Mike Brown Shooting: I still say it wasn’t justified… its Manslaughter in the 1st Degree

by Scott Creighton

(Please see all UPDATES at the end of this article)

 Officer Wilson is reported to have gotten out of Dodge ‘days ago’ leaving his home for parts unknown. He’s on paid administrative leave.

“Officer Wilson! You just shot an unarmed teenager in the back while he was running away cus he stole a cheap box of cigars. What are you doing next?’




This morning’s Ferguson PD press conference is paving the way for the local police to declare as justifiable the shooting death of unarmed and fleeing 18-year-old Michael Brown.

Setting the stage for this inflammatory press conference, yesterday, in an obvious attempt at spin control, Missouri State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson was brought in and put in charge of the security situation on the ground in Ferguson. He immediately began pressing the flesh to put a “kinder and gentler” face on crowd control but the color of his skin is hard to ignore as is the timing of this particular regime change.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson takes over in Ferguson

Last night it was a love-fest in Ferguson. The calm before the storm I guess.

Turns out the story they are going with is the “gentle giant” Mike Brown was involved in a strong arm robbery at the QuickTrip convenience store just minutes prior to being confronted by Officer Darren Wilson who was responding to the call.

The loot? Some Swisher Sweets cigars valued at about $1.50 $38 maybe.

According to the official story, Mike Brown and his friend matched the description of the robbers of the $1.50 $38 cigars, Officer Wilson approached them in his vehicle, pulled up beside them, started to get out of this car… and it was on.

It is said that Officer Wilson was punched in the face and shoved back into his car and the struggle through the window with Michael continued until he broke free and started running away.

That’s when Wilson stepped out of his vehicle and fired his weapon striking Brown several times, perhaps (probably) in the back as he fled, killing the young man.

Police released the name of the officer this morning, finally. They also released this series of images of Brown roughing up the QuikTrip working as he made off with his $1.50 $38 prize.

This is what the looters did to the QuickTrip market on the first night of the riots. It’s as if they knew something we didn’t.

When you compare the images from the security camera in the QuickTrip to those of Mike Brown laying dead on the street some 20 minutes later, there’s no question, that is Mike Brown in that store bullying the much smaller QT employee. It’s not even a question… that’s Mike, the so-called “gentle giant”


What hasn’t been released are hospital photos of the injuries to Darren Wilson. They are key to this investigation.

Let’s be brutally honest: you never put your hands on a cop unless they are in the process of murdering or raping someone. You can try to run away on foot if you like (doing it in a car is dangerous to bystanders and therefore wrong) but you aren’t going to get very far. Cops have radios and helicopters and tasers and drones and more friends than you do, so it’s pretty much an object lesson in futility these days. Plus, you know you’re getting “tuned up” afterward if you aren’t lucky enough to have a COPS film crew with the officers.

You damn sure don’t punch a cop over something like being arrested for stealing Swisher Sweets. That’s just silly. You take the bust, you call a lawyer and suck it up. That’s what you do. That’s what I did (I didn’t steal anything, it was a DUI).

But 18-year-olds make silly mistakes. I did. You did. We all did.

We just didn’t punch cops. That’s why we are still here and not in the Big House or on parole.

But all that said, let me say this: the shooting of Mike Brown was not justified based on this information presented this morning.That is my unequivocal position at this time.

The officer involved needs to be arrested, not put on administrative duties, and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

And let’s be brutally honest again: how far do you think that overweight 250lb+ guy was going to be able to run? You figure a cop would have been able to recognize that simple and obvious flaw in Mike’s get-away plan right off the bat.

But he didn’t. Instead, according to officials, Officer Wilson got out of his vehicle and started shooting… at the big guy’s back.

Like I said before, it’s key to this investigation to see just how badly if at all Wilson was injured. It’s also important to understand we are all sort of playing Captain Hindsight here. Officer Wilson didn’t know whether or not Mike was armed. We have to give Wilson that much.

