Another Fake ISIS™ Beheading Video: Racist Rita Katz is SELLING the Steven Sotloff Video

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The Times of Israel reports Steven had dual citizenship: American/Israeli. No wonder Rita Katz feels entitled to sell the video.

UPDATE: The authorities have reviewed the video and judged it to be “authentic”. There you have it.

UPDATE: As it just so happens, Obama had ordered another 350 troops into Iraq the same day this video came out. And, “American Special Forces commandos are on the ground fighting in northern Iraq“.  So much for them just being advisers or defending the embassy.

UPDATE: Thanks to Kenny’s Sideshow, I have a link to the newest staged beheading video. They “fixed” the problem of the no blood coming from the neck of the “victim” by simply switching to the second camera a little further away and to the right of the action. In short, they “zoomed out” but you can still see no blood coming from Steven’s neck while the “terrorist” saws away (they also took out the sound effects since some analysts said it sounded fake). Same fade to black and same quick flash over the body at the end with what I think is a stage prop head sitting on a body. Conclusion? They “fixed” problems which leads me further to believe it’s FAKE AS HELL (real terrorists wouldn’t worry about fixing believability issues. They’d just cut his head off)

UPDATE: Apparently it’s as bad as I thought. They are already pushing the “don’t watch the video” meme. Check out the Tweet from RabbiShaul and others already making the rounds at the end of this article.. yes, it’s a rabbi.


ISIS™ has struck again.

It has become widely understood that the video of James Foley being beheaded was a fake. For a number of reasons, even the MSM was starting to admit it looked “staged” as they tried to make up excuses for why the “most evil terrorist group in history” would fake a murder.

They tried a number of ways to keep the public from viewing the flawed hearts and minds infomercial. But they failed and the James Foley rallying cry for more bombs in Iraq and Syria were never heard.

What is at stake here is Obama’s credibility regarding his renewed aggression in Iraq and potentially (but not a certainty) his military intervention in Syria.

Without the James Foley psyop and the other failed ISIS™ propaganda campaigns generating any traction (40,000 Christians trapped on a mountain: ISIS™ Wants Your Women: They Took the Mosul Dam!: ISIS™ Beheading Children for No Apparent Reason) there was a real threat that Obama’s shrinking fan-base wouldn’t get behind another bombing campaign in Iraq on behalf of the businesses and banks that have been mopping up the profits in that country since George W. Bush lied us into invading it back in 2003.

Suddenly, there is a new fake beheading video but this one is a bit more obvious than the last. Especially when you consider where it came from and who is selling it.

“American journalist Steven Joel Sotloff has been beheaded by ISIS, according to a nearly three-minute video that purportedly shows his death. The SITE intelligence group said Tuesday afternoon that Islamic State, the militant group formerly known as ISIS, released the video, but it’s unclear when Sotloff was killed.” IBT

The video is for sale, put up by a racist Jewish Israeli-firster by the name of Rita Katz and her Muslim-hating war-mongering “intelligence” website, SITE. You can’t go to her site and view the video which she claims they got from  because you have to pay money for her services. She openly admits she hates Muslims, but apparently she likes money more.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has beheaded Steven J. Sotloff, the second American executed by the Islamic militant group, and posted a video of it on the Internet, the SITE Intelligence Group, a research organization that tracks jihadist web postings, said Tuesday. NYT

–Jewish Rita Katz, a woman with a long history of hatred of Muslim people, has another “scary Muslim” recording (for people with a working knowledge of the fraudulent Global War on Terror, that should be enough right there to send the bovine excrement meter off the charts) and she is literally selling it to the media (subscription to her “intelligence service” costs media outlets $2,500 a year) and the American people through her for profit organization called the SITE “Intelligence” Group. The recording is supposedly of a “scary Muslim” offering up a bounty on Jewish U.S. Ambassador to Yemen Gerald Feierstein. YBR   (wait a minute! I wrote that back in Dec. of 2012! They stole my work, the bastards! lol)

I tried to go to her site but was unable to because you have to have a subscription. Ergo, Rita Katz is indeed SELLING the video.

