Lilaleo Reporting from Ground Zero on the 14th Anniversary of 9/11

(This was left as a comment. I thought it deserved to be posted. SC)

I just re-read some of the articles you list above… You have always hit the nail on the head throughout the years, haven’t you?

That said, the whole retrospective thing makes me even sadder than I already feel today. Maybe some of it is the great sense of defeat and disappointment I came to work with today after I visited Ground Zero between 6am-12pm, as I have done every year since 2002

I don’t mean to derail your articles’ subject…. Just a quick report about the state of affairs at Ground Zero on this 14th anniversary…

Number of protesters (of any stripe) has gone down to under 20

• 1 individual, who stood alone on a corner, holding up a sign that read “Nanothermite” with no commentary… No one looked at him, no one spoke to him
• 6 people with matching – and now really worn and washed out looking – “911 was an inside job” t-shirts, smoking and chatting among themselves
• 1 guy who was wearing a “Architects and Engineers” t-shirt who stood silently by himself
• A couple (a man and a woman) I have grown accustomed to seeing at these anniversaries holding multiple hand-written building 7 signs
• And a few people, like myself, who lingered around without engaging in any active protests or messaging
• No long lines of “family members” waiting to go into the memorial
• No police band, fire brigades, or any other ceremonial groups
• No TV crews besides a couple of Russian and Korean reporters
• No more commemorative 9/11 newspapers being handed out
• No more people walking around handing out small American flags and/or DVDs
• Official memorial held annually at the small St. Paul Chapel half full at best
• No more parade of flag bearing Harley Davidsons
• No more We Are Change or any other similar organized Truther groups…
• No more heated sidewalk discussions between “theorists” and opposing passers by
• An army of volunteers dispersed around the streets handing out “free” gospel bracelets,
• A group of thirty quaker ladies with their apron and bonnets singing hymns on the sidewalk
• A team of three Jehova’s Wittness sales people handing out “literature” with posters like “Does God really care?” “Can there be life after death?

Lastly, a quick something I overheard as I sat on a bench less than half a block away from 9/11 memorial (100% true to the last word)

Man1 – Why is there so many cops around?
Man2 – It is the anniversary of September 11
Man1- Really?

Happy anniversary everyone.

7 Responses

  1. I might add… There were a few banners of “We will never forget”… But, seems like “we” have forgotten what it was we were not meant to forget.

    • I had to go to the doctor today and sat there watching the news on a tv while waiting. They were going through the motions with their “somber” 9/11 tributes but you could tell it was just canned sentiment even on the part of their reporters and anchors. It was horrible. Of course that was followed by a Chase Manhattan commercial.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Lilaleo.
    Bet many ghosts were there…. you just couldn’t see them.
    one man commented (about that day) that a 1000ft wall of hot cloudy air shot down the streets from the buildings…… some thought it was poison,,, but it wasn’t…. it left a white coating on everything…

    do people have to pay for tickets to see the memorial?

    • As the memories of the zombified and mind controlled general public fade away, even those who are passionate about 9/11 see it as more of a criminal and forensic case. But, you are right that the ghosts of 9/11 are always present in the city, whether you are looking at the skyline from a distance and see the monstrosity they built, or walking its streets. I would say that the whole city is a mere ghost of its pre-2001 self. In fact, I could easily say the same for the whole world and the whole civilization as everything took a very sharp, irrevocable turn on that fateful day, even before the bodies hit the ground.

      On the day of the anniversaries the memorial is closed to public as victims’ families mourn their loss in hollow ceremonies. But, in the remaining 364 days, it is a real cash cow with a $24 ticket price. And, just around the corner, one can always visit the gift shop and take home some “freedom” in the shape of a coffee mug, a pair of stars&stripes mittens, 9/11 Memorial dog collar, a tea towel and a million other cachkas.

      Nothing like money to chase away the ghosts. ;-}]

      Good to chat with you, Jan10… I had missed it… Can I consider this a peace pipe? Or, is it too soon?

  3. Our hearts have been broken and we refuse to give up any more emotions to the media machine that manipulates and trivializes our deepest feelings. People were not as much sorrowful that day as mobilized to find out what happened and how we could help. Thousands of people were turned away from Manhattan that day who wanted to help in the rescue and recovery….anything. No Americans were terrorized. We still want to know what happened. Within days of 9/11 a Zogby poll reported almost half of New Yorkers doubted the official story. People are probably reluctant to give any more emotions to the media to pay commemorations that will be regurgitated into cliches. We still want to help, we still want to know what happened and want justice, not distracting wars and silly, bloated words. Even most young people I speak with, tell me they smell stink all over what the Bureau of Propaganda would have us believe. We smell terrorist all over them.

  4. Lots of our hearts were broken over Nam, too, Joe, and for a while after. We went to the streets, some of us, but somehow the perps, their enforcers, and their mouthpieces came out on top.

    All we got was contempt, and an all-volunteer Army

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