New “minimally invasive” Ebola Test Being Readied for TSA and Everywhere Else for that Matter

by Scott Creighton

A blood sacrifice is a small price too pay for security, right? It’s the new normal.

Flying the friendly skies in Cowardly America – wait in line, wait some more, take off your shoes, take off your belt, take off your jewelry, take off your watch, take off your wedding ring because some insipid little Napoleonic moron with a badge says so (you wouldn’t let this guy park your car at a restaurant and you damn sure know that), put the contents of your pockets into a plastic tub including your wallet with everything that makes you “you” inside it, allow some high-school drop-out to browse through your computer for a little while after groping your wife and scroll through the images on your phone, offer-up your children to some creepy looking mall-cop wannabe for a genital massage while his buddy is scrolling through their pictures, walk through a scanner which probably gives you cancer and certainly produces masturbation material for said wannabe while he sits smoking ICE in his “pay by the week” hovel drinking Redbull and thinking back about touching your children in places you would have their uncle arrested for touching… and now… give ’em some of your DNA.

Yes. Your DNA.

And suck it up and say absolutely nothing about it out-loud because of “freeDUMB” and “LIEberty” and the “turrururrurrists” and now Ebola… right?

(They did let that nurse on the flight right? Yeah, the CDC OKed her for the flight before deciding they needed to make a national security case out of it. Hmmm… just think about that for a second. Mull it over. Let it stew for a minute. You’ll get it eventually.)

I mean, after all, who wouldn’t give up a little freedom, self-respect, privacy, masculinity, IQ points and plain common sense for a bit more security? Everyone’s doing it. We all gotta make sacrifices. So just sit there, take it and shut up.

Oops. You missed your flight because the mall-cop wannabes had to take 15 minute break which only starts after they hit the candy machine in the break room.

Get back in line. Do it all again. That’s flying the friendly skies in Cowardly America.

According to a report out from the International Business Times, the Department of Energy is looking for just the right “public private partnership” (that’s called fascism folks, look it up) to develop their new Ebola field test which is somewhat less accurate than the very inaccurate  polymerase chain reaction (PCR) which is being used today.

But the upside is… they will be able to take your DNA at a airport, train station, football game, WalMart, subway station, public works administration building, post office, doctor’s office, hospital, police station, police car, police rec league softball game, police bathroom, policeman’s ball and pretty much anywhere else more than one person gathers within 3 feet of each other for any amount of time longer than a nanosecond.

Yes, Rand Paul says you can catch Ebola at a “cocktail party”. Better send some tests there as well, right. After all, Rand Paul wouldn’t lie would he? He’s a doctor (thanks to his daddy going to Duke) and a senator (thanks to his daddy being in congress)

And don’t worry… there are no false negatives with this unproven soon to be privatized to the tune of billions of dollars being forked over by the government test. They’ll only be false positives which the CDC can use to over-hype the Ebola scare even more while you and your kids are locked away for 21 days in an Ebola screening center which will also be justly privatized for the glorious profits of the wondrous 1%

“Researchers at a government lab have developed a minimally invasive test for Ebola that could cut the time it takes to diagnose cases of the lethal virus from days and hours to minutes or even seconds, International Business Times has learned. The Department of Energy, which invented the procedure at its Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Knoxville, Tennessee, is now scrambling to find a partner to commercialize the technology….”

“Health care facilities currently test for Ebola using a method known as polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The method requires several steps in a lab to isolate and then amplify the virus’ RNA.

DOE’s technology is “a major improvement on the existing, time-consuming PCR technology,” said Safdar, adding it could be used to conduct on-the-spot screenings at airports and other points of entry. Subjects could be asked to provide a drop of blood or nasal swab, which could then be checked using test strips that change color. “If there is a good, rapid test, then that is extremely desirable,” said Safdar.

Beyond speed, the technology could promote more widespread Ebola testing in developing nations in western Africa, where the current outbreak originated. PCR testing requires access to sophisticated and expensive lab equipment, which is not widely available in the region. Health care workers deployed to the area are in some cases shipping blood samples to Europe for testing.

Safdar cautioned, however, that rapid virus testing may not be as accurate as PCR. Rapid testing for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which has been available for several years, is known to deliver a very small percentage of false positives, though no false negatives. “This may be better at ruling people out than ruling them in,” said Safdar.” IBT

Now you can literally add a blood sacrifice to the cause of liberty and security here in the Homeland (a term also related to a fascist state from the past. what a coincidence) we call ‘Mericka’ all thanks to two nurses who stuck catheters in some African guy’s weenie and took samples of his blood.

Overreaction you think? Nah. Not when gubment is in bed with Big Brother Business it ain’t.

9 Responses

  1. When I went to my Doctor’s office this past week to get my B-12 shot, I had to sign a statement that I have not traveled out of the US during the past 41 days. It is an Ebola safe guard. Guess all Doctors are doing this now?

  2. Let’s see:

    1. The patient in a hazmat suit
    2. The handlers in hazmat suit
    3. A guy walking around, talking with the handlers, and taking something from one of them with his bare hands, NOT in a hazmat suit


    1. He’s the “eyes and ears” so he can’t wear a suit
    2. He’s not as close to the handlers as he seems.

    Really? #2 is straight up bullshit and #1 doesn’t make much sense

    Clipboard man explained by Fox News:

  3. Well, hell, the Oak Ridge Lab is already a public/private partnership. It’s a partnership between the Fed. gov’t, Tenn gov’t, some universities, and a bunch of private lab types. It’s actually managed by a private company on contract with the gov’t, a company called UT-Batelle.

    And, of course, the Oak Ridge Lab is on the same property as the Oak Ridge Nuclear facility, where they did the Manhattan Project stuff. Oak Ridge holds most of our plutonium supply and has had several accidental “leaks” of nuclear materials.

    You can read about the lab here:

    and follow some of the internal links to read about UT-Batelle and the Y-12 Security Complex (the nuke facility part).

  4. She has been in the news along with her company over the past several months — telegraphing and predicting us for the ebola tests

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