The video itself I cannot comment on since I have yet to see it. However, I can tell you, a still from it published by the New York Times looks as fake as the Foley one and in fact, the British MI6 agent playing the role of “evil terrorist” is holding the same fake stage knife he used to pretend to cut James Foley.

Rita Katz has long history of rabid racism toward Muslims plus, she has been on the government payroll for an equally long time. She’s basically the Hatred Welfare Queen of the Post 9/11 Era.

A reader of this website left a great comment detailing her history. It would be good to read the whole thing but here are a few highlights:

Remember that last faked Bin Laden tape with the dyed beard? The one where Bin Laden’s image moves for only 3 1/2 minutes, but stays frozen the rest of the time while his “remarks” continue? Rita intended that little fake job to coincide with the sixth anniversary of 9-11. On 7 Sept 07 at 10:00 am, she called White House counsel Fred F. Fielding and told him she had a new Osama Bin Laden tape. Rita also called Joel Bagnal, deputy assistant to the president for homeland security, and sent both men an e-mail with a link to a place on S.I.T.E. where the tape could be seen”  Revolution

Thanks to Yellow Brick Road blog stealing my content without giving me credit, we have a nice image to remember Rita Katz’ most “groundbreaking” exclusive thus far to date: Yes folks, the Grecian Formula bin Laden video was brought to you, for a profit, by the same folks releasing this latest “bomb Iraq” staged “beheading” propaganda.

obl comparison

YBR failed to take the best line from me though:

Basically, everything she does is a damn lie designed to make people hate Muslims as much as she does and to put large sums of tax-payers money in her greedy little pockets. ME!

Rita also promoted a story back then about the evil-doers plotting to abduct a Jewish ambassador. That story went everywhere but ended up being total bunk like all her other war-mongering stories.

I hope to see the newest installment of the ISIS™ Crisis Beheading Saga very soon. I wonder if they upped the production value on this one and opted for the stage knife that squirts stage blood? I wonder if they used the same fake head (notice they both have the same haircut? hmmmm?)

(to be continued)



and another “don’t look” Tweet


53 Responses

    • I did see it and I posted a link to it in the UPDATE section. Turns out, I found it via your site while you were apparently reading this article. Good stuff. I see folks are all over this one as well. the SITE connection isn’t going to do them any good. I wonder if they released it despite warnings from the administration since the last one didn’t go over so well.

  1. Green screen? In the video the wind is blowing their clothing, yet the tufts of grass in the background remain motionless.

    • The plants don’t even slightly wave…. they are as still as a photo…..

      and how does a man, who is going to have his head cut off, talk so calmly? and why doesn’t he just ram his cuffed hands lntp that man’s ‘tender area’… at least he would have the satisfaction of hearing him scream one time.

      • No, they’re definitely moving, just a lot less. Put your face right up to the screen and watch closely. They are outside but the video is even faker than the last one. I counted sixteen slashes, as opposed to 12 last time, and still no blood. This guy’s acting is worse than Foley also. The fact that there are two videos now will probably convince even more people. I mean, they couldn’t fake two videos right? Lol! The public is so gullible.

    • Who the hell cares about the freaking tress, it never shows the actual beheading. No full video with blood splashing left and right – no beheading. There are plenty of ways to do those effects without having a bruise.

  2. This “fakeness” has to be intentional.I mean,how hard would it be to rig it so that blood at least APPEARS to be coming from the wound? smh…..

    • This “fakeness” has to be intentional.

      Yes, it’s a test to see if there’s actually ANY limit to the stupidity and gullibility of the general population.

      There’s probably a bunch of billionaires sitting and laughing in a room, somewhere, daring each other to come up with the most outrageous lie imaginable, for the mass media shills to repeat with a straight face.

      “Wait, why don’t we tell them THIS?” “Seriously? 9/11 was one thing, but they’ll never swallow THAT.” “Wanna bet on it?”

      And we’re now watching the results — so far, it seems that most people will, in fact, swallow anything, if it comes from their ruling class overlords, and is endorsed by the Big Lie media.

