Why I Changed My Opinion on the Sandy Hook Shooting Psyop

by Scott Creighton

When I first started covering the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School as part of what I called the American Gladio campaign, I came at it from the position that the perpetrators of it (Adam Lanza, if he ever existed, was a patsy, incapable of the technical aspects of the event) hired a couple of assets who did in fact kill 26 people, 20 of whom were children.

I have in the nearly two and a half years later, changed that position. I now believe the entire event was staged and that no children were killed.

It is a rather drastic shift and thus far I have yet to fully own it by explaining why it is that I made it. So, in response to The Walrus’ question in the comment section of a recent article, I posted a rather large comment explaining how I came to this  different conclusion.

I figured I would post that comment as an article explaining to all of you how and why I changed my opinion on the subject.

my comment:

In many cases, the crisis actors are who they claim they are. Members of various targeted communities who have been approached and prepped to play their roles. But you are correct, sometimes it turns around and bites them on the ass as was the case of the “incubator babies” story. Of course, the media simply refused to tell the real story when it finally came out from a Canadian investigative journalist, and thus, it’s not as much of a threat as you might think (in a real, working, open democracy, the media would serve in exactly the same way you assume. But as you know, they don’t, so what risk of exposure is there?)

Remember when Noah Posner’s pic ended up on that wall and he was supposed to be on the list of students killed in Pakistan under a different name? That’s a big one. How did the media handle that? And after what little coverage it got was done, what happened?


Then you have redneck “Dixon White”

Finally, to answer the most pressing question “why would they take that risk?”, well that is obvious…

If let’s say Sandy Hook were to fall completely apart and the whole thing tracks back through Homeland Security, the Justice Department and even eventually to the White House itself… which it never would go that far up (plausible dependability) … what’s going to be worse for the perps? A charge of staging a false flag in order to “get guns off the street” … or them having signed off on the murder of 26 U.S. citizens, 20 of whom just happened to be children?

For the administration, the difference is between impeachment and the death penalty. For others down the line, a two year prison sentence and maybe probation verses the death penalty.

That’s the “why?” of it. And it seems pretty reasonable to me when you think about it.

And do I think it’s more dangerous in terms of more people knowing about it and keeping quiet?

Not at all.

In fact, it’s probably a lot easier getting people to go along with a psyop drill than it is getting them to rally behind the murder of 20 kids, which of course would eat at their conscience a lot more than some fake drill would and the threat of someone spilling the beans in the future would obviously be greater if it really happened.

They do stage real ones. Real mass casualty events. Many of the shootings in what I call American Gladio were very real. Aurora, the Islamic Center Shooting, the Mall Shooting, the ambush in Webster New York. Others as well.

But in some cases, the events are so contrived, so controlled after the initial event, you have to conclude that it was faked, or staged (well, they are all “staged”, or designed)

For the longest time, I refused to accept the fact that the Sandy Hook thing was anything other than a couple of foreign assets being brought in to shoot up the school. I’ll admit that. It seemed to me at the time, like you believe now, that it was certainly within their capability and mindsets to have actually killed those kids.

But then after all this time, learning who the parents were of this supposed victims and watching how the families rallied behind the agenda immediately (some were on board long before the event in fact) and then you combine that info with how they have covered up the facts of the event since … finally coupled with the bizarre behavior of EVERYONE involved… EVERYONE… and you can’t help but come to a different conclusion. Or at least, I had to.

In the end, I took ALL the evidence (autopsies on kids forbidden to be released to public prior to event, police vehicles blocking access to the school for the ambulances, leaving the bodies on the scene for well over 12 hours when standard practice dictates paramedics can’t even make death declarations (they should have been worked on and immediately transferred to hospital (and the fact that not one single parent QUESTIONS that determination and the fact that those kids were left there in a pile, in a bath room, for so long)), the missing images on the video of streams of kids being evacuated from the building in spite of the fact that the police report says the video shows it, the piles and piles of money being pumped into the community by the government afterward for “families of victims and WITNESSES?”, missing video of Adam getting into building, the murky background of Adam himself where they tried to fabricate a motive and that fell apart quickly, the fact that he supposedly couldn’t tie his shoes or touch a door handle yet he went in and wiped out two classrooms and several running adults in a couple of minutes then “piled the bodies up in the bathroom”, the silence on the two guys they caught trying to flee through the woods (the “wood cutters”), the missing janitor “hero” on the 911 call, people walking around in circles at the firehouse (yes, they were)…) … I took all THAT evidence and THEN re-examined the statements and bizarre behavior of the families and “witnesses” like that old man…

