Flight 370 – Next False Flag May Still be on the Radar

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Malaysia says there’s sealed evidence on MH370 that cannot be made public


The other day I had the opportunity to sit down and do a couple interviews with Monica Perez for her radio show and podcast. During the second interview we talked almost exclusively about Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 (Flight 370), the latter part of which we focused on what I believe is the reason the U.S. and other globalist entities are doing their level best to ensure the wreckage of that plane is never found: they’re setting up a narrative for the next 9/11 or 7/7 type event.

I had been hopeful that the most recent track of the obfuscation from authorities and the media regarding the assumed path of Flight 370 meant that they were going to simply redirect the search so the wreckage is never found in the South China Sea where it probably resides solely for the purpose of covering-up what really took it out. That they had pulled the plug on the second life of the airplane.

But honestly, recent developments in the narrative are troubling indeed. And as Chomsky might add were he a tad bit more honest these days, it takes a pretty good education to miss where this ghost flight is headed.

U.S., UK defense chiefs say nothing can be ruled out yet on missing Malaysian jet

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and his visiting British counterpart Philip Hammond said on Wednesday they can not rule out anything — including terrorism — yet on what happened to the missing Malaysian Airlines jetliner.” XinhuaNet, Mar. 27

FBI to recover deleted data from MH 370 pilot’s flight simulator

Director of U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) James Comey on Wednesday said the FBI technical team will be able to retrieve computer data “shortly” that were deleted from a home flight simulator by the pilot of the missing Malaysian Airlines jet MH 370.” XinhuaNet, Mar. 26

Remember, if you plot the Inmarsat secret pings to that northern track, it runs right up into Pakistan. Their “groundbreaking maths” could always turn out to be slightly flawed. Plus, if you pay attention, even the representatives from Inmarsat say the real reason they don’t think it went north is largely based on the lack of radar tracking from Pakistan. So, even as the search teams waste their time taking pictures of flotsam floating in the Indian Ocean Garbage Patch, the Pakistan narrative is still alive and well.

The possible northern track toward Pakistan would have been heavily monitored by radar. Pakistan had said it found no evidence of Flight 370 CNN, Mar. 25th

To elaborate on that point, a reader, Dave, sent me a link to a video put out by Bill Still. Still is an End the Fed guy so that buys him a measure of credibility in certain circles. He’s promoting a line of fear-mongering from a Fox News interview done recently enough to include the new satellite images of 122 pieces of junk floating around in the Garbage Patch. The point of the interview that appeared on the Mike Huckabee show with retired Lt. Gen. McInerney, was to put forward the notion that the pilots did in fact hijack that flight, flew it under another plane after training on that trick via the flight simulator video game and then they took it to Pakistan in order to use it in a terrorist plot sometime in the near future.

You might recall, the anniversary of bin Laden’s staged death is coming up on May the 2nd of this year. That little scene was staged back in May of 2011 when Obama was already suffering some polling number fall-off.

We also have the recent trial of bin Laden’s son-in-law making headlines just the other day, to refresh everyone’s memory.

And for the record, McInerney is a member of the Iran Policy Committee.

“The Iran Policy Committee (IPC), formed in February, 2005, is a pressure group meant to influence US government policy towards Iran. IPC is made up of former White House, State Department, The Pentagon and CIA officials as well as scholars from think tanks and academia. According to its website, the Iran Policy Committee sees the current debate on American policy towards Iran as focused on two strategies: diplomatic engagement with the Iranian government or military strikes. The IPC says that while it believes that both of these options should be considered, it favors a third proposal, namely, working with Iranian opposition groups “to facilitate democratic change.” Its support of opposition groups includes support of the People’s Mujahedin of Iran (MEK)” Wiki page

The MEK is a known terrorist organization which was taken off the terrorism list by the Obama administration back in 2012 so they could help destabilize Iran making it ready for neoliberalization.

