Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Defense Attorney, Judy Clarke, Sold Him Out – Punching Her Ticket to a Justice Department Career

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: [edited text. A reader pointed out it was David Bruck, not Judy Clarke who said the video did not exist. He was correct. Thanks]

UPDATE: It should also be pointed out that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev pleaded not guilty to these charges back in mid 2013. Though there has been talk that he should change his plea, he has not.


The other day, one of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s attorneys, David Bruck, told the judge that the infamous video the FBI claims to have showing her client planting the bomb near the finish line of the Boston Marathon “does not exist

Based on that many of us thought maybe, perhaps, this once, a patsy in the U.S. would finally get something close to a fair trial or at least marginally respectable representation. For once.

Uh… no.

Judy Clarke said the bombings were “misguided acts” carried out by Tsarnaev and his late older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev. “There’s little that we dispute. It was him,” she said in US District Court in Boston.

She sought to shift blame to the older brother, saying he had “self-radicalized” and the younger brother had “followed him.” Boston Globe

If we are to believe the article from the Boston Globe, Judy Clarke used her opening statement, all 20 minutes of it, to explain why the jurors should hang her client.

Judy tossed Dzhokhar under every bus in the city of Boston, claiming he helped make the bombs, planted them, killed a cop for no apparent reason, hijacked a car so he could confess to the driver and let him escape, ran over his own brother and ultimately ended up dazed and confused in someone’s backyard scribbling a confession on the wall of the inside of a boat (which they only found after the fabricated confession the FBI beat out of him was tossed)

Then she ends up saying this:

“Evidence will not establish, and we will not argue, that Tamerlan put a gun to Dzhokhar’s head,”,,,

Clarke on Wednesday, in her statement, which lasted only about 20 minutes, urged jurors to carefully weigh the words that Tsarnaev wrote while hiding inside the Watertown boat, which she suggested will reflect an jealous younger sibling.

He expressed he was jealous of his brother who achieved martyrdom,she said, and wished he could, too, Clarke said. “We ask you to carefully evaluate the testimony … about writings … where they came from and how deeply rooted they may or may not be.’’ Boston Globe

In other words:

“My client wasn’t forced to blow people up in Boston but he did it anyway. And that stupid, obviously contrived fake confession written on the side of the boat after the other one got tossed, is legit. And oh yeah, my client wants to be a martyr, so go ahead and kill him” Judy “I want a job at the Justice Department” Clarke

Only in America can you get legal representation like this.

You ever seen the trial scene in “Idiocracy”? Yeah, that’s about the size of it.

The official story is so fucking stupid, a brain-dead child could successfully defend Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

There is no video of him or his brother planting a bomb in Boston that day though FBI agents and politicians alike have been lying about one for over a year.For that matter, the authorities lied about another video, one they claim showed the brothers calmly walking away from the scene after the carnage. That video doesn’t exist either and in fact, a photo showing the younger brother running from the scene like everyone else surfaced not long after the lie about them just hanging out was being circulated.

“First of all, the Feds have produced neither of the two videos they claim to have showing 1. Dzhokhar planting a bomb and 2. them hanging out watching the aftermath then slowly walking away. In fact, the evidence we have suggests a totally different story. The new story about all of this drops any mention of those two videos down the memory hole.American Everyman

Authorities have been misleading us about this event and the investigation from the very beginning if you remember. That’ ladies and gentlemen, would usually be considered a rather damning indictment of the prosecution’s case, especially considering they’ve repeatedly made mention of the non-existing “bomb planting video” several times in court proceedings.

“The second thing to remember is the fact that the FBI pretended to need our help to identify the two men while the entire time their own local field offices had been in steady contact with the boys for at least two years. The FBI has come out since and admitted their involvement with the boys and several congressmen are asking how they “dropped the ball” on this one. The FBI is avoiding answering congress’ questions.” American Everyman

 And what about the witness the FBI killed during their interrogation down here in Florida? Remember how many times they lied about what happened to him?

For Christ’s sake:

“Uncle Ruslan Tsarnaev was married to the daughter of former top CIA official Graham Fuller.” Aangirfan

A good lawyer would be all over this crap but it would appear, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev doesn’t have a good lawyer. He has a careerist.

From the images I saw, it looks like the two brothers were hanging out in front of a restaurant waiting to meet someone, the same someone who set them up to be the fall guys. How difficult would it be for his lawyer to follow-up on that angle?

wait 4

texting person they are waiting for?