      • Yup – another test to see how absurd they can go. The guy doesn’t even struggle or flinch at all, like he wants it. What a coincidence that the atmospheric conditions look exactly the same as that other video from a month ago. The Hollywood fx guy making these latex heads can probably charge the gummint $100,000 each for them. Sure beats working on CSI or Feast IV.

        • …and AGAIN his feet aren’t even tied – why doesn’t he try to run away or die trying? It’s so unbelievably non-believable.

    • Many in the general public will not notice that there is no presence of blood, because in many movies and shows, murder is depicted without bloodshed. The absence of blood is not noticed, because your brain will compensate and some probably believe they did see blood while his throat was being cut. This is hollywood murder and death. The head was just perfectly sawed off right? The blood on the head is perfect in the last shot. This is what people think death looks like becasue they see it that way on TV and by telling people not to watch and making it hard to find, it is likely that many people will try to view the video. I just don’t know why they are doing this. Last night I heard someone on the news say that ISIS was the most masterful asymmetric fighting force he has ever seen. This is total bullshit!! Scare tactics galore.
      Also at the very end of the video after threatening the British citizen someone says good good in English. That’s a rap.

  3. This is really sad. I observe that most highly educated people that I interact with really do appear to believe what the news is reporting. Either they believe the modern propaganda or they know they should not let on in the presence of their peers and colleagues that they are suspicious of news reports.

    • If Americans would schedule filed trips to your everyday farm, they could see the lie put to these videos every time some animal is set up to be served at your dinner table.

      Will there be any backlash at all regarding Barry “authenticating” yet another CPR dummy video, or will we be distracted by a copy of Jennifer Lawrence’s uncensored iCloud picture collection?

      • The farm is a great idea. Everyone in Murka could probably benefit from a little more experience with actual reality to put some perspective on the fantasy world we live in today.

  4. unless you’re reviewing the footage, you will fall for the BS. and unfortunately most people aren’t because after all, it’s just one more atrocity in a line of atrocities… why traumatize yourself?

    what pissed me off is fox news’ catherine herridge comes on and tells us the jihadists were told not to show the actual part where they take his head off… why? coz it would upset us! seriously fox? are there no free thinking people left on earth anymore or is it all wag the dog?

    propaganda is alive and thriving.

    • Because the more gory the video, the less likely any American news outlet will cover it, dumbass. It makes sense you all just can’t accept it. The world is horrible and you are searching for a reason why. There isn’t always a reason or a causal link.

  5. “ISIS” is the most “brutal” entity to ever threaten our very existence yet they fade to black on both videos just as what should be the very POINT of these “messages” are delivered. You’re right Luke,most people I talk to about this are horrified and repulsed not even having watched the video.If I suggest watching it to at least make an informed opinion I’m actually chastised for “wanting to watch such brutality”.Sorry to say but I think we’re done…..

  6. Both of these videos are fake as can be and so cliche they even take their staging cues from a popular 20-year-old movie:

  7. Wouldn’t it be fun if enough people started creating their own fake “beheading’ videos and then posting them, kind of like the “ice bucket challenge”. The stupider the better! We could then challenge our friends and neighbors to make a fake ‘beheading video and a donation to AE! Post ’em all over the internet! Sadly, most the folks I know are falling for this crappy propaganda, and would think it heresy – but it’s a nice dream.

  8. I ask for proof that Rita Katz is a real person, connected to a group called SITE, and most importantly, I want proof that , REAL evidence, that it was her (or SITE) behind the 2007 (‘fake’) bin laden tape. Otherwise you’re all full of s**t.
    I can find no official info on the subject, just a bunch of conspiracy websites saying it is so. Please get back to me on this, thank you.

    • I have the proof, as I did a long study on her. She was born in Basrah, Iraq and her father was executed there for (treason), then her family moved to Israel where she studied, served in the army, married a Russian and moved to USA. I was interested in her because I am from Iraq. My articles on her are in Arabic and would need quite a time to translate. If you are interested and can find some way to traslate them, I would send them to you.