Here’s the video from Bill Still. Now remember, Mr. Still also did a video (on Mar. 17th) in which he promoted the false narrative that the family of the plane’s captain had mysteriously gone missing implying they had taken off to Pakistan or were in hiding prior to the flight. Turns out it was a complete fabrication as the FBI and other law enforcement officials from Malaysia have been in constant contact with his wife and even his son is now making the rounds in full view saying he doesn’t think his father is a terrorist. So, you can weigh that against whatever credibility Mr. Still buys with his End the Fed rhetoric.

Mr. Still also did a video on the 16th in which he tried to finger the pilots as terrorists.

Here’s his latest offering based on the Fox News fear-mongering with a guy who supports a known terrorist organization who is committed to forcing a regime change operation on Iran on behalf of our friends in Israel.



The interesting aspect of Gen. McInerney’s war-mongering diatribe is that he freely admits that there is a certain measure of disinformation coming out of U.S. intelligence agencies regarding the fate of Flight 370. According to McInerney U.S. military radar would have had to have been able to track the flight in that area and they are keeping their info close to the vest for whatever “national security” reasons.

Ultimately his story is the Taliban has the plane aided of course by Pakistan intelligence, the ISI.

Is this just headline grabbing fear-mongering custom designed for the Fox News Islamaphobics of the world? Is it simply a matter of a certain class of people trying their best to ingratiate themselves to the masters of the universe? Or is there something else behind it?

Frankly, I don’t think the Zapata Corporation linked Inmarsat would fabricate their “ping data” story without cause or that a Bilderberg Group linked company would just happen to come out with new photos of garbage in the Garbage Patch for the fun of it.

I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that there are so many stories published by major news outlets pushing unsubstantiated stories from “unnamed sources”

As I write this article, CNN’s attractive talking head is interviewing two “experts” trying to get them to speculate as to which passengers or flight crew are the terrorists. One of them said that he only wants to talk about what we know. The other seems more than willing to cast the evil eye of suspicion anywhere he can. Guess which guest the CNN talking head focused on.

Again, this is not conclusive. I certainly hope that something turns up somewhere and they say it’s definitely part of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 even if it’s well away from the site where it was probably downed in the South China Sea. At least if that happens we know they’ll be no more victims associated with this plane.

There are unfortunately always those who feel they ‘can’t let a good crisis go to waste because it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before” and there are others who feel that the current administration “needs another Oklahoma City in order to connect with the people

Let’s hope monsters like the ones I just linked to, especially Mark Penn who suggested Obama needed another Oklahoma City in order to boast his sagging poll numbers (168 dead, 19 of them were children), aren’t calling the shots. But these developments are troubling to say the least and we will never be able to rule out the next false flag event being staged with a replica of Flight 370 until part of all of it is recovered.

Needless to say, there are those out there, the real terrorists, who have big ideas for the next world changing event. No, they aren’t diabetic billionaires hiding in super duper cave condos in Bora Bora.


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  2. Alert people on the internet have made what may be a startling discovery in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    • as off 2013, there were 422 of these Boeing 777-200ERs in service. There are approximately 1164 777s which could pass as Flight 370 with the right paint job.


      there were actually three “hull loses” of 777-200ERs. One was British. One Egyptian (and who runs Egypt these days… hmm?) In these cases, other systems on the plane were damaged while the hull remained intact. How much work to refurbish these?


      so, contrary to this guys statements, the one supposedly in Israel owned by the ebil George Soros isn’t the only one out there.

      and let’s face it… do you really think Flight 77 hit the Pentagon? A massive jetliner? So, do they really need an exact copy to do what may be done? Israel? George Soros? yeah, thanks.

      • I appreciate your astute observations about how many Boeing 777’s there are in the world, yet Malaysia Airlines has but a relative few.

        I think a missile hit the Pentagon.