His mother has said her sons were set up.

His father has said his sons were set up.

The bomb itself was fabricated using BBs rather than  buckshot or nuts and bolts. The reason for that is: whoever created it, didn’t want a massive body count, just a lot of injured people.

For that matter, the bombs didn’t detonate as the first of the athletes crossed the finish line when there were more people at the location and it was being broadcast live on TV. Instead, they waited till a couple hours later when it was just some scrub amateurs finishing the race and most of the spectators were gone.

Is that the work of a “self-radicalized” jihadist waging war on the West or an operative manufacturing a false flag event?

And speaking of the back-pack bomb, I’ll just leave this here:

Point is, there is more than enough evidence to cast serious doubt on not only this young man’s guilt, but also on the way the investigation was handled in the first place.

But not according to Judy Clarke.

The real tragedy here is not that Dzhokhar will be wrongly convicted in a kangaroo court up in Boston nor that his brother died such a violent death.

The real tragedy is that people of Boston will not get any justice out of this, just a placebo. And those folks who did set those bombs will be emboldened to do it again and again if the need arises.


UPDATE for Jody:  If you look a little closer, you can see what appears to be his right leg. His left is behind the woman and most of the right is hidden behind the baby carrier thingy. But it is there. You can see the seam on his right pant leg. There are several photos of them waiting in front of that bar for someone. Of course, to me, I have to wonder… why did someone feel the need to take pictures of them waiting in front of a bar?


25 Responses

  1. Whether she’s punching her ticket for a cushy job or making sure she doesn’t get whacked, the fix was in. There were tons of evidence that the device Dzhokhar was accused of planting was actually a pyrotechnic device whose only real injury was a mild skin burn on the bald head of Mark Gross the operative seen hiding it under his coat in this video.

    Frankly I think Dzhokhar is nowhere in that courtroom and the taller Russian accented character is a stand in used to exert leverage on the family. Accents don’t change and his high school buddies said it clearly wasn’t him. So the deal is that if the family plays along the real Dzhokhar is allowed to slip into a new identity and come away with his life. I doubt the bad guys will live up to their end of the bargain but I can’t blame the family for wanting to believe them.

  2. I heard it was David Bruck, another attorney on the team, who said the video did not exist.

    What should be the consequences for a lawyer whose client has pleaded not guilty to stand in front of a judge and claim her client is guilty? Someone might at least call her a conniving, heartless POS.

    Absolutely outrageous! This tops it. She shouldn’t be able to get a job as a ditch digger!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve already murdered Dzhokhar in prison and this guy is a stand-in, but I certainly hope not. It’s outrageous enough as it stands now. It’s like watching a horror movie that goes on and on and on and you can’t even change the channel.

    • actually, I wondered if they didn’t just kill him a while ago. But, the fact is, he is still going with “not guilty” and I think if it was someone playing the role, I doubt that is where they would want to take this.

      • The WSWS article you cited in your other piece on Tsarnaev says the “two pressure cooker bombs packed with nails and shrapnel…” and you said BBs. I was just wondering which one of you guys got mixed up. Either way, both of your articles on Dzhokhar are great.

        • “…that became the bombs, including the BBs that were used as shrapnel”

          That line was in the Boston Globe story that I quoted in the article. It appears they have edited it out of the latest version. Probably because people like myself and others have noted that it seems odd that someone committed to “jihad” would use BBs rather than something that would kill more people. You can find references to the BBs all over the place though. Also, look at the casualty list. 3 dead and 230 injured. BBs. The three who died were closer and probably hit with pieces of the cooker itself or large concentration of the BBs.

          go here and read the Boston Globe quip and you will see the BBs line. Then go to the link and you will notice, it’s gone.

          Here’s a WSJ version of the story where they mention Judy Clarke saying the younger brother bought the BBs.

          “Ms. Clarke said Tamerlan was “aggressively obsessed” with radical Islam. She said he had an instructional bomb-making video on his computer, and bought BBs, shrapnel, pressure cookers, fireworks and backpacks to build the two homemade bombs.”

          And there is this on the Wiki page:

          “Doctors described removing “ball-bearing type” metallic beads a little larger than BBs, and small carpenter-type nails about 1 to 2.5 centimeters (0.4 to 1 in) long”

          They were BBs. There is no doubt about it. If the point was a high mortality rate, you don’t put in thin gauge 1/4″ brads (the nails) and BBs… you put in glass, buck shot, nuts and bolts.. that sort of thing.

