Noam Chomsky on the Iranian Deal (video) and My Comments

by Scott Creighton

In this first video, it seems hard for Noam Chomsky to get his point across to al Jazeera’s Antonio Mora. That’s because it’s next to impossible for someone to learn something if their paycheck depends on them not learning it as is the case with Mr. Mora. And no, al Jazeera isn’t the truth-telling outlet they once were when they were the only news agency reporting on the Egyptian revolution back in 2011.

And here’s my take on this:

Though he’s right to a point about the reason Israel and the US don’t want Iran to possess a nuclear weapon (deterrence factor) he fails to adequately explain why that deterrence is so important.

The whole point of the phony narrative that we are preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear state (their religious leaders have REPEATEDLY stated they will not pursue the acquisition or creation of nuclear weapons because those type weapons are an affront to God) is to justify crippling sanctions against the country and the whole point of the sanctions is regime change. In short, we want another puppet in Iran like the Shah that we put in power back in ’53.

Everyone (including Chomsky) mistakenly credits Obama with this deal. The reality is, it was the P5+1 parties that put it together and weathered the storm when the US tried to derail the talks over and over again (like allowing Bibi to address congress to call for the end of the deal)

Even if warmongers like Rand Paul and his friends at AIPAC were to successfully mount a campaign to torpedo the deal in congress, it wouldn’t matter. The other nations would move forward with it leaving the United States on the outside looking in.

Well, if you know anything about US foreign policy you know that it revolves around Big Business and Big Banking. Imagine US companies watching the opening up of new, somewhat wealthy Iranian markets and they can’t get their hands on it because we still have sanctions in place. Do you think GE, Goldman Sachs, Nike and the various hedge funds who really run this country would stand by while that happens?

The reality is, Big Business and Big Banking have already sent their representatives (economic hit-men) to Iran in the wake of the Obama administration having to acknowledge the deal was going to go through with or without them.They are making ready the day 6 months or so from now when those sanctions are lifted. Big Business needs new markets. Iran and Cuba represent the newest and potentially the most profitable in a while (since the demolition of Libya)

And here’s another aspect of that dynamic to keep in mind: what success do you think Israeli businesses will find in those new markets given the adversarial relationship Israel has forged with the country over the last few decades?

After Israel has assassinated many of their scientists, bombed facilities in Iran and basically screamed for war with the country with every breath Bibi could muster, do you really think Israeli businessmen are going to find it easy to set appointments with their Iranian counterparts to negotiate trade agreements?

Of course not. The big loser in this Iranian nuke deal and the subsequent re-opening of those precious new markets in the country is Israeli business. The only scenario that would produce positive results for Israeli business is a complete regime change and the installation of a puppet dictator who doesn’t give a crap about public opinion. Another Shah is Israel’s only hope.

To that end, it’s important to the Israelis that this deal fall apart completely. Not just with the US but also with the other member states of the P5+1. The other P5+1 nations have struggling businesses as well.

Short of a direct conflict spurred by a false flag event, that isn’t going to happen.

A few things are important to make mention of here. The first is that back in early June, when this deal was a foregone conclusion, Israel decided now was the time to release information on project Green Field which was Israel’s 4-year project to test “dirty bomb clean-up” procedures in the southern desert near their Dimona Nuclear Research Center. The project began back in 2010 and ran through 2014.

The timing of the release of this information is interesting given the pending outcome of the negotiations and the fact that it could be easily construed as a not-so-veiled warning of a pending false flag operation blaming Iran and emphasizing the dangers radioactive material can possess even without being “military grade”

Releasing the report could also be someone within the Israeli military’s effort to put a halt to said false flag by exposing the fact that Israel created and tested dirty bombs themselves.

Dirty bomb attacks are difficult if not impossible to carry out as false flags since it’s so easy to trace the nuclear material back to it’s source and in order to do it, someone would have to acquire Iranian nuclear material before hand for it to work.

The other obvious issue is, it makes no sense for Iran to attack Israel in such a way right on the eve of normalized relations with the rest of the world. That would just be stupid and anyone could see through that rouse.

Keep in mind, Israel has done this kind of thing in the past involving Gaza and also involving US back in ’67 when they attacked the USS Liberty and tried to frame the Egyptians for it so I don’t put it past them.

Therefore, I certainly don’t put it past them to threaten to use a dirty bomb in a false flag operation.

And that brings us to my second interesting development and that is the pending release of the national traitor, Jonathan Pollard.

Israel has been pushing hard for his release over the last couple years to no avail. As recently as 4 months ago, the Obama administration flirted with the idea but got so much backlash from the public they had to ultimately refuse.

Well, that changed this week. Pollard is scheduled to be paroled in November.

Obviously this is some kind of conciliatory move on the part of the Obama administration: a token “victory” for Bibi to take to his people as a demonstration of his influence over US policy.

But what victory was it? Was the threat to the US and the rest of the world a dirty bomb false flag event blaming Iran? Is Pollard’s release due to the Obama administration “negotiating with terrorists”?

Ultimately, Israel is being promised more US tax-payer money as a result of the P5+1 deal with Iran. I’m sure there will be backroom deals for Israeli businesses so they too can profit from the new emerging markets in Iran.

The deterrence factor that Mr. Chomsky speaks of as the motivation behind the West’s sanction regime is undermined by his own argument and that is, it’s clear to US and other intelligence services that Iran was never pursuing a nuclear weapon, so, why is “deterrence” the unspoken motive Noam assigns to them? Clearly it isn’t.

It’s regime change. It’s opening foreign markets as the economies of the West crumble and die. Why is Israel still so angry? Because they wont benefit from those new markets as other Westernized nations will.