And if the officer’s jaw was broken or his eye socket crushed, it’s kind of understandable that Wilson panicked knowing he wouldn’t be able to chase Mike very far if at all.

However, absent that kind of crippling injury, since the officer was no longer in danger for his life as Mike pathetically (I can’t imaging he runs very fast) tried to escape, his shooting of the young man in the back seems like (seems) it was more out of fear, adrenaline and anger than it was self preservation or public service.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is Manslaughter in the First Degree.

Therefore, based on what I have been able to ascertain from the official reports thus far, I still say the shooting of Mike Brown wasn’t justified.


UPDATE: Full incident report (PDF) MINUS any details surrounding the shooting of the unarmed fleeing overweight 18-year-old. Imagine that.

UPDATE: Dorian Johnson, alleged mastermind behind the Great Cigarello Heist ($1.50 at best accounting) (oh wait… the police report says it’s worth $48. No wonder he didn’t want to pay) has reportedly admitted he and Mike pulled off the caper at the QuickTrip market. Or so reports his lawyer via Obama propaganda outlet MSNBC:

“We need to see that tape, my client did tell us and told the FBI that they went into the store. He told FBI that he did take cigarillos, he told that to the DOJ and the St. Louis County Police.” MSNBC, Obama’s Ministry of Truth

UPDATE: Gov. Nixon tells residents to not be “uppity” while the slow gears of justice grind on very very slowly – ““Nothing should deter figuring out how and why Michael Brown was killed. But there’s a lot of steps between now and when justice is served. And there will be a lot of other bounces along the way. And there will be a lot of tension at times.” That’s pretty reassuring from the white governor of the state, now isn’t it? It was Nixon who brought in the State Police and put Capt. Ron “hugmister” Johnson in charge.

UPDATE: ““The police are not being transparent and they are strategically trying to justify this execution-style murder.” lawyer for family of Mike Brown

UPDATE: Missouri State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson is giving a press conference “keeping it real” with the residents of Ferguson promising “a bunch of hugs” from the police tonight. He refuses to address the specifics of the shooting or the alleged robbery of the $1.50 $38 cigars.

UPDATE: According to police records, it was one box of Swisher Sweets cigars taken in the robbery at QuickTrip. Value? $1.50 $38

UPDATE: Officer Wilson is reported to have gotten out of Dodge ‘days ago’ leaving his home for parts unknown. He’s on paid administrative leave.

“Officer Wilson! You just shot an unarmed teenager in the back while he was running away cus he stole a cheap box of cigars. What are you doing next?’


UPDATE: Ferguson residents are gathering and angry. They have reason to be. No charges filed thus far against Officer Wilson who has apparently been allowed to flee like bin Laden’s family after 9/11.

UPDATE: Mike’s red baseball cap seen in the store video stills pictured in article above, was photographed at the scene of Mike’s shooting.

A hat lays at the scene where Michael Brown was shot to death Saturday.

UPDATE: Oh shit. 2 DOJ “protest marshals” are in Ferguson coaching protesters on how to protest tonight. Same crew as from the Treyvon Martin fiasco. That can’t be good.

UPDATE: At 12:01 Saturday, Officer Wilson confronted Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson after responding to a call about the cigarello heist at QT. At 12:04 another officer arrived to find Brown lying on the ground presumably dying or dead.

It took less than 3 minutes for the confrontation according to police records.

During that time, 4 to 6 shots were fired. Again, there is no preliminary report from the scene.


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23 Responses

  1. I imagine his run was more of a shuffle seeing as he was wearing socks and sandals.

    The Twittersphere is suggesting that’s not a QuickTrip employee since they always have red polos on.

    Did any of the eyewitnesses ever say that it was a black cop who shot Brown?

    • I’ve looked up that guy. he’s been with the department since ’97. I doubt it’s the same guy. I think if it were, they would be quick to release an image of him. the two witness reports I have seen said the officer was white if that helps.

