New Location of Search Area Contradicts “Ping Data”… “Ping Data” Dropped Down Memory Hole

by Scott Creighton

It’s time to reboot the investigation into Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

Well, this is nice. The latest search distraction location for Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 has sifted about 700 miles northeast of the previous area. It’s still in the Indian Ocean Garbage Patch and CNNMSNBCNBCABCFOX still refuses to mention the words “Garbage Patch” in relation to this part of the Indian Ocean. But I did hear someone on CNN just say every piece of junk seen floating in the water isn’t necessarily part of Flight 370, so that’s a step in the right direction I guess.

Based on the new information, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said it had shifted the search area for the jet that disappeared nearly three weeks ago to a region 1,100 kilometers (680 miles) to the northeast of where planes and ships had been trying to find any sign of it.

… AMSA said the change in search areas came from new information based on continuing analysis of radar data between the South China Sea and the Strait of Malacca before radar contact was lost with Flight 370 early on March 8. AP

Notice, the change in the search area is based on new analysis of that unidentified radar blip that headed back toward Butterworth Air Force Base after Flight 370 disappeared off the transponder tracking. That unidentified radar blip is now being universally reported by the MSM as Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. Of course, there is no evidence of that.

Radar signals from the location where the missing aircraft, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, was last contacted by ground controllers suggested that the plane may have turned away from its northeastward course toward Beijing, officials said. Military radar then detected an unidentified aircraft at several points, apparently headed west across the Malaysian peninsula and out into the Indian Ocean, the head of the country’s air force told reporters. The last detected location was hundreds of miles to the west of where search and rescue efforts were initially focused.

The military took no immediate action on Saturday to investigate the unidentified blips, whose path appeared to take the aircraft near the heavily populated island of Penang, and only later realized the significance of the radar readings. The search area was then expanded to take in waters west of the peninsula as well as east — encompassing almost 27,000 square nautical miles, an area bigger than South Carolina — but officials did not give a full explanation for the move. New York Times, Mar. 12

The Thai military also saw a blip. An unidentified blip.

Thai officials said their own radar showed an unidentified plane, possibly flight MH370, flying towards the Strait of Malacca.

But when asked why it took so long to release the information, air force spokesman Montol Suchookorn said: ‘The Royal Thai Air Force only looks after any threats against our country.’ Metro UK Mar. 19

The Malaysian military came under some criticism because, according to their story, they saw an unidentified blip heading right towards Butterworth Air Force Base at a considerable rate of speed and apparently did nothing to intercept it.

This unidentified radar contact crossed their entire country, blowing through several radar tracking sectors without identifying itself, making a bee-line for a military installation and they did nothing to even find out what it was? They tracked that blip for OVER AN HOUR heading toward their base and didn’t scramble any jets to get a visual on it? Why do you think that is?

Investigators are puzzled over Malaysian military’s inaction in responding to an unidentified blip on their radar screens that was later said to be the missing flight MH370, the New York Times reported today.

It reported that the plane flew past three military radars and over Penang but nothing was done to identify it, which would have helped prevent its disappearance. Malaysian Insider, Mar. 16

That radar data has not suddenly grown a transponder recording showing that it was in fact Flight 370. There is no new radar data. They are just interpreting it differently now. The only difference is the media has forgotten that the blip is just an unidentified blip and as you can see, it didn’t cause the Malaysian military any concern and it was used to redirect the search from the start.

Authorities explained that this “new lead” is based on their analysis, not a significant new clue. “There is a set of radar data from a number of sources (Malaysian and Thai military radar), but most of this work is closer analysis of existing data rather than new radar data coming to light,” said Martin Dolan, chief commissioner of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. New York mag. Mar. 28

Taking that into consideration, let’s take a closer look at the rest of the new groundbreaking story.

According to officials, that blip was moving faster than previously reported. How fast? No one is really saying.

But let’s take this into consideration doing something that the MSM isn’t: let’s consider this in light of the original Inmarsat satellite “handshake” data which derailed the search for Flight 370 in the first place sending it down to the Indian Ocean Garbage Patch.

Here’s an interesting graphic I got from New Straits Times. See if you can spot the interesting part.


First of all, notice how they show Flight 370 being tracked back across Malaysia as if what they tracked had been absolutely identified as Flight 370. That’s the first thing.