… and THEN I came to this conclusion. In short, I didn’t let their behavior drive my decision. But when factored in with everything else, you can’t help but… I can’t help but come to the conclusion, yes, they are lying through their fucking teeth.

Look, lying (or at least behavior indicating someone is lying) isn’t enough to convict a suspect. But when you couple it with hard evidence (in this case evidence proving the authorities are definitely covering up something) … uh… yeah. That’s a conviction in my book.

And in this case, if one is lying, all are lying. Some are just better at it than others. Some just took the money and STFU. Some moved away. Most from what I understand.

And like the janitor, some just faded into history.

I’m sorry for the long response but, like I said, at first and for a while after, I couldn’t bring myself to think that an entire community could go along with something so depraved, and for the most part I think most in the Newtown community aren’t “in on it” (case in point, the police deliberately blocking the road so the ambulance drivers who weren’t in on it couldn’t get to the scene) but, I’ll tell you this much, the ones who hold suspicions know for a fact they had better keep their mouths shut.

And we don’t know if anyone has come forward with evidence to prove one of these families didn’t have a kid at Sandy Hook, do we? Because where would they go with the info? The FBI? Justice? Fox News? And what’s going to happen when they do? Did?

Look at it this way: this is a small community, right? Do you think people with suspicions are going to come forward knowing full well they would be implicating their neighbors and fellow PTA members and the parents of their kid’s friends? Do you think they would come forward knowing it would be the end of Newtown forever, which it would. Newtown would become a ghost town and many of it’s residents would have to relocate and change their names if this story went mainstream.

Which whistle-blower in the town wants to do that? Ever heard of Gary Webb? Look at his career path.

And even if some of them know what’s up, what else do they know? They have to know the police and State Police had to have been in on it. All the way up the chain.

Do you think many folks in that town are going to be willing to put a target on their backs in that environment?

Perhaps a cop or two might come forward?

Well, first of all, cops are a fraternity. Especially in a small town like Newtown. A small, corporate town.

In that sense it’s understandable that no cop has come forward. They simply wouldn’t want to or they know it’s pretty damn easy for a cop to get shot during a simple speeding ticket exchange. And who would investigate the shooting? You get the picture.

Besides, many of the cops probably feel it’s ok because no kids got killed, the parents were on board with it and in the end, they are doing it “to get guns off the street” which will help cops across the country.

So no, with all that said, I don’t think the lack of a whistle-blower is surprising or the threat of someone becoming one was all that worrisome to the people who planned this.

In the end, after carefully considering all of this, I came to the conclusion that Sandy Hook was a staged event during which none of the supposed victims were killed.

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  1. No victims except perhaps Adam Lanza and his mother. Sounds like they may have been sacrificed (ie, murdered) for “the greater good”.

    • if there were any victims, his mother and Lanza were probably the only ones. yes. those two guys in the woods being the guys who brought his body to the school. but there is some evidence out there that Adam is actually Ryan. That being the case, it could his mother was the only victim or … she is retired someplace, taking care of Adam on some nice little island in the Med. Hard too say. I certainly wouldn’t put anything past Adam’s father.

      • That makes sense too. Not being able to conclusively determine the facts of the world around me is unfortunate. Living in Deception Central kind of sucks sometimes.

    • according to the official report nancy lanza received 4 shots to her left eye at close range, with a 22. yet, the bedroom wall is spotless. i’ve been told nobody home in 6 years of oli delivery to 36 yogananda st. and the socks in her drawers were all brand new, the toilet water almost invisible- indicating nobody lived there. the refrigerator had nothing normal for a 20 year old to eat, and the car that traveled to new hampshire the night before in December, was pristine. no, nancy did not die, she went back to operative land, or new hampshire, imo. all anecdotes, imo, came from organized crime, that had to do with mom and son nancy and adam.

