Iraq by Mr. Harris considered “news” to young Mr. Kulinski?

And, more importantly, how (or why?) does Mr. Kulinski fail to mention ANY of this obviously relevant history of Mr. Harris’ Islamaphobic/NeoCon leanings in his criticism of Harris’ recent statement? He never says a thing about it.

That’s right. Kyle Kulinski doesn’t include a single bit of Sam Harris’ history of Islamaphobic NeoCon leanings in his breakdown of his statement. Don’t you think that would be considered relevant?

The reason he doesn’t do that is simple. It’s not that he’s too ignorant to know it or too lazy to do the research. It’s because Mr. Kulinski doesn’t wish to alienate Harris’ followers in hopes that he can “out intellectualize” Harris and therefore, win them over to his flock.

Deconstructing Kyle Kulinski’s “ISIS™” Disinformation

The video of Kyle Kulinski’s analysis of Sam Harris’ statement is located at the end of this article.

quote 1:So if he (Harris) is saying that the Alex Jonesey (sic) conspiracy theory idea that the US created ISIS is wrong, I agree with him” (1:20 mark in video)

There is so much wrong with that statement, it’s hard for me to decide where to start.

First off all, Alex Jones’ website is constantly running Islamaphobic propaganda against “ISIS™”. They do it all day long. To them, it is a given that “radicalized Muslims” are invading the US via the open border to Mexico. They even went so far as to send Lyin Joe Biggs over the border where he filmed an “ISIS-looking” building and tried to claim it was a training center for the Islamists. It was a total fabrication.

One of the main contributors to Jones’ Prison Planet and InfoWars is a guy by the name of Paul Joseph Watson who is decidedly Islamaphobic.

Remember a little while ago when a comedian in Europe ran into a sidewalk cafe spouting Islamic sounding jibberish and demanded everyone fast because it was the start of some Muslim holiday? It was a total stunt pulled by the idiot and if you watched the video you could tell that right off the bat. Yet Paul Joseph Watson railed about it as if it were true declaring it was the start of some new Islamic Caliphate in Europe. And even after it was exposed as a stupid publicity hoax, Watson never (to my knowledge) corrected his race-baiting Islamaphobic article and video.

So, Alex Jones is not spending his time saying that “ISIS™” is a fabrication of United States (and Israeli) intelligence assets. Quite the opposite in fact. He leans way further to Sam Harris’ interpretation than he does that of someone like myself for instance.

So, why would Kyle Kulinski mention Jones in this context rather than someone like Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Washington’s BlogStephen LendmanProf. James PetrasDr. Paul Craig Roberts or even myself for that matter?

Is it because he’s ignorant or lazy? No. It’s because he doesn’t want to provide any of his followers with the names of reasonable investigative journalists doing reasonable research into the matter because once they start reading the work of those real journalists, it will expose his own rhetoric as disinformation. It’s that simple.

The real conspiracy theorists must never be named so instead, disinfo assets like Kyle Kulinski have sheep-dipped controlled opposition assets like Alex Jones to toss out there as representatives of us.

See how that works?

He actually starts and ends his evaluation of the Sam Harris comment with this Alex Jones disinfo. That’s how important it is to his agenda.

Also notice his use of the term “conspiracy theorists” That gives you an idea of how “alternative” this clown really is.

quote 2:If he’s saying that the United States didn’t create the idea of fundamentalist Islam, I agree with him. There is no doubt that that existed before US imperialism. Totally agree. Totally concede that. If that’s his point, he’s 100% right” (1:40 mark in video)

You first have to ask yourself if his use of the term “fundamentalist Islam” is simply politically correct code for “radical Islam” or “Islamofascism” which puts him on par with the Pam Gellers, Rita Katzs, Paul Joseph Watsons and Sam Harris’ of the world. But notice he offers up no evidence to support his conclusion. We just have to take it on faith that terrorist ideology of “fundamentalist Islam” pre-dates American imperialism.

Let’s break that down a bit, shall we?

The United States was founded as an imperialist nation. We started off as a colony of British imperialism to be specific. Even after our revolution, our constitution supported slavery. The Brits sent their unwashed masses over here to the colonies in order to occupy and depopulate the New World. We stole land, killed off millions of indigenous “Godless savages” and built a nation off of plunder, slavery and exploitation. And then, once we had a military of our own, we set out, LONG AGO, to do the same thing to other nations.

