About that Russian Military Convoy: Russia is to Kiev as ISIS is to Baghdad

by Scott Creighton

Russia is to Kiev as ISIS is to Baghdad.

The most recent ISIS Crisis, the 40,000 trapped “Christian Satanists”, turned out to be yet another complete fabrication in the long history of Washington lies directed at ginning up popular support for more military action in Iraq (incubator babies, WMDs, Yellow Cake from Niger, connections to 9/11)

The result of this latest effort at manufacturing consent is Obama’s justification for bombing runs in the country illegally invaded and occupied by George W. Bush. He’s now putting “boots on the ground” in direct contradiction to his previous promises to the contrary.

Today, the Obama administration is announcing long term military aid to our puppet regime in Iraq in an effort to quell a legitimate indigenous uprising which has resulted from our neo-liberalizing their country at gunpoint.

With nearly a thousand “advisers” already on the ground in the country and bombing runs taking place frequently, a new Phoenix Program seems to be underway, this time in Iraq, while Obama’s cadre of fake “progressive” backers dutifully look the other way at Ferguson, MO.

“If all those conditions start getting set, then I think you will see the possibility of us accepting an invitation to do more substantive train, advise and assist,””defense official

The ISIS psyop has been moderately successful thanks to a complicit and unquestioning mass media (might as well wear Special Ops patches) serving as nothing more than a fifth branch of Obama’s military machine just as they did in the run-up to Iraq in 2003. Now ISIS can fade in Iraq as the Obama administration via their media outlets begins to slowly contort the official narrative to something slightly closer to the truth:

“Obama, however, faces two important questions: can Abadi’s new government unite Iraqis after his predecessor helped drive the Sunni minority into the jihadist camp?” Reuters

The reality is, the vast majority of the Iraqi population are sick and tired of living under the neo-liberal dictatorship we set up in their country after illegally invading it in 2003.

The Sunni MAJORITY that we are now starting to refer to as “jihadist” once again has to be stamped out as a viable alternative to the “democracy” that we installed on behalf of various international oil and banking cartels.

By the same token, we have a similar situation developing in Ukraine and although the cast of characters is slightly different, the end result as desired by the globalist Washington Consensus, appears to be the same.

In Ukraine we have another troubled, unelected neo-liberal dictatorship installed by Washington on behalf of various international oil and banking interests.

Like their counterparts in Baghdad, the regime in Kiev is embroiled in a vicious attempt to quell a popular uprising which threatens not only their hegemony in Ukraine but also that of certain foreign investors like Royal Dutch Shell, just to name one.

Unfortunately for Kiev, they didn’t have much of a military to start with and have even less now that many of their soldiers have either joined ranks with the opposition in the east or left the country altogether for Russia and are now part of the 100,000+ Ukrainian refugees in that country.

Mercenaries make up a good part of the Ukrainian military at this point fighting for the fascist client state in Kiev. Much of the rest hail from the outwardly neo-Nazi militias that our state department recruited to help with the color revolution that put our fascists in power in the first place earlier this year.

What should have been a rather simple scorched earth operation to rid their country of the rebellious DPR (resistance in Ukraine) has turned out to be a drawn out town-by-town running battle for Kiev, which they appear to be losing.

What Kiev needed, aside from the downing of Flight MH17 to bring international condemnation on the resistance (which has backfired thanks to a still open and free internet), was their very own ISIS.

Today the complicit media is parroting a rather ridiculous story out of Britain (of course) that Russia has sent an armed convoy of tanks and personnel carriers into Ukraine and subsequently, the Ukrainian military has destroyed many of these weapons of war.

The story centers on something our puppet dictator in Kiev, Poroshenko,  SUPPOSEDLY told British Prime Minister David Cameron.

“Poroshenko told British Prime Minister David Cameron that “the majority” of a column of Russian military vehicles “had been destroyed by the Ukrainian artillery at night,” his office said in a statement.” Washington Post

To further enhance the lie, Britain’s complicit media (should be wearing MI6 patches) immediately jumped into the fray, claiming to have “witnessed” these Russian military assets crossing the border. No proof was offered either by Cameron’s office, nor the reporters from the British equivalent of our Mockingbird press.

“Yesterday afternoon, two UK reporters working for the Guardian and Telegraph, supposedly located by the border in east Ukraine, reported that they were “eyewitnesses” as a convoy of military trucks crossed the Russian border into the breakaway Donetsk republic, aka Ukraine. While there have been photos of the military trucks that have accompanied the Russian humantiarian convoy on Russian territory, there has so far been no proof, aside from said eyewitness reports, confirming Russian military vehicles entered or were in Ukraine. ” Zero Hedge

The Russians immediately denied the accusation yesterday. They could not and would not have done that if they knew parts of their military equipment lies in smoldering ruins in a neighboring country along with the requisite number of dead or captured Russian soldiers who would have been operating the machines.

