Scott Henderson’s “Assumed” Inmarsat Data Graphic Made an Ass Out of Him

by Scott Creighton

Thanks to the good work of some readers here, it seems that graphic that purports to show the missing Inmarsat ping data is baseless… completely devoid of factual references.

It was put together by a guy named Scott Henderson who apparently works for a global design firm, Woods Bagot, which has an aviation department. I wonder if they’ll be in line for a contract if Malaysian Airlines is privatized.

The graphic purports to show Flight MH370’s path plotted via the missing pings from that Inmarsat satellite data which we’ve all been wondering about. As it just so happens, that info was supposedly released to the NTSB who came out with a partial plotting of the last three hours of flight time which by coincidence, took the plane on it’s southern track possibility, right to where the Aussies found a “possible object” floating around in the waters of the Garbage Patch in the Indian ocean.

People had been wondering about the missing ping data from the news reports. That last ping just happened to coincide with an area that would be right about where the plane went off the transponder tracking, which logically would imply that it was sitting there in the South China Sea underwater and had been there since it disappeared off the radar. Coincidentally, it’s also the approximate location of that first oil slick the Vietnamese found and we were told to stop looking at by the Malaysian defense minister when he disclosed that ghost blip on their radar which headed right back to an area near Butterworth Air Force base on the west coast of Malaysia.

oil slick loc

Then, along comes Mr. Henderson, a self proclaimed “information architect and knowledge curator”, with a graph of the plotting of those missing pings. Problem is, he made the whole thing up.

When his graphic was getting some attention, Mr. Henderson was asked straight out to provide a link to his source for those missing ping plots. Basically, people wanted to know where he found the data that put that flight at those specific distances from the Inmarsat satellite at those specific times.

could you share an URL for the source of the rings for 01:11, 02:11, and 04:11? WashPo only has to 05:11

Curiously enough, the Washington Post article Mr. Minar makes reference to is now gone. So even those few ping locations are missing as well.

We’re unable to locate the page you requested.

The page may have moved or may no longer be available.
We want to help you find what you’re looking for. Here are some suggestions:

Mr. Henderson replied to Mr. Minar:


no source these are my rough reverse extrapolation of NTSB tracks based on constant speed and track assumptions

Thus, Mr. Henderson’s tracking graphic of the Inmarsat ping data is bullshit. It’s based on nothing. As was apparently the Washington Post’s article which purported to show the tracking of those pings after 5:11 since they removed that article completely.

Here is Mr. Henderson’s graphic, not the most recent one which included the Australian “debris field” distraction. To his credit, he seems to make a bit of a disclaimer in the legend on the side over there on the right. It’s no wonder that the person who published this graphic on Photobucket cropped that part of the image off so we wouldn’t see it.

new ping graph

Notice the graphic states the dotted lines are “assumed” while the solid one is “published NTSB highest PROBABILITY solutions”. again, that tells you right there, it’s based on nothing. That’s like saying since the New York Times published the WMD claims made by Condi Rice in the lead up to the Iraq invasion, they must have been correct without bothering to examine the source.

Even the part of the track that purports to show what was “detected by radar” is completely misleading. According to the Malaysian military and every other authority involved, that track shows a “blip” that wasn’t identified as Flight MH370… so for him to post that as a definitive track for the flight “detected by radar” is extremely dishonest.

And speaking of dishonest, let’s take another look at that picture that was linked to in the comment section of the Washington Post article which dared to ask the question “what about those missing pings?”

Here is the Photobucket link to the image that someone left using part of Mr. Henderson’s misleading graphic. This one is even more misleading as they have removed the subtlety worded disclaimer.

I want you to notice something about these two “possible” tracks which the NTSB created based on nothing at all.

Notice where the northern track goes. Straight through Pakistan.

I wonder how that will play out in the future after the search ends up failing and the plane is never found in the Garbage Patch 1,400 miles off the coast of Australia in the “most difficult place to search on earth”?

Australian PM admits ‘debris’ might ‘just be a shipping container…we just don’t know’

Tony Blair: “We just don’t know what WMDs Saddam has. We just don’t know”

Yeah, unfortunately, I think we all know how that will eventually work into the official story of some future “terrorist act”

But all that aside, let’s finally be done with Mr. Henderson’s “assumed” contribution to the search for Flight MH370. Because we all know what happens when we assume.

12 Responses

  1. RAAF Pearce near Perth is now the HQ for the search of MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean (20/3/2014)

    “RAAF Pearce, Bullsbrook, Perth, Australia” in Simple Gematria Equals: 370

    Wow! The same number as the Flight number!!! 370!!!

    34 letters = 17 + 17.

    RAAF Pearce coordinates – 31.6678S and 116E added and rounded up = 148 = 37+37+37+37.


  2. Thanks for spelling this out, I guess now its intermission time as we sit back a couple of days and wait till they find nothing down there in the ¨most remote place on earth¨. Then, we should get some more ¨fun¨ as the chase commences into even more incredible regions of the earth by the use of a somewhat free adaption of the Bayesian search theory and this should lead to a really huge frenzy as we narrow in to the doomed 30 days… but your right, we should leave out the spoilers.