      Yeah, I can’t imagine Mike running very fast wearing those sandals.

      • Any merit to him dying wearing tennis shoes and different striped socks than shown in the convience store stills?

        • look at the picture of the body on the ground then look at the stills. you can see the stripes of the white straps of the sandals in both. so no. not tennis shoes. both sets of images are in my article. click on them for larger views.

  2. why do we see no blood on the kid’s back? he was supposed to have been shot from behind while fleeing. why don’t we see at least one exit wound? why does his blood flow in a straight line (and uphill, it appears) as opposed to flowing evenly from the wound(s)?

    why did ferguson dispatch not know of the shooting for several hours?

    why did witness tiffany mitchell not mention mike brown’s friend dorian johnson? johnson stated he was close enough to touch his friend and the officer, and that the officer was pointing his gun at both of them. mitchell’s story should have been about 2 guys — one who ran & one who was shot. instead, mitchell makes no mention of johnson whatsoever. not sure of other witnesses, but i wouldn’t be surprised if johnson isn’t in their stories, either.

    why would chris hayes ask dorian johnson what he thought the police dash-cam would show? and i thought it odd that johnson would answer that nothing could have been caught on camera because the car was parked such & such way, etc — i guess that takes care of the dash-cam problem.

    did it seem to anyone else that the no-fly-zone was imposed to hide the fact that there were NO mass-riots, looting, etc?

    • “did it seem to anyone else that the no-fly-zone was imposed to hide the fact that there were NO mass-riots, looting, etc?”

      I think that is that is very likely. either that or they wanted to hide the brutality they were expecting to have to commit

  3. I know this is a small detail, but I have never been in a QuikTrip (Arizona or Georgia) where an employee is not wearing a QT polo shirt while working. Every QT I have been inside looks nothing like the entrance as seen on the security camera images in your article. These are just observations on my part, which likely mean nothing.

    • It’s a good point I have heard elsewhere as well. It’s like a McDonalds employee wearing a tank-top. It stands out and is a valid observation. I doubt they would photoshop it and the image certainly LOOKS like Mike, but again, they’ve had 6 days… so, anything is possible.

    • it’s a red polo shirt? the latest video released shows a different camera angle and there is another employee, a short woman, wearing a red polo shirt.


      looks like the guy who confronted him was manager or franchise owner

      see my new article for video

  4. The victim had no respect for the property of the store he stole, the person of the clerk he shoved, even coming back in to show “who’s boss”, the rights of motorists in the streets when sidewalk available, or the authority of police. No one was going to tell him what to do. I find it entirely possible he resisted arrest or assaulted the police, but he found out the hard way a trained cop was not the same as pushing around a small store clerk.

    • I’m sure he did resist arrest like I wrote in my first article about this. But as a society, we have to have rules governing how our police respond to various situations. We do have these standard operating procedures as a matter of fact. And all I am saying is shooting an unarmed person in the back while they are fleeing is not allowed. If it isn’t already defined that way in Ferguson, it should be. That’s why I think it’s Man 1. That’s too nothing of the fact that up to 6 shots were fired and reportedly some hit him in the back, some hit him while he was trying to surrender (that’s not as clear since the ONLY report of that comes from the guy who failed to mention Mike fighting with the cop through the window of his car after pushing him back into it)

    • We got punk skateboarders riding their boards right down the middle of the street, looking for trouble, ready for it, begging for it. “Bring it!” they’re saying.

      Most of us find a way around them, allow them to grow up, maybe learn something about respect, even though we could just as easily run them down, teach them the hard way

  5. Have you not noticed that Dorian Johnson has neck tattoos that are covered-up with make-up in all of his press interviews, and that he is blatantly lying and fudging details in every single one?

    The black grievance industry jumped on this situation to make some money, the media picked up this story to distract from more important news, yet despite all that, you think it was a bad shoot. I find that very strange.

    • why? am I automatically jump on the other side after waiting to see where Al Sharpton comes down on an issue?

