Globalist Shill Stephen Colbert Opens his New Show With Globalist Frontman George Clooney and … Jeb Bush

by Scott Creighton

What a disgusting piece of neoliberal shill crap.

I have been calling out Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart for years now. Once Bush left office, they turned their efforts to helping promote whatever neoliberal agenda Obama had in mind while simultaneously helping neocon war criminals white wash their collective treason to their “progressive” audiences.

I’m not going to rehash any of that any more than too say look who he has as guests on his first Late Show broadcast: George “Lets bomb Sudan” Clooney and Jeb “my brother is a war criminal” Bush.

Colbert is a piece of shit. Period.

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15 Responses

  1. I am so disappointed with Colbert. He was my hero when he skewered Bush at the White House Correspondents Dinner. I actually fell asleep before he even got to interviewing Clooney. Did anyone catch how he handled interviewing that crime family member, Jeb? What a waste. Why doesn’t he give free press to someone who could really use it for good?

  2. Clowney so loved his movie character in SyriaNA that he never got back out of character.
    Predictive programming there about Syria’s future.

    He’s so pathetique as an acteur (recall his ‘Batman’ performance!—doubt he could even be allowed to star in one of these many staged FF incident, that bad) he had to find another income.

    Let’s just say Clowney is about as much true Irish as Colbert is Cajun.

  3. Here’s today’s key new technology article:

    Chicago-based artist Leo Selvaggio has started URME Surveillance, who aim to produce a prosthetic mask that could potentially render CCTV tracking and tracing obsolete. Different levels of product will be available, from inexpensive paper versions, to state-of-the-art 3D-printed models. Selvaggio wants to make his face available to all his users to wear in public, will full permission to anyone, anywhere to become his virtual doppelgänger.

    Just imagine the choice of sleazy scum you’ll be able to pick a mask from, of the current crop out there.

  4. i’m considering flying a “jolly roger” outside my home. if asked about it, my reply will be “if they can steal my flag, then i can steal theirs”.

    anyway, i remember years ago when either colbert or stewart (don’t remember which) “interviewed” george w bush. i couldn’t help but think “i know you’re a fake news guy, but your guest is a REAL war-criminal”. but i guess they need to sugar-coat the poison they’re selling to the american people.

    no surprise that colbert would have jeb on his show; is there anything in mainstream media that isn’t bullshit?

  5. Go to 2:20 and check Colbert going to bat for everybody’s favorite education expert MALALA!
    The interesting part is that Colbert isn’t even remotely funny in any way during his whole show. Must be another psy-experiment to see how many people will think he’s funny simply because they play that ridiculously fake-sounding too-loud canned laugh track after each non-funny “joke”.

    • really? Malala? I guess he’s making it perfectly clear he will shill for any agenda with his new position. its sad.

      • It’s not very sad. He’s as dull, non-funny and joy-killing as Letterman. Figures they got someone just as lame to replace him. He even does a skit to inform us that he did a deal with the devil. I wonder if he realizes that that just seems true, metaphorically speaking, and not funny.

    • well, the Bush family made the Clintons. Needed a fake lefty they could count on so they used him at Mena and the rest was history. Sides, all that product they brought in back then, Bill was quite a fan of it if I recall. A match made in heaven.

      • Billy boy was already a sitting trilateral member as the governor of Arkansas right about the time Ollie and Barry stuttered up their little gun running for crack rock thingamajig. Poppy was sitting in that tlateral room as well, as then VP.

        Sometimes ya wonder if whitewater had a landing strip for Barry and his boys. Mena worked real well for all concerned. Truly, a bi-partisan effort.

        • I heard years ago that one of Bill Clinton’s early political jobs was as Arlen Specter’s driver. Bill was allegedly really into Carol Quigley early in his career too.

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