Fast Track Dies in the House

by Scott Creighton

Fast track authority has died in the House of Representatives today. They say it was over TAA, an attached bill which would make the poor pay 700 million in Medicare to workers displaced via this “trade” deal, one of the most sickening examples of “funneling the wealth upward” that I have ever seen. The deal, the TAA, was a “compromise” between Nancy Pelosi and the republican leadership of the House yet it died and now she fraudulently claims credit for having helped kill the bill.

At this moment in history, we stand slightly in celebration. The horrific fast track bill is dead. Today. It may come back tomorrow. But today, it’s dead. It died like the TARP bailout bill did the first time, like the Patriot Act did the first time. And like the Freedom Act did the first time.

The potentially short-lived victory doesn’t belong to the dems in the House as the Huffington Post tries to claim it does. It belongs to us. Those of us dedicated to the defeat of these fascist pieces of legislation they are pushing with all the power they can muster.

What will happen tomorrow, what will happen the next day, I don’t know. But today, we celebrate.

The alternative media killed Fast Track authority today.