        Another thing worth considering is that on 11/9/2001 they needed two planes to knock down the WTC twin towers. Rather obvious.
        The Petronas Twin Towers in KL are situated exactly 24NM from the Airport and the racetrack that hosts the Malaysian F1 GP in two days time. These towers are due north from the airport. I have a T-shirt portraying these towers as well as a fast transit train and a communications tower (not the control tower). Underneath are the words. “KL International Airport MALAYSIA).
        GA Telesis acquired this plane on 21/10/2013. HMQEII is 88 on 21/4/2014 ie exactly 6 months later. 182 days = 13×14 or 13 x (7+7). 1+8+2 = 11.
        21/4 is the mirror day for 11/9/2001 ie it is day #111 with 254 days remaining in the year.
        From 21/4/2014 to 11/9/2014 is 143 days which adds to 8.
        143 = 11 x 13, both satanic numbers. 11 is the Antichrist and 13 is rebellion against God.
        From 30/3/2014 to 11/9/2014 is 5 x 33 days.
        Perhaps they have two planes for their purposes.

      • There are only 17 of the exact Malaysia model package, all of which were sold of course to Malaysia Airlines. Specifically 2h6(ER) models with rolls royce engines.

        Each airline receives a package with design features tailored to their airline, mostly cosmetic, but there are certain other options they can request to be standard on their fleet.

        This particular Malay 777 Ser. # 28416 Reg # 9M MRI was in service since 99. It was the only Malay 777-200 ever sold. Now owned by GA Telesis, LLC of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on October 21, 2013, and is now registered as N105GT.

        GA Telesis is primarily an aircraft disassembly and distribution company. Abdol Moabery is Pres and CEO. Previously, Mr. Moabery served as Exec VP of Aviation Systems International, Inc., and as Director of Marketing and Sales at C-S Aviation Services, Inc. Both owned by George Soros. Soros provided the start up capital for GA Telesis.


        The Malay 777 was SCHEDULED FOR DISASSEMBLY in July 2013.

        “July 10, 2013 Ft. Lauderdale, FL – GA Telesis, LLC (“GAT”), announced that it has started the dismantling process for three Boeing aircraft, including one 777-200ER (TRENT 800) (MSN 28418) ex-Malaysia Airlines, one 767-200ER (CF6-80A) (MSN 22326) ex American Airlines and one 757-200 (PW2000) (MSN 25276) ex-United Airlines.

        All aircraft have entered the GA Telesis disassembly production line in the USA, and the aircraft dismantling and remarketing efforts will be led by the GA Telesis supply chain and global sales teams respectively.”

        According to planelogger and planespotter, the plane was then flown through Tarbes Lourdes Pyrenees on 10/4//2013, and then to Tel Aviv on 11/04//2013 . Last seen in Tel Aviv. http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/View?Registration=N105GT&DeliveryDate=04.10.13


        This information is very important because it fits neatly into the terror scenario presented by Israeli El Al “security expert” Issac Yeffet shortly after the Malaysian plane went missing. Yeffet suggested the missing plane had been hijacked to Iran based on those phony passports.

        For the Israelis to have an identical plane in a hanger in Tel Aviv MIGHT explain why Yeffet presented such a scenario.

        If such an attack were to occur in Israel all the evidence would be in the hands of Israeli intelligence giving them complete control of the interpretation or narrative of the terror event.

        • well, they didn’t really need an exact replica of Flight 77 did they? and of course, the “17” exact models that you are talking about, well, that includes the interior package and engine specs. Again, is something that exact really needed?

          Why is it soooooo important for you to continue to point the finger of blame at Israel? I mean every damn that happens, someone comes along and blames Israel immediately. Why is that you think?

          • who blamed Israel? Immediately? Researchers tracked other Malaysian air 777’s via planespotters and planelogger and that LED to finding one in Israel.

            Is this not a valid observation to report, given the history of the rogue actors within the government of the good people of Israel? To have this on record and perhaps give an upper hand to those in Israel looking to root out corruption in their midst?

            On another website I provide analysis to, I opined that PERHAPS Israel was being framed up from inside by the person who “decided” to obtain a wounded Jet that was scheduled for disassembly from a Soros (anti-Israel) company and then store it in Tel Aviv, knowing that during the search for the spirited away flight 370, the trail would be discovered.

