David Haines and the Hundred Billion in “Humanitarian Aid” Lost in Afghanistan

by Scott Creighton

Thanks to the “ISIS Crisis” and several phony beheading videos, “humanitarian” and military contractors alike are frothing at the mouth in anticipation for the big paydays ahead. They are packing their bags, kissing their kids goodbye and heading over to Iraq to provide whatever “humanitarian” service pays them the most. Let’s call them “humanitarian mercenaries” shall we?

Iraq this time around is not going to be as big as it was before,” said Roger Carstens, a former special operations officer who has served as a contracted military adviser in Somalia and Afghanistan. “That said, this new war will present an opportunity for the companies that have a resident train and advising capability to contribute to this new effort.

President Obama has asked Congress to authorize $500 million to train a new Syrian opposition out of Saudi Arabia. That money would be part of a $5 billion fund Obama requested this spring from Congress to help train and equip U.S. allies to fight terrorists. Daily Beast

$500 million to train opposition to Syria out of Saudi Arabia? “ISIS” is Salafist. Wahhabist. Saudi. What a coincidence, huh?

As part of Obama’s new Coalition of the Willing, he’s also teaming up U.S. forces with the most reprehensible dictatorships in the Middle East, most of which have a large population of Salafist/Wahhabist terrorists to hire from: Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.

Nice company we keep, huh?

Yesterday we briefly explored the “humanitarian” work of David Haines, the most recent supposed “victim” of the phony “ISIS” beheading videos. We showed where he was linked to various rebuilding efforts in nations which had recently been forced to undergo a regime change by the U.S. State Department working hand in hand with SOCOM and the CIA.

These are just some of the “partners” that his current and former employers enjoyed doing business with in places like Croatia, South Sudan, Libya and Syria:

  • United States Agency for International Development
  • United States Department of State
  • Open Society Foundations
  • Asian Development Bank
  • World Bank
  • United Nations Democracy Fund

This morning there is an article out of McClatchy’s Washington Bureau which puts Mr. Haines’ “humanitarian work” in a little better perspective.

Though it’s about Afghanistan and according to his bio, David never worked in Afghanistan, the system that is installed in every one of these neoliberalized countries is about identical to the ones that came before it. Corruption, privatization, deregulation, “free markets”, creations of “economic free market zones”… it’s all the same: take as much as you can out of the country before it completely collapses on itself. It’s mergers and acquisitions on a nation by nation scale.

The article shows how hundreds of billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars have been pumped into “rebuilding efforts” in Afghanistan since we bombed it into submission back in late 2001. It shows how that money has either been completely wasted or simply disappeared into the fog of unaccountable corporate and privatized military occupation.

It’s easy to see how the nations Mr. Haines worked in would fall into that same category. No real reason to explain further on that one unless someone out there thinks Croatia, South Sudan and Libya are examples of non-failed states being run by crooks, murderers and despots.

Let’s take a peek at what McClatchy is saying about our 8 billion dollar a year investment in Afghanistan:

Among several wasteful U.S. programs cited by Sopko, he said that billions spent to fight Afghanistan’s flourishing opium trade have gone down the drain.

“The U.S. has already spent nearly $7.6 billion to combat the opium industry,” Sopko said. “Yet by every conceivable metric, we’ve failed. Production and cultivation are up, interdiction and eradication are down, financial support to the insurgency is up, and addiction and abuse are at unprecedented levels in Afghanistan.” McClatchy

Basic government services are not being met. Projects are built and left standing without being used so contractors can get paid. Most of the projects are probably not even worthy of occupation or capable of going on-line because the contractors making the huge bucks for building them are fully aware that the point of the project is to allow them to make money on the construction, not the end result.

Isn’t it funny that a small government like the Taliban was able to eradicate opium production in less than a year (2000) and the mighty U.S. government with it’s ties to Big Pharmaceutical companies can’t do it after 13 years and 8 billion dollars invested?

Heroin and opioid narcotic prescription medication addition is up to it’s highest levels ever recorded since we started “fighting the opium trade” in Afghanistan. Not just in that country, but all across the world. The banks are raking in illicit drug money hand over fist, washing it, putting it back out on the street like a Henry Ford production line.

The narcotic pacifies Afghanistan’s poor underclass like nothing else, keeping them enslaved to an addition that takes them away from the utopia that we in the United States brought to them with all that “freedom and democracy” we wrote on the bombs we dropped.

This is just a sampling of the kinds of “humanitarian” work being done in neoliberalized countries across the world. This is basically the kind of “humanitarian” work Mr. Haines contributed before his nonplussed exit via British “ISIS” guy.


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8 Responses

  1. Along with all the people they kill, they kill the meaning of words.

    Our baby girl went into massive debt getting her degree in ‘Human Services’ (or something sounds close to that), just finished a 10 month contract in one of the fields, and got an education on how those things really work.

    Her heart’s still in it, though, it’s that good a heart. Makes theirs like something the dog would roll around in

    • bless her heart…
      and I know it hurts you, Roy, to see her shocked at reality…. (or how things work now)..
      take care

      • Hi, Jan.

        And thanks for the blessing.

        County fair just finishing last day of it’s week and a day at the fairgrounds today. She came home for a few days to see it, took lots of pictures here at 611, including the garden, help her to remember what things look like. Said she’d email some back to us.

        If I can figure out how to do it, I’ll send some your way

        • Oh I would love to see them! Scott can help you…..he he I easily volunteer him…. I know a little about sending pics, but sometimes I get bogged down with different types of pictures…. Scott rescues me.

          Haven’t been to a county fair in years…. I remember pies and cotton candy and beautiful horses…. 🙂
          I did watch “The Greatest Show On Earth” last night…. the old movie version… with Jane Powell …. a circus was better than the down town movie house when I was a kid…… the bus ride to the fair grounds ,, and the long walk to the main tent.. it was an event….the county fair was always more fun though… lots to see and touch and so much walking… 🙂

          • Miles of walking, for sure, Jan.

            Special place to me, though. Lots of unhealthy grub.

            Besides, Pat and I first met there, 40some years back, stock car races. And, one of our grand kids always gets ribbons for her photography. Four blues this year. She’s gifted that way.

            Might take a while, but I’ll see what I can do to get some of those others to you

            • Do they still have foot long hot dogs!
              Awwww…. you and Pat met at a county fair….. hey that is movie ‘material’…. that makes the ‘fair’ very special!
              Would love to see them, Roy….. blue ribbon winner! I know you are proud….. 🙂

  2. ‘word check’ failed again…. ‘addition’ is adding up
    ‘addiction’ is being hooked on something..
    I am guessing you meant: addiction?

    I wish they had lost some of that money here in the US… on our roads or our cities!

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