The ISIS Crisis: The Yazidis Genocide Psyop Turns Out to be More B.S.

by Scott Creighton

The CIA’s USAID says “no real crisis for Yazidis. nevermind”

Now that Barack Obama has his “boots on the ground” in Iraq trying to reclaim the gains made by his criminal predecessor, the Yazidis Genocide Psyop is no longer needed. So, without further ado, “Poof“… it’s gone.

Yes folks, that’s the CIA’s USAID declaring “VICTORY” in the mountains over the ebil ISIS.

Barack declares victory and few remaining subservient phony leftists give him a golf clap and try to forget all about it.

We broke the ISIL siege of Mount Sinjar,” President Peace Prize preens. “I could not be prouder of the men and women of our military who carried out this humanitarian operation almost flawlessly,”

The troops remain. The drone strikes and the bombing runs will continue.

Like so many other ISIS related travesties, this one petered out upon further inspection. Go figure.

Obama as Commander in Chief, sent only 20 Special Forces members to Mount Sinjar to “check” on the condition of those 40,000 dying Yazidis who were supposedly trapped on the mountain by the ISIS brand of al Qaeda.

“No food. No water. And as they pass the hours in the scorching summer heat, no escape for 40,000 desperate people hiding in the mountains of northwestern Iraq from the killers surrounding them on the ground below.” CNN Aug 8

“ISIS hates Yazidis” “convert or DIE!” we were told as the ebil ISIS were slaughtering poor trapped Yazidi children left and right just for the fun of it on some desolate mountain deep in Iraq.


Uh… turns out that was all just more incubator babies bullshit.

“..conditions on the mountain range became clear only after a team of about 20 U.S. Special Forces landed there early Wednesday and were able to observe the situation firsthand. After spending the day on site, the mission team estimated that there were between 4,000 and 5,000 members of the Yazidi sect in the areaand that about half of those were actually refugees, Kirby told reporters.

Contrary to fears that tens of thousands of refugees were without food or water, the Special Forces also concluded that the Yazidis were no longer at imminent risk of hunger or dehydration, thanks to a weeklong U.S. campaign to drop relief supplies by air. As a result, the Special Forces re-boarded their aircraft, flew back to their base in the northern city of Irbil, and reported to their superiors that there was no need to organize an evacuation.” Washington Post

So let’s break that down a bit.

Turns out Barack sent “about” 20 of the 180 sets of boots to the area to “check it out”. Those 180 were supposed to have been sent for just that purpose. But only “about” 20 went. What does “about” mean? Is that 15? 5? 1? What percentage is “about” in high level theoretical math? What percentage is it in propaganda math?

And look at what they found: 4 to 5 thousand people on the mountain and ‘about” half of them were refugees fleeing the fighting down below (when I say “fighting” I mean Maliki brutally bombing his own civilian population so he can cling to power, which seems to have failed in more ways than one)

Setting aside the mathematical equation for the value of “about”, that means “about” 2,500 to 4,999 of them were there BECAUSE THEY FUCKING LIVE THERE

Jason Ditz gets it right, but can’t seem to make that final connection as he often misses it (by “accident” of course):

“What happened? It turns out there were Yazidis already living on the top of the mountain, and while there were some refugees who fled up there, the humanitarian crisis was never what it was made out to be, and an influx of Kurdish PKK fighters from Syria quickly broke the overblown siege…

… Officials seem to be totally ignoring the obvious question: where the false story of a massive Yazidi crisis came from in the first place. In that regard, there are no easy answers, though the obvious beneficiaries of the new US war are the Kurdish Peshmerga, which are suddenly getting flooded with Western arms to fight ISIS, and eventually, to fuel their secession.

The administration just seems grateful that they got an excuse to start a war they’ve been chomping at the bit for, and even if the excuse didn’t exactly pan out, they’ll quickly find another.” AntiWar

Uh. The false story of the Yazidi crisis came from us, ditz. Do you see the USAID Tweets? It wasn’t a convenient coincidence like Cheney calling for a ‘new pearl harbor type event” and 9/11 happening exactly one year later ( ಠ_ಠ )

You think Jason knows the U.S. has some pretty advanced satellite imaging systems and can see the top of Mount Sinjar anytime they want? You think he wonders why they sent only “about” 20 guys to rescue the “40,000” besieged by all those thousands of ISIS monsters?

You think maybe someone already KNEW the story was B.S. before they sent them? Perhaps? Jason? Maybe?

Anyway, another ISIS Crisis story swirls down the fecal matter stained bowl while common sense, logic and reason are the only real casualties. again

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  1. this story is a psycho pysop to cover for the us f ing up and to make it look like all is well in iraq ect just like them saying iraqis throw flowers at them upon thier cowardly retreat

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