Phoenix Reborn: The Global Omega Program of SEAL Team 6 Death-squads

by Scott Creighton

Phoenix: “the bloodiest and most inhumane covert operation in the CIA’s history.

Today a little truth pops out from the intrepid New York Times. The truth that I am speaking of is the fact that SEAL Team 6 is nothing more than a global death-squad running around ever corner of the world killing people who stand in the way of our “national interests” (i.e. corporate and banking masters)

Modeled on the old Vietnam-era Phoenix Program, the Omega Program combines SEAL Team 6, hired mercenaries, thugs cultivated from the locals and of course… Capitalism’s Invisible Army, or the CIA for short (and what kind of trucks are they driving again? hmmm)

But of course, being the New York Times, they tell this truth in such a way as make us all fawn over the prowess and tenacity of our most elite, bestest death-squad we’ve ever produced.


They have plotted deadly missions from secret bases in the badlands of Somalia. In Afghanistan, they have engaged in combat so intimate that they have emerged soaked in blood that was not their own. On clandestine raids in the dead of the night, their weapons of choice have ranged from customized carbines to primeval tomahawks.

Around the world, they have run spying stations disguised as commercial boats, posed as civilian employees of front companies and operated undercover at embassies as male-female pairs, tracking those the United States wants to kill or capture.

Those operations are part of the hidden history of the Navy’s SEAL Team 6, one of the nation’s most mythologized, most secretive and least scrutinized military organizations. Once a small group reserved for specialized but rare missions, the unit best known for killing Osama bin Laden has been transformed by more than a decade of combat into a global manhunting machine. New York Times

Engaging in “intimate combat” in the “badlands” getting “soaked in blood” during their “clandestine raids”? Is this the New York Times or a John Woo movie?

Hard to tell the difference these days ain’t it?

Yes, that’s how the Times decided to spin this story. They turned a global death-squad into a world class “manhunting machine”

Special Operations troops struck a seemingly endless succession of targets

But between 2006 and 2008, Team 6 operators said, there were intense periods in which for weeks at a time their unit logged 10 to 15 kills on many nights, and sometimes up to 25.

The accelerated pace caused “guys to become fierce,” said a former Team 6 officer. “These killing fests had become routine.”..

“Whether they were facilitators, Taliban subcommanders, Taliban commanders, financiers, it no longer became important,” he added… New York Times

You see, it became irrelevant who these guys were sent to kill or why they were sent to kill them (and anyone who happened to be around them at that particular moment)

Such questions lead to confusion and unnecessary internal conflicts. It was enough that the CIA wanted them dead in whatever country they happened to be in at the time, so off they went with their CIA handlers, the few, the proud, the SEALS.

Oh wait. Did I happen to mention the SEALS were being led by the CIA now? Forgot that part. Here you go;

The missions, part of the Omega Program, allowed the SEALs to conduct “deniable operations” against the Taliban and other militants in Pakistan. Omega was modeled after the Vietnam-era Phoenix Program, when C.I.A. officers and Special Operations troops conducted interrogations and assassinations to try to dismantle the Vietcong’s guerrilla networks in South Vietnam. New York Times

Speaking of Hollywood.. wasn’t there a movie where a muscle-bound ex-governor and his muscle-bound crew of SEALS went into the jungle with a muscle-bound CIA guy and the ex-governor’s character got mad at the CIA guy because, and I quote, “my guys don’t do this kind of work!” (meaning assassinations)? I kinda remember something like that. And back in those days we were supposed to think that meant he was a soldier of integrity. A hero. Someone you could root for.

The times, they are a changin, huh?

Do you notice that little reference to the Phoenix Program? You notice what they say about it? It’s hardly accurate. Well, it’s about as accurate as anything else you might read in the Times.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Predator was about the Phoenix Program in Vietnam. They go in after a helicopter is downed, attack a small group of insurgents, capture one of them dragging her along with them, all on the behest of a CIA asshole who wants nothing more than intel on other resistance leaders so he can round them up and kill them as well. What they find is a nearly invisible enemy stalking them, blending into the background of a jungle they know nothing about, killing them one by one with almost primeval weapons. Clearly a smaller force but one with a tenacity and resolution that makes it deadly to our hapless band of SEAL Team members.

