Germanwings A320 Crash – Hollande Says FDR Memory Card “Missing”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: MSM Confirms Flight Data Recorder “Black Box” Taken from Casing

UPDATE: See graphic of standard modern flight data recorder at end of article.


Holy shit.

The other day I wrote about how important the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) would be in determining the real cause of the crash of Germanwings flight 9525.

The FDR records vital information regarding all the systems on board the plane including the automatic pilot system as well as the security system for the entry to the cockpit.

And if there is a uninterruptable autopilot system on board (allowing for remote piloting of the plane or setting of the autopilot system in the event of a hijacking) then the FDR would show if it was activated just prior to the autopilot system crashing the plane.

Well, previously I had reported that the FDR had been reported as being damaged beyond repair but that may not be the case.

It seems, someone stole the memory chip out of it.

In searching for information on this vital piece of evidence, I have come across two distinctly different official stories.

In one line of narrative, the FDR has not yet been found as of yesterday according to an article from this aviation site.

“The BEA has yet to hold a follow-up briefing on the investigation and it fell to the European Cockpit Association to remind the world that investigators have yet to find the aircraft’s flight data recorder, analysis of which could prove vital to confirming the facts.”

The other story is much more troubling… and that is… the FDR was found very early on according to someone who would have knowledge of the investigation (the President of France) but…  THE MEMORY CARD HAD BEEN TAKEN.

“Confusion surrounded the fate of the second black box. French President Francois Hollande said the casing of the flight data recorder had been found in the scattered debris, but was missing the memory card that captures 25 hours’ worth of information on the position and condition of almost every major part in a plane. Jouty refused to confirm the discovery” Associated Press, March 25 updated March 26

This story was confirmed back on the 25th by Slate:

The outside casing of the crashed plane’s flight data recorder—one of the “black boxes” investigators search for after air tragedies—has been recorded, but its memory card has not been located. Slate

Breitbart also confirmed this aspect of the story on the 26th saying (much like Harleyman did at the scene of 9/11):

“The flight data recorder’s memory card has not yet been located – it was apparently ejected from the recorder casing due to the immense force of the crash.  If it can be located, it will yield valuable information about the flight performance and condition of the aircraft prior to impact” Breitbart March 26th

Holy fucking shit.

Someone took the memory card from the FDR. No wonder they want to try and convict the co-pilot so quickly in the court of public opinion and be done with the story as soon as possible.

So, I stand corrected in my earlier piece.

The FDR is not being reported as having been damaged beyond repair (hard to do with a solid state memory chip)…

… but instead… it appears… someone simply took it… and that aspect of the story has simply disappeared down the memory hole along with the chip itself.

Should we be surprised after the “investigations” into TWA Flight 800, Flight MH370 and Flight 17?

The balls on these criminals… it’s remarkable.

What will they end up saying?

“oops. The card is simply gone. Maybe Jesus took it? Maybe ISIS cut it’s head off? I don’t know. Don’t worry about it. Let’s talk about Mars and going to the moon. That’s more interesting. Did you know gay people are getting married? What a world we live in. What was I talking about? I forgot already. Oh well. The co-pilot did it because he had a sick note in his garbage can. His ex-girlfriend says he wanted to be remembered!  NOW THAT’S EVIDENCE! A torn up unused sick note and a chick with an ax to grind. What more proof do you need? Are you a conspiracy theorist or something!”


UPDATE: Over at What Really Happened someone posted a link to this article along with a very helpful graphic showing a cut-away version of a modern flight data recorder. It’s very helpful when trying to understand just how ridiculous the missing data disks story really is. These things are made to withstand impacts much greater than any a plane could suffer without breaking apart and losing the disks.

” they are typically specified to withstand an impact of 3400 g and temperatures of over 1,000 °C (1,830 °F) as required by EUROCAE ED-112″

As stated over at WRH, it’s not like the memory card in your phone or your camera that just eject and the push of a button.

