ISIS™ Drives Texas-made Toyota Trucks Apparently Modified for U.S. Special Forces

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Well, what do you know. British SAS soldiers dressed up as “ISIS” driving Helix trucks.

UPDATE: Just so you guys from InfoWars know…. whoever put my article up on that site added that photo of someone in a Ford truck. That’s not in the original article.


We’ve got Iraqi army battalions driving around in Toyota trucks,” General McCaffrey, 2007

This you have to see to believe: the now iconic white Toyota trucks we see ISIS™ driving around look scarily familiar to ones purchased here in the states and outfitted by special forces which puts to rest the notion that ISIS™ simply ran up to a dealership in Iraq and made off with 30 or so vehicles. They aren’t even SOLD in Iraq and certainly not with these modifications. At least not as an entire fleet.

isis trucks

Isn’t it strange that “ISIS” just happens to be pictured along with a convoy of Toyota trucks that at least appear to be modified the exact same way special forces has them outfitted before shipping them from the factory in Texas?

When you combine this latest discovery with the fact that “ISIS” has 1. U.S. military small arms 2. U.S. military Humvees 3. U.S. military artillery 4. U.S. citizens running their online social media campaigns 5. John McCain met with destabilization campaign terrorists in Syria including someone from the newly formed “ISIS” in March of 2013… what conclusion would a reasonable person come to?

From the Wikipage for Toyota trucks:

After the bankruptcy of GM, GM ended its joint venture with Toyota. Toyota, needing additional production volume at its Texas and Mississippi plants, ended Corolla and Tacoma production at the Fremont plant. In 2010 all Tacoma production was moved to Toyota’s Texas plant in San Antonio. The Tacoma will be built alongside the Tundra. This brought a total of approximately 1,000 new jobs to San Antonio…

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom, multiple Toyota Tacomas have been observed in use by special forces units of the U.S. Army. Typically, they have been Double Cab models, with SR5 and TRD packages.

Despite the fact that the Hilux, from which the Tacoma is descended, is extremely common in the Middle East, the special forces found it to be easier to purchase Tacomas from American dealerships, modify them appropriately, and ship them to their areas. The gasoline engine used is significantly quieter than the diesel engines used in the HMMWV and some Hilux models. These were modified by eliminating the factory radio, along with almost all exterior lights and door buzzers. The front headlights have been modified to work in IR, in order to work with night vision. The engines are unmodified, but the vehicles have been fitted with brush guards, Warn winches, and a rollbar with a machine gun mount.[21]

Here, a blogger writes about military Toyotas and how special forces brought these in specially from the U.S.

So, the obvious question is, why ship brand new Tacomas all the way from the United States, when Middle East, Europe
and Asia is full of Hilux trucks, which include a heavier duty frame, suspension and diesel engines.    The answer is that
was simply easier for the Special Forces to buy them from local U.S. dealers, outfit them as they needed and ship them
over.” Military Toyota

That blogger, after confirming what I had found on Toyota’s Wiki page, also left this note at the bottom of that same page which I found to be extremely interesting:

A reader sent me this link, which shows a number of combat Toyota Tacomas that were apparently put into
storage and are being ready to be surplussed or scrapped.  Note that most of the equipment has been removed
and note their extremely worn condition and even numerous bullet holes.  Very interesting pictures.  I wish I
could put them directly on my site, but so far, I’ve been unable to locate the owner of the pictures to ask
permission. So for now, here is the link.  Hopefully the link will remain up there for some time.

******This link was removed at the request of the link’s owners….sorry******

Why would someone specifically request the removal of a link to surplussed or scrapped trucks? Is ISIS™ driving around in surplus special forces Tacomas? Are they from the Iraq army? Is “ISIS” nothing more than a trick by the Maliki government to help justify Obama bringing in troops and bombs to keep him in power? That would explain the trucks, wouldn’t it?

“ISIS” and their special forces edition Toyota trucks

By itself, this doesn’t prove anything. No one here is suggesting U.S. special forces are running around waving black flags and pretending to behead U.S. journalists.

However, it is worth mentioning and investigating how it came to be that these guys with all their fake videos and U.S. military weapons came to ride around in these photo ops with those nice, modified, Special Forces Edition Tacomas. That has to be a valid question. One worthy of a serious response from someone in authority.Seems to me someone should answer for that either here in the states or over in Maliki’s government.

Personally, I seriously doubt these ragtag misfits could take one special forces ranger’s personal truck from a Piggly Wiggly parking lot, much less a whole fleet of them in a combat zone. Very odd indeed, ain’t it?


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45 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    Rat Patrol. In reverse. The Rats are Patrolling.

  2. […] in Iraq against our puppet regime or the fact that “ISIS” seems to be run by Americans and outfitted with surplus U.S. military hardware as any respectable Psychological Operation would be? […]

  3. Why shouldn’t unreasonable people have a say in this?

    It’s a goddamn PSY-OP.

  4. They *could* have been supplied to the cannibal headhunters of the “Free” (Fee) “Syrian Army” and then handed on to ISIS.

  5. tjpse are HILUX trucks. you can tell by the front fascia. Don’t make or sell them in the US, although there’s been a petition to do so for about 30 years.

