Bailout terms for Athens ‘declare war’ on Greek workers, say campaigners

from RT

Requirements attached to Greece’s latest bailout package are “extreme” free market fundamentalism designed to punish ordinary Greek people, a leading social justice campaign has said.

After all-night negotiations in Athens, the European Commission (EC) came to an agreement with Greek representatives on Tuesday to provide Greece with an €85 billion (£95 billion) rescue loan.

UK campaign group Global Justice Now slammed the deal as an excuse for imposing radical economic restructuring on Greece, including privatization and deregulation measures.

The group’s director, Nick Dearden, said it was one of the most radical examples of neoliberal reforms being forced on a country that the organization had ever seen.

This package amounts to some of the most extreme ‘free market’ fundamentalism we’ve ever witnessed – even by the standards of the International Monetary Fund programs imposed on Africa, Asia and Latin America in the 1980s,” he told RT on Wednesday.

In short, it says that Greece is up for sale, and its workers, farmers and small businesses will have to be cleared out of the way.”

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  1. Looks like Greece is more doner than the Donner party.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends a special session of the German lower house of parliament Bundestag in Berlin, capital of Germany, on Aug. 19, 2015. The special session was held on the Greek debt crisis. (Xinhua/Zhang Fan)

    German parliament approves Greek bailout

    BERLIN, Aug. 19 (Xinhua) — The German parliament on Wednesday approved the third bailout program for Greece, with a clear majority voting in favor of offering the debt-torn country fresh aid to keep it afloat in the eurozone.

    A total of 454 lawmakers voted in favor of the program, while 113 opposed it and 18 abstained, paving the road for the disbursement of up to 86 billion euros (about 95.12 billion U.S. dollars) to Greece, which urgently needs the money to avoid bankruptcy.

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