But do you notice something else? The “partial handshake” from the Inmarsat data at 8:11am is the ONLY Inmarsat satellite data they mention. Gone is any mention of the tracking of all those other “handshakes”

It’s gone but not forgotten. Remember this?

new ping graph

This is that graphic put together by Scott Henderson that was being spammed up everywhere for a few days until it was dismissed as being based entirely on his speculation. The Washington Post actually had a similar graphic with the last 4 “handshake” locations plotted out on a similar graph but they removed it, rightly, once is was exposed as being based on no hard evidence from Inmarsat.


graphic of last 4 “ping” locations from Inmarsat data… since removed


Notice they didn’t bother labeling the rings where those “handshakes” supposedly took place. They didn’t label them in terms of their distances from the satellite which is all the information they could possibly glean from the data.

Actually, it was pointed out by a reporter someplace that the company Inmarsat, may not have even recorded the earlier “handshakes” since they don’t typically do that if the airline isn’t paying for their service. Might just explain why they have refused to hand over their raw data to the Chinese who have asked for it and it might actually explain why there is no call-outs on any of the graphics detailing the distance of those rings to the satellite.

But consider this: if they did actually have that missing data which they refuse to hand over, how could this new location fit within the known “handshake” distances that they used to plot the NTSB’s high probability tracks? In order to cross those distance rings at those specific times while traveling a total of 700 fewer miles, the speed of the plane would have to be considerably slower. Wouldn’t it? Could it even remain in the air at such a speed?

This is all we really know about Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. Say what you will, gripe, cry, moan, call your buddies from the next cubicle, ask Uncle Sunstein how to handle pesky conspiracy theorists… do what you have to in order to sleep at night. Frankly, I don’t care.

This is ALL we REALLY know about the fate of Flight 370 and given that FACT, it’s where we have to pressure certain authorities to redirect their search.

begin again

Why is it that this new presumed flight path for 370 wasn’t picked up on the Jindalee Operational Radar Network? It had to have flown right through it. You know if you fill in the two supposed arcs of where they say that last partial handshake came from, you get an area surprisingly close to where it went off the radar in the first place over the South China Sea.

graph 3

Today’s ridiculous distraction, the irresponsible assumption that the blip seen and ignored by Malaysian military is Flight 370, some new garbage floating in the Indian Ocean Garbage Patch… all of these heaped upon the growing pile of previous misinformation scattered about the wreckage of this so-called “investigation”… is now bordering on the criminal.

This is no investigation. It’s a diversion, a distraction, meant to keep Flight 370 from ever being found. And it’s become painfully obvious even to those who are not “conspiracy theorists” by nature. You have to have a special kind of education not to see it. The kind CNN employees obviously have.

That’s why Cass Sunstein had to go on MSM in order to rant about the “conspiracy theorists”

Mr. Sunstein says the problem is the internet and that we shouldn’t be rushing to judgement of what we perceive as nefarious behavior from our “unnamed sources” without solid evidence.

I think the time has come, with all these false leads and fabricated distractions, to say we have all the solid evidence we need in order to know something is dreadfully wrong with this phony WWE style “investigation”

Someone high up on the pay-scale doesn’t have any intention of finding Flight 370 and that is the ONLY thing that has been disclosed in this investigation. That and a bunch of junk floating around in the Garbage Patch.

It’s time to reboot.

12 Responses

  1. It would seem to me that the investigation is completely bogus and the “truth” of 370 will never come to light… but the question remains…. why?

  2. Why can’t they seriously search the area that the oil rigger pointed out? Maybe the ‘box’ was turned off…. and it is not able to ‘ping’. Would anyone have done that?
    So, serious searching for large objects on bottom of that sea floor area might show a plane. Some one needs to look. Someone who really wants to know.

    • Early reports said that area was being searched (Chinese Sat pics too), and when the announcement was made to search in completely different areas I saw reports that China would ‘ continue’ to search in South China sea.

      One other area of interest to me (speculation) is that when the US sent ships to search (Was it USS Hood?) they Instantly went straight to the Andoman sea, and searched there for a few days even after the “Pings” misdirection. IF this was Coverup and not pt1 and if the plane was shot down (heading towards Butterworth) then the US were in the best place to find and hide evidence. At the time according to the Inmarsat story . US already had and were analyzing ping data which if true (NOT) Would have told the US they were in the wrong place and on the wrong arc wasting time for many more days afterwards

      • ” the US sent ships to search (Was it USS Hood?) they Instantly went straight to the Andoman sea”

        Not true. The following is straight from the 7th Fleet’s Facebook page

        U.S. 7th Fleet
        March 8
        U.S. 7th Fleet Sends USS Pinckney, P-3C to Assist in Search Efforts of Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet
        South China Sea (March 8) – USS Pinckney (DDG 91), an Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer, is en route to the southern coast of Vietnam to aid in the search efforts of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, March 8.
        Pinckney was conducting training and maritime security operations in international waters of the South China Sea. The ship could be in vicinity of the missing jet within 24 hours and carries two MH-60R helicopters which can be equipped for search and rescue.
        A P-3C Orion aircraft will also depart shortly from Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan bringing long-range search, radar and communications capabilities to the efforts.
        Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by this tragic event.