      • Four shots “to her left eye” with a .22? That’s weird all by itself. Someone without a lot of practice probably couldn’t hit someone four times in the eye, Adam Lanza would not be a trained gunman, and a trained gunman probably wouldn’t choose a .22 for a head killing. This crap is so weird. These events seem to string together dozens of improbable event which are each remotely possible by themselves, but when strung together without missing a beat … Almost seems like the lies HAVE to be huge for people to accept them.

        • actually, 22s are (or used to be) the preferred weapon of choice of hit-men. They would penetrate the skull once but then not have the power to exit out the other side. they would bounce around in the skull causing even more damage.

          The reason for the 4 shots is to imply it was a crime of passion. Like when someone gets stabbed 40 or so times. Implies it was done by someone who knew the victim.

          • Ahh … Learn something new every day. I knew .22’s could be dangerous as far as a body shot because the bullet can travel around the skeletal frame and tear things up, but I didn’t know they were popular for head shots because of the danger of not even penetrating. I guess point blank though … I knew a kid who shot himself in the head with a .22 rifle and it didn’t penetrate – he lived. Also, I’ve known people who would stun a pig with a .22 to the head prior to slaughter to ensure they could cut the aorta without a struggle. What you say is consistent with exit wound splatter not being present.

  2. I doubt any of it ever happened.

    And I don’t mind if they have drills that don’t hurt anyone, but they can’t prosecute people for fake events!

    • Drills that don’t hurt anyone? I have a friend from CT who has a young daughter and is still having panic attacks because of Sandy hook. Terrorizing your own population is not just a fake drill. It is a major criminal act and if a regular citizen did something like it they would face serious charges. It’s disgusting.

      • You’re right. The drills by themselves, even they ones they admit are drills, are terrifying. The scare the kids (especially when they don’t announce them as drills prior to the event) and the scare the community. They are terrorism.

      • completely agree. fraudulent and destructive

    • Actually people can be prosecuted for fake events. It’s called fraud and depending on the circumstances, it can carry quite high penalties. When you throw in the intent to terrorize the citizens of a sovereign nation, then add that it’s the citizens of their own nation … I’d guess some legal penalties could be in order there.

  3. Here’s some further speculation. July, 2012, Aurora shooting happens- with the assistance of Wade Page. August 2012, Sikh Temple Shooting goes awry, Page is not meant to be the fall guy, he’s too valuable an asset, but an over eager cop/security guard (didn’t the story change?) who wasn’t supposed to be there shoots him. The planners stop and regroup- possibly halting other attacks that were in the planning stages.for later that year.- Maybe some heads roll, but there is a change in policy, because this one came close to really getting exposed. The new plan is no more real attacks, just fake ones, and so by December 2012, they have Sandy Hook ready to go. It requires more advanced planning and control of the area, but is ultimately safer. Then, four months later, the Boston Bombing.

  4. I forget – is there any solid evidence at all that Adam Lanza and his mom were real persons? I don’t recall any solid evidence to that effect. I recall they had some ostensible photos of them and sketchy un-corroborated claims about their histories, but none of it seemed particularly believable.

    • I have a feeling that the dorky pictures of Adam that are circulating are of his “brother” when he was young. I think they have used the same method with many, if not all, of the Sandy Hook kids. The younger version of the same kid “dies” and the actual kid is presented as the brother or sister.

      I am not sure what the deal is with the mother, but I feel Lanza father&son are complicit in the whole thing, and that Adam probably never existed.

    • His mother certainly was/is. The jury is still out on whether or not Adam is actually Ryan since there is good reason to believe the older, cute pics of Adam look a lot like Ryan.