  9. […] PRESS: Tweede ISIS onthoofding is weer een fake… hoe stom denken ze dat we zijn? Maar het komt de US en UK goed […]

  10. Let me get this straight, you mean to tell me that Jews will pretend to be faithful citizens of one country, then work in a devious manner in order to support the goals of Israel & other Jews?
    That’s a shocker!
    Seriously, if Americans weren’t so goddamned stupid & gullible, they wouldn’t have a chance with this nonsense.

  11. Thank you
    Blog fantastic
    Good luck

  12. […] Hier finden Sie den Originalartikel, Another Fake ISIS™ Beheading Video: Racist Rita Katz is SELLING the Steven Sotloff Video. […]

  13. Jehadi John as the Brits called him is too white to be the guy in the video.
    Yet another bit of BS from the press. The guy in the video is black, doing the so called beheading.

  14. […] the videos released by SITE showing the beheadings of the two somewhat American, not all that humanitarian and […]

  15. […] Verder klopt er iets niet met die onthoofdingen. Begrijp me goed, ik vind het absoluut waanzinnig… en waanzinnig treurig voor de nabestaanden wat er gebeurt… als het gebeurt! Ik zou er nimmer naar kijken, maar wat ik wel heb gezien, is dat er geen bloed was en dat er een mes werd gebruikt door die zwarte dadelbaard, waarmee je net een kippenborst kon doorsnijden. Om iemand zijn hoofd er af te snijden heb je een waanzinnig scherp mes nodig… vraag het de ‘hallebal muslamo’ en koosjere slagers maar, want anders wordt het zagen. Dat is één! […]

  16. These fake videos are just one part of Katz mission. I have written a study about her. Other tasks include launching radical Islamic online forums populating them with members under fake names. She herself enters with Arabic names as she speaks Arabic , being originally from Iraq. Those forums look pro-Islamic and may attract innocent Moslems, but in reality, they give Islam bad name. Katz fake members are easy to detect as all they say would be like “kill, the infidels, kill, kill” “slaughter people in USA and Europe” “Drink their blood” etc..

  17. […] press comes short of linking Sotloff (one of the “beheaded” “journalists” – ndM) to the Mossad but it produces the necessary evidence that would make such a suggestion […]

  18. The real problem is too many americans are beyond stupid. What kind of ruthless terrorist group fades out the actual beheading? None! What muslim fanatic terrorist group has a british spokesman? None! Just a few of the obvious. It went from just helping 300, 000 christians trapped on a mountain in a iraq to an all out murder invasion of syria, and not another word about the mountain. Listen to obama’s key word “hope”. The context makes no sense. The word alone is just a mind screw for weak minds.

    The most killing in the world is done by israel and america in the middle east. Crimes are committed against americans and muslims by terrorists using the worst terrorist tactics around. The very same tactics created by israel which coined the term “false flag”.

    Israeli crimes are 3x worst than any fake isis crime, and those terrorist attacks are supported. It’s all criminal bullshit. But none of it matters cause real terrorists make up whatever idiotic bullshit american stupidity will allow.

    The only way to achieve peace in the world.. eliminate stupidity starting with religion!

  19. Ok, so let me get this straight:

    ISIS, a violently radical Muslim organization whose sworn enemy are Zionists and Israelis makes these videos and sends them to ….. wait for it …. Sends them to Zionist Israelis …. because they trust them so much NOT to edit, alter or otherwise change the videos in any way that benefits the interests of Zionist Israel …. and they ALSO don’t mind that SITE is MAKING MONEY from these videos …. because ISIS has NO PROBLEM putting money into the pocket of a Zionist organization and allowing them to USE THESE VIDEOS TO BRING DOWN MORE BOMBS ON THEMSELVES.

    Folks, you dont HAVE TO figure out if the video is real or not….you just have to have a functioning BRAIN to see that this whole WAR PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN is being perpetrated after the false flag chemical attack could not be blamed on Assad.

    This is the work of DEVILS in human skin.