“The above is a diagram of a modern Digital Flight Recorder. It does not have a memory card like you would find in your camera or smart device, for the simple reason such cards could be dislodged in a crash. As you can see, there are multiple memory chips attached directly to circuit cards in a stack inside an armored casing. The memory system makes multiple copies of all data to preserve vital information even if one of two chips are destroyed by the impact. If the memory is no longer inside the recovered Digital Flight Recorder it is because someone intentionally removed it.” WRH

In terms of the testing they go through, here is an explanation from a website which details all the tests they are put through.

  • Crash impact – Researchers shoot the CSMU down an air cannon to create an impact of 3,400 Gs (1 G is the force of Earth’s gravity, which determines how much something weighs). At 3,400 Gs, the CSMU hits an aluminum honeycomb target at a force equal to 3,400 times its weight. This impact force is equal to or in excess of what a recorder might experience in an actual crash.
  • Pin drop – To test the unit’s penetration resistance, researchers drop a 500-pound (227-kilogram) weight with a 0.25-inch (0.64-centimeter) steel pin protruding from the bottom onto the CSMU from a height of 10 feet (3 meters). This pin, with 500 pounds behind it, impacts the CSMU cylinder’s most vulnerable axis.
  • Static crush – For five minutes, researchers apply 5,000 pounds per square-inch (psi) of crush force to each of the unit’s six major axis points.

As you can see, the story of this thing breaking open and losing the data disks is ridiculous. Someone with a very simple tool simply opened it and removed them.

77 Responses

  1. Yes, a few days ago I recall hearing or reading the story that the memory chip or card was missing. Presumably there would be some sort of security in place to prevent that being done easily.

    • presumably there was security in the Twin Towers to prevent someone rigging it for a controlled demo while folks were busily going about their work day as well… however…

      • the CSMU – crash survivable memory unit – was indeed missing. it is removable and according to some cursory research, the only part designed to withstand all sorts of extreme conditions. that said, the only reason it would be missing is that a nation state involved in the recovery of the plane decided that the info would reveal what really happened and likely what technology was used.

        if I had to guess, fly by wire seems to be the most simple conclusion. and I would say Israel did it by hacking into the signal. If not, perhaps it was an EMP but that seems far-fetched and would require military to execute. Simply hacking in would require a couple techs and computers.

        so all that is left… motive? We need a motive that includes French leadership either covering for the responsible party, or one that includes active participation.

        One thing is for sure: whatever it is, it won’t be good for us.

        • Well, Angela has pissed of the Light upon Nations by being maybe too chummy withy Vladimir ??
          Remind me of the 3 Malaysian Flights, one is missing over a year, more likely is in the Nazi base in Antarctica ? Second one shot personally by Vladimir, Third one dived in the the sea with the Pilot shouting Allahu Akbar !
          LOL !

      • Saw a documentary that was made in the 90’s, I think, about the building of the world trade centers… and how they had to go back in to spray insulation on the beams of some floors, many years later….Thats how they did that. Cant find the doc anywhere, now days….

      • Someone posted the work order for some kind of fire upgrades in the elevators that gave access to the WTC towers for the preceding year and a half, to the company doing the upgrades, which happened to be the same company that did the demolition on the Seattle Dome. I’ve seen it a couple of times on truther sites; shouldn’t be hard to find.

  2. Is it possible it never had a chip? Are those things expensive? Would the company cut corners by not replacing chips for every flight?

  3. According the manual you can see that co pilot could lock the door and its remain closed for 5 to 20 min depends on airline setting