            It is just information.

            And did you notice how the times of Israel led with that Iran terrorism angle using the obviously photo-shoped photos of so called Iranians.

            You seem to loudly denounce such warmongering propaganda from other sources, yet give Israel a pass? Shouldn’t everyone be treated equally?

            • for your information, when the “Iranian man selling passports” story came directly from Israeli media, I was one of the first to show that connection. When Di$info Jone$ and Mike Adams were pushing the Israeli propaganda that the plane was sitting somewhere on the ground in Iran, I was THE first to expose their hasbara deceit.

              My record is RIGHT THERE under the Malaysian Airline Flight 370 topic heading.. and I would add, it has my REAL NAME attached to it.

              so I will NOT tolerate a rewriting of the history of my work on this topic so you can make some fabricated point about me calling BULLSHIT on this stupid line of so-called “evidence”… which, by the way, it isn’t. Do you understand that?

              And as far as Soros is concerned, all you have to do is Google my name with his and you will see it hasn’t even been a month since I wrote about that piece of shit backing Nazis in Ukraine.

              I won’t have it. I won’t.

              I CERTAINLY won’t tolerate folks coming here spamming up my site with disinformation assets like Christopher Bollyn, who’s job it was, was to conflate 9/11 Truth Activists with antisemitism.

              You got something more concrete than “there is a 777-200 in Israel”? Fine. But, that crap is RIDICULOUS as it stands and in my opinion, it’s just more “the JOOOooOOOooOOOooOOows did it!” disinformation along the Bollyn lines, and I’m NOT going to stand for it.

              and the next time you come here talking about the history of my reporting on a subject, you better take the 10 minutes it would have required in RESEARCH to get it right.

              • You must write a handful of long and informative articles EVERY DAY. Forgive me if I didn’t read one.

                This was the ONE point I made about Israel, and your reply blamed me for “continuing to point the finger at Israel”. Forgive me for extrapolating that you might be biased after such exaggeration. All you had to say is that you did cover the Israeli propaganda re: passports, and let it lie.

                Ok just searched and found it. So, you yourself call Israeli intel “disinfo”. Have you berated yourself for being a JOOOO hater? Why the exaggeration. Where is your objectivity?

                So how is it that you read “blaming Jews” into my simply reporting REAL FACTS in evidence regarding a practical clone plane sitting in tel aviv, the unusual circumstances around its arrival, and linking it to what you admit is Israeli disinfo? I am taken aback.

                And you forget that the info did not come from Bollyn, and I linked to the forum where the researchers stumbled on it all. Bollyn just happened to have a quick summary on his website. And that was all pointed out under a comment with MY name. Why re-write the history of my posting here?

                These are trying times and there is a fog of war. But if my simple (and accurate) sharing can trigger you to such measures perhaps you need a days vacation, a nice walk on the beach or in a forest with a friend? How the hell are we supposed to make a difference if we jump down each others throats over trifles?

        • You are correct in your facts concerning the ‘stored’ plane and it’s present Israeli owners. Various scenarios can be speculated on concerning ‘false flag’ attacks: In fact the disappearance of the active Malaysian jet may have been Part 1 of the scenario: Later, the missing jet mysteriously comes to life as a weapon in some kind of attack on a third party country (possibly the USA, one of the Gulf States that currently work with Israel and the US formenting the chaos in Syria, or possibly Russia or Ukraine, or, an EU state). I doubt highly that any attack will occur in Israel. Possibly, the missing jet could be used for an attack against India, and then fingers would be pointed toward Pakistan. The Iranians could be used as a patsy.

          Now, as to the fate of the missing Malaysian airliner, again w must speculate: Has it landed somewhere? Then, what happened to the passengers? Were the supposed Chinese engineers on board expendable because they were working on a project that was dangerous to Israel or the USA? Or did the plane, in fact, just crash?

          The ‘doppelganger’ plane in Israel convinces me that we are witnessing either Part 1, or an ‘aborted’ false flag attack.