      You seem to be missing a simple facts.

      The witnesses who aren’t Dorian Johnson both say the Wilson shot at him while he was running away.

      Johnson said that as well.

      So did the preliminary report from the PD for that matter.

      You know what I don’t get?

      Everyone jumped on my position on the George Zimmerman case, I obviously took a different position than Al Sharpton back then. And honestly, I’ve been more critical of Sharpton showing up and inciting racial tension in this case as well, so I hardly think ANYTHING that I have written on this matter justifies that kind of innuendo, Prom Queen.

      And that is too say nothing of all the work I did on the Miriam Carey case while Mr. Shapton kept his mouth closed on that one.

      Really, Prom Queen?

      You call it the “black grievance industry”, I’ve been calling it a designed distraction from the more pressing news of the day, and frankly, I figure my description is a bit more accurate and I have spent a great deal of time researching and covering those forgotten news stories this weekend, thank you very much.

      But here’s the hard thing everyone seems to be forgetting… the guy was running away (from ALL ACCOUNTS). You don’t shoot people while they are running away if you don’t have just cause to think they pose an immediate danger to society.

      You also try to avoid shooting people who are running away 6 times or more.

      Do I give a shit if his partner had tats on his neck? Do you really think that matters that much?

      18 is a “child” thank you. I’m 47. In this day and age, I look at most people under 30 as such. If he can’t legally drink, he’s a child. Hell, in this country, most people are children till they’re in their 70s if they ever mature to adulthood.

      “Gang member”, “neck tats”, “career colleges targeted toward black populations”… dude… skirting some mighty fine lines on this one aren’t ya?

      Why don’t you just come right out and say it? “Mike was an underprivileged black guy who got what he deserved”

      The law is the law. The law doesn’t change if someone is a SUSPECTED gang member or if his friend has tats on his neck or if he isn’t fortunate enough to go to a four year accredited institution of higher learning.

      What I have presented WHEN I DID COVER THIS STORY has been fact, not supposition. And certainly not racially biased slurs like the kind presented by Al Sharpton.. and you.

      Fact is, the second autopsy, results out last night soon to be published on my site here, do not show entry wounds in his back. That’s FACT. Not innuendo. Not guilt by association. Fact. Like the video from the store. Fact. Like independent witness statements. Fact. Like the missing incident report from the shooting. Fact. Like the cop given leave to hide from the press. Fact.

      If you find it “strange” that I choose to write about the facts in this case, as I do with EVERYTHING I write about, then so be it. But that’s what I do.

      and I still say shooting a fleeing suspect in the back who at least up until then appeared to have been unarmed, is a bad shoot. Like it or not, most precinct standard operating procedures agree with me on that one. That’s also a FACT.

      so find it strange if you want. that’s what I do. what I have always done.

      • When the facts aren’t in and a story is being used to distract and divide the population, you are usually skeptical of the dominant narrative. Hence this seems out of the norm.

        When the MSM peddles an eyewitness who lacks credibility (Dorian Johnson sounds totally coached and glosses over important details) and when his tattoos are covered-up to further the narrative, that is pretty messed up.

        • I have been skeptical of the dominant narrative. They were calling him “the gentle giant” when I was saying it was pretty clear he attacked the officer and shoved him back in his car. And I do think I was one of the first to publish both the images of the incident in the store as well as the video. I also stated Dorian Johnson was clearly lying… I made that inference in my first article about this. Even before his name had been released.

          all of that said… shooting an unarmed fleeing suspect is not only reprehensible, it’s illegal. but it’s not “murder”, it’s manslaughter.

          So I’m just curious why the need to attempt to smear my coverage of all of this.

          • No intention to smear–just confused as it seems like a departure from your usual pieces.

            To me, this case has seemed like jamming a square peg into a round hole since day once, and the timing and questionable facts of the case are only affirming that opinion for me. When people are working so hard to obscure the real story by blatantly coaching witnesses and sending in agent provocateurs, that is the real story here.