  4. As you can see at page 39

  5. Here are some facts that may be of interest in deciding whether or not the plane was deliberately crashed on that date of 24/3/2015.
    The 24th is 8+8+8.
    24+3+2+1+5 = 35 and 3+5 = 8
    2+4+3+2+1+5 = 17 and 1+7 = 8.
    2x4x3x2x1x5 = 80+80+80.
    It first flew on 29/11/1990 and was Serial Number 147.147 + mirror 741 = 888.
    1+4+7+7+4+1 = 8+8+8.
    Between the dates of 29/11/1990 to 24/3/2015 is 8880 days.
    The previous A320 to crash was AirAsia Flight QZ8501 on 28/12/2014.
    9525 – 8501 = (8+8+8+8) x (8+8+8+8)
    The previous 3 flights that either went missing or crashed, 370, 17, 8501, all added to 8888.
    Total deaths –
    MH370 239 8/3/2014
    MH17 298 17/7/2014
    QZ8501 162 28/12/2014
    4U9525 150 24/3/2015
    Total = 849 = 8x4x9 = (8+8) x (8+8) + (8+8)+(8+8) or 288.
    The initials of the two pilot’s names spell out ALPS which is exactly where the plane crashed.
    ALPS in Simple Gematria Equals: 48 = 8+8+8+8+8+8.
    Can all this be coincidence?
    There is much more but here I just listed the number 8 and its multiples associated with this plane crash..
    The Elite/Illuminati use the number 8 to signify THEIR New Beginning.
    Yes, they stole it from the Bible. 8 saved in the Ark etc etc.
    Remember the number 8 plastered all over the Beijing and London Olympics? (Particularly the London torch)
    From 24/3/2015 to 11/4/2015 is 6+6+6 days.

  6. Scott:

    The fundamental issue with Hollande’s claim that the flight data recorder memory card is missing is that there is no easily removable memory card in the FDR; they are presenting it to the public as if it’s as easy to remove as the memory card of their digital camera but this is a lie. Most FDR’s utilize solid state technology. Solid state uses stacked arrays of memory chips, so they don’t have moving parts. With no moving parts, there are fewer maintenance issues and a decreased chance of something breaking during a crash. Data from both the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) and FDR is stored on stacked memory boards inside the crash-survivable memory unit (CSMU).

    Also, is this the most irresponsible MSM coverage you’ve seen in recent memory? Since Tuesday’s incident, there have been over 500,000 commercial flights without incident; but the way the MSM is coverage is fear-mongering the public gets the impression that it’s likely this could happen on their next flight if we don’t have 24/7 mental health screenings of every pilot.

    Saudi Arabia invades Yemen murdering countless innocent civilians and no one gives a F; 149 people die in a plane crash and its presented by the MSM as the most important thing ever. So F’d up.

    More on the FDR:

    Keep up the great work Scott!

    • Yes … Laying the ground work for “24/7 mental health screenings” for all humans above the age of three … It won’t be long now …

      • mental hygiene laws I think they wish to call them. either that or they are looking for a new career op for all those drone pilots who are retiring pretty soon. they will have self driving cars made mandatory in 15 years, why not remote operated passenger planes.

    • … that there is no easily removable memory card in the FDR.

      Hmmm, that probably removes the question above about whether it was simply run without a memory card to cut corners as well.

  7. Riddle me this!
    Why, if i go right now to the Borg news site, & see in the RH sidebar THIS text/link, THEN click this link:

    Germanwings Co-Pilot Had Sick Note for Day of Crash in His Home

    I gets THIS—NO mention, in story from 26th BTW, about this note???
    so they’re clearly planting all kinds of memes with zero foundation.

    Police have removed several items in their searches. “We have found things and taken them,” Andreas Czogalla, a spokesman for Dusseldorf police, said by phone. “We can’t comment on the results, the evaluation is ongoing.”

  8. I’ve looked at the pics of scattered ‘wreckage’, but I can’t see a point of impact. No scorched area?
    Did the slopes crumbled to dust – like the metal in the twin towers – or is there an indent? Did the fuel tanks explode?

  9. It does seem that no momentous act of violence can happen in this world anymore but some pundit on the web immediately pipes up with “False flag!”

    • actually;

      our puppet in Kiev bombs the shit out of civilians in Donetsk, no false flag there.

      our friends in Israel bomb civilians in Gaza, Golan Heights and Lebanon, no false flag there.

      our friends in Saudi Arabia are bombing civilians in Yemen, no false flag there…

      starting to see a pattern developing?

      and for the record, no one here is saying this was a “false flag” event. that’s when something is done and then blamed on an enemy, not an individual.

      This is more like the “crazed lone gunman” patsy scenario.

      Flight MH17? That is an example of a false flag.

