When Crisis Acting Goes Bad… REAL BAD! – Worst Crisis Actor of the 21st Century (poll)

by Scott Creighton



Who is the worst crisis actor they ever put out there for our edification? Robbie Parker? Gene Rosen? Elliot Rodger? “Dixon White”? Some random African kid with Ebola?

You decide!

A reader left me a comment on an older thread basically posing that question so I figured I would put it to you guys.

Let’s settle this once and for all in the…

American Everyman THUNDER DOME!!

[chant] 16 bad crisis actors enter… ONE bad crisis actor leave

16 bad crisis actors enter… ONE bad crisis actor leave

16 bad crisis actors enter… ONE bad crisis actor leave!

Let’s do this.

The poll is here and the videos of their performances are after the break.

Late entries are allowed so if I forgot one of your personal favorites, let me know in the comment section and I will try to insert them in the poll.

Once and for all we are going to know who is the WORST crisis actor of the 21st century!

Elliot Rodger “Day of Retribution”

Richard Martinez “it’s just… awful”

Gene Rosen “What’s my line?”

Dixon White “I’m a Cuban pretending to be a stereotypical racist redneck. I want a JOB!”

Bianca De Kock “He wanted… to do this”

Random naked African Child with “Ebola”  “CNN does what CNN does”

Harley Guy Mark Walsh “It looked like a movie”

Anthony Scott and “the random dude standing with him “

Judy Scott “I am very very upset”

Carlos Arredondo “Look at my bloody flag. LOOOOK at it!”

Robbie Parker “Sudden breathless sorrow”

John Weaver “How many shots was that again?”

Neil Heslin “doing that old guy from Pet Cemetery”

President Obama “I’m sorry was that a tear or a fly? Or just part of the script?”

Wayne Carver “uh… uh… hee hee hee”

Cassidy Stay “I love Harry Potter (I’m goin to Disney World!)”

Yeah, they’re laughing at us

29 Responses

  1. The competition is tough, Scott. Let the best actor win!
    BTW we need to come up with an actual trophy for the winner.
    How about a nickel-plated ashtray in the form of miniature Twin Towers (smoke comes out of the top) with a built-in music box that plays the first bars of “We Don’t Get Fooled Again”?

  2. You forgot my favorite….Wayne Carver from Sandy Hook. Now THAT was the WORST performance I’ve ever witnessed. The best part is the looks on the cops & govt officials faces standing around him during his live press conference while he’s guffawing and looking like he’s about to lose control. The looks on their faces are PRICELESS. You can just tell they’re thinking the gig HAS to be up after this guys HORRIBLE performance. They underestimated the cognitive dissonance of the sheeple of the United States. You know if that press conference hadn’t been live they would have never shown it. It was the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever seen. “I hope this doesn’t come crashing down on their heads later.” -Wayne Carver

  3. It appears the crisis actor profession has absolutely no standards of performance.That won’t stop the wheels of “justice” however.http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/2015/06/former-south-carolina-officer-indicted-murder-walter-scott We have another fake trial to look forward to.

    • I almost nominated Walter Scott for his little “break yourself” escape from the car for no reason and his “oh I’m shot” fall to the ground. But since he was only really a supporting actor in all of that, I figured maybe a different cat. in the future would be more appropriate.

  4. please include cassidy stay; i believe she deserves some recognition.

    • Not to be too cryptic, since I guessing it is a coincidence, but “mercury7” is a very appropriate handle for the Stay psyop. Another would be “hermes4.” Is that purposeful?

      • Why is mercury7 appropriate? I have to admit, I never covered the Stay situation. When the supposed perp is related in some way to the family or the victims, I usually avoid delving too deep into it as it could simply be a crime of passion. I typically focus on those that have no possible motive other than “crazed” lone gunman.

        • Scott,

          I posted a response below because it was getting too long and I thought it would get crunched, if posted as a reply to your question. The Mercury/Hermes connections are toward the end of the post.

  5. I haven’t voted yet because this is way too hard. Robbie Parker’s performance definitely helped to open my eyes to the Sandy Hook thing, though Wayne Carver kind of sealed the deal in terms of performance. (For me, Gene Rosen is icing–a weirdo, but could be a sincere weirdo, for the most part, if everything else were on the level….). Anyway, Sandy Hook is a complete freak show of bad actors.

