Bombing Planned by Jewish “Australi Witness” Terrorist Would Have Coincided with Israel-backed #NoIranDealBecause Twitter Campaign

by Scott Creighton

goldberg 1

Jewish extremist Joshua Ryne Goldberg thought he was communicating with a disturbed Muslim person when he gave him specific instructions on how to build a working pressure cooker bomb and then gave him even more detailed directions to where he wanted him to set it off and when.

Perhaps it isn’t a coincidence that the Israel-backed sponsored social media campaign on Twitter, , started today, the same day Joshua hoped a bomb would go off at a 9/11 memorial ceremony. That action, if it had taken place, would have fomented extreme hatred toward Muslims across the world and therefore would have aided the Likudnik AIPAC-types in their efforts to kill the very popular nuclear deal with Iran.

As it just so happens, the social media campaign is littered with claims that Iran somehow aided with the terrorist attack of 9/11 and repeatedly the influence peddlers using the service, refer to Iranians as “terrorists”

they are terrorists

Joshua Ryne Goldberg instructed a man who he thought was a Muslim extremist on how to pack the bomb with shrapnel after first dipping each piece of it in rat poison.

Arrested on Sept 9th, Goldberg finally admitted to being “Australi Witness” and giving someone specific instructions on how to make a lethal weapon and then telling him in detail, where to set it off and when.

A device which appears to resemble a 'pressure cooker bomb', similar to the type of explosive used in the Boston Marathon Bombings.

Included in his arrest affidavit are records of various communications he had with the undercover informant who Goldberg thought was a Muslim terrorist.

From these discussions it makes it very clear that Goldberg himself was the instigator in the plans and not, as usually is the case with FBI stings, the FBI informant himself.

goldberg 1

goldberg 2

goldberg 3

goldberg 4

The Kansas City Stair Climb is an annual event in which local fire fighters honor those lost on 9/11 by participating in a stair climb.

Can you imagine the anger that would have been created had an attack like this taken place directed at fire fighters honoring their fallen brothers on 9/11?

If the Israel-firsters had been successful in connecting this attack to the Iran deal as they seem determined to do right now via  ,  the deal would effectively be over before the vote (which has been postponed… ?…)

Goldberg never contacted authorities about this pending attack and, according to the arrest affidavit, only mentioned it after the feds were interrogating him on Sept. the 9th.

Would he have contacted them prior to the attack that he clearly thought was going to take place? Doesn’t seem like he was going to, does it?

goldberg 5

The actions of one individual does not represent the morality or the ideology of an entire religion and Goldberg’s diabolical efforts should not be taken as a slight against all Jewish people.

But just like the members of the Irgun were arrested and punished for their crimes against humanity so long ago, so to must this Jewish extremist and any and all acquaintances he associates with.

People like this, real terrorists, don’t work in a vacuum unto themselves. They do what they do for recognition from a certain segment of their society. His connections should be, must be examined.

Clearly Jewish extremist Joshua Ryne Goldberg had every intention to sit back today and watch the carnage of a lethal bomb going off killing and injuring dozens of fire fighters in Kansas City and then using that horror to advance his own political agenda. That’s called terrorism and thus, Joshua Ryne Goldberg is a terrorist. Not because he pretends to be an “ISIS” asset, but because he is a modern day version of the Irgun.


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