      If you’re going to try to use buzz word and weasel words to try to demean our discussion of the evidence of this event, please try to at least use the correct ones. Otherwise you just look like an idiot spouting stuff you have no idea about. thanks

    • Yes, it is far better if, when a “momentous” act of violence occurs, everyone simply accepts it at face value because if it’s momentous enough and violent enough to boot, there can’t be anything wrong with it (except that it is momentous and violent of course) – so for what legitimate reasons should acts of momentous violence be happening such that nobody can look for nefarious purposes behind nefarious events?????

  10. EVERYTHING about this plane crash is FAKE FAKE FAKE.

    As for dead passengers, show me the proof real people died.

  11. So, no passengers used their cell phones to get out an SOS?

    • that is interesting.

      As stated before, a descent on approach is usually at a rate between 1,200 and 2,000 feet per minute. This descent was at 3,400 feet per minute over the French Alps. That’s a fast descent even if it wasn’t a nose dive. That plus the fact that the passengers would have too have seen the Alps rising up to them in their windows.

      And no phone calls?

    • oh god, why does come up every single time a crash occurs?
      I have a fun experiment for you, why don’t you try getting reception the next time you’re on a plane? maybe it would clear things up

  12. Or to tell their loved one(s) goodbye?

  13. Makes a person wonder why aircraft even have these recorders. It seems every time one is really needed to do its job; it fails, is missing, only ‘part’ of the data is recoverable etc., etc., etc. (wink wink).

  14. Im just not buying the MSM account. I havent from the beginning…

  15. Here ya go: Look at this photo of a father of one of the crash victims laughing after filming his emotional appeal for more pilot screening:
    Here’s the video:
    Gosh, this is all I need to conclude that this whole thing is FAKE! What do you think?

  16. If you EVER expect to get anything but lies, subterfuge, and misdirection from ANY of the “Powers-that-be” then you need medication…and you’ve been asleep for a LONG time!

  17. Watch this story drop out of view like an airliner hitting a mountain. It’s done!

  18. What I find particularly unsettling in this event is the complete fragmentation one sees in the photos of the crash site. There are a couple of recognizable pieces of the fuselage, but the rest amounts to small, widely dispersed fragments. No seats, engines, wings, or baggage, anywhere … [see here]

    I’m no specialist, but those tiny fragments certainly don’t look like the result of a direct impact. Such as this, for example.

    What is peculiar, in addition, is that, within hours of the event, French government officials came out publicly with hypotheses as to the cause of the crash, when they should have shut the hell up and waited for the results of at least a preliminary inquiry, wouldn’t one think?

    I don’t know, but to my mind this whole event stinks of ‘strategy of tension’ and possibly constitutes a message to French government and possibly to Germany as well …

    • I’ve also noticed it seems they’ve been moving pieces around for photos like the wheel and the red and gold piece of fuselage. the pieces don’t look like they would add up to a plane. it almost looks like someone dumped garbage in that little valley along with some pieces that they figure would serve as identifiers. the link you provide to the other plane crash, you can tell that’s a plane.

      • Or, or … the plane blew up [or, more likely, was blown up], not far from the mountain ridge. In whose interests would it be to take such a measure, precisely at this point in time?

        Why the nonsense talk about the theft of the black box memory card or the insinuation that the co-pilot was ‘mentally ill’?, both of which are being widely circulated by French MSM outlets.

        The question is: who stands to benefit from this new, post Charlie theater piece in France, including a nice jab in Germany’s side?

        I have some theories about that, but it may be a bit early to elaborate on them.

        • if it was staged, which I don’t know if it was or not, the best evidence of that would be… the memory disks. they can’t be forged, they can’t be faked without someone better figuring it out. so either way, remote hijacking or completely staged, the best evidence to expose it would be the disks. that’s why it’s still relevant.

        • Has anyone seen a picture of the actual crash site, the one where 100+ tons of jet and people slamming into the ground at over 400 MPH would create a crater of some kind?

          If you do, please paste a link.

