Neoliberal News of the Day – June 26, 2015

by Scott Creighton

The press isn’t stupid everywhere – “In your opinion, is Edward Snowden a real character or one invented by the intelligence services?” asked a Russian journalist.

Obama’s fascist Obamacare is “woven into the fabric of America” while he proudly tells British conservationist his daughters don’t “question the science” of global warming. He also wants doctors and nurses to start preaching “global warming” to their patients. Meanwhile, though he once promised to take the “death-squads from above” drone program out of the hands of Capitalism’s Invisible Army (CIA), the sneaky spooks will keep their sticky fingers on the triggers for a long while to come.

Meanwhile, California has passed the most draconian vaccination law of any state which forces parents to jab their kids with at least 10 products made by Big Pharma for the privilege of attending public school. That’s right. If you want your kid to get an education, you have to pay Big Pharma in Cali.

Yep. Fascism woven into the fabric of America. There’s your “CHANGE” folks.

Russian president Putin called up ObamaGod and asked him to stop lying to everyone about Russian troops invading East Ukraine. The Peace Prize President responded by telling U.S. press lackies that he told Putin to remove his invisible troops from the area. Meanwhile, Porky Poroshenko signs a deal officially allowing President Peace Prize’s troops to flood into the country.

In a remarkable stroke of hubris, Poroshenko recently asked Ukraine’s high court to declare the overthrow and removal of the previous president an “illegal coup” so the same thing wont happen to him.

Also in the news now is that Dmitriy Yarosh‘s Right Sector — the same group that Washington had hired for the coup and for the ethnic cleansing campaign in Ukraine’s former Donbass region — have announced that they will assemble in Kiev on July 3rd to overthrow Petroshenko unless he restarts right now the war against Donbass. The people whom Washington paid to oust Yanukovych are planning to do the same to Poroshenko. There is a struggle inside the Obama Administration about how far they can successfully go with their Ukrainian nazis not formally leading the country.

It’s D-Day for Greece. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is meeting with German and French leaders to hash out the last details of their next “compromise” of brutal austerity measures for the Greek people to suffer through on behalf of their neoliberal masters. The rock-star finance minister Yanis Varoufakis says the troika wont accept an unworkable deal like the last round of austerity cuts they offered this past week. They want more blood in order to loan the people of Greece 7 billion more dollars for them to hand over to Greek bankers. The wealthy in the country are insulated against an exit from the Eurozone as well as from the brutal austerity.

Here in ‘Merika! home ownership rates have sunk to a 20 year low “household incomes have fallen, wages have stagnated and student loan debt has soared” but the biggest issue on the minds of our Vichy government is whether or not a piece of cloth should be flown in public.

Well, I shouldn’t say that’s the “only” thing they are concerned with. They are currently doing their level best to make ready for the big transition: from an open society with a representative republic form of government into a closed, repressive quasi-fascist dictatorship. After giving Obama (and Bush) Fast Track authority they have now passed legislation to give aid to all the workers they know will lose their jobs to Pacific Rim 3rd world shit-holes. And who pays for that Trade Adjustment Assistance program? You got it: the poor people and their Medicare. They also voted for a bill giving trade preferences to African nations so that now that Obama is fully engaged in his recolonization campaign, our billionaires who are flocking to the continent will get PAID for their efforts.

For fans of top-down fascism, that’s a win,win,win, win.

Over in neoliberal France, apparently some guys crashed their car into a gas canister which set off an explosion and probably blew some other guy’s head off in the process. Not one to miss a great opportunity, the French president declared it an act of terrorism by various and assorted “Islamists”  .  Now the story gets even better with a local paper saying an undisclosed source told them the head was hung on a fence with a confession in Arabic written on it. Of course, it’s “ISIS” don’t ya know.

While we are on the subject, I’ll just leave this here – ISIS: Made in Langley and propped up by Tel Aviv and Riyadh

And speaking of terrorists, there is a good article here detailing the vileness of the Clintons. Just sayin…

I wrote about her back in 2007. It was on the first day of this blog, June 26th, 2007 to be exact.

Eight years to the day I’ve been running this site. Here’s too eight more. Thank you all for the support. I wish I had better news, but you know, if things get going the way they are and people keep getting angry the way they are, I predict eight years from now we will be in a much better place. Either that or we’ll all be in re-education camps someplace. But hey, it’s ‘camp”. They will have bows and arrows and canoes and crap like that, right? Meatballs? It’ll be fun, right? So keep your heads up.  🙂