    So is the Elliot Rodger thing, but with the twist that Elliot Rodger was supposed to be acting in his supposedly pathological and egotistic videos. This is better cover for the bad acting, since he is supposed to be crazy. That said, Richard Martinez has to be the worst bad actor. He repeated a script (“craven politicians,” “not one more”) without having any reason for having a script, With his forced anger, he seemed like a planned response to the criticisms about the Sandy Hook actors. And, yet, he was only primarily mad about the politics and not about the personal loss of his son. It is truly strange, and speaks to a larger agenda, that someone would jump so quickly to this being a political issue.
    Last summer, I did a lot of work on the Elliot Rodger and Cassidy Stay psyops. Read Rodger’s manifesto. It is an interesting novel, and it was clearly not by him (the guy portrayed by the media), since it is far too self-aware. It spells out to the media and whomever what the “deeper” motivations are in a way that an actual psychopath/murderer wouldn’t. It is crazy but not crazy enough. In other words, it reads like a work of fiction about a crazy person, written by a novelist, like someone trying to be Nabokov.

    Anyway, this post got me looking back into those psyops today. I noticed that there is a recent story about one of Rodger’s victims, a guy who was shot 5 times and survived.


    There are so many red flags here…his facebook gives some red flags too.. The photos of the injuries _do_ look legit to an untrained eye, but they have had a year to get it together,,,, The story makes no sense though.

  6. I don’t know, Scott. I have a hard time with the notion that there are “crisis actors”. It seems to me that it’s too risky. Wouldn’t it be likely that most of them would be recognized – especially the ones involved in high profile incidents like Sandy Hook? They all have family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. All it would take is for someone to prove that one of these “actors” is not who they claim but is really their uncle, neighbor, former coworker, etc. for the whole thing to fall apart – why would they take that risk? I have yet to see a convincing explanation about how this risk of exposure would be managed. I agree there are some weird things going on in some of these videos but people aren’t used to being in front of cameras so they can (and do) behave unpredictably.

    • In many cases, the crisis actors are who they claim they are. Members of various targeted communities who have been approached and prepped to play their roles. But you are correct, sometimes it turns around and bites them on the ass as was the case of the “incubator babies” story. Of course, the media simply refused to tell the real story when it finally came out from a Canadian investigative journalist, and thus, it’s not as much of a threat as you might think (in a real, working, open democracy, the media would serve in exactly the same way you assume. But as you know, they don’t, so what risk of exposure is there?)

      Remember when Noah Posner’s pic ended up on that wall and he was supposed to be on the list of students killed in Pakistan under a different name? That’s a big one. How did the media handle that? And after what little coverage it got was done, what happened?


      Then you have redneck “Dixon White”

      Finally, to answer the most pressing question “why would they take that risk?”, well that is obvious…

      If let’s say Sandy Hook were to fall completely apart and the whole thing tracks back through Homeland Security, the Justice Department and even eventually to the White House itself… which it never would go that far up (plausible dependability) … what’s going to be worse for the perps? A charge of staging a false flag in order to “get guns off the street” … or them having signed off on the murder of 26 U.S. citizens, 20 of whom just happened to be children?

      That’s the “why?” of it.

      And do I think it’s more dangerous in terms of more people knowing about it and keeping quiet?

      Not at all.

      In fact, it’s probably a lot easier getting people to go along with a psyop drill than it is getting them to rally behind the murder of 20 kids, which of course would eat at their conscience a lot more than some fake drill would.

      They do stage real ones. Many of the events in what I call American Gladio were very, very real. Aurora, the Islamic Center Shooting, the Mall Shooting, the ambush in Webster New York. Others as well.

      But in some cases, the events are so contrived, so controlled after the initial event, you have to conclude that it was faked, or staged (well, they are all “staged”, or designed)

      For the longest time, I refused to accept the fact that the Sandy Hook thing was anything other than a couple of foreign assets being brought in to shoot up the school. I’ll admit that. It seemed to me at the time, like you believe now, that it was certainly within their capability and mindsets to have actually killed those kids.

      But then after all this time, learning who the parents were of this supposed victims and watching how the families rallied behind the agenda immediately (some were on board long before the event in fact) and then you combine that info with how they have covered up the facts of the event since … finally coupled with the bizarre behavior of EVERYONE involved… EVERYONE… and you can’t help but come to a different conclusion. Or at least, I had to.