    • the example you quoted (KAL) happened at very low speed (approx. 184 mph – the plane was approaching the runway) and the plane was also leveled… in the Germanwings case, the speed was about 700 mph (according to flightradar24) and the pane hit (presumably) nose first… so, the impact would have been much different… also, had it been shotdown, the debris area would have been much, much greater and you’d find more of the plane intact

  19. Reminder to the Go along Leave alone folkies.
    Malaysian Airplanes were brought down by USA/Ukraine. Grudge–get even! Why? Malaysian government in 2012 -13 had hearings and found 9/11 attacks were not done by Muslims and Iraq was invaded on pack of lies
    Now why Germany’s plane was brought down? Very simple–USA (hiring Israel operatives) wanted revenge for Merkel wanted peace in Ukraine not war–excluded USA. Obvious–the plane was bombed.

    • Malaysian government in 2012 -13 had hearings and found 9/11 attacks were not done by Muslims …

      Do you have references for this? Original documents preferred. This is interesting, but deserves some corroborating proof. Did the Malaysian government make any conclusions about who the 9/11 attacks were done by, if not Muslims? (I think a majority of people at least think they know who orchestrated 9/11 and that it was not Muslims, but it would be interesting to know what a government body officially concluded through investigation — if it’s indeed true).

  20. “News is that which someone, somewhere, does not want revealed. Everything else is advertising.”

  21. 10 pages up so far over at jim’s house:

    i doubt that F-4 utube footage of the result of being directed into the concrete wall at 500 mph is indicative of any real world passenger plane crash which never hits at that speed exactly or nearly perpendicular to the earth’s surface, & which surface almost always has a layer of soil, & the engines are mounted far more ‘away’ from the wing/fuselage & rip off & bounce (dense center of mass).

    Classic case is the 1974 March Turk Air 951? DC-10 cargo door blew out, tore away all controls/hydraulics ,crashed France over 300 killed.
    Acknowledged that one hit the ground at full speed zero control of it, something like 400 mph.

    The engines were apart & away from anything else at that crash site, but intact, weight about 6 tonnes each i recall, & only had some minor denting on the side they first hit the ground!
    Look utube for the specific footage.

    • Yeah – jet engines absolutely do not evaporate on impact, ever – except at the pentagon and here apparently. In the case of Malaysian airlines they vanish ala David Copperfield along with all evidence a plane ever existed, but other than these events, I don’t think a jet engine has ever spontaneously evaporated under any impact force.

  22. I personally dont think the flight impacted the ground at all. If you look at aerial google images of the crash site you cam see that 1) there is no single impact spot and 2) the pieces of the plane are spread across several ridges and have gathered in valleys as if they rained down from the sky after an in air explosion. You can’t see the engines, very few of the pieces are charred and even if the plane did impact the ground there would be a primary impact zone.

    • whenever I have seen images of plane crashes, there’s always an area of charring, either the ground or the foliage, something where the jet fuel burned off. I have yet to see that with this site.

  23. You people are hilariously bonkers. Seriously made me laugh a few times. Do you all have real world jobs? Or just sit in darkened rooms watching the X Files and concocting mad plots of world conspiracies? Let’s hope none of you lot ever get put in charge of anything beyond a zany nutter forum like this – because that WOULD be scary..!

    • Thank god I didn’t say it lol….I’m sure if they had real working people jobs they wouldnt have time to write these crazy conspiracies.

      • uh… first of all, Hollande said it and he has a job (but I couldn’t expect you to pick up on that fact even though it’s right there in the title of the article if you bothered to actually read that much of it). But you go right ahead with that trollish dismissive tactic of yours. be my guest. We’ll discuss the facts surrounding the event, and you just keep with the name calling and gross generalizations and folks reading the comments will formulate their own opinions about the validity of our individual arguments. Okee dokie?

        • Lmfao 😂😂 someone’s getting a little snappy….I totally forgot..your in France, your a crash investigator, your right there helping figure out what’s wrong…yepp totally forgot man.. And turning it into a race thing ? What a fucking joke…trololololol. If I need more info I will be sure to look to you for answers….don’t trust everything the media feeds you…funny that this about the only article on the internet reporting what you are about the missing chip…please…get over yourself dude

          • It seems like you can always spot a troll comment as they have never heard of a full stop.