“There is no Russian military convoy that allegedly crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border at night or in the daytime,” ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said. ITAR-TASS

Not surprisingly, the US military also fails to confirm the claim.

What Kiev needs is military aid to thwart the threat of losing the eastern half of their country. They also understand that if the rebels are successful in the east, their fascist regime won’t last long as it will embolden dissidents in the rest of the country who are currently living under an illegal puppet government installed by the western nations.

What they need is a crisis which can generate traction in NATO countries to support sending military aid, advisers and operatives to back the neo-Nazi government in Kiev.

Flight 17 cannot do that as that it is already downed the media cycle has been played out.

They need their very own ISIS.

Let me show you some pictures.

Donetsk July 22nd. Ukrainian tank destroyed by rebels

July 14

July 7


July 5

That last image has been reported as a pro-Russian separatist armored vehicle as were the two above it. But it isn’t. In fact, it’s one of the many military vehicles belonging to Kiev that have been destroyed by the DPR during the fighting. Taht according to a DPR commander who’s quote you will find a little later in this article.

In the latest Newsweek article about the destruction of Russian tanks in Ukraine, that photo from July 5 is placed directly under the headline making the claim about Russian tanks. The caption (for those who bother to read it) clearly states it’s from the earlier date and declines to admit it’s the Ukrainian military.

Over at Zero Hedge, Tyler Durden is reporting a rather bizarre twist to the story. His claim is that perhaps the Kiev government is blowing up their own tanks in order to make it look like Russian tanks being destroyed.

To me this is a deliberate effort to deligitimize the resistance in eastern Ukraine. He even goes so far as to quote a DPR commander who clearly states that the tanks were destroyed in battle by the DPR, then Tyler again ponders whether or not Kiev did it themselves.

The leadership of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic has dismissed the Ukrainian government’s statement on destroying a convoy of what appeared to be Russian armored vehicles in eastern Ukraine.

“We haven’t received any armored vehicles from Russia. No Russian units, including Russian armored vehicles, have crossed the border. Hence, no Russian armored vehicles could have been destroyed,” DPR First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Purgin told Interfax on Friday evening.

Purgin claimed that, on the contrary, the militias destroyed about 100 Ukrainian armored vehicles.

A lot of Ukrainian armored vehicles were destroyed today, 7 at one place, 12 at another. And the same all over the DPR territory. A total of about 100 of them,” Purgin said.

Tyler takes that to mean:

The implication is clear: while 100 or so Ukraine armored vehicles may or may not have been destroyed, one wonders if indeed the Ukraine army was responsible in “aiding” the separatists with what would appear to be a friendly-fire incident?” Tyler Durden

Uh, why on earth is that “clear”? Where is the DPR’s “implication” that Kiev is bombing their own military equipment? They flat-out said they have destroyed 100 military vehicles. No “implication” of Kiev doing it as far as I can tell.

What is clear is that the last thing the complicit media in this country and Britain want you to know is the simple fact that the resistance is eastern Ukraine is a viable, legitimate uprising currently threatening our fascist client state in Kiev. That’s clear. Sound familiar?

What is also clear is the simple fact that Kiev is losing this battle with the DPR mainly because the vast majority of the people in that region (and perhaps throughout Ukraine) support them. Sound familiar?

That is what is clear.

What is also clear is the fact that several media outlets have already taken to using images of wrecked Ukrainian military hardware (wrecked by the DPR not Kiev, thank you very much Tyler) and tried to imply they are the ‘smoking gun’ evidence of Russia invading Ukraine.

This is starting to sound an awful lot like some PR campaign designed to take a weakness (destroyed Kiev hardware) and turn it to their advantage. If they can get away with it, just briefly, then perhaps Obama can garner the requisite left cover needed to justify putting “boots on the ground” in Ukraine or at least shipping them all those MRAPS and armored personnel carriers that the local sheriff’s office isn’t going to be getting this year.

If that doesn’t sound like a redux of the ISIS in Iraq psyop, I don’t know what does.


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  1. I hope Obama is not going to send our American service to fight an occupation concerning Russians…. pray he is smarter than that… unless WWIII is the event his puppet masters want….. and then let’s hope Obama will finally be brave enough to say ‘enough is enough’…. no more killing and wounding of Americans for corporate greed….

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