          Also, keep in mind, the bombs themselves weren’t designed to send the BBs and brad nails up and out where they could hit people in the head and chest area… the blast kept the shrapnel low to the ground and the vast majority of the victims were hit in the legs. again, that doesn’t translate to someone looking for a high body-count.

          “The New York Times cited doctors as saying because the bombs were low to the ground, they mainly injured legs, ankles and feet instead of fatally injuring abdomens, chests, shoulders and heads.[253]

          • Thanks for the clarification. What a farce this whole thing is. This is probably the easiest case to disprove also. Literally all you need to do is show the pictures you linked in the stories. The degree to which one would have to be brainwashed to not realize they’re patsies after that would be monumental. Frankly, I’m quite concerned most of humanity has reached the event horizon of media disinformation (at least in the West — especially in the U.S.). 😦

            • I am weary of “Cartalucci” when he defends a government that is as closely aligned with it’s military as Myanmar’s is. However, that said, I don’t know if he mentions it in his article, but the recent troubles with the students seems to be taking place right along the same time there is a “rebel” uprising in the Kokang region over control of poppy production (opium) and drug trafficking. Who else do we know is in the business of drug trafficking? Yeah. Also, the current president of Myanmar is not altogether unfriendly toward the US having been granted a visit by Killary herself which was the first time a Sec. of State had done that in 45 years. But there is an election coming up this year and it looks as if the same party will win. Yes, it could be a destabilization campaign. But just because someone visited with Killary doesn’t mean it’s a color revolution, like he suggests via aung san suu. I think the real test will be to see how the conflict in the Kokang region works out and we figure out what’s behind that. I think that’s the key. Opium production fell off last year. Could be someone doesn’t like that. Also, a prominent businessman in the region was killed in custody the other day. He had ties to the rebel leader, who has been named a drug trafficker by the DEA not that long ago. That businessman had ties to China as do many of the people in that region. So it’s complicated.

              Back in Feb. of 2014, Myanmar was being celebrated as a new shining city on the hill by the New York Times no less.


            • and here is something else to consider while we are on the subject…

              You’ll notice that “Cartalucci” focuses entirely on Aung San Suu Kyi and her Saffron Revolution, yet what is going on right now in Myanmar has absolutely nothing to do with her. Its a student protest and she has commented on it once, but that’s it. She met with the president back in Feb. but aside from that, this is NOT about making that small indigenous group a second class citizen status like “Tony” claims.

              In fact, do you know who promoted the idea of shipping those people out of the country to start with? The current president, the man who met with Hillary Clinton a couple years ago. That’s who.

              “Thein Sein has proposed that the minority Rohingya ethnic group, which has lived in Burma for hundreds of years, be “resettled” abroad, a proposal the United Nations was quick to object to.[27] Thein Sein has also supported domestic policies that label Rohingya as “non-citizens”.[citation needed] He has said that the 2012 Rakhine State riots “has nothing to do with race or religion.”

              Now think about that in terms of what “Tony” claims. He says that this woman is out there pushing to have the state refuse the voting rights of this minority group.


              Who does that serve if true? I think it would serve the current regime since their leader campaigned to have all those folks kicked out of the country not that long ago and they do have elections coming up pretty soon, don’t they?

              This is all the current news on her out of Myanmar. You’ll notice, one of the THREE articles is from “Tony”… it’s the ONLY one that mentions her in connection with the current problems facing the country.


              Again, I will have to look into this a bit more, but it seems “Tony” is deliberately conflating the issues with this protest.

              • Thanks for the replies. I was kind of suspicious of his reporting. As you said, there is very little being reported on what’s going over there, which makes it rather difficult to get an accurate picture of the reality on the ground.

                If you’re correct about Tony being a disnfo agent this would be the best way to proceed. Report legitimately on events that are widely known, and reported incorrectly in the mainstream media, but peddle propaganda on areas of the world that get little coverage.

                I’d be interested in what you find in your investigation.

    • I agree 100%

  3. It’s taken me awhile but now I get it. She’s just one of the players on the “frame the terrorist” team. She’s not there to defend at all. Looking at the list of people she has “represented” before, it’s very clear that she’s one of the members of the fake terrorism team who is there to try to make the whole thing seem more legitimate by pretending to defend the patsy du jour.

