Eight Charged In Fake Malala Attack Secretly Acquitted

(“Duhyeee…. I don’t understand it. Why did they secretly acquit them of all charges. Duhyeee”… Here’s the reason: they were acquitted of all charges because Malala wasn’t shot… that’s why)

from the AP

Pakistani police say that eight out of 10 militants charged with involvement in the 2012 attack on teenage activist Malala Yousafzai were actually acquitted in April – not sentenced to life in prison as reported at the time.

Friday’s stunning announcement by deputy police chief, Azad Khan, offered no explanation as to why authorities had remained silent for so long or why they had failed to correct the facts earlier.

In April, public prosecutor Sayed Naeem said 10 militants charged over the attack were all convicted by an anti-terrorism court and sentenced to life imprisonment. (turns out, that was a lie)

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