Mike Brown Shooting: Videos From the QuikTrip Robbery

by Scott Creighton

Mike Brown’s relative guilt or innocence in this petty theft and simple assault have little bearing on his shooting. What is important is what happened at the scene where he was confronted by the officer and eventually shot to death in a period of less than 3 minutes.

Police have released two of the three security videos they claim to have from the Quik Trip robbery in Ferguson which took place prior to Mike Brown’s shooting. The still photos I published earlier came from one of these two videos.

It would appear that the videos back up the incident report filed on the theft of the box of cigarellos. The large guy (allegedly Mike Brown) takes several boxes from the person behind the counter, he gives one to his friend Dorian Johnson who’s lawyer claims he admitted to being there, Dorian puts the one he had back on the counter and leaves with empty hands, while the large guy (allegedly Mike Brown) takes one box with him, physically pushing what appears to be either the manager or the franchise owner out of the way as he leaves. (video after break)

Some have wondered about the clothing worn by that individual, the one who tried to stop the thief from leaving. To that I suggest, another employee can be seen walking from the back of the store to a location behind the counter when the large guy (Mike) approaches it. That individual is a short woman, wearing a shirt consistent with a QuikTrip red polo style uniform. It would appear the man who is assaulted by the large guy (Mike) also came out from behind the counter as Mike was leaving so my guess is the man was either the franchise owner or a store manager or an off-duty employee.

Here are the videos sequenced.


3 Responses

  1. I can’t prove it, but I think that video is a complete lie. When these things happen, they always put out something that shows the victim in a bad light. According to reports I heard, this child just graduated from high school and was about to start college classes. Why on earth would he participate in a theft and put all that in jeopardy? Also, everyone- especially these video savvy kids, knows everything is recorded. It’s hard for me to believe he was dumb enough to try this. Why steal a box of cheap cigars? How expensive could they be? The media can report anything they want, they just don’t let anyone with the real facts be heard.

    • An 18-year-old man isn’t a “child” in the true sense of the word. Also, Michael Brown was’t enrolled in a college or university–he was enrolled in one of those career colleges they target toward the black population. The video shows he was a thug, and his associations indicate he may have been a gang member as well.

      The media picked up this story when there were virtually no details available, and now that it’s falling apart as the details come in, people who decided Michael Brown was murdered are unable to deal with the new evidence which increasingly points to a justified shoot.

    • i so agree with your suspicions. it has this george zimmerman feel to the whole story. fake crap oozing from all sides paints this one respectable and then thuggish. they want to jack our brains around til we don’t know what to think. psychological sorcery of the highest kind.

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