Whether or not the release of that study and Pollard are tied to this deal, which I can’t imaging they aren’t, makes little difference. They are the token machinations of depraved front-men.

For that matter, this is the same for the current push in congress to derail our involvement with the deal. Do you really think the business and banks who own the republicans (and dems) in congress are going to allow them to halt their access to this new, exciting market? Of course not. They want it as bad as Chinese, Russian and Iranian business leaders want it.

Israel has been playing the rabid dog in this charade from quite sometime now and they are going to have to pay the price for playing that role. They just want to make sure they get something out of it in the end so all this bluster is geared to doing just that.

When you remember that policy isn’t made by front-men like Obama or Bibi, that it’s made in board rooms, understanding this tempest in a tea pot isn’t all that difficult.

Yes, they want regime change. But, ultimately, the regime change is about access to new markets and ultimately, profit. Once they understood that the sanction regime was over and anything short of a direct attack on the country would fail in very short order, their lust for profit has motivated the masters of the universe to accept a kinder, gentler economic occupation of Iran and right now no blustering idiot looking for headlines in the US political freak-show is going to be able to derail that effort of theirs. It’s just that simple. It’s all sound and fury signifying nothing.

That’s what Chomsky missed in his interview. Thought I would fill in the blanks a bit.

9 Responses

  1. Al Jazeera was founded by former BBC reporters. I remember back in the early Iraq war days they got a lot of attention for broadcasting gory videos which the western media wouldn’t touch.

    Why did they get so much attention from the western media when most non-establishment media would just get completely ignored? I’m suspicious when establishment media starts covering “alternative” media (see Alex Jones).

    Al Jazeera was hyped as the anti-western media which would report the other side of the Iraq war. I bought into it at the time, but looking back, did they really report anything truly revealing? Anyone with half a brain knew the Iraq war was a disaster. Reporting that fact was easy.

    • A bunch of people who used to work for The Young Turks work at Al Jazeera America now.

      Al Jazeera America is really bad when it comes to the Ukrainian civil war. They do some good coverage on some topics though. However, in general, they seem to take the US line on things except when it runs counter to the Qatari line.

  2. It seems Noam Chomsky may have been spoken to a few years ago and is no longer completely free to say everything he knows or thinks publicly. Certain biases, or perspectives, must be protected. Certain ideas or people must not be discussed.

  3. There’s also this 28th; classic behavior by one of their talking screeching heads/paid war whores out of Asia, no less.

    Rather than a Folie à Deux, call it a Folie à 5+1: a mutually reinforcing delusion involving Iran, the United States, Russia, China and the Europeans. What makes the outcome of the Iran nuclear deal so dangerous is that none of the parties to the agreement has thought through the consequences of its actions, least of all Iran itself. They are not so much sleepwalkers, as historian Christopher Clark characterized the combatants who stumbled into World War I, as waking fantasists.

    or, this topic out today:

    The way she repeatedly ties radical terrorism to Islam and then backs off half a step before letting loose another salvo against Muslims and president Obama is almost artistic.

    I live in Donbas and there are currently over 200 ISIL terrorists operating here. Should the US bomb them and everyone that supports them, Tomi (Lahren)?

    • Ah yes. World War I. Wasn’t that the Noble War? The War to End All Wars? I thought we weren’t supposed to have any more after that … What happened?

  4. Lots of proof coming in now about the undercurrent strong rumor that the only reason the criminal bozos made an Iranian ‘deal’ now (remember, we now have US CONgresscriminals declared last minute they would have final approval say!) is that the world corporofascist corporations are desperate for any new business to keep the world economy from imploding! (see CAT’s record string quarters (23?) of falling revenues).

    Hell, they’ll probably sell them the airliners, & throw in the ‘Lone Gunmen’ option for frei!
    Representatives of Boeing Co will soon visit Iran to discuss rebuilding the country’s ageing aviation fleet, Transport Minister Abbas Akhoundi says.

    The minister discussed Airbus’s participation in the program during his visit to Paris in June and a trip by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius to Tehran last week as well as other issues, the details of which trickled into the press on Monday.

    “About 50% of Iran’s aviation fleet belongs to Airbuses. In my visit to France, we held dialog with the company’s chief executive and demanded a plan for reconstruction of our aviation fleet,” he said.

  5. AUG 3.

    A majority of Republican lawmakers in the US House of Representatives have endorsed legislation that condemns the recent nuclear accord with Iran.

    US Representative Peter Roskam said on Monday that 218 Republicans out of a total of 246 have signed on to a bill he sponsored, which seeks to stop the nuclear agreement with Tehran, The Hill newspaper reported on Monday.

    “Congress and the American people believe a better agreement is still achievable, and we can start by walking away from this one,” Roskam said in a statement.

  6. First the Repugnant cons, now the Demon rats:’balanced’ government.

    Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer has come under intense pressure by Israeli groups in the United States to vote against the conclusion of Iran nuclear negotiations in Congress.

    More than 10,000 phone calls, organized by one group, flooded the office line of the New York senator during the past two weeks to urge him to kill the accord, POLITICO reported.

    Congress will vote in September on the agreement reached between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries — the US, Britain, France, Russia, China, and Germany – in the Austrian capital, Vienna, on July 14.

  7. First of all, Scott, glad to hear you’re okay.

    The Pollard deal is a slap in the face to all those murdered in the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty and any others who suffered because of “friendly espionage”.

    Thanks for your attempt to clarify the situation, and I think you are spot on in regards to big business trumping the dripping fangs…money talks, after all.

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