Neoliberal Shill Abby Martin ( @AbbyMartin ) Has a New “Anti-Empire” TV Show Called Empire Files

by Scott Creighton

  • Go here to watch “alternative” journalist Abby Martin rail against Russia for invading Crimea.
  • Go here to watch “alternative” journalist Abby Martin rail against the “conspiracy theorists” who have questions about what really happened at Sandy Hook, Aurora and other American Gladio ops.
  • Go here to watch “alternative” journalist Abby Martin rail against Bohemian Grove (oooo) with disinfo asset Mark Dice.
  • Go here (start at 16:37 mark in video) to watch “alternative” journalist Abby Martin rail against the “industry” of “conspiracy theorists” she likes to call “fear mongering paranoia” (in this one she compares investigative journalists to creationists… I’m not kidding)

The fake alternative “journalist” Abby Martin has finally landed a new TV show because people like her will do just about anything to become and remain a celebrity. Her show is on the English language version of TeleSur. Apparently Abby likes to go to alternative networks in order to infect them with her Cass Sunstein type of disinformation like she did at Russia Today with her show Breaking the Set.

But Breaking The Set, which is usually presented by Abby Martin, has now used Evan Barrett as a source of all that is going on in Syria. It was not Martin who interviewed Barrett but Manuel Rapalo. Barrett is the Policy and Media Manager of The Syrian Emergency Task Force. The SETF organised the visit to Syria of Senator John McCain, a visit which yielded this now infamous photograph of McCain with some rather unsavoury characters” The Truth Serum

“CDS Welcomes White House Statement on Assad Regime Use of Chemical Weapons   ““This statement by the White House today is a step in the right direction for United States policy on Syria. With over 4 million internally displaced persons, over 1.6 million refugees, and hundreds dying everyday, immediate assistance to the Free Syrian Army and Syrian Coalition is crucial. We welcome this increased engagement by the U.S. and hope it will quickly translate into concrete actions to turn the tide of the conflict on the ground and protect Syrian civilians from chemical weapons attacks, aircraft, scud missiles, and mortar fire. We hope such actions include safe zones in addition to strategic arming of the vetted elements of the Free Syrian Army.” Even Barrett via his organization Coalition for a Democratic Syria

In her new propaganda pushing show, Abby’s brother is listed in the end credits as doing the music but she doesn’t list his real name, only his Twitter name, Fluorescent Grey.

Her first episode is pretty much what you would expect from a Sunstein program. She goes on and on acting as if she’s revealing some darker, deep-state politics “truth” while in actually, all she’s doing is rehashing things that have been already exposed over the years and are considered well-established eccentricities of the American empire.

Abby’s demeanor is like that of Jessie Ventura when he did his ridiculous “truth telling” TV show. She’s all serious and supposedly full of fire to get at the hidden truth of the story. It’s an act.

She doesn’t mention Libya once nor Ukraine for that matter.

She doesn’t mention how we recently overthrew legitimate elected governments in Egypt, Thailand, Honduras or Ukraine. Not once. Instead she goes for the Way Back machine talking about Chile, Argentina and Bolivia. Of course she focuses on Latin American regime change operations from the past because she is pandering to her new audience. Yet she never mentioned our attempt to remove Chavez not that long ago.

She tries to build some credibility by talking about things like Eisenhower’s MIC warning and Smedley Butler’s book War is a Racket yet she never mentioned the Business Plot of 1934.

At one point in her show she claimed that 9/11 “gave them the opportunity” to launch their ongoing war against “terrorism”

Gave them the opportunity? They made that opportunity.

Abby Martin is a disinfo shill asset. There’s not one single question about it. And now she has yet another show with which she can do her best to promote Cass Sunstein type disinformation to an alternative media following audience.

But don’t worry, she’ll show her true colors again soon enough.

  • Go here to watch Abby Martin and Jessie Ventura push the LIHOP disinfo on 9/11 on Sept. 11, 2014.
  • Go here to listen to Abby Martin do an interview with proven disinformation shill Jon Gold as the two of them push his LIHOP Sunstein disinfo while denigrating people who talk about things like “controlled demolition”, “stand down orders” and “remote piloted planes”
  • Go here to watch her interview 9/11 conspirator Bob Graham and let him blame Saudi Arabia for the event.

7 Responses

  1. Another ass-kicking article, Mr Creighton.

    I have a couple questions, though. Where is RT’s set- the set that Abby Martin worked from? New York, most likely? Also, who owns, or more precisely, controls RT?

    I ask these questions because Russia is being bullied into a military confrontation that they cannot win- yet they have this powerful information weapon- call it THETRUTHABOUTAMERICA.COM That is their best hope, yet they are seemingly too afraid to use.

    Imagine, if you will, a program on RT tonight titled ‘The 9/11 Plot’ featuring big pictures of Larry Silverstein, Ralph Eberhart, Richard Meyers, Richard Perle, Ariel Sharon, etc. Do it right and BOOM go the foundations of the Empire.

    Since propaganda requires repetition, this program would have to be backed up by other shows and a web site, translatable into any language, and proof against the best hackers. Vlad Putin would then have to go on TV and pimp his blog- and this would WORK! People
    would watch, by the tens of millions- they are hungry for the truth but they need to have it affirmed by some authority figure. Putin can do the job.

    All for the price of a few anti-tank missiles.

    • i agree which is what makes the claim they are fighting a “propaganda battle” so ridiculous. If they really wanted to turn folks against the US, or more specifically against certain people RUNNING the US, then they wouldn’t have to work too hard. I’m sure they have files on a lot of things that have happened in the past and if they wanted too, they could expose an awful lot of awful crap about the history of this nation… not just 9/11. The fact that they don’t speaks volumes.

  2. So, what was wrong with my comment?

  3. Jesus, guy, calm down. It’s a half an hour show. There’s only so much ground you can cover in that amount of time. It was the first episode of the show, not the entirety. She’s covered plenty of stuff you mentioned in the subsequent episodes.

    • “She’s covered plenty”. Yep, she covered enough to let us know she’s completely full of shit. Perfectly calm, dude, calmer than you are.

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