          The sudden closure of all Israeli embassies and consulates world wide is also very suspicious. These ‘false flag’ attacks have now become more complicated due to the general suspicion of the public following ‘911’ and similar events.

  3. I think Bill Still has gone over to the dark side and I’m not the only one. He actually prefers nationalizing the Federal Reserve as opposed to ending it, though, to be accurate.

    • That’s when I started taking him seriously. After the silly Money Masters movies, he got around to actually understanding how the system works.

      The end the fed people don’t.

  4. I have been wondering why I’ve been getting so many cognitive infiltration-type commenters on my posts about MH370. I haven’t gotten this much attention since the Boston Marathon Bombing. It’s making me wonder why these guys are so committed to the false narrative here. I just don’t think they’d put on a full court press like this for Malaysia, so I’m beginning to think you’re right – this is just phase one.

  5. You should put up a warning on that video Scott.The combination of Fox,Huckabee,and just abut anyone wearing one of those flag lapel pins,is a sure prescription for extreme nausea.By the way,your writing has been exemplary lately.

  6. Well, Scott, what you are describing is the sheep-dipping of an airplane and giving it a legend. If so, I can’t remember anything like it.

  7. I’d love to talk with whomever created that graphic of the “many” underground cave complexes. That clip should be shown in place of commercials in the US for a week straight.

    OK, I don’t mean to throw a wrench into what I think is your well-supported theory on this whole Malaysian flight deal, but here goes.

    Yoichi Shimatsu is a contentious character I find fascinating. He is one of those guys who reports theories that ultimately are misdirections. However, it seems sometimes maybe 80% of the information reported in the process is valid and maybe he goes too far.

    He reports here (at Rense, I know) about a connection to Freescale Semiconductor and their new Kenesis micro-controller. It’s not too long and did get me thinking. What do you think?…

  8. Cass Sunstein is on CNN live right now addressing the conspiracy theories surrounding MH370. I’m telling you – full court press on COG-INT…that’s not for nuthin…

    • Here are a few gems from Sunstein, husband to our ambassador to the UN, Samatha Power, where he outright tells the interviewer how to deal with “theorists”… (courtesy of No Agenda Podcast)

      [audio src="http://dropbox.curry.com/ShowNotesArchive/2014/03/NA-603-2014-03-27/Assets/Crackpots/Sunstein-1.mp3" /]

      [audio src="http://dropbox.curry.com/ShowNotesArchive/2014/03/NA-603-2014-03-27/Assets/Crackpots/Sunstein-2.mp3" /]

      [audio src="http://dropbox.curry.com/ShowNotesArchive/2014/03/NA-603-2014-03-27/Assets/Crackpots/Sunstein-3.mp3" /]

      [audio src="http://dropbox.curry.com/ShowNotesArchive/2014/03/NA-603-2014-03-27/Assets/Crackpots/Sunstein-4.mp3" /]

    • Here are a few gems from Sunstein, husband to our ambassador to the UN, Samatha Power, where he outright tells the interviewer how to deal with “theorists”… (courtesy of No Agenda Podcast)

      [audio src="http://dropbox.curry.com/ShowNotesArchive/2014/03/NA-603-2014-03-27/Assets/Crackpots/Sunstein-1.mp3" /]

      [audio src="http://dropbox.curry.com/ShowNotesArchive/2014/03/NA-603-2014-03-27/Assets/Crackpots/Sunstein-2.mp3" /]

      I previously posted all four links in one comment, so it went straight to moderation. Scott, I would appreciate it if you could just trash that comment. Thx

    • And, here are the other two:

      [audio src="http://dropbox.curry.com/ShowNotesArchive/2014/03/NA-603-2014-03-27/Assets/Crackpots/Sunstein-3.mp3" /]

      [audio src="http://dropbox.curry.com/ShowNotesArchive/2014/03/NA-603-2014-03-27/Assets/Crackpots/Sunstein-4.mp3" /]

  9. […] Scott Creighton – Flight 370 – Next False Flag May Still be on the Radar […]

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