      In the end, I took ALL the evidence (autopsies on kids forbidden to be released to public prior to event, police vehicles blocking access to the school for the ambulances, leaving the bodies on the scene for well over 12 hours when standard practice dictates paramedics can’t even make death declarations (they should have been worked on and immediately transferred to hospital (and the fact that not one single parent QUESTIONS that determination and the fact that those kids were left there in a pile, in a bath room, for so long)), the missing images on the video of streams of kids being evacuated from the building in spite of the fact that the police report says the video shows it, the piles and piles of money being pumped into the community by the government afterward for “families of victims and WITNESSES?”, missing video of Adam getting into building, the murky background of Adam himself where they tried to fabricate a motive and that fell apart quickly, the fact that he supposedly couldn’t tie his shoes or touch a door handle yet he went in and wiped out two classrooms and several running adults in a couple of minutes then “piled the bodies up in the bathroom”, the silence on the two guys they caught trying to flee through the woods (the “wood cutters”), the missing janitor “hero” on the 911 call, people walking around in circles at the firehouse (yes, they were)…) … I took all THAT evidence and THEN re-examined the statements and bizarre behavior of the families and “witnesses” like that old man…

      … and THEN I came to this conclusion. In short, I didn’t let their behavior drive my decision. But when factored in with everything else, you can’t help but… I can’t help but come to the conclusion, yes, they are lying through their fucking teeth.

      Look, lying (or at least behavior indicating someone is lying) isn’t enough to convict a suspect. But when you couple it with hard evidence (in this case evidence proving the authorities are definitely covering up something) … uh… yeah. That’s a conviction in my book.

      And in this case, if one is lying, all are lying. Some are just better at it than others. Some just took the money and STFU. Some moved away. Most from what I understand.

      And like the janitor, some just faded into history.

      I’m sorry for the long response but, like I said, at first and for a while after, I couldn’t bring myself to think that an entire community could go along with something so depraved, and for the most part I think most in the Newtown community aren’t “in on it” (case in point, the police deliberately blocking the road so the ambulance drivers who weren’t in on it couldn’t get to the scene) but, I’ll tell you this much, the ones who hold suspicions know for a fact they had better keep their mouths shut.

      And we don’t know if anyone has come forward with evidence to prove one of these families didn’t have a kid at Sandy Hook, do we? Because where would they go with the info? The FBI? Justice? Fox News? And what’s going to happen when they do? Did?

      Look at it this way: this is a small community, right? Do you think people with suspicions are going to come forward knowing full well they would be implicating their neighbors and fellow PTA members and the parents of their kid’s friends? Do you think they would come forward knowing it would be the end of Newtown forever, which it would. Newtown would become a ghost town and many of it’s residents would have to relocate and change their names if this story went mainstream.

      Which whistle-blower in the town wants to do that? Ever heard of Gary Webb? Look at his career path.

      And even if some of them know what’s up, what else do they know? They have to know the police and State Police had to have been in on it. All the way up the chain.

      Do you think many folks in that town are going to be willing to put a target on their backs in that environment?

      Perhaps a cop or two might come forward?

      Well, first of all, cops are a fraternity. Especially in a small town like Newtown. A small, corporate town.

      In that sense it’s understandable that no cop has come forward. They simply wouldn’t want to or they know it’s pretty damn easy for a cop to get shot during a simple speeding ticket exchange. And who would investigate the shooting? You get the picture.

      Besides, many of the cops probably feel it’s ok because no kids got killed, the parents were on board with it and in the end, they are doing it “to get guns off the street” which will help cops across the country.

      So no, with all that said, I don’t think the lack of a whistle-blower is surprising or the threat of someone becoming one was all that worrisome to the people who planned this.

      In the end, after carefully considering all of this, I came to the conclusion that Sandy Hook was a staged event during which none of the supposed victims were killed.

      • Scott – thank you so much for the detailed reply. While I’m still somewhat skeptical, you raise many excellent points that merit additional thought. I will look into Sandy Hook some more with your comments in mind. You are certainly correct that we can’t rely on the media to expose anything. Thanks again.

        • Part of what made me react the way I did initially was the fact that some disinfo assets in the Truth movement tried to push a “no real victims” line through there a couple of years prior to Sandy Hook. They did that to attempt to make us look monstrous in the eyes of the general population. So my sensitivity to that particular brand of disinfo was heightened. It took me a while (and it took a couple of readers a while to help me see) to understand that I had to look at the evidence of each of these psyop events, these mass casualty events, on the merits of their unique evidence and ONLY on the merits of their unique evidence. Once I did that I was able to entertain a broader realm of possibilities and more and more of the evidence presented fell into place. Which again, when you think about it, may have very well been part of the planning process of this event. After all, when researchers come to the conclusion that I and many others have, you can immediately discredit them as the same kind of monsters that tried too say there were no victims at 9/11.

