Israeli Military Conducts Another Successful Operation Against More Unarmed People

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: And now… Israel Cracks Down on Children’s Theater… yes, children’s theater folks.


When it comes to defending the Jewish State against unarmed civilians or peace activists, the Israeli military stands at the top of the dung heap in not only their ability to mount such operations but also in their skill to spin them afterward as “heroic”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement congratulating troops for seizing the ship he said was involved in “a demonstration of hypocrisy” and support for Hamas, and said Israel’s actions were in accordance with international law. Reuters

Rushing out to deliver his statement, Bibi was full of pride this morning. His devoted army of Jews went forward in the night with all the technology ‘Merika! could give them and put it all to use against this band of murderous thugs.

Pro-Palestinian activists aboard one of the boats.

What Bibi should have said was:

“Not since Kent State have so many heavily armed men taught such a valuable lesson to so few unarmed peaceniks!”

That at least would have been a bit more honest and in keeping with the spirit of the moment.

About a hundred miles from the port in Gaza, the Freedom Flotilla 3 was intercepted by the Israeli navy which used military vessels and attack helicopters to stop them, board their vessels and illegally detain all aboard the four little converted fishing boats.

Reuters reports:

“(a statement from the Israeli military) said troops searched the vessel in international waters and then escorted it to Israel’s southern port of Ashdod.” Reuters

They also claimed it was “without incident”

Well, if you don’t consider 4 counts of piracy in international waters an “incident” then I guess that might be correct. If you don’t count over 50 cases of illegal detention an “incident” then you might be correct.

Of course, we have yet to hear from the detained activists themselves as the Israeli military certainly blocked any signals coming from the boats just prior to their attack and they have yet to be released from their interrogations.

Israel claims no one was hurt during the process. Of course, they have made similar claims in the past and I am starting to think they would lie about the cost of milk to their own impoverished mothers if there was something in it for them, so me, I’ll wait and see what the activists say upon their release.

That statement itself is indicative of the ideology of Israel these days, isn’t it?

People certainly were hurt during this Israeli action. Palestinian people who are now not only denied still more humanitarian aid but they also have to continue to live with the understanding that Israel will continue to get away with murder when it comes to them and no one in the legitimate press will ever shed a single tear on their behalf as it happens.

My hat is off to the people of the Freedom Flotilla 3 and I wish you a safe return.

If you head over to Steven Lendman’s blog, he has some really good news on the BDS movement which is growing by leaps and bounds across Europe and the rest of the civilized world.

5 Responses

  1. Boarded and seized in international waters.
    And then Nutjobyahoo praises his brave psycho-robots for a job well done.
    What a world.
    And one of the most pitiful aspects of this story is that almost no one in the western world even knows (or cares) that it happened thanks to their MSMs controlling what they see and hear.
    I read Lendman’s article too. I hope it’s true.

    • Perhaps this is true. Perhaps not so surprising, but today progress may still be moving forward rather than backward as commonly conceived. A couple of hundred years ago, “they” (well, not the Israelis for quite obvious reasons) would have nabbed them, tortured them and cut off their heads (probably convicted of piracy) and nobody anywhere would have known because there was no barely-contained worldwide communication network and there were most likely about 7 times fewer people in the world, with a third of it in closed-off China. TPTB, the descendents of past monarchs, treacherous, traitorous bankers with their assassins, and slave running business tycoons, ever lurking in the shadows behind their puppet “democratic” actor-leaders, are scrambling to contain a brewing chaos that always threatens their hold on power. Won’t be long now before a world war needs to be hatched.

  2. Israel Cracks Down on Children’s Theater

    Maximum pain and humiliation are the goals, after all.

  3. JULY 3/15

    The United Nations Human Rights Council has passed a resolution condemning Israel for targeting civilians in the Gaza Strip during the Tel Aviv regime’s military offensive against the enclave last summer.

    The Friday resolution said those responsible for human rights violations during the 2014 Gaza war must be held accountable, while effective remedies, including reparations, should be provided for all of the victims of the conflict.

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