    • you can watch a 2008 video of Ryan Lanza discussing McCain/Obama, as well as a vid of him graduating from Quinnipiac. Yet, Ernst & Young when contacted, never heard of him. Professor Doom has great videos on Peter Stack who is likely also Peter Lanza. Plus, Dawn Hochsprung appears to be related to Peter. When you view the henchmen as organized crime, note Tamboscio from My Place and the man from Robert Anthony hair salon- anecdotes about nancy and adam come solely from Mafia types. Even the “embalmer” Pasquale Folino , 81 miles away, in New London, Maneeley catering from East Windsor, and a trucking firm from East Hartford, all add up to Malloy’s Mafia, imo

  5. Scott, as a member of the group (IMS) that produced “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook,” I thank you for explaining your current views on the Sandy Hook events.

    I’m also glad to see you settled for a time on the position that no killings likely took place. Your logic behind why they would not sanction actual murder is pretty sound, IMO. From my experience, when the “system” does kill they like it to be overlooked by the media, not bandied about for months.

    I will be sharing your article with others in our group for a few reasons. What I find most interesting and valuable as a take-away is your theories as to why there haven’t been any whistle-blowers of note. I agree that the most likely scenario for anyone who has or will speak out is that they will be totally ignored. Not that I discourage blowing the whistle. It’s just that, the average person isn’t savvy enough to understand how these things work. What they should do, if they seek to expose anything about the event is to canvas the independent media for people like yourself or our group; those who know about the event and have a track record of independence. If they reach out to us first, we can advise them of the pitfalls. Ultimately, the way to expose this in a way that will achieve anything will involve both outsmarting the “system” and doing so by surprise.

    I’m still on the fence as to whether Adam existed or not. He may have, or he may have been invented literally on the spot. It’s possible that Ryan was supposed to be the fall guy, but wised up and spoke out on social media too quickly (again, outsmart and surprise), and they had to improvise. One thing that pisses me off is how they want us to believe Adam existed, yet they contort him like Gumby (if you’re too young, Google it) to serve their purpose of the moment. He was paralyzed by the sound of a leaf blower, but went on a shooting rampage. He was painfully anti-social, but would dance for hours at the movie theater.

    Hey Scott, what did you think about that check they wrote to Adam where they spelled out in the memo field right on the check that it was for a gun? To me, that’s the kind of sh*t that I can take only so much of. Or, what about when he calls into the radio station to discuss the chimp that ripped off someone’s face in the CT area? I can say with certainty that, people with autism don’t call into radio shows and have the hosts listening in silent rapture for 15 minutes while they articulate their views. But, they want it both ways don’t they? It’s because they’re lazy.

    Speaking of lazy, do you remember when they were all hot and heavy to test Adam Lanza’s DNA, presumably to find some genetic predisposition to mass murder or some such nonsense? Oh yes. What a wonderfully interesting story. But, that psy-op team dropped the ball and forgot to advise the principles what they were supposed to say in the following months. Some reporters started contacting the persons said to be conducting the testing, and they were like, “We have no idea what you’re talking about.” Hmmm.

    I could go on for days, but I’ll just exit by saying thanks again. I read most of your stuff, Scott. But, you and I are similar in that our reward won’t come until the changes we fight for do. And, don’t be surprised when the jerks that played fast and loose with the facts or played for the other team come out taking their bows. I don’t think you and I will give one sh*t when they do, because we’ll be enjoying the fruits of our labor and grinning too much. As I always say, we just need to push that first domino over.

    • I appreciate you taking the time to leave this comment.

      If folks haven’t seen it yet, the documentary “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook” is an outstanding collection of some of the best individual research done into the events of that day which brings up a number of important questions, none of which to my knowledge have been adequately addressed by either the officials nor the debunkers out there.

      It’s a long video and if you have the time to watch it, I strongly recommend it.

      Back to your comment:

      I have to disagree a little with one statement you made and that is ” From my experience, when the “system” does kill they like it to be overlooked by the media, not bandied about for months.”

      I don’t think that is a fair assessment of our recent history. Cases in point: Aurora, the chemical weapons attack in Syria, the Houlu massacre, the Webster ambush, Libya… and of course the list can go on and on.

