Tarpley and “Cartalucci”… Meet al-Sisi’s New Economic Adviser, Tony Blair

by Scott Creighton

For quite sometime, Webster Tarpley along with the hearts and minds psyop called “Tony Cartalucci”, have been steadily praising the virtues of one Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the neoliberal Obama administration’s latest client regime in Egypt.

Despite the fact that he rose to power only after meeting with U.S. state department and then did so with the same sort of brutal “protesters” we saw in places like Syria, Libya and most recently in Ukraine and Thailand, Mr. Tarpley and “Cartalucci” both continued to present al-Sisi as some sort of counter-IMF, anti-U.S. hero doing the work of the masses. It has long been obvious that nothing could be further from the truth.

They continued supporting Sisi after he sucked-up to Israel, the U.S. war department and Saudi Arabia. Tarpley and “Cartalucci” continued supporting him (often writing screeds calling out the thousands of alternative journalists who could see al-Sisi for the Mubarak-styled monster he was) even after he slaughtered over 2,500 to gain power and then jailed 20,000 others to keep it prior to his sham “election”

Today news has come out from several sources that Tony Blair is going to be al-Sisi’s new economic adviser, telling him how and where Egypt should invest and helping bring all those lucrative multinational trade deals to impose on the people of Egypt along the way.

Is there a mea-culpa expected in the near future for the Sisi twins? Don’t count on it. Shills don’t do take-backs. They aren’t allowed.

The former prime minister, now Middle East peace envoy, who supported the coup against Egypt‘s elected president Mohamed Morsi, is to give Sisi advice on “economic reform” in collaboration with a UAE-financed taskforce in Cairo – a decision criticised by one former ally.

The UAE taskforce is being run by the management consultancy Strategy&, formerly Booz and Co, now part of PricewaterhouseCoopers, to attract investment into Egypt’s crisis-ridden economy at a forthcoming Egypt donors’ conference sponsored by the oil-rich UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.” Guardian

A spokeswoman for Blair told the Guardian that his attempts to garner support for Egypt from the international community was not being done “for any personal gain whatsoever.”

He is giving advice, he will have meetings, that’s all, she said, stressing that neither Blair nor any organizations associated with him would make money out of Egypt.

She added that he believe the Sisi government “should be supported in its reform agenda and he will help in any way he can, but not as part of a team.”” RT

Yes, that Blair and Saudi Arabia supported economic reform agenda they speak about is the very same neoliberal agenda they have been backing for decades.

It’s the same brutal austerity measures/IMF reforms agenda Webster Tarpley and “Cartalucci” pretend to oppose…

… and the same agenda I said necessitated the removal of the President Morsi and the removal of Egypt’s anti-neoliberal constitution of 2013.

And here we are, not too much later, and we see Tony Blair of all people signing on to help Saudi Arabia and Booz & Co. That company by the way “… was spun off from Booz Allen Hamilton in conjunction with a private equity takeover by The Carlyle Group in 2008″

In April of this year, Booz & Co was bought by PricewaterhouseCoppers who is really the company behind the deal. You don’t get more globalist and neo-liberal than them. They’ve been involved in tons of scandals over the years: American International Group Inc.Tyco settlementHouse of Lords inquiry in the UK ,  JP Morgan Securities audit  and my favorite World Bank Favouring for Water Privatization in Delhi

So, that’s who is in bed with al-Sisi. That is what brought you the so-called “real revolution” in Egypt (“real revolution” according to Webster Tarpley and “Tony Cartalucci” both supposedly leaders in the anti-globalization, anti-neoliberal movements)

I don’t really expect a retraction from them at this point. After all, shills aren’t allowed much leeway when it comes to their “money-shot” topics. More likely Tarpley will simply continue supporting everything Obama does and “Tony” will keep pretending the fascist coup in Thailand is just peachy-keen.



11 Responses

  1. A shill is what I’d call someone who spends everyday attacking other voices in the alternative media while supporting the Muslim Brotherhood that has worked for Western and Zionist imperial designs for a century and is currently working for them in Tunisia Syria and Egypt … that is, a shill is: Scott Crieghton.

    • You must be pretty fucking stupid if you can’t see that the military regime in Egypt is “working for Western and Zionist imperial designs”.

      Of course, the other possibility is that a shill is: you.

    • Holy crap. Really? your hero in Egypt is bedding down with Netanyahu, the Saudi Royals, the State Department, PricewaterhouseCoopers and now Tony Blair… and all you can come back with is more demonization of the most popular political movement in the Middle East? That’s the best you got? That’s pathetic. But yeah, I guess that is a fine example of what folks like Tarpley and “Cartalucci” are going to be doing in the wake of this new revelation.

      • Muslim Brotherhood is fighting the government in Syria with US Zionist and Saudi help. They have been for DECADES. Why are you defending them in Egypt???

        So you make this connection with Sisi, but you dismissed the decade plus lobbying that Thaksin Shinawatra in Thailand has been receiving? Did you know the US embassy yesterday had a big July 4 party, never invited anyone from the new government of Thailand and instead had all the red shirt leaders out on bail come, leaders who were more than happy to click glasses with their US masters…

        Who the fuck are you kidding Scott? You are either stupid or a sellout whore, either way your take on anything is fucking worthless and the amount of time (about 50%) you spend on attacking others in the alternative media reeks of cognitive infiltration…

        • I make this connection with Sisi? Like what? It’s my fault? HE made the connection with the IMF, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Tony Blair. HE had 2,500 protesters killed so he could TAKE power. HE put 20,000 opposition members in prison and several JOURNALISTS mind you. HE did that. He’s a puppet dictator in a client state and you can’t stand the fact that people are calling him out for what he is. So you accuse, accuse accuse everyone else. But no one’s buying it.

  2. What won’t Tony Blair do for money?

  3. “Willyloman” seems to be the not credible cognitive infiltrator. Tarpley would never feature & endorse the visciously anti-Syria, CIA-Mossad disinfo site; uruknet as willyloman does. See; urukexposed. blogspot.com , & search:- ”uruknet” ON thenakedfascist.blogspot.com

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