The ISIS™ Crisis: President Mordor Surges in Iraq

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Left cover propagandists like Robert Creamer are already hard at work –  Progressives Should Stand with the President to Oppose Genocide – “But we cannot stand by idly and watch ISIS commit genocide…President Obama is taking the same kind of clear-eyed, confident, measured approach to Iraq that allowed him to find and eliminate Osama Bin Laden and has massively increased the respect for America throughout the world.”


“Today America is coming to help” President Peace Prize

As predicted, the ISIS Crisis marketing campaign and road show ( a nice glossy corporate style PR portfolio and brochure ; running around playing soccer with people’s heads,  telling Iraqi men they are there to take their women  and claiming to come to New York or London once they are finished with Iraq) has apparently produced enough traction to allow President Peace Prize to start a new Shock and Awe in Iraq. At least, that’s what his handlers seem to think.

President Obama signed authorization last night to allow the military to begin bombing runs and other various actions in Iraq in support of our neo-liberal puppet Nouri al-Maliki and all those “national interests” (read as global corporations) we installed along with him.

President Barack Obama authorized U.S. airstrikes in northern Iraq Thursday night, warning they would be launched if needed to defend Americans from advancing Islamic militants and protect civilians under siege. His announcement threatened a renewal of U.S. military involvement in the country’s long sectarian war… “Today America is coming to help,” he declared. AP

The audacity of a U.S. president claiming we are “coming to help” anyone with more bombs is cute, if not totally laughable.

Note to all other countries: when President Fascist promises he’s “coming to help” your nation… run. Just run. No nation, no home, no history is worth your life or those your children.

When the monstrosity that is the shining city on the hill sets Sauron’s gaze upon your shire, there are no miracles, no wizards, no elves. There will be no merry band of brothers to come to your aid. The left cover of President Mordor sees to that.

What is happening in Iraq is a legitimate uprising against our neo-liberal regime (a brutal dictatorship) that threatens what business leaders call the “stability” of the nation. al-Maliki will lose control and the Ba’ath party will rise once again if President Corporate Spokesman does nothing.

He tried sending in 800 “advisers” two months ago but apparently that wasn’t enough to quell the uppity Iraqis who want their country back, so now President “CHANGE” is staging his own Shock and Awe surge in the country in order to maintain control of the resources his predecessor acquired with tons of lies and tons of bombs.

What Iraq needs is a combination of the 2006-2007 death squads (called the “surge”) to wipe out wrong-thinking Iraqis embedded in the major hubs of the country as well as another replay of the March 2003 Shock and Awe in the north to crush the Ba’athist rebellion.

The photo above was used as a piece of propaganda early in this conflict, put out by our puppet dictator, urging Iraqis to join the death squads to wipe out the leftists. See how happy they are? Even the kids get into the act.

What is taking shape in the country is potentially another Indonesia circa 1965. Suharto was our man back then with LBJ pulling the strings. Let’s “HOPE” Obama’s fascist slaughter doesn’t rack up as many corpses.



3 Responses

  1. Good point, well made! Pres. Obama’s war-dogs probably cannot kill everybody who stands up against our puppet regime but they will gladly try. Resist at your peril and that of everyone around you.

  2. Sometimes you edge into satire, which is very confusing because SATIRE IS REAL!!!

    I need me some Bill Hicks.

  3. “… we cannot stand by idly and watch … (fill in the blank)”.

    It’s hard to conceive of a larger pile of bullshit than this. We certainly can “stand by idly and watch” anything and everything without regard to the magnitude of its horror scale. We stand by idly watching our own military murder civilians in drone strikes, we stand by and idly watch our inner cities degrade and use government money to subsidize companies like Walmart to help (yes, Walmart is government subsidized — when half the employees are on food assistance supplied by your taxes that’s government subsidization because our taxes are paying Walmart half or more of what Walmart should be paying its own employees!). We stand by idly and watch as Israel bombs the shit out of Gaza, targeting civilians intentionally. We have stood by and idly watched our own government torture people until it became “normal” and accepted at a slightly reduced level. In fact we only don’t stand by and idly watch (whatever) when there is something to gain or steal by “helping”.

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