      There are two things I would like to point out here:

      1. victims – who were they
      2. differences in the last two administrations

      1. First consider who were the victims in these various actions. Take for example, Sandy Hook, the Navy Yard shooting and Charlie Hebdo.

      In the case of Sandy Hook we are talking about a number of kids in a small community that was basically a GE company town. Killing children is horrible enough on it’s own merits and would certainly have earned the planners of this mass casualty event a trip to the death chamber if it ever came out. That in itself was motive enough to make them think of a different way to achieve the same horrific results.

      But perhaps more importantly, look at the community they come from. It’s a MIC town. If they were going to do something like that in spite of the obvious risks to themselves (and ultimately to their agenda) then I think they would have chosen a community outside their “family” so to speak.

      Same holds true with the Navy Yard shooting. Obviously.

      As for Charlie Hebdo, they’re practically the same. They’ve been running deliberate agitation in their publication for years, doing the work of the destabilization campaign currently underway in Europe.

      If they really did it, they could easily have chosen any number of progressive leaning periodicals in Europe, there are thousands to chose from, and the effect would have been even more chilling in that in the aftermath fewer people would have been wearing “I am NOT Charlie” tee-shirts because of the racist connotations associated with Hebdo.

      Plus, you have a more compliant “victim pool” with groups that are aligned with the globalist agenda from the start. Not that kids were, but as your documentary points out, many of the parents of the supposed victims were in fact on-board with gun confiscation long before the event.

      So, I’ve learned, when evaluating these events, you have to take a close look at the victim pool.

      2. Second, and possibly most important: I noticed a distinct shift in the manner in which these kinds of operations were handled from the Bush days to the Obama days. Let me give you an example or two but keep this in mind when I do: Hillary (Killary as I call her) often talks about the crowning achievement of her and Obama’s policy as being that of “soft power”… more on that in a minute.

      Take a look at the defining moment of Bush’s presidency vs that of Obama’s in terms of these kinds of mass casualty events. 9/11 vs Boston Bombing.

      9/11 did take place, as did the Boston Bombing. But the two were handled very differently. They attempted to reduce the number of fatalities on 9/11 by giving the survivors of the first strikes of the planes time to escape the buildings. They even went so far as to give first responders basically a countdown before the buildings were demoed. Unfortunately, the radios in the North Tower weren’t working. All that aside, the large number of fatalities were factored into the shock and awe equation. They needed big numbers for their New Pearl Harbor type event.

      Now, fast forward to the Boston Bombing.

      They deliberately waited until the real race was over and only a few stragglers and their family members would be at the finish line. Plus, the bombs themselves were loaded with BBs and “finish nails” or “brad nails”, things that would inflict damage, but not life threatening. That’s why you had so few casualties and so many injuries. It was designed to be that way. Why? Why BBs?

      During the Aurora massacre, the shooter, probably an asset brought in from overseas, started with an AR-15 and coldly targeted a few people with that weapon to be killed. But then he dropped it, supposedly because it became “jammed” and switched to a semi-automatic shotgun, a riot gun, that was loaded with birdshot. Why? A terrorist there with the intention to kill would use buckshot certainly. Birdshot will cause a number of injuries but almost no deaths, which is what happened.

      Like in Boston, the point was to inflict massive amounts of injuries, with few actual deaths. That’s very different than the approach just a few years earlier under the Bush administration.

      Now take for instance the anthrax attacks right after 9/11. The real motivation behind the passage of the Patriot Act after it failed in congress the first time. That was real anthrax which killed a number of real people. And it had been sent to real congressmen and journalists who opposed the passage of the law.

      Now consider what just happened with the Freedom Act. The day they were going to debate it in the senate, news comes out about 6 airline bombing threats that were all hoaxes. But they still served the purpose. They reminded the members of the senate of just how determined some people were to get the Freedom Act signed into law.

      Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying Obama and Killary are any better human beings than Bush and Cheney. In some ways, they are much worse as I often point out in my articles. God knows the Oklahoma City bombing, Waco, Libya, Yugoslavia, Syria, Yemen… all of these expose the monstrous character of the fake left Clinton/Obama regimes.

