Malala’s Plastic Peace Prize and All the “Good” She Did this Year

by Scott Creighton

And the Manufactured Hero of the Year Award Goes to….. LOVE MALALA!!! (yea?)

I made this image a couple years ago. Notice that shinny little badge in the corner?

Yes, the Malala psyop story is raging onward unfortunately. They finally gave her a Nobel Prize for pretending to be shot in the face and running around helping Gordon Brown push his global for-profit school systems.

right after being shot at point blank range with an AK-47… ? … really? we’re that stupid?

Over at the “all Obama All the Time” site, the Huffington Post, they are praising Malala for the “5 most important things Malala did this year” and it’s absolutely ridiculous.

1. Malala became a global voice for the Nigerian girls abducted by Boko Haram. – yes, Malala is now pushing the “#BringOurGirlsBack campaign which is nothing more than sending troops into Nigeria to help our neoliberal puppet, Goodluck Jonathan, maintain control of the country while his people scream for revolution. Jonathan is a world class neoliberal thief who privatized everything in the Nigerian government that wasn’t nailed to the floor, including the nation’s electric company. His corruption has led to his becoming a multi-millionaire estimated worth over 100 million. He also signed into law a decree making homosexuality illegal and banning gay weddings. People in his country have been arrested for simply being gay. About 4 years ago, he staged a false flag event in order to win an election. It’s well known. He’s a terrorist, a thug and hates homosexuals with a passion. And here is Little Malala, hero of the Huffington Post, hanging out with him earlier this year.

malala nigeria

the #1 best thing Malala did this year was work with this monster? Congrats HuffPuff

2. Malala helped Syrian refugee children cross the border to safety. – This is remarkable. They staged one day little photo shoot with Love Malala!™ and her greedy coniving piece of shit daddy in some dessert somewhere pretending as if Malala carried some little baby across Syria, ducking bullets the whole way, to deliver the child to the waiting arms of her father in Jordan or where-ever the fuck it was.  Unbelievable. Her little sneakers aren’t even dusty. Notice her rat-fink father had to get in on the act and get a shot or two of him carrying a baby across the border as well. So, she’s lending her unscarred face to yet another warmongering psyop. How nice. Let’s bomb Syria so Love Malala! hasn’t got to keep carrying all those babies to safety. Jesus.

malala syria

I wonder how long it took the PR guys to pick out that particular baby and I wonder if Diva Malala got pissed because it was cuter than she is.

3. Malala helped young people have a voice among world education leaders. –  Yep. That’s the global for-profit education system I said this was all going to be about a few days after they staged her shooting. Nuff said there huh?

4. The Malala Fund made a long-term commitment to girls’ education at CGI. –  Yep, that’s the globalist Clinton Global Initiative they are talking about.

5. Malala’s fight for literacy reached her mom. –  And lookie there. Her mom has finally been allowed by her piece of shit father to learn to read. That’s the most amazing point about this whole thing. This global campaign isn’t about education young girls. It’s about keeping them ignorant with the sort of education Malala’s father sees fit to endow females with. Malala wanted to be a doctor, it was her dream. It was daddy’s dream to USE Malala to further his own interests… her education stopped and she’s now the globalist’s puppet, getting fake prizes for doing ridiculous crap in support of various globalist agendas… and her dreams of being a doctor are pissed away… while fake lefty sites like the Huffington Post applaud.

9 Responses

  1. HAHHAHAHAHa piece of shit father this was hilarious

  2. ‘Plastic Peace Prize’

    That’s good. Like Plastic United Nations, Plastic Freedom and Democracy, Plastic so on and so forth. Lots of plastic out there. Has been for far back as I can remember. Even before.

    Schools been teaching plastic history for some time, and it’s going to get worse when they go private Our first daughter always wanted to be a teacher, like Malala wanted to be a doctor. Now, she teaches. Poor girl.

    There’s no institution these globalists freaks don’t fuck with, and fuck up

  3. I said to my wife, How proud you females must be of Malala to be awarded Nobel prize. She called me a four letter name.

  4. As I’ve said before to you Scott, I agree with everything you say, 100%! I will tell you a brief about my home town in the UK. It’s a ‘tourist’ town but the majority of the local population is out of work and on benefits, there are hundreds of teens and young adults wandering around the town on a daily basis doing literally nothing. Ok, maybe some of them are busking or giving out leaflets and stuff, but most are penniless and just being annoying. I often wonder what it will take to ‘fix’ the UKs problems. As I walk along I notice the large corp. booksellers (will remain nameless) and I give out a huge laugh. In front of me is a massive window display of Malala and her book ‘I am Malala’. Pictures of Malala and other Malala related stuff. No one, I mean not one of these young people will look or even buy that book. It is completely and utterly useless. So then I ask what is even the point of ‘Malala’…? You explained it very well!

  5. I recently found a video of an interview with a woman who grew up in Swat and was there when Malala was supposedly shot at. She questions why Malala was “fighting for a right” that girls weren’t even deprived of!

    • the Taliban schools teach girls right along side the boys. very few MSM outlets will mention that simple fact. It’s the regressive Pakistanis aligned with the West who want “separate but equal” schools for the girls. That’s the kind of school Malala’s POS daddy was running before his own government shut down his school (amply stated in that documentary by the NYT writer)

  6. I have some speculation to make. In 2009, a new head of the Peace Prize Committee was named, Mr. Jagland. A (former?) leftist, he moved Norway’s labor party to the middle, and has argued for more Norwegian troops in Afghanistan . Since his rise to the chair, the committee has awarded the prize to: 2009 Obama, 2010, a pro-Iraq War, anti-Chinese gov’t activist, 2011 two Liberian women (well timed to let one of them, Sirleaf, win the Liberian presidency) and one Yemeni woman, all politicians with ties to the west, (Sirleaf also has ties to Charles Taylor, and offered to host Africom in Liberia) the latter a formenter of the Yemeni Spring. Also possibly well tied to lay the groundwork for the Kony 2012 campaign, with its emphasis on African child soldiers. 2012 the EU. 2013 The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, (especially for its work in Syria) and now 2014. My speculation is that the CIA or other US agents have taken over the Nobel Peace Prize Committee and are fixing its prizes for propaganda purposes, probably using Jagland to do so. The Committee is only five people, so assuming one needs only a simple majority, one would only have to control three votes -through bribery, blackmail, or simple likemindedness. Granted this is just speculation, and I have no hard evidence.

  7. Oops. should read “possibly well timed to lay the groundwork”

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