Our friend Mr. Kulinski would be well served reading works like the People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn or War is a Racket by Gen. Smedley Butler before making such sweeping statements about “fundamentalist Islam” being around before “American imperialism”

“I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.” War is a Racket by Gen. Smedley Butler

In relation to “radical Islam” it’s important to understand what it is now and where it came from.

For the most part, the destabilizing elements, the “fundamentalists” that our nation uses to overthrow nations across the world (yes, Kyle. Even Hillary Clinton admits we created al Qaeda to destabilize Afghanistan as does Zbigniew Brzezinski) come from a specific sect of Islam. A very specific sect in fact.

They are mainly Wahhabist Salafists which are an extremely RIGHT WING sect of Islam and, believe it or not, were cultivated by British imperialist efforts in Arabia when they created Saudi Arabia by installing the House of bin Saud as the defacto dictators of the country to look after British oil interests in 1932.

The Salafi movement is often described as being synonymous with Wahhabism, but Salafists consider the term “Wahhabi” derogatory.[2] At other times, Salafism has been described as a hybrid of Wahhabism and other post-1960s movements.[3] Salafism has become associated with literalist, strict and puritanical approaches to Islam and – particularly in the West – with the Salafi jihadists, who espouse offensive jihad as a legitimate expression of Islam against those they deem to be enemies of Islam.[4]

… (Wahhabism) has been variously described as “orthodox”, “ultraconservative”,[7] and “austere.”[3] Critics say that Wahhabism’s rigidity has led it to misinterpret and distort Islam, pointing to extremists such as Osama bin Laden‘s Al Qaeda network and the Taliban. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) also draws on Wahhabism for its ideology.[8] Wahhabism’s explosive growth began in the 1970s when Saudi charities started funding Wahhabi schools (madrasas) and mosques from Islamabad to Culver City, California

… The alliance between followers of ibn Abd al-Wahhab and Muhammad bin Saud’s successors (the House of Saud) proved to be rather durable. The house of bin Saud continued to maintain its politico-religious alliance with the Wahhabi sect through the waxing and waning of its own political fortunes over the next 150 years, through to its eventual proclamation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932, and then afterwards, on into modern times. As of 2015 Mohammed bin Abd Al-Wahhab’s teachings are state-sponsored and are the official form of Sunni Islam[3][23] in 21st-century Saudi Arabia.[24]

Wahhabism has been accused of being “a source of global terrorism”,[29][30] and for causing disunity in the Muslim community by labeling Muslims who disagreed with the Wahhabi definition of monotheism as apostates[31]

The majority of the world’s Wahhabis are from Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia . All of those nations are pro-Western dictatorships where it makes sense for them to support extreme RIGHT WING Muslim sects that would back their extreme RIGHT WING dictatorships.

These are the “fundamentalist” Muslims Kyle and others refer to when they talk about the “extremists” and it’s important to remember, they were literally brought to power by dictators created by Western imperialism.

Though they take their name from Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab in reality modern day Salafists or Wahhabists practice very little that he preached. Instead, they simply serve their dictators and the Western imperialist interests who look after them.

That fact aside, Adb al-Wahhab created his sect somewhere around 1744 at which time, American imperialism, if you include what we were doing to the indigenous people of the New World, was already well under way.

So no. The idea of “Fundamentalist Islam” does not predate American imperialism and it certainly doesn’t predate it’s predecessor, British imperialism even if you go all the way back to it’s name-sake origins. In fact, it was nurtured and molded by it. And considering the FACT that modern day Wahhabism, which is the core of terrorism today, you are only talking about going back to the 1970s when we were looking to destabilize Afghanistan.

Does anyone think Kyle’s misunderstanding of history is due to ignorance or laziness? Or rather, is his neglecting to mention any of this history (once again, extremely relevant to his topic) born of a desire to subtly maintain the Islamaphobic hysteria stirred up by the NeoCons and their related apologists like Sam Harris?

quote 3: All the rest

From this point, Kyle Kulinski launches into a diatribe of disinformation that is beyond fathom.

He talks about the de-Baathification of the “relatively secular” Iraqi government.