But enough about that.

If you want to know the truth about the Phoenix Program and what it was, you can start by reading this review of Douglas Valentine’s “The Phoenix Program: America’s Use of Terror in Vietnam

Thus the CIA was confronted with a peasantry for whom land reform and peaceful cultivation in villages within families were paramount. In Latin America, the US regime had inherited the colonial latifundia systems imposed by the Spanish centuries ago. Southeast Asia was completely different. Of course this did not prevent the CIA from taking action. Drawing on what they thought were the lessons of US counter-insurgency in the Philippines and Sir Robert Thompson’s model Malayan campaign, a variety of tools were developed on the assumption that there are in essence two Vietnams south of the DMZ.22 The task of the CIA was to disaggregate them. The term that emerged was “VCI” or Viet Cong Infrastructure (Vietnamese communist infrastructure). The “real” Vietnamese were to be corralled and branded while the “communists” were to be culled from the herd.

Since this distinction was an ideological fiction—albeit an indispensable one—two processes were needed: one which would create the real herd of South Vietnamese, identifiable at least by demonstrated loyalty or dependence on the Saigon regime; and one which would continuously cull the “enemy” from the herd. This loyal herd could be led to the elections that would validate the Republic of Vietnam (South). The rest could be “captured, turned, or killed”. This is essentially the way corporations create markets for superfluous products. There was no need for the Saigon government since most Vietnamese were justified in believing that when the French withdrew it was only a matter of time before the country would be unified under one government. However, to create a viable client regime the CIA had to create a market for it. T.P. Wilkinson, 2014

The Phoenix Program was about a lot more than simply getting rid of the “VietCong” guerrilla networks. It was about creating a new population in South Vietnam that would accept and support our neoliberal policies and whatever government we chose to install in their country with that end in mind. In order to get to that point, members of the population who would oppose us, not “guerrillas”, just everyday people, had to be culled from the herd. Removed. Kidnapped. Tortured. Killed.

That’s the Phoenix Program.

In the darkest days of the Vietnam War, America’s Central Intelligence Agency secretly initiated a sweeping program of kidnap, torture, and assassination devised to destabilize the infrastructure of the National Liberation Front (NLF) of South Vietnam, commonly known as the “Viet Cong.” The victims of the Phoenix Program were Vietnamese civilians, male and female, suspected of harboring information about the enemy—though many on the blacklist were targeted by corrupt South Vietnamese security personnel looking to extort money or remove a rival. Between 1965 and 1972, more than eighty thousand noncombatants were “neutralized,” as men and women alike were subjected to extended imprisonment without trial, horrific torture, brutal rape, and in many cases execution, all under the watchful eyes of US government agencies.

Based on extensive research and in-depth interviews with former participants and observers, Douglas Valentine’s startling exposé blows the lid off of what was possibly the bloodiest and most inhumane covert operation in the CIA’s history.

The ebook edition includes “The Phoenix Has Landed,” a new introduction that addresses the “Phoenix-style network” that constitutes America’s internal security apparatus today. Residents on American soil are routinely targeted under the guise of protecting us from terrorism—which is why, more than ever, people need to understand what Phoenix is all about.

The Phoenix Program: America’s Use of Terror in Vietnam

This expose from the Times which casually mentions a comparison between today’s Omega Program and Phoenix, “ possibly the bloodiest and most inhumane covert operation in the CIA’s history.“, isn’t the first time Omega has been brought up via the MSM.

Back in 2011, the Washington Post wrote about these new hybrid omega-teams made up of Special Forces, CIA, contractors and hired thugs from various countries. Notice the type of vehicles they drive around in: Toyota Hilux.

“You couldn’t tell the difference between CIA officers, Special Forces guys and contractors,” said a senior U.S. official after a recent tour through Afghanistan. “They’re all three blended together. All under the command of the CIA.”