      But I do believe we are looking at two separate approaches to their mass casualty events. And I think historically, this is supported. At least when it comes to conducting these kinds of events here at home, and somewhat also over seas.

      Killary calls it “soft power”. destabilization campaigns as opposed to shock and awe bombings (Libya not withstanding but they only resorted to that AFTER soft power color revolution failed)

      I guess what I am saying is, what I take exception to is your use of the term “the system” as it applies to both of these two administrations. I think they approach these events in a vastly different way.

      I agree completely with this statement of yours: “Ultimately, the way to expose this in a way that will achieve anything will involve both outsmarting the “system” and doing so by surprise.”

      Unfortunately, outsmarting this system as rigged as it is and as well financed as it is, is not going to be an easy task. They’ve been cherry picking the brightest and most creative from various universities for decades now.

      So I think that the element of surprise, while important, is unfortunately going to have to take a backseat to dogged tenacity, resolve and shear fucking courage. Again I cite history for examples: the underground railroad here in the States, the Cuban revolution and the underground resistance to Nazi occupation of Europe come to mind off-hand. You can toss in the Civil Rights movement, the Woman’s Suffrage movement and the Siege of Leningrad if you like.

      And of course… Palestine.

      South Africa under apartheid.

      The Ghettos of Eastern Europe on route to the work camps of the Nazi regime.

      None of these marvels of human endurance were quick. None of them ended via a “surprise” revelation of “truth”. Not a one. They eventually won by holding onto their humanity and suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune longer than any of their oppressors ever imagined they could.

      And why is that?

      Because… they were better than their oppressors. Maybe not smarter. Maybe not as pragmatic. Maybe not wealthier.

      They were simply better.

      More human.

      That is our fucking advantage. In the end, all of these oppressive regimes have failed because what they stand opposed to is human nature itself. And they can’t do that. Not forever. They can’t, no matter how much they try, they can’t remake that because it lies at the heart of us all.

      That’s the real sleeping giant. And in time, it will awaken. Of that, I have no doubt. It always has. It always will.

      Thank you again for your comment. The documentary you and the others produced is very good work. In fact, while researching the Worst Crisis Actors of the 21st Century article I did the other day, I came across it and watched it again (I posted it a while ago somewhere on this website). It’s very good work. Please convey my appreciation of it to the others involved.

      • That was BEAUTIFUL! You could start a fucking religion with those words. I hope to (god) that you don’t do that *exactly*, but your words here are beautiful nonetheless. Those are words that could inspire masses. You could be evolving into a potent leader.

        • thank you. Another L.Ron Hubbard is the last thing we need right now.

          • One of the Sandy Hook parents, Michelle Gay, was interviewed on RT America today. They’ll probably run it again at 8pm ET. If not, it’ll probably be up on their YouTube page a little later.

            • aaaaand… it was interesting… why? Is there a punchline?

              • She seemed pretty convincing and I thought you’d want to analyze it.

                • thanks. I will look at it.

                • just so you know… she’s now involved in a not-for-profit venture called “Safe and Sound”. She’s partnered with Alissa Parker, Robbie Parker’s wife in that business.

                  Yes, Robbie Parker’s wife. The guy caught laughing it up on camera a day after his daughter’s violent “death”. He’s listed as a “contributor” to that not for profit

                  Their “not for profit” business helps schools make security decisions in order to protect their children. Her qualifications are that she used to be a teacher and she lost a kid. That’s her qualifications. Mrs. Parker’s qualifications are that she was a stay at home mother who lost a kid and had an associates degree in communications.

                  Who sponsors their little not for profit?

                  Assa Abloy, Swedish lock manufacturer.
                  BSSP, data analysis company
                  NaviGate Prepared™ “was designed with schools in mind, provides eyes-on access to emergency protocol and facility information”
                  Raptor Technologies “is the nation’s leading school visitor management system. Raptor provides instant background checks for sex offenders & criminals.”

                  Seems to me they had an outstanding new security system in place at Sandy Hook. Would love to see the video of Adam Lanza getting past the video entry system that morning, wouldn’t you?