  7. I guess I should take the time to write it up in more detail, since I don’t think anything else I have read goes into it to this degree–but the fact that someone is using the handle “mercury7” and wants to include Cassidy Stay really draws my attention. Again–it might just be coincidence or maybe the person has looked into it and seen some of the references that I have seen in the deeper background of event. And, mercury7, I’m not trying to call you out or anything–I’m just curious if there is more meaning to that for you.

    But, to explain: If these things are hoaxes–though, admittedly I see less of a direct point in the Stay thing–they would need their intelligence flunkies to write the script, obviously. In each event they have different things to work with–crisis actors, placing details in news stories, staged photos, a manifesto in the case of Elliot Rodger, etc. Besides their high level agenda of creating some sort of crisis and state of fear that needs x, y, and z legislation I think they use the different arenas to push their low level brainwashing tricks on us–recurring symbols, numbers, other shit like that. I think there are several reasons why they do this that I will speculate on in moment.

    With Rodger’s manifesto, it became really clear to me in reading it just how well-crafted it is. That is, even the stuff that is supposed to seem crazy or random is actually very well-placed to add up to the narrative that they were pushing. It reads like someone writing a novel who is guiding the reader to specific conclusions and interpretations about their character “Elliot Rodger” than it does a notebook/autobiography written by a deranged, but literary, 22 year-old. For instance: the story progresses chronologically and gets more and more deranged as the story is being told, ending with threats and outbursts. This is how a work of fiction would function–letting you into the insanity over the course of the fiction. This is _not_ how a deranged person would write–their story would be deranged from the first page. They wouldn’t wait to provide a climax to the story. In this regard, the recently released James Holmes notebooks seem more realistic…

    Ok–so, with the Stay thing, the parents had facebook pages and the father’s realty business had a page (these are still up). Also, there was a ton of artwork, t-shirts, ribbons, and other paraphenalia created and distributed in commemoration of the event. It is like they had this stuff ready to go in just a few hours after the murders. But, anyway, between all the available media–social media, published photos from the public gathering the day or two after, the story that was repeated over and over in the press–the numbers 7, 4, and a few themes and symbols emerge:

    Angels. This one is more obvious. The story is that Cassidy said that the angels protected her and she heard them speaking to her–telling her to keep quiet, etc., (they are mormons). Additionally, a lot of photos have depictions of angels in them, etc. Some of the only distributed photos of the dad and the kids are them all playing on a little-league team: the angels. Fair enough, but it gets stranger when the Dad’s facebook has a lot dedicated to the band Rush, and their album Clockwork Angels, and some musician named “Celeste” that plays the harp. It gets stranger still when the lyrics to the title track “Clockwork Angels” seems to describe the media event. The song is about a public gathering where everyone is watching the globes of light float up into the air–at the event they released tons of yellow balloons. The real kicker, though, is that the song is about the “clockwork angels,” supposedly benevolent beings, that control things behind the scenes for all of us. The song features lines like “Lean not upon your own understanding/ Ignorance is well and truly blessed/ Trust in perfect love, and perfect planning/ Everything will turn out for the best.” Ultimately, I think the song is meant to be critical of these attitudes, but that is not the song’s overt message.

    Owls. Again, owls are plastered all over the place. Cassidy and the mom were independent retailers of Origami Owl Jewelry, she is obsessed with Harry Potter and owls, the friend of the mother wore an owl necklace in all the interviews, the quickly produced artwork and paraphenalia has the owls, etc. This is easily dismissable as coincidence or Cassidy’s interests or whatever–but if it is a hoax, I think the point is to bait conspiracy theorists because of the associations with Bohemian grove, etc. More on this below.

    Mercury/Hermes–much less obvious but is consistently threaded throughout the event and its representations in a way that forms a background mythology. One of the more obvious scare tactics is the fact that when you look up the mother on facebook her profile pic is truly creepy–she has her face covered with all of these designs that actually resemble alchemical/occult symbols, but more on this presently..

    Here are some of the connections:
    1. Mercury/Hermes is the messenger god and the god of public speaking. The shooter was a messenger (FedEx worker) and the event featured heavily Cassidy’s public speaking.