Their activities occupy an expanding netherworld between intelligence and military operations. Sometimes their missions are considered military “preparation of the battlefield,” and others fall under covert findings obtained by the CIA. As a result, congressional intelligence and armed services committees rarely get a comprehensive view.

Hybrid units called “omega” or “cross matrix” teams have operated in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen, according to senior U.S. military officials.

Those employed in Afghanistan were “mostly designed against specific high-value targets with the intent of looking across the border” into Pakistan, said a former senior U.S. military official involved in Special Operations missions. They wore civilian clothes and traveled in Toyota Hilux trucks rather than military vehicles. Washington Post

Who else drives around in Helix trucks? Let me think about that for a second…

Food for thought.

The CIA’s post-Sept. 11 arsenal has also included elite Afghan militias trained and led by the agency’s Special Activities Division, its paramilitary branch. Washington Post

Given the fact that the CIA’s monstrous Phoenix Program has been reconstituted, re-branded and globalized on an almost industrial scale, one might think the New York Times might take exception to that fact or at least present the news of it in such a way as to cause a bit of alarm in their target market.

Instead what we get is their typical white-wash of both the new program and the older one.

The Phoenix Program, when it went public, caused a great deal of outrage among Americans. The thought of our brave soldiers torturing, raping and killing random civilians in Vietnam didn’t sit well with most. There was even a congressional inquiry. Phoenix died a quick death after that only to be reborn from it’s ashes in several other programs like F-6 to mention one.

But today, we are treated to a little glimpse of the latest version of the CIA operation. The global Omega Program. Night raids, black bag kidnapping, torture sessions and blood orgies so commonplace, the operatives (as they are called) can’t tell one target from the other. So many victims, their names or crimes failed to even be considered important anymore.

Those aren’t soldiers that do that kind of thing… though there is a name for groups like that.

Quite a testimony is it not? How we’ve been changed in such a fundamental way that a program that was once condemned now serves as a model of operations? Risen from it’s own ashes, now larger in scope and limitless in geography.

Quite a thing to behold, is it not?

And where will the outrage be on the left? Where is it in the Times piece?

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  2. Scott, I love your work. And I apologize for mentioning grammar, but do you know the word “too” keeps showing up in your articles for the word “to”?

  3. and really the CIA should be like….
    the ADL/FBI…& ADL/ATF,


    the currency printers are owned by the same evil miscreants
    that own the lie factory…

    they make mucho grande filthy lucre when they get wars started

    it’s just their business,

    like you know !

  4. You are nothing more than a whinging ingrate. You should have your citizenship revoked and be dropped of in the “badlands” of Afghanistan.

    • the “badlands” of Afghanistan wouldn’t be badlands if we weren’t over there. So to, the heroin flowing out of the country would be gone as well.

      • So AFG wasn’t the badlands until us crappy Americans got there. The whole hundreds of yrs of growing opium and supplying the world as each generation knows it was all a myth? Just a real nice place to visit until we got there? Do you realize you aren’t making sense?

        • do you realize you lack understanding of what’s happened in afghanistan over the years? i know some nuanced thinking is involved, but christ, do some homework — you can start by looking at poppy cultivation and how & when it’s changed.

  5. You claim those Toyota trucks driven by ISIS one of the most ubiquitous in the world are paid for by tax payers. Can I ask for some evidence of that? never mind- I know for a fact those trucks weren’t paid for by us but if you have evidence to the contrary let us see it please.

    Out of curiosity have you ever been involved in high op tempo unit or are you just making assumptions based on TV shows you may like?

    • i’ll ask the same thing of you that you’ve asked of scott: if you “know for a fact those trucks weren’t paid for by us”, then please provide evidence.

  6. BTW- snarky blog posts aren’t what is keeping scumbags from being that bump in the night. Tho’ I am positive many of you are extraordinarily capable and would easily push back any incursion in to your homes. And when done you can try out some of your theories on them. Although after reading a few of these magnificent ‘articles’ I think you and them are of a fairly like mind- At least you and them reach similar conclusions based on fantasy. Super cute…

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