        Here is another

        .S. 7th Fleet
        March 9
        U.S. P-3 and USS Pinckney Helicopter Over Malaysian Airlines Search Site

        (Gulf of Thailand) – A Navy P-3C Orion and an MH-60R helicopter launched from USS Pinckney (DDG 91) are searching over the last known communication and radar positions of Malaysia Airlines MH370, March 9.
        There has been no report of debris sighted at this time.
        The P-3 took off from Okinawa and arrived on station early afternoon March 9, with approximately three hours of fuel remaining for searching the site.
        Pinckney was diverted from a training mission in the South China Sea to search for signs of the missing aircraft. Its MH-60R Seahawk helicopters are designed search and rescue, as well as anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, surveillance, communications relay, naval gunfire support and logistics support. It can fly a maximum of 180 knots with a ceiling of13,000 ft. and maximum range of 245 Nautical Miles.
        USNS Ericsson is en route to the scene to provide underway fuel and logistics replenishment, ensuring Pinckney and its helicopters can maximize their time on station.

        and another

        U.S. 7th Fleet
        March 9
        Here is the current events update from Seventh Fleet for March 10th, 1100a.m. (Hong Kong time zone) #MH370 search efforts:

        • The Navy MH-60R helo will have about 10.5 hours of search coverage today in the Eastern search area (Gulf of Thailand). If needed, the helo is capable of nighttime searching – it flew last night using its Forward Looking Infra-red (FLIR) camera.
        • Today the Navy P-3 will search an area west of Malaysia in the northern section of the Strait of Malacca. The P-3 can cover more than 1,500 square miles every hour (about 4,000 square kilometers)
        • US Navy aircraft have not seen any debris associated with commercial aircraft wreckage. Our aircraft are able to clearly detect small debris in the water, but so far it has all been trash or wood.
        • We’ve seen media reports of various objects such as doors or windows being found. I can’t confirm any of those reports.

        Thanks for your continued support of our Sailors.

        as for the Kidd

        Update for the evening of March 10th:
        USS Kidd has now joined USS Pinckney in the search for flight #MH370.
        U.S. 7th Fleet has sent Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Kidd to the Gulf of Thailand to join USS Pinckney.
        Kidd brings the same Arleigh-Burke Class capabilities as Pinckney with its two MH-60R Seahawk helicopters which are designed for search and rescue, as well as anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, surveillance, communications relay, naval gunfire support and logistics support.
        The helicopters can fly a maximum of 180 knots with a ceiling of 13,000 ft., have a maximum range of 245 nautical miles and the capability to conduct searches at night using its Forward Looking Infra-red (FLIR) camera.
        Kidd, like Pinckney, was conducting training and maritime security operations in international waters in the South China Sea before being sent to assist in the search efforts.
        Both ships have crews of more than 300 Sailors each and are multi-mission ships designed to operate independently or with an associated strike group.
        The US Navy still has one maritime patrol aircraft, a P-3C Orion from the Grey Knights of Patrol Squadron 46 (VP-46), on station flying from Subang Jaya, Malaysia.
        The two destroyers departed Naval Base San Diego Jan. 7 on independent deployments to the Western Pacific Ocean.

        this is the gulf of Thailand,Gulf+of+Thailand&gl=us&ei=dJ01U_29FsnJsQSZs4GQBw&ved=0CIgBELYD

        they don’t mention exactly when the Kidd moved over to the Strait of Malacca. they simply mention it was there on Mar. 16th

        U.S. 7th Fleet shared a link.
        March 15
        Update for March 16th:

        USS Kidd continues to search northwest of the Strait of Malacca. The size and unknown location of the potential crash site makes the area to be searched expansive but the two MH-60R Sea Hawk helicopters deployed on Kidd project our search capability hundreds of miles over the horizon. To date, no aircraft or wreckage debris has been located.

        A P-8 Poseidon will fly a search mission today northwest of Kuala Lumpur in the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal.

        (U.S. Navy video/Released) U.S. 7th Fleet

        Notice, these two destroyers, each carrying cruise missiles, were BOTH in the international waters of the South China Sea when Flight 370 went down.

        here is a link to the 7th Fleet’s Facebook page

        • Sorry , stupid unrehearsed claim to have made. although , Kidd was sent to that area and remained there long after the Ping data was analyzed by the US (12th) so did they not know of, or doubt the implications of ping data?

  3. Two points to add. all these supposed paths involve flying over Indonesian airspace (Which they deny). The press conferences from Australia and Malaysia specifically mention the paths were calculated on “all” the (supposed) pings not just the last, so the claim of no other pings is inconsistent.

