Dallas Texas – Home of the Never Ending Psyops

by Scott Creighton

Look at this guys. It would appear our friends in Texas, especially in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, are real big on psyops these days.


When I was looking into a report about an active shooter drill taking place in Wylie Texas yesterday, I looked up the location on the map and all sorts of familiar names popped up.

Yes, there was an active shooter drill just hours before the 4 men one man supposedly opened fire on the Dallas PD early this morning. What are the odds.

This week, Wylie Independent School District, police, fire rescue and emergency management attended the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training course. Friday, they participated in active shooter training at McMillan Junior High School which included sounds of gunfire. NBC

The training course has been going on all week in the area. Yesterday’s mass casualty event was the culmination of that program. Hours later, the “real thing” happened in the middle of the night.

Over in Garland, you remember, Pam Geller staged her “I Hate Muslims, You Should Too” contest which featured a couple of “terrorists” from out of state being shot to death by one guy in the parking lot. Very dramatic.

In McKinney, the police department decided it was a good idea to rough-up some black folks at a pool party for no apparent reason aside from them not respecting their authority. That one featured the now famous “barrel roll” cop.

All this and Jade Helm 15 hasn’t even started yet.

So I suppose if you want to plan a Gladio styled destabilization event, the place to go do it is Dallas, Texas. I wonder if the local town hall offers these guys some kind of tax break to come stage their ops in Dallas like some places offer the film industry deals to get them to bring their movies to town.

Is it any wonder that they picked Dallas to whack JFK?

9 Responses

  1. Agreed prelude to jade helm nuke psyops scerino stage being set.

    • With all the talk recently of “ISIS” having a “dirty bomb”, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

    • Oh God, I hope not. Can you imagine being in the area, getting a painful cancer because some asshole wants a little more money and is scared of losing his/her power?

    • When are you and Scott going to do another show? If you set one up, tell him to announce it well in advance — when he goes on shows he tends to announce it a couple hours before so I usually miss it. Get it together Scott! 😛

      • Sorry about that. I do have the excuse that the last time I did his show, I was a last minute addition. He called me a couple hours before hand and I put the announcement up as quick as I could. But I understand what you’re saying.

        • No problem. I like hearing you on shows but I also like to keep things current. I listen to various different programs but will listen to one I like less if it is more recent. Tom usually doesn’t post the shows until several days later so by then I’m already on to other shows. Anyway, I hope you and Monica set up a show soon, and the appearances I have caught with Tom were definitely worth the listen.

          I don’t know if you saw my other comment from earlier but I was wondering if you could recommend some good books on history — world history, U.S. history, and specific historical events. Thanks in advance for any input.

    • yep. nice catch

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