                  In short, I don’t think I need to see her video discussion, thanks. She turned her loss into a paycheck for school security system companies. I especially like the one that does background checks on visitors. Nice


                  • I’d like to see the video of Lanza as well, but how did they make 26 kids disappear without anyone spotting them alive and well somewhere else?

                    • To start, it was 20 kids, not 26.

                      And in case you forgot, one of them was killed again over in Pakistan at that school shooting.

                      I don’t know where they were supposed to go or how they got all the members of a community to lie on cue about something so appalling. But simply because I don’t know, does not mean all the other hard evidence that makes no sense any other way has to be cast out of the equation. Listen, I know how you feel. The “it’s all a hoax” crowd pisses me off as well. Like the “no planers” and the a-holes who think every mass casualty event was a staged hoax. Real people did get shot and killed in some of these events. That’s a fact. I just think, in this one, something else took place. Like the fake shooting at Smith Mountain Lake.

                      Maybe one way they get them to go along with the plan is to pay them large sums of money up front and then make sure they get nice cushy jobs at not for profit NGOs selling security systems for global companies that want to make a killing on things like Sandy Hook.

                      ever think of that?

                    • Oh yeah, I meant 26 victims total.

                    • for that matter, why aren’t there tons of pics of “Edward Snowden” running around Moscow buying a slushie at a 7-11 or shopping for poptarts at his local stores? Everyone over there knows those photos would sell for tons of cash to places like TMZ but, even in the cell phone camera days, not one pops up anywhere. Not one. Why do you think that is? Because, like that girl asking questions of Trump and standing there acting like shes pouting, it’s a show. It’s an act. A performance, like Robbie Parker’s performance. Like so many other parent’s performances after Sandy Hook.

                      Let me ask you a question: do you think Adam Lanza, a guy who couldn’t open a door because he was afraid to touch a doorknob, a guy with no motive whatsoever and a guy who they lied repeatedly about while trying to make one up… do you think he killed all those people in that short of a time?



                      Now, given that… do you really think it would behove those who did the op to actually hire a merc from outside the country to slaughter 20 children or, would someone come up with the idea that they could achieve the same result without having to really fire a single shot?

                      Lots of people surrounding the “progressive” left right now are so infatuated with the gun grabbing agenda, I get the feeling many of them might participate in a plan like this right now today if they were told a little misleading crisis story would save lives in the end. The end justifies the means, right?

                      Get them to sign onto the plan. Pay them well. make them think its for “the greater good” and ultimately, keep very close tabs on them afterwards and make them sign an iron clad non-disclosure agreement that would crush them and their families if they ever said a word about it…

                      … and you don’t have to risk going to the electric chair for killing 20 kids.

                      in fact, what actual crime did they commit if it was completely staged? Whats the crime? Can they do a single day in jail? For what? Lying?

                    • Have you seen “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook”? I watched about half of it a long time ago and forgot to finish it. They definitely bring up some interesting points. It just seems so hard to pull off without someone running into one of the alleged victims. I didn’t really follow the Sandy Hook event that closely. I mean a lot closer than the average Joe but not enough to come to a definitive conclusion. The act that there are so many of these shootings makes it hard to find enough time to get too deep into any of them. What do you think happened to Lanza — permanent vacation in a mental hospital?

                    • The guy who made that has been in contact with me about helping me with my video production process. Seems nice.

                      Yeah, the thing with Lanza is, he couldn’t take care of himself if they relocated him, so his mother was “killed” in the story as well. Remember, she was out of town for 3 days prior to the event. More than likely making plans for the new digs I guess. So no, not a mental hospital. Probably a new life either in something like a witness relocation program or overseas with Adam.

                      Like I said before, I have to evaluate each of these events on their own merits and figure out if it’s a mass casualty event using a merc from outside the story (meaning “not the patsy”) or if they staged the whole thing. They’re not all one or the other. In some cases, I think they use a combination of both as in the Boston Bombing. Yes, they set off real bombs with the intention of doing a little damage to a lot of people but having that former war protester there on the ready with his flag prop and his stupid hat shows that there was at least some effort put forward to plant a “hero” and a “victim” in the mix they could use later. Aurora was clearly a real event with a drugged Holmes sitting in the passenger seat of the car waiting to be found.