  4. I believe Judy Clarke is an intelligence asset who has been embedded within the judicial system for quite a long time.

    Sen. Jesse Helms, a man with close ties to the U.S. intelligence services who was involved in providing aid to the Contras, was a longtime friend of Clarke’s family, although they purportedly had a falling out.

    Her other clients include Theodore Kaczynski (an underage MKULTRA volunteer in his Harvard years), Eric Rudolph, Jared Lee Loughner, and none other than Zacarias Moussaoui.

    Kaczynski was an underage MKULTRA volunteer at Harvard.

    Loughner appeared to be denying involvement in the crime initially. He first told police that the security video they showed him was fake.

    “Pietz said Loughner’s refusal to acknowledge that Giffords survived and his insistence that a surveillance video of the shooting was a fake made her reluctant to declare him competent. Over time, he acknowledged that Giffords survived the gunshot wound to her head, considering it a failure on his part.”

    There were gaping holes in the official narrative of that event, and in fact documents released by the Pima County Sheriff’s Office (and quickly pulled from public view by the Arizona Star) contained many descriptions of assailants who did not fit Loughner at all.

    Here is a particularly interesting quote about Clarke:

    “She added that they had another thing in common: When she first meets them, they do not want to plead guilty. Her job is to change their resolve, she said.”

    Judy Clarke is a ‘safe pair of hands.’ A plant. And Bruck, her friend since law school and co-counsel on her first high-profile case, probably is as well. I don’t believe we’re going to be seeing a real trial.

  5. The photo(s) of the Tsarnaevs in front of the Back Bay Social Club restaurant was over two blocks away from the first explosion and a bit over one block away from the second. In one of the photos Dzhokhar is definitely communicating with the guy at the fence with glasses and blue scrub pants.

  6. It turns out you are so wrong, Scott…. The truth seems to be exactly the opposite ;-}]

    Tsarnaev’s Lawyers May Have Saved His Life

  7. If you look closely, the first photo you posted appears photoshopped. Where are Dzhokhar’s legs?

    • Hi Jody. I added an update for you at the end of the article. Yes, his leg is there. His right leg. You can see the seam on the pants leg. His left leg is behind the woman and much of the right one is obscured by the baby carrier thing. A better question might be: why did someone take photos of them in front of the bar?

  8. This is a massive fraud and people keep falling for all the distractions. It is a complicated tangled web of lies because the goverment and all the criminal factions within created the lies.

    It’s really quite simple when you STOP paying attention to the distractions. Government sanctioned frauds helped the government deceive and rob the the American people. End of story.

    The fraud is proven because two doctors at MGH that reported on the victims marathon day and beyond have been identified as crisis actors. All these people have fictitious names and histories, and even public record is fabricated to suit the characters in the hoax.

    Clarke and Bruck have made false appearances in the court. The court record is corrupt with multiple illegitimate orders and filings including the arrest warrant. It is a sham and what they just pulled is another step in their strategy of tension and quest to further divide the people and keep eyes off of the criminal acts of TPTB.

    It is ALL a theatrical production by the rogue government and an EXTENSIVE network of frauds that involve large family clans.
    Go to the photo line @rebelready on Twitter to see photos by the frauds themselves. I made graphics and the only alteration to their FB photos is I enlarged the print so you can see the names and some of the text. This was a video/photo fraud event and this creation of amputees and subsequent prosthetics has been going for years including paralympic fraud; they have now advance to prop prosthetics over intact limbs.

    • I totally agree with your assessment rebelready. The whole thing is theater, the courtroom included. Discussing this as if it were real makes no sense.
      Scott- you need to do some more research on this event. The pressure cooker bomb fragments are just a prop. No one was injured. Check out Dave MacGowen’s series on the BMB at The Center for an Informed America.

  9. […] Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's safety legal professional, Judy Clarke, bought Him Out … […]

  10. The other scenario I can think of for WHY this “defense” team has abandoned their client is possibly Jahar’s family, specifically his sisters and their children, are being threatened and Jahar has decided to be executed instead of his sisters? Afterall, we are dealing with the Feds here, who have many psychopaths in their midst. The guy that allegedly killed Todashev is a prime example of the types of trash that encompass these agencies.

  11. I wonder whether the defense team has abandoned him or not. I have different sentiments. Check out my blog post on it…

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