    2. In art, Mercury is often depicted wearing a winged helmet, holding up his arm, and pointing upward at the clouds with a finger or two. Cassidy–who keeps putting her arm up in the air point to the clouds with her I-love-you/Satanic horns gesture or whatever– was protected from a shot to the back of her head (wearing a helmet, I guess) because it was deflected by one or two of her fingers. Fingers, which by the way, were apparently completely healed in a photo posted a few weeks later.

    3. One of the myths about Hermes is that he put the eye in the peacock’s tail feathers. Some of the artwork depicts peacocks for some reason.

    4. Hermes invented the lyre/harp from a tortoise shell, and there are a bunch photos on the tortoise theme on the stay realty site for some reason.

    5. Hermes worship is associated with the worship of the number 4, which is all over the place but I won’t get into it (but I think the hand sign is supposed to resemble an alchemical symbol that looks like 4 and is associated with Mercury/Hermes).

    6.Hermes trismegistus (one of the god’s incarnations) is (mythically) credited with inventing alchemy. Cassidy had on some kind of clasp necklace at the event that greatly resembles one of the most used alchemical symbols for Mercury. The clockwork angels album cover features a weird clock with alchemical symbols–where the clock seems to suggest that the time is progressing to the symbol for Mercury. Again, the mother’s pic looks like her face is covered in alchemical symbols, many of them related to quicksilver (mercury, the metal). The Stay Realty design, which was attached to the podium at the public speaking event–and on the facebook page–seems constructed through individual alchemical designs many relating to Mercury. The circular part of the key in the design, as a whole, resembles a pheonix emerging from a cauldron, which is how the practice of alchemy is represented (philosopher’s stone, pheonix–all that stuff is used in Harry Potter, as well). The shooter’s name is Haskell–etymologically, Haskell (Old Norse?, I forget) means “cauldron.”

    This post is too long–so I’ll avoid getting into the why for now, but I think it is not that they believe in this stuff.

    • i didn’t know i’d create such mystery with my screen-name, lol. but to clarify: my birthday is the 20th of this month & gemini is ruled by mercury.
      7 is the reduced product of my birthdate. i’m not particularly into astrology or numerology — except when looking for hidden meanings & such — but there it is.

      i’d wanted scott to include cassidy stay because she was at the center of one of the more insultingly obvious hoaxes of the past few years.

      why was the stay-hoax perpetrated? i don’t know. but it could be as simple as various branches of law enforcement conducting a drill & pushing forward their gun-grabbing agenda.

      • Thanks, man. Like I said, I wasn’t trying to call you out or anything–just curious.

      • and I thought it was a reference to the Mercury 7 program orbiting the planet back in the day.

        as too the Stay event, I don’t know what it was. Like I said before, her uncle being the perp makes me think there was a motive at least, which is odd for these Gladio events, but, her performance at that event, was just that… a performance (“harry Potter”? Give me a break. Talk about targeting a market)

        • did you see the low-speed chase of the perp with almost 2 dozen squad-cars following him? they let him casually pull into a cul-de-sac & have a standoff for over 3 hours until the cops brought out tank-like vehicles to jostle his car until he surrendered.
          a creepy sidenote: we had an identical incident happen this past year not far from where i live. it involved a guy named bradley stone. his story is the same narrative as the stay-hoax & our local one had some of the same trappings of other dhs-orchestrated events, such as feds & cnn immediately on scene, etc.

          • Yeah, and there were a couple of other questionable shootings and events involving Fedex. In fact, just 3 months before there was the Geddy Kramer Fedex thing. The Stay Shooter’s name? _Geddy_ Lee Haskell. 2 Geddys working for FedEx a couple months apart…

  8. What about the craziest one – Jeff Bauman, Boston wheelchair guy. And doesn’t sweet little Malala count? Her act is ongoing.

    • I originally had Malala on the list but I removed her. I wanted to put her father on it instead but there wasn’t enough footage of the guy. I removed her because, when you go back to the video they did of her prior to the shooting, the one the Times did, she clearly wanted no part of any of this. She dreamed of being a doctor and it breaks my heart to see what her greedy piece of shit father did to her. What he turned her into. Yeah, she’s a crisis actor now. But she was brought into it through fear of that man, not by her own desire. In short, I think I felt too sorry for her to include her and that is probably the wrong reason to leave her off this list, but that’s why I did it.

  9. Oh, and “beheaded” “journalist” James Foley’s family members – his smirking sister, brother and dad, with the set-dressed picture frame falling off the wall.

    @WILEYOLMAN Has broken down the Crisis Actors…WHo is your favorite?

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