  3. Scott, I hope you don’t mind, I took the liberty of synthesizing your fascinating insights on the pings…it’s hard to get at first but then it’s so obvious – I just wanted to lay it out with crystal clarity for my readers…I hope I got it right…

    • outstanding work. I am writing up a similar summary right now. One thing though which you might want to modify in your article.

      The “ping data” is not from the ACARS system. the last communication from that was at 1:07am and as you stated, they expected another at 1:37 but it never happened.

      the “ping data” is from the Inmarsat satellite system that monitors the Rolls Royce engine performance if you subscribe to Boeing’s service. If you don’t the engines still “ping” once an hour.

      Also remember, Inmarsat is a privatized global satellite company, the first actually. They are British and it’s important to note for a time a quarter of the company was owned by the company formerly known as Zapata, which you probably remember as being created by the CIA for George H. W. Bush.

      also, Inmarsat didn’t hand over their “ping” data until the 11th and at that time they didn’t hand it over to the Malaysian authorities, they handed it over to one of their “partners” who sat on it for a time then handed it over on the 13th I think.

      It’s also fair to note that Inmarsat is “partnered” with the U.S. government in the Global War of Terror. They have a branch office in Afghanistan.

      Inmarsat is a rather important aspect of the diversion campaign.

      It’s really good work, austrogirl. thanks for the links and the mention.

      • Scott The Rolls Royse Pings info was redacted by the Wall St Journal:

        Corrections & Amplifications
        U.S. investigators suspect Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 flew for hours past the time it reached its last confirmed location, based on an analysis of signals sent through the plane’s satellite-communication link designed to automatically transmit the status of onboard systems, according to people familiar with the matter. An earlier version of this article and an accompanying graphic incorrectly said investigators based their suspicions on signals from monitoring systems embedded in the plane’s Rolls-Royce PLC engines and described that process.

        The Pings are now commonly referred to as ACARS handshakes, and Do come from the Acars system trying to reestablish contact after the ACARS messaging system was turned off.

        • Most explicit explanation I found of the ACARS pings is here

          Which comes from a satellite industry blog

          • As I understand it Astrogirl from reading the above article (Very detailed)

            So how can anyone find the position within this enormous global beam? There are two potential ways to measure the location:
            1) Look at the time delay for transmission of the signal to the satellite. This would give you a range from the sub-satellite point if measured accurately enough, which would be a circle on the Earth’s surface.
            2) Measure the power level of the signal as received at the satellite. The antennas on the satellite and the plane amplify the signal more at some elevation angles than others. If you know the transmission power accurately enough, and know how much power was received, you can estimate the angle it came from. This again would produce a similar range from the sub-satellite point, expressed as a circle on the Earth’s surface.

            So (I think it means) the plane’s distance is not measured by the angle of the plane to satellite as you appear to suggest, but by the difference in time from when the ping is sent by the plane (Time stamped) and the time that ping reaches the satellite. Based on that time difference, the distance to the plane is measured, and then confusingly it is described in terms of the angle of the satellite to that disatance if it were on the ground.

            However a secondary factor is the amplitude of the ping. The distance to a plane could be the same if it were on the ground, or if it were at high altitude, but the Amplitude of the ping at altitude would be louder because it travelled through less (Lighter) air. In this way it is also possible to suggest the altitude of the plane by the amplitude (Loudness of the ping) although changes in direction or banking would also effect that amplitude.

            Hope that helps but I am not 100% sure myself

            • You guys are good! It takes nerve just to wade in with you guys. I will tweak my article to reflect these points. I will also be doing my call-in show tomorrow on the subject if any of you boys want to enlighten a live audience (News-Talk WSB 3-6PM on iheartradio or online or wherever you can find it….if you wanna call in you can tweet at me @monicaperezshow and I’ll give you the “hotline” or you can call 800 WSB TALK if the lines are not full.) Meanwhile, the time is coming Scott when I will learn how to use my home microphone…then it’s a one-on-one!

            • In a follow up article, that source actually referred to the fake ping arcs in the WaPo comments: “UPDATE (Mar 20): As noted by a commenter, the Washington Post published 3 of the earlier ping arcs in a graphic shown below. These are quite similar to the ping arcs depicted by CNN, suggesting that if the 4.11am ping arc is as close to the 5.11am arc as suggested by the CNN graphic, the “shadowing” hypothesis for the northern route is likely to be infeasible.” Think this guy is some elaborate disinfo? Here’s the follow up post…

    • That radar video is interesting. I hadn’t seen it before. But after watching it several times .. well, watch yourself and pay close attention to the three planes on a parallell course (to MA370) off to the right of the Malay Peninsula.

      So … how reliable is even the FC info given THAT observation?

      On another note, you make a good point re the time. Early on there was much confusion because Malaysia and Vietnam were both giving local time. , Malaysia is UTC+8, while Vietnam, despite being further East, is UTC+7.

      So .. exactly what time zone is that 8:11 ping referencing? Presumably Malaysia, but .. are we sure?

      Which brings us to the 8:11

  4. […] can’t take credit for actually cracking the code on this one – that belongs to American Everyman, possessor of the most acute “truthdar” known to man…but even with him laying it […]

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