                  • So you think that documentary is solid? If so, I’ll try to make time to finish it.

                    • I think it’s missing some things that I certainly would have put into it but overall, it’s not a bad attempt. There is some good stuff in it, mainly during the first half which you have already seen.

                  • Thanks for the info. That was nice of the guy to offer help with your videos. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more in the future.

  6. Look at this short documentary please: superurl.nl/?kf2movie/school

    • I did know about filthy walls and the mess, which was plenty good already to show that this school was not open for years… But did not know about the flood. It completes the whole story.

      Thanks for the video Ferry.

  7. Scott, I’m glad that you’ve finally come to the inescapable conclusion that the Sandy Hook shooting was fake. There are many holes in the official story, but the flagrant violation of medical protocol is the most glaring lie. That no family challenged it in court is the nail in the coffin that tells us the whole thing was fiction.

    Now you should look a little more critically at some of the other high profile events that may also have been staged using actors. The Boston Bombing is most definitely one of them. No one died at the Boston Marathon Bombing. No shrapnel bomb went off. No Policeman was killed. Read Dave McGowan on the subject: http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com/nwsltr114.html For more proof, you can watch Plasma Burn’s videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/PlasmaBurns/videos

    What about the Aurora shooting? The timing alone was suspect. It was part of a one-two punch, with Sandy Hook as the follow up. The odd fact that there was no universal cry for banning “assault weapons” after Aurora, (it was an election year after all), was followed by a deafening wave of indignation after the massacre of the innocents at Sandy Hook. This was clearly scripted. Doesn’t the logic of the no-kill psyop also apply to Aurora? What about this interview with victim Marcus Weaver by the the ever present CIA asset Anderson Cooper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFJdeNugqEI Does this guy really look like he suffered a bullet wound just days ago? Look into it. Aurora was fake too.

  8. Sandy Hook was so fake! Noah Pozner keeps dying all over the world, at different “school shootings.”

    Lenny Pozner (the fake father) is too busy censoring Sandy Hoax videos to watch his own son.

    Noah Pozner died at Sandy Hook (Newtown CT), then died AGAIN in Pakistan (during another fake school shooting). BBC TV showed photos of Noah during the Pakistan memorial.

    If Lenny Pozner took better care of Noah, perhaps Noah would stop dying so often. I wonder what Veronique Pozner (the “mother”) thinks of her son dying every 2 years.

    Many believe Veronique Pozner (Diplomat attached to Embassy of Switzerland in DC) is pushing some kind of UN Agenda 21 Gun Control scam:

    Anderson Cooper’s nose vanished because he attended the Noah Pozner memorial via Green Screen from a different city. Here’s Anderson interviewing Veronique Pozner (aka Haller) outside the (fake) memorial:

    • So do you think Cooper knows it’s fake and is complicit? I think it was probably faked, but even if it were real, Cooper would probably be doing fake interviews by green screen because that’s just the fake news today – covering real events with fake news, covering fake events with fake news. reading whatever the teleprompter says and not worrying about what’s true and what’s not

      • Cooper does not only know and is complicit, he’s the CIA mockingbird agent who actually steers the reporting, interviews and the conversation on his show based on the script handed to him by his handlers.

        This is not based just this green screen glitch, but on years and years of his handling of news, countless fake newsstand reporting on his show and on the field… A typical example would be his interviews with Syrian Danny, which was exposed.

        Also, the classic video from the first Irag war’s reporting on the CIA sponsored, then recently launched CNN, shot in Atlanta in a sound studio sets the tone and explains how long they have been at this in a somewhat comical way… Comical if you ignore the millions of people mobilized, killed, displaced, orphaned, and the trillions of dark money that has changed hands during that war and its aftermath.

  9. All the evidence points to a cover-up, not a hoax. The whole hoax thing is a red herring.

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