  20. These beheadings just reinforce the Islamic culture. They think it makes them look powerful when it only displays how brutal and insensitive they are to life, what savages they are. They have brains but have not learned how to use them. They are really ugly. In the west people only have to where hoods and cover their faces if they are in extreme shame or are in the act of committing a crime or performing an execution. The fact that all of the ISIS founders are ex-cons that somehow got out of prison, gives you an idea of their low mentality. Criminals have a lower than average IQ. An extreme Islamic state will be all about beheadings, crucifixions, rapes, kidnappings, mass murders. A lot worse than Mexico even. Their religion is about abusing women, inhibiting freedom, and eradicating knowledge, and hurting people. There is nothing legitimate about them. They only good thing they could possibly do now is to kill themselves before they do any more damage.

    • uh… yeah… thanks for that… insight? racism? … you’re gone

      • Don’t click on the user name of the person below with the long (Swedish?) title. I’m getting a warning that it’s a malicious link.

        • Dutch, it would seem:

          FALSE FLAGS AND PSY-OPS FOR UNCLE SAM … YOUR KIND NATION is a destroyer | Illuminati? Disinformation … focus on the [elite tumor???]

          Don’t quite get the elite tumor thing though. Not sure if that means something else in Dutch.

      • Not genuine words of someone who believes them. The rant above was only intended to insult the intelligence of your readers, I’m afraid. I’ve seen this type of cynical arrogance in the pathologically stupid when they think they are being clever.

  21. […] SITE outfit is notorious for releasing faked videos to cover Israeli […]

  22. […] Verder klopt er iets niet met die onthoofdingen. Begrijp me goed, ik vind het absoluut waanzinnig… en waanzinnig treurig voor de nabestaanden wat er gebeurt… als het gebeurt! Ik zou er nimmer naar kijken, maar wat ik wel heb gezien, is dat er geen bloed was en dat er een mes werd gebruikt door die zwarte dadelbaard, waarmee je net een slak kon doorsnijden. Om iemand zijn hoofd er af te snijden heb je een waanzinnig scherp mes nodig… vraag het de ‘hallebal muslamo’ en koosjere slagers maar, want anders wordt het zagen. Dat is één! […]

    • Als ze echt nep, ik vraag me af of de families van de slachtoffers zelfs weten. Zijn slachtoffers wordt toch vermoord?

      • Don’t click on that person’s user name. I’m getting a warning it is a malicious link.

        • Thanks – didn’t, and I typically allow neither scripting nor code extension execution of any kind. I appreciate the warning though.

        • Well, curiosity killed the cat again – couldn’t resist. I had to follow the link.

          Ajax injection.

          Look here:

          From the friendly Dutch user link above’s source code:

          jQuery(document).ready(function() {
          var ajaxRevslider = function(obj) {

          // obj.type : Post Type
          // : ID of Content to Load
          // obj.aspectratio : The Aspect Ratio of the Container / Media
          // obj.selector : The Container Selector where the Content of Ajax will be injected. It is done via the Essential Grid on Return of Content

          var content = “”;

          data = {};

          data.action = ‘revslider_ajax_call_front’;
          data.client_action = ‘get_slider_html’;
          data.token = ‘af9b449f60’;
          data.type = obj.type;
          data.aspectratio = obj.aspectratio;

          // SYNC AJAX REQUEST
          dataType: ‘json’,
          success: function(ret, textStatus, XMLHttpRequest) {
          if(ret.success == true)
          content =;
          error: function(e) {

          return content;

          var ajaxRemoveRevslider = function(obj) {
          return jQuery(obj.selector+” .rev_slider”).revkill();

          var extendessential = setInterval(function() {
          if (jQuery.fn.tpessential != undefined) {
          if(typeof(jQuery.fn.tpessential.defaults) !== ‘undefined’) {
          // type: Name of the Post to load via Ajax into the Essential Grid Ajax Container
          // func: the Function Name which is Called once the Item with the Post Type has been clicked
          // killfunc: function to kill in case the Ajax Window going to be removed (before Remove function !
          // openAnimationSpeed: how quick the Ajax Content window should be animated (default is 0.3)

  23. That’s cool. I have just created a few apps and would be more than happy with that at the start!

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