  4. Man, you have issues. Getting older, you realise three or four things. One is that truth will always try to “find itself”. Two is that the authoriries’ “math guys” are highly skilled, but aware of the fact that reflection, trying and counting can be very time-consuming, but also that other people, who may take the right guess first or sit on facts or data they have not released to others, may beat them to it. They also need to weigh in every tiny detail, but/and they can only count on and with what is “real”, and what is known, and only one thing at a time. So, like many others, they need to buy time, and they need to make mistakes. Three, newspapers graphics is done by newspapers graphicists instructed by the guys who can spell, who in the meantime sit in the offices of those who can read, speaking about those who can cook. Or the weather, or, at best, what anglas of the incoming news should be emphasised with us, and what only hinted at. Or what our constituency would take snap at. Four, persons in operative positions on “the ground” are a pretty much like the “maths guys”, but with the difference that they deal with live people where the math guys deal with facts and numbers. The upside is that people (in this situation) actually will do what they are told (which the numbers won’t), the downside that they may go very wrong if they are given bad information or work on hunches. Or climb up the walls if the maths guys aren’t delivering. You don’t send people into the “roaring forties” for fun, for one. Five, everyone is “buying time”, not only the math guys. In fact, time could probably the single most bought article around the world, and could be expexted to cost no more than a certain hamburger irrespective of the local comditions and currency. But supply is ridiculous, especially if we speak of the crystal variety. And trust me, people just can’t afford to be picky about this — they will buy just about any time they can get. Six, anguish and despair are forms of paralyzing forces that will make the brain boil over and generate all sorts of ideas about the unknown, or what “has to be” unknown, because the body is in helpless restrain and can’t accept it. That’s why it is called anguish and despair. Why do you think everyone are chasing after some 200 corpses? They could a get a small African country ticking for the same money, and rescue children from famine. Half the world is engaged in this. They are trying with all what they got to find the dead, to “bury them” and raise a stone. Because there is where truth meets itself and can finally rest. Or, at least, the best we can get. Seven, things that are “secret” from the start will remain so also afterwards (exactly like you “never” mention publically what you have done in private). But once in a while there will be a Hollywood movie representing, symbolizing, ritualizing or conjuring up some or any of those things that just might have happened “in private” instead. That’s all well. And it looks real.

  5. LA Times grants Scott willyloman Creighton title of: Oceanographer
    Congrats Scott!,0,3542330.story#axzz2xTQLlxSS

    • Did not see that….. does mention ‘Oceanographers’, but quoted no names.
      although Scott has reported about the garbage dump of the ocean.

      Hey, I wonder how long it would take for the currents to enter the garbage dump areas and actually deposit a piece of the missing plane? If it went down where the oil rigger noted, would the currents eventually drag parts of the plane’s debris to the garbage dump?
      Is that what they are waiting for?

      • Apparently everyone who knew about garbage in the south indian ocean has to be an ¨oceanographer¨ by default, since how else would anyone know – msm never mentioned garbage up until…I think saturday?

        Waiting for debris? No, highly unlikely, to many currents/countercurrents.

        Something is going to pop up to give us a lead on what this plane thing was about, maybe it will take years, maybe a lot sooner. Personally, I have discounted oil rig worker, as to me its just not likely that anything can remain hidden inside the waters of the Sunda Shelf – I could be wrong of course but its just a theory anyway even though the best one considering all the fake data placing the plane in areas according to the whims of those leading us by the nose.
        If the plane stayed close to where it was lost, but did not crash and did not fly over vast stretches of land where it would easily be detected by radar, I suggest we look in Brunei, but thats just a hunch based on Bruneis geographical location and strong anglo-saxon relations with the former colony.
        In any case if it was anything other then an accident that needed cover up, it was preplanned. I found following map (at Mother Jones) for all it is worth, which shows an interesting shift of US Special Ops forces deployed around the world.
        Purple (deployed) and Yellow (training with indigenous) = 2012
        Red (deployed) and Blue (training with indigenous) = 2013

        The blue pins in the area of flight 370 interest, most likely show up due to this: ¨In September, according to media reports, US Special Operations forces joined elite troops from the 10 Association of Southeast Asian Nations member countries–Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), and Cambodia–as well as their counterparts from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, China, India, and Russia for a US-Indonesian joint-funded coun terterrorism exercise held at a training center in Sentul, West Java.¨
        Russia and Japan were there as observers only.

        Although this assemblage of countries just shows a level of (US) military bureaucracy, its still interesting to see exactly this ¨bureaucracy¨ in action via the search for flight 370.

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