Well, the Baathists are EXTREMELY secular which is one reason our government hates them. Which is why we have been regime changing Baathist governments across the globe.

Baathists you see are not only secular, they are extremely SOCIALIST in nature. That’s why places like Iraq and Libya had universal healthcare, free education, labor rights, not-for-profit banking systems (including their Central Banks) and constitutional guarantees regarding employment, housing and education.

This is the kind of government we find “evil” here in America. And it’s why we invaded Iraq and Libya and Yugoslavia and Afghanistan in the first place.

Kyle Kulinski suggests that the people of Iraq got mad because we installed a Shite dictator rather than a Sunni one, which only serves to play into the fiction that the real problem in Iraq is some age-old conflict between these two sects.

That is a total fabrication and even so if only communicated via omission on his part.

The reality is, people in Iraq were bombed, their homes, their communities, their towns, their way of life were all destroyed by our ILLEGAL invasion. Then, to make matters worse, they neoliberalized the country forcing brutal austerity on the people who were left and we did all of this by installing a brutal and corrupt dictator to run the country while we occupied it for nearly 9 years, rounding up, disappearing and torturing dissidents who opposed the failed state we created.


Mr. Kulinski would do well to try to understand that and then communicate it to his followers.

Later, Kyle Kulinski tries to make a connection that is beyond disingenuous when he equates the Baathist Sunni Generals with “ISIS™”

quote 4: “Because you pissed off the Baathists and they had no power anymore, they teamed up with the religious fundamentalists, the Sunni extremists who were formally al Qaeda who broke away from al Qaeda and then those people teamed up with the former Baathist generals and became ISIS… I think it was der Spiegal who found journals of one of Saddam’s top generals and in the journals he says “I don’t like these guys, I don’t agree with these guys, they are crazy religious people, I’m just teaming up with them to use them to get back in power”

Thus is the heart of Kyle Kulinski’s poisonous disinformation regarding “ISIS™”

Now you can see why he doesn’t take the time to explain to his audience just what exactly these “religious fundamentalists” and “extremists” really are. Because if he did you would understand in a second how ridiculous his conflating the Baathist generals and “ISIS™” really is.

The Wahhabists that we use to destabilize nations are extremely right wing. They are the fascist sect of Islam and a very small sect at that.

It is well understood that Saddam and the Baathists hated al Qaeda and the Wahhabists that populate it.

To imply, or state, that these Baathist generals are somehow in bed with “ISIS™”, based solely on a “journal” that a globalist supporting outlet like der Speigal says they “found” is ridiculous beyond belief.

Not only does he not quote from this “journal’ or link to it in the description of his video, he takes it at face value knowing full well it’s probably a construct of any number of intelligence agencies who have a HISTORY OF FABRICATING THINGS LIKE YELLOW CAKE FROM NIGER DOCUMENTS in support of various wars of aggression.

Do you want a little REAL history on these generals Kyle speaks of? Here, start with the General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries that is the name of the sectarian multi-dimentional revolution against our puppet regime in Iraq.

Here are some quotes from Maj. General Mizher Al Qaissi, Official Spokesman for The General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries taken from an interview he gave not that long ago. He makes it very clear that his group, this revolution against our puppet dictatorship, has nothing to do with ISIS.

Today, the Tribal Revolutionaries have lit a flame for a Revolution that will never be put out; this Revolution began since our people asked for legitimate rights and they asked for them through their constitutional sit-ins but they were met with fire and brimstone.   Guns were our last resort to impose our will.   But with God’s kindness and with the kindness of our incubator which area is growing larger day by day we have been able to control Mosul, Sallahudeen, Falluja, Garma, Beiji and most of the northern area and now we are close to Baghdad’s parameters and at its external limits in areas of Baghdad’s Belt as well as the fact that we have been able to expel the government army from Diyala – large parts of the areas in Diyala, and parts of Kirkuk province.   So, now, this is the situation in the field – the Revolutionaries control these areas….

The person who started it is Maliki – Maliki forced us to behave in this manner.   For when (army) divisions are sent to our areas and checkpoints and inspection points are set-up in our areas the intention is to degrade and subjugate people and this is what we will not accept and this is what we mentioned in our first statements when we stated and defined the enemy as whoever hurts the Iraqi people and insults their dignity as well as attacks them and their possessions...