    • what specifically is the difference? they certainly look like TRDs with the specific modifications requested by special forces.

      • the headlight and grill assembly is definitely not tacoma, but hilux. google image search the two models, and do a side-by-side. And the modifications? just a brush guard. nothing special, and certainly not special forces. Can hardly see the gun mounts, but those aren’t hard to make either, needn’t be US military made.

      • Basically, Tacoma only exist in the USA and Hilux is an international “tougher” version. Tacoma’s are designed to drive on our perfect/medium American highways, where Hilux are basically built to be farm trucks. The frames are fully boxed versus C channeled. The beds are made of metal instead of composite material. In addition, the lights are more squared versus more round. The Tacoma looks like a bull dog where as the Hilux looks like something else.

  6. army SF doesn’t use any special modifications that you can’t get from a dealer in the US or Dubai, they both sell Tacomas. They are just different vehicles. Tacoma is a 3.6 L gasoline engine, and the HILUX is a turbo diesel.

    • and you can tell those are turbo diesels by looking at the front of the vehicle?

      they do actually have modifications that you can’t get at a dealership in the US or Dubai. Reduced running lights on the sides and rear of the vehicle and a special kind of headlight which works better with IR night vision. Plus, obviously, the machine gun mount on the back isn’t something that many US vehicle dealerships offer.

      Now, you claim these are HILUX models which are sold in Iraq. Fine. Prove it. How do you know these are HILUXs and not Tacomas?

  7. Come on people this whole thing is a charade. Axis of evil US/NATO/ISRAEL (Mossad is ISIS Israeli Secret Intelligence Service)

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  9. Hey there, I am going to have to agree with JK and say that these are Hilux trucks featured in the pictures. Just doing a simple images search you can see that these vehicles are a perfect match with the Hilux, However the Tacoma is a lot boxier, on the front lights and grill specifically. But like another commenter said, ISIS is a psyop through and through, and a very easy one to see through. I honestly don’t think Americans give a Shit out ISIS.

  10. “ISIS” is a U.S./Israeli/British outfit, created and sustained by those three countries’ secret governments, to act (literally) in ways that would inflame the masses and generate manufactured consent for more genocide. ISIS generally uses American small arms, artillery and vehicles, for their shameless false-flag chickenshit.

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  13. “ISIS” using Toyota trucks reminds me of the 1987 Libya-Chad Toyota War while I was working as a Libyan linguist for the USAF and NSA.

  14. You friggen idiots let’s make this simple: those trucks that Isis are using are late model HiLux pickups. Not made in or available to persons in the USA. Google is your friend.

  15. What Toyota Matt said, f’n Infowars just reposts anything willy nilly,

  16. […] ISIS™ Drives Texas-made Toyota Trucks Apparently Modified for U.S. Special Forces […]

  17. ISISisTHEnameOFaUSmilitaryCONTRACTOR


  19. Oh. My. Goodness. Quick google image search will tell all of the following :
    1: these are Hilux… quite obviously.
    2: the ‘modifications’ are just simple bolt-on bull bars and running boards
    3: special forces TACOMA brush guards look completely different, with headlight protection (doesnt really matter because they’re not tacomas)
    4: the TRD package tacoma doesn’t necessarily come with running boards, and if you want them, they wouldn’t be the flimsy aftermarket crap like in your pictures; they would be tube-steel.
    5: you are an idiot

    by coincidence, the US just gave new toyota trucks to Nigeria in their fight against Boko Haram

  21. […] [4] ISIS™ Drives Texas-made Toyota Trucks Apparently Modified for U.S. Special Forces […]

  22. […] [4] ISIS™ Drives Texas-made Toyota Trucks Apparently Modified for U.S. Special Forces […]

  23. Looking at the models concerned – the fronts panels are interchangeable, therefore the vehicles are either disguised Tacomas or locally bought Hilux which were driven across the borders of Turkey and Jordan in full view, they are military converted and to buy 4000 must have cost at the barest minimum for a single cab version i.e. AED 260,000,000 from Dubai and each year as I can see no mechanics qualified in the Caliphate or a supply chain(@$70 million a year minimum) that’s just for the trucks. If the Backers are really rich that’ not a problem, therefore we just trace Japans biggest export customer for brand new Hilux every year which disappear !

    This other site has Toyotas Sales figures in 2013 in the region, regrettably there is no need to import since they are sourced locally by dealerships ( funny thing Saudi Arabia buys nearly 300,000 Hilux a year. So although I would like to blame the US directly, I can only blame them for supplying Stingers, training in Jordan, TOW missiles and supporting the efforts of Turkey, Jordan, Israel and the Gulf States in turning Syria into a charnel house.

  24. Dude the US army gives the Iraqi and Afghan armies those vehicles and Humvees. Then, the Iraqi and Afghan security forces retreat and leave their trucks and weapons behind. That’s how ISIS is getting all those trucks.

  25. […] wordt in Irak én dat deze aangepast zijn, exact zoals dat gebeurt voor USA special troops (link). Ik kan dat zelf niet beoordelen, maar het klinkt […]

  26. […] [4] ISIS™ Drives Texas-made Toyota Trucks Apparently Modified for U.S. Special Forces […]

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