            The narrative may have been engineered to put Eric Holder on notice.

            • It’s not a departure from what I do. I look at the evidence. that’s what I do. then look at how the narrative is being formed. in case you haven’t noticed, the narrative they are working hard to to obscure right now is anything involving the cop’s shooting of Mike Brown. You even have the MSM and the agent provocateurs running around saying “this isn’t about Mike anymore”… no I guess when the police force sees he was clearly shot in back and they still haven’t done anything to bring his killer to justice, yeah, I guess that certainly does something for someone.

              You know how this would end tomorrow? They arrest his killer and charge him with whatever crime is suited to the evidence. In this case, I think it’s manslaughter.

              The locals would be happy and the press would end up having to leave because they can’t continue pretending there are riots in Ferguson.

              That is how it could end tomorrow. But it won’t. Because no one’s talking about justice anymore or a police officer who simply overreacted and made a mistake. Now it’s all about that guy in New York and anything else they can come up with to keep the distraction going.

              Sorry, but I don’t see how I have done anything differently in this case. I took an opposite stand than most on the George Zimmerman case. I certainly didn’t buy into the Michael Hastings bullshit story as sold by InfoWarrior Joe Biggs. And again, compare my work on Malala to that of most other “alternative” journalists.

              I look at the evidence and how the MSM is spinning the story. I’ve learned that will tell you a lot. It doesn’t matter if the kid’s publicist put make-up on his neck for a CNN shoot… that’s not the spin. The spin is keeping you focused on “militarized police” as opposed to a bad shoot. That’s the evidence at hand. And if the cop were detained like anyone else would be at this point for doing that, then this whole thing would be over tomorrow. And that’s the truth. And that’s what I’m writing.

        • Scott seems to follow the facts….. he doesn’t deliberately go against the ‘dominate’ story….

  6. “You know how this would end tomorrow? They arrest his killer and charge him with whatever crime is suited to the evidence”—the only reason an arrest would be justified was if in fact it was proven that it was a “bad shoot”.But since the only evidence we have to go by is the very media that you purport to be sceptical of in all these “news stories” how can you say that an arrest is what action need be taken.In all officer shootings there are internal investigations but not mandatory arrests-so what makes this case different?Because your gut tells you there’s been yet another “grave injustice”?…..

    • “so what makes this case different?”

      he was shot “at least” 6 times? probably 3 or 4 from behind at a distance? unarmed? fleeing? witnesses? two of ’em aside from Dorian? That kinda stuff tends to make me a little suspect. I guess I’m silly that way.

      tell you what, when you finally see the incident report, not just the one they released to cast aspersions on Mike but the one from the shooting, and when you finally see the dashcam video they are sitting on, and when you finally read the official autopsy report not the one done by the JFK magic Bullet apologist, when they finally release Wilson’s hospital report (if he had a crushed eye orbit, don’t you think they would have made that disclosure at this point?)… and if everything we know as evidence now is discredited, then you can wonder why it is that I taking the position that I am.

      Because what is happening right now is you and many others are assuming that is going to be the case. I am simply looking at the evidence that exists right now and forming an opinion. and YES… I do think those two girls are credible witnesses, Dorian less so, but their statements have merit and must be considered like anyone elses.

      and yes, the withholding of things like I just mentioned, is in fact evidence in and of itself. If any of it would clear Wilson and they don’t release it, then they are deliberately trying to anger the local public, that in itself is wrong. if it doesn’t go toward clearing him, but instead would implicate Wilson further… well, you understand that as well.

      and honestly I think there is enough evidence available to detain and prosecute the officer. whether or not he’s convicted is up to the jury. that is all the community wants and all I want.

      • It all comes down to Divide And Conquer Scott.I’m not saying the points we (kind of) disagree on are moot,but just like election results or the outcome of a football game,in the long run what we think can be argued until the proverbial cows come home-doesn’t matter….

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