USA Freedom Act – We Enter the Void: No “Patriot” or “Freedom” Acts

(The “lone wolf” and the “roving” provisions have lapsed along with the authority to sweep up all your “tangible things”. Rand says he knows the “Freedom” Act will be passed later this week but at least he’s killed the Patriot. They will start voting on the new amendments to the bill on Tuesday after voting to end debate on the bill itself then it’s back to the House. The stage is set.)

from Politico

… The USA Freedom Act easily cleared a filibuster in a 77-17 vote that appeared to set the stage for eventual passage. But it was not the outcome envisioned by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: He had hoped to pass a temporary extension of current law to avoid a midnight shutdown of three PATRIOT Act programs, including the controversial “bulk data” phone record collection program.

But Paul wouldn’t relent, so those initiatives will temporarily lapse, a troubling development for Senate Republicans in just their fifth month in the majority.

“All of us are extremely concerned about the program going dark at a time when the terrorist threat is very high,” said Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine).

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USA Freedom Act – Behold! The “Emergency Production of Tangible Things” Section

by Scott Creighton

Much has been said about the provision in the Patriot Act, section 215, that deals with the collection of our “tangible things” and rightly so.

Prior to the revelations, several senators warned that the DOJ was using Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act to support what government attorneys called a “sensitive collection program,” targeting large numbers of Americans. The language of Section 215 allows for secret court orders to collect “tangible things” that could be relevant to a government investigation – a far lower threshold and more expansive reach than a warrant based on probable cause.  The list of possible “tangible things” the government can obtain is seemingly limitless, and could include everything from driver’s license records to Internet browsing patterns. EFF

An argument for the “Freedom” Act is that it abolishes this language in the Patriot Act and stops Big Brother from collecting your “tangible things” at will.

Just like the claim that the “Freedom Act” stops the bulk collection of your personal data… this claim is a lie. In fact, the “Freedom” Act expands on the authority of Big Brother to snatch up all your “tangible things” and even provides a vehicle for them to do so without ANY COURT ORDER just so long as they say it’s an “emergency”

I want you to read section 102 of the “Freedom” act which deals with “Emergency authority for production of tangible things

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USA “Freedom” Act – Using Terrorism to Pass an “Anti-terrorism” Bill

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: see updates at end of article


Not like it’s the first time, is it?

Today is the day for the Grand Finale of the “Edward Snowden” psyop or the “Manufactured Hero” story as I also like to call it.

At midnight, the U.S.A. Patriot Act sunsets, or at least certain provisions of it do, and therefore the crisis theater threat color code has been turned all the way up to red. And it’s flashing (in spite of the fact that no terrorist threat was ever thwarted by the provisions of the Patriot Act)

Obama is demanding congress pass the “Freedom” Act. He says “God forbid” we don’t pass it and something happens after the Patriot Act goes dark.

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Making the Site Private Not a Workable Option So I’m Leaving it As Is …

by Scott Creighton

It turns out that turning an established WordPress site like mine to a private one is a bit tedious to say the least. It involves a great deal more than simply clicking on a setting and sending out password notifications. I have to send out invitations to users who wish to become “viewers” and I think they have to register with WordPress for that to happen. With over 500 subscribers who follow my blog and another 200 or so regular viewers, that would be a very time consuming process.

It would take days even a week maybe to send out that many invites and frankly, I’m too lazy for that kind of effort.

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(For the giggles) How to Be a REAL MAN Like Alex Jones Super Male Vitality

Not an endorsement of whatever website is listed at the end. It’s just funny.

Starting Monday the Website will Be Private

by Scott Creighton

Hi again. I have decided starting Monday the website will be going to a private format. All of you guys who wish to continue using it will be given a password (I think that’s how it works)

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I can’t do this anymore

by Scott Creighton

Hi folks.

This is not a rant. It’s not me venting.  The world is getting fucking hard for people like me. They are down here in fucking Florida reviewing my disability while every week I’m ignoring signs I should go back to the hospital so I can keep working on this website.

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