Left Cover Obama’s Fascist Trade Deal Targets Medicare, New Leak Reveals

from the Huffington Post

For the second time in a week, Medicare is complicating an already fraught debate over the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

A recent draft of the health care transparency section of TPP released by Wikileaks on Wednesday reveals the deal would make Medicare vulnerable to legal challenges from pharmaceutical companies and jeopardize future attempts by the insurer to negotiate lower drug prices.

In a modest victory for global health care advocates, however, the leaked draft does not contain previous language explicitly protecting prescription drug prices from being marked down by government insurers….

… Wednesday’s revelation marks the second time in a week that the implications of TPP for Medicare, whether direct or indirect, complicated efforts to pass fast-track authority that would speed up passage of the trade deal. On Tuesday, labor unions and seniors groups sent two letters to House members asking them to vote against a bill that accompanies fast-track authority legislation because it would cut Medicare reimbursements by $700 million to pay for a Trade Adjustment Assistance extension (a fund set up to aid Americans who lose their jobs to overseas ventures just like NAFTA did… make the poor pay to cover it is basically their idea… this part of the bill was added in the House as a “compromise”)

[read more here]

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