The “ISIS™” Operandi: What is Happening in Libya? Part 1

by Scott Creighton

First we review the Modus operandi, or the “method of operations” of President Peace Prize and NATO

When the people got tired of our puppet dictator in Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, a legitimate people’s revolution removed him from power and in his place they allowed a phony, one candidate “election” to take place in 2012 (orchestrated by Hillary Clinton’s State Department) and they got another puppet of the West, Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Once it was clear he was no different that the previous dictator, in Sept of last year, the Houthis from the west rose up and took control of the nation, evicting our puppet ruler and effectively taking control of the country.

The current government of Yemen is deemed “illegitimate” by Western/NATO interests while they fully back the current neo-Nazi, fascist government in Ukraine which came to power via a US-backed bloody color revolution last year as well.

These same Western interests also support the illegitimate junta currently ruling Thailand which also came to power in a US backed coup in 2014.

In both of these cases, the US claims these “revolutions” represented the will of the people, therefore they are legitimate whereas they certainly don’t support what has happened in Yemen as anything closely resembling that description. Mainly, I guess, because they define “the people” to be the international banksters and globalist “national interests” they serve and certainly not the actual citizens of the various countries.

As a result of the Sept 2012 uprising in Yemen, Saudi Arabia has been dutifully performing the task of serving as President Obama’s proxy enforcers. They have been steadily bombing the softer infrastructure of Yemen to the point where some writers and analysts are comparing the damage done to that country in the short time this conflict has been waging to that destruction of Syria over the past 5 years. It’s almost biblical in scope and of course, most the of devastation has been inflicted on civilian infrastructure and the general population, not the military of the country.

This is all, of course, under the direct guidance with the direct support of the United States.

This is the same as what we are doing in Ukraine right now to the people of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, parts of Ukraine that together make up the Donbass region which broke away from Ukraine after our color revolution. We are funding, aiding and training neo-Nazis and helping them run terror bombing campaigns against civilian population centers in an attempt to Shock and Awe out of the people, any will to support independence from Ukraine (and US/IMF interests)

In Iraq, the General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries, rose up out of the rubble we created and promised to oust yet another of our puppets in the Middle East. This is a legitimate uprising with a great deal of popular support from the Iraqi people who are opposed to the brutal conditions they are being forced to live under as a result of our illegal invasion and occupation of their nation since 2003.

When our troops left the country, the General Military Council rose up as a result of our puppet dictator cracking down on peaceful, anti-government protests all across the nation. Thousands were killed and the revolution began.

Something called “ISIS™ ” was created with the expressed purpose of creating a seemingly legitimate excuse for Obama reengaging in Iraq with the military.

President Peace Prize could hardly get away with using military might to crush a legitimate revolution against our corrupt puppet regime, so “ISIS™” was born.

The mythology of “ISIS™” also provided rather convenient cover for the despicable acts committed by the Iraqi death squads we train and operate in the area, once again, targeting civilian supporters of the General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries. This is the Salvador Option brought back to Iraq by Obama.

Now we see them crafting the “ISIS™” in Yemen narrative in order to justify dropping more bombs on more civilians in that country.

Now we see them crafting the “ISIS™” in Sinai narrative in order to support the notion that we have to provide more military aid to the illegal junta we installed in Egypt as a genuine revolution unfolds there as well.

So we have the mythological “ISIS™” brand of enemy popping up in Iraq, Yemen and Egypt in order to provide cover for our brutal repression of legitimate revolutionary aspirations of the people of those nations. Think “Founding Fathers and 1776” if you would like a little perspective.

And that is too say nothing of how “ISIS™” is used to conceal the atrocities committed by our “moderate” terrorists and the Kurdish death squads in Syria in their efforts to destabilize and overthrow their democratically elected and popular government.

Now there is yet another incarnation of the “ISIS™” brand of terror bombing justification taking shape, this time in Libya.


Gone are the stories of evil Gaddafi bombing his own people in Benghazi (which never happened by the way)

Gone because Hillary Clinton giggled on live TV about his brutal and illegal murder, which she brazenly took credit for (and the big detractor from her candidacy is some emails? are you kidding me?)

With Gaddafi no longer around to demonize, Obama was left in a particularly difficult position: how to justify bombing YET ANOTHER legitimate revolution without exposing himself for the warmongering, terrorist criminal against humanity that he really is.

Solution: The “ISIS™” Operandi

[see The Libyan Dawn, Operation Dignity, “ISIS™” and the CIA’s General Khalifa Haftar: What is Happening in Libya? Part 2 coming soon]


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