            • Nor are they aware of the fact that the verb “you are” contracts in to “you’re” … And they certainly don’t have time for proof-reading sice they get paid on a per comment basis …

          • “And turning it into a race thing ? What a fucking joke…”

            yes genius, it was a joke.

            “I totally forgot..your in France, your a crash investigator”

            (it’s “you’re” short for “you are”, not “your”)

            No I’m not in France investigating the crash. What does that mean? I can’t review the relevant facts and make up my own mind about what did or did not happen? Does it bother you when people can think for themselves rather than simply regurgitating the official story of what happened like you do? Apparently it does.

            “funny that this about the only article on the internet reporting what you are about the missing chip”

            again, if you bothered to read the article, I list three major news sites that mentioned the “missing” memory chips. Hollande said it in the conference. There’s no question that they are missing. More are reporting on the fact everyday.

            You know, you would think after so few websites reported back in 2003 that there were no WMDs in Iraq and so many said there were, you might have learned a lesson about the media consensus. I guess “you people” just never learn.

            [side note: yes, I made a joke about “you people” but like all humor, there is an element of truth to it. No, the commenter was not referring to the color of our skin but it was still a derogatory and dismissive classification that he intended, just like racists do when they use the term. In this case, you people are talking about those of us who dare to question the official story about certain events. “you people” in this case is meant to demean people who can and do think for themselves. So, it’s not racism and I’m not black. But I do represent a minority which apparently you harbor ill feelings toward. wink wink. get it? Now do you get the joke?]

    • What do you mean “you people”!? Are you saying that because I’m black?

  24. I like to re-track my previous comment that the German plane was bombed. It was high jacked–rerouted– and hidden.
    Who done it? Same folks who did 9/11!
    Shankville USA, USA Pentagon— airoplane debris were scattered to make it appear planes hit the grounds. What happened to the actual 9/11 4 planes and one disappeared Malaysian plane? Passengers/ crew gassed and flown into Canada or Africa
    Here is my take:
    1) Israel/USA is planning to use these planes(instead of missiles) to carry and unleash nukes on a western country and blame Iran.
    Most likely!
    2) Israel operatives selling plane parts (Not likely but probable )

  25. So what really happened to germanwings

    • I don’t know but the evidence that I have found seems to suggest something other than a suicidal co-pilot.

    • Recall : 2 years ago, USA airforce plane was carrying 6 nuke missiles on it’s wings. By the time it reached California –2 went missing.
      South Africa decided to remove all it’s 13 nuke missiles and have USA destroy them. Israel company got the contract. here comes the interesting part. Last 3 supposed nuke missile shipment container, that arrived into USA California disposal site–was fully loaded with solid concrete blocks. USA government did p!ss all :^(

      Them missing nukes have a mission- Use planes to deliver and Blame it on Iran..

  26. […] Germanwings A320 Crash – Hollande Says FDR Memory Card “Missing” […]


    On March 9th, 2015, forty-seven United States Senators committed a treasonous offense when they decided to violate the Logan Act, a 1799 law which forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. Violation of the Logan Act is a felony, punishable under federal law with imprisonment of up to three years.
    This is a clear violation of federal law. In attempting to undermine our own nation, these 47 senators have committed treason!


  28. This does it for me. They recovered the co-pilot’s Tablet (terrorists always leave behind their testaments in their car trunks and such). The Guardian reports it so it is solid.
    • They say it reveals that he searched “suicide” on the internet several days before the flight. I am told by suicide amateurs that on the lists of suicide modalities on such sites “by plane” tops the list, leaving “gun,” “drugs,” “jumping off tall buildings” and “hanging” in the dust. It must be why he could not commit suicide in the intervening days, on land: he had to get on the flight first.
    • They also say he searched “pilot cabin door.” Makes sense. Where else would a pilot go to acquaint himself with how the door security system works if not on the internet?
    Not only is this conclusive as far as I am concerned but it points out another urgency: the internet is dangerous! I wish they did something to protect us from it.

  29. […] Germanwings A320 Crash – Hollande Says FDR Memory Card “Missing” […]

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