There are no connections nor is there coordination (between us and ISIS).   As I have previously said – the organization exists and it has some fighters and it has some areas in which it moves, but this revolution is that of Tribes and this is what we want to get to the whole worldthat this Revolution is a new Iraqi Spring and that it is an armed Revolution to end repression and injustice.   It has no connection with any other agendas.   And it has no relationship to any terrorism or any other parties.   It is a Revolution of pure Iraqi Tribes who rose against an oppressive government…

we are not in contact with them (ISIS) to know their size; and these numbers and exaggerations and the number of fighters have not been surveyed or polled by any official group or official organization or military organization…

( question: Are you working with ISIL on the basis of my enemy’s enemy is my friend, for example?)

08.41 – 08.55

MQ: Never.   We are continuing to work for with the people’s targets and our arms are authorized by the people; and so no matter how many types of guns there are pointed towards the central government it doesn’t mean that there is any coordination or cooperation.

“Are you working with ISIL (ISIS) on the basis of my enemy’s enemy is my friend? NEVER!”

That is a direct quote from a NAMED general in charge of the NAMED General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries  which any of you can cross reference and check the source if you are so inclined.

It is NOT an arbitrary paraphrasing of an unsigned “journal” reported by a globalist entity which probably spent a lot of time pushing the pre-Iraq invasion propaganda in the first place.

That’s called journalism folks and that’s exactly why someone like Kyle Kulinski would rather reference an Alex Jones type when talking about the “conspiracy theorists” instead of someone like myself.

No. The generals who served IRAQ back in the days prior to our illegal invasion and occupation are not aligned with “ISIS: and more importantly, when someone tries to say they in fact ARE “ISIS” you need to correct them because they quite simply are not.

“ISIS™” is a Fabrication Designed to Provide Cover for the “Progressive” President Obama to re-engage Militarily in Iraq

As Kyle sums up his disinformation bounty in his video, he says we don’t arm “ISIS™” and it’s a Alex Jones conspiracy theory to suggest we do. Then he goes on to explain how “ISIS™” drives around in US Special Ops trucks, using US heavy equipment and getting US manufactured small arms from “moderate” rebels we gave them to when they themselves later turn into “ISIS™”

The mental gymnastics that statement requires to conclude we don’t arm “ISIS™” is Olympian to say the least.

Fact is, as Kyle himself points out, we are indeed arming the forces running around in Iraq and Syria calling themselves “ISIS™” because they are doing our bidding. That’s why we never seem to be able to target their broad daylight parades complete with large “ISIS™” flags.

“ISIS™ is a trademark, it’s a catch-phrase, it’s a marketing slogan for an unpopular and unwanted war… at least, an unpopular and unwanted war if anyone really knew why we were there and who we were bombing.

That’s why ISIS™ always seems to be their own worst enemy; making fake beheading videos in which no one gets beheaded, producing said videos at just the right time to provide cover for U.S. or British legal actions against ISIS™, meeting with American politicians in order to get huge amounts of unconventional warfare cash, committing the Yasidi Genocide that turned out to be nothing at all, beheading babies that turned out to not have happened at all, recruiting toddlers and giving them guns bigger than they are and generally parading around in U.S. surplus military gear waving flags and looking about as menacing as your average Junior ROTC Float on Independence Day.” Scott Creighton

In fact, even the MSM had to report quite recently that a number of British SAS soldiers are running around in Syria pretending to be “ISIS™”

“The unorthodox tactic, which is seeing SAS units dressed in black and flying ISIS flags, has been likened to the methods used by the Long Range Desert Group against Rommel’s forces during the Second World War.

More than 120 members belonging to the elite regiment are currently in the war-torn country on operation Shader, tasked with destroying IS equipment and munitions which insurgents constantly move to avoid Coalition air strikes…

Instead the teams, part of a force known as the Coalition Joint Special Operations Task Force, are under American command.

Dubbed “smash” the units, which travel in civilian pick-ups, can even launch their own unmanned aerial vehicles, or mini-drones, to scan terrain ahead of them and pinpoint IS forces.” Express UK

Why is it that it seems every day another Brit or American is exposed as being a fake “ISIS™” operator.

The reason for that is simple: “ISIS™” is nothing more than a fictional pretext being used to justify an FID or Foreign Internal Defense campaign in Iraq.

There are three main classifications of Irregular Warfare as described by our own military:

Psychological Operations: “Operations that provide truthful information to foreign audiences that influence behavior in support of U.S. military operations” – the ISIS™ Crisis

Unconventional warfare: “Operations conducted by, through and with surrogate forces that are organized, trained, equipped, supported and directed by external forces” – Syria

Foreign Internal Defense: “Providing training and other assistance to foreign governments and their militaries to enable the foreign government to provide for it’s country’s national security” – Iraq

In the foreign internal defense category, we have “ISIS™” in Iraq.

In the unconventional warfare subheading, we have “ISIS™” in Syria.

And ultimately, in the psychological operations theater, we have folks like Sam Harris AND Kyle Kulinski because frankly, no US citizen except the most extremist of them, would ever accept President Peace Prize going back into Iraq to crush a legitimate revolution against our tyrannical dictator on behalf of the same corporate interests we illegally invaded the country on behalf of in the first place. Ergo, they needed to create an enemy that we could all get behind bombing… a baby-beheading “ebil extremist Islamofascist” regime known as “ISIS™”

And we would never get behind bombing Syria into the stone ages simply because their elected government refuses to play ball with US corporations. Ergo, “ISIS™”

Are you starting to see how that works?

How about you Kyle? Because I know you are self-conscience enough about your precious “brand” to have someone find this article for you.

Now there is “ISIS™” in Yemen because we have to go there to blow up the Houthis who have unseated another Western puppet.

There is “ISIS™” in Libya because an election brought about a real government opposed to Western neoliberalism and that just wont do.

“ISIS™” “ISIS™” everywhere and always where we need them, when we need them. And always we will have the psyop apologists who promote the mythology, however sophomoric are their efforts.

That’s not because US “policy” created them… that’s because we pay them to be anywhere and everywhere we need to drop some bombs no matter how ridiculous the stories are becoming. That’s because the “journalists” who prop up the scary boogeyman myth like Kyle Kulinsky are always rewarded, aren’t they?

“ISIS™” wasn’t built by American foreign policy. They were built by Americans in order to serve their foreign policy. And don’t bother trying to debunk me Kyle because you can’t. You simply don’t have the facts on your side.



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10 Responses

  1. Great article as usually, you’ve done a very comprehensive job of covering several topics that most people have been snow jobbed on.

    • I think even my usual readers are having a hard time understanding “ISIS” these days. But that’s like when I was one of the first writing about the “Edward Snowden” psyop. Many of my readers bolted back then. Turns out, it was clearly a psyop and many “alternative” sites now freely admit it who didn’t for the first year or so. Same thing with the Malala BS… same thing with what I told my fellow bloggers over at TPZoo about the fake progressive Obama before he was ordained. People just don’t want to hear the truth sometimes. And that’s not just related to 9/11 I suppose.

      Sad thing is, I can’t afford parts to fix my own bullshit little car and that Kyle asshole probably drives a Merc for all his “enlightened” efforts to bring “knowledge” to his audience.

      Ah, screw it. I’m just pissed over the idiot Redskins. Think someone should tell them the idea is to actually win a game every now and then?

      Thanks for the compliment. I do appreciate it.

      • Dave Rubin was part of The Young Turks too. Cenk has debated Sam Harris before (I could only make it ten minutes in due to Harris’ incessant whining) so I find this whole scenario odd. Cent is good sometimes, but that’s the point of disinfo, right. Sam Harris needs to be honest that he’s a neocon and get it over with already.

  2. It took me a while….. but I finally understand what ISIS is…..
    hint: we won’t bomb the ISIS parades because Israel and Britain would have a fit!

  3. Good article. My only critique is that you sometimes display some knee-jerk leftist philosemitism. Israel and Zionist Jews are the prime movers behind the neocon war agenda, ISIS and all the rest. We must emphasize that fact at every turn.

  4. Sam Harris and most “New Atheists” are also Zionist Jews promoting an Israeli agenda.

  5. You might want to get your facts straight. Sam Harris has “never written or spoken in support of the war in Iraq” –>

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