Rainmaker Wolfgang Halbig – A Pure Fraud in the Classic Sense

by Scott Creighton

“Gimmie a hundred thousand thousand to protect the children from bullies” Halbig 2012

“Gimmie a hundred thousand thousand to submarine the Sandy Hook truthers” Halbig 2014

A little while ago I wrote about Mr. Halbig’s effort to scam money from those of us who question the official story of the Sandy Hook massacre. I wrote that he makes a few good points but then blows it all by acting like a scam artist constantly trying to raise money for his “investigation”

Well, today I have decided the guy is nothing more than the next CIT (Citizens Investigation Team) which was supported by the Pentagon in their little “investigation” which brought us the now infamous “flyover theory” which did nothing but divide the Truth movement for a bit and make us look absolutely stupid to people outside the movement. He’s already on record on the Popeye show saying “Stay focused on those questions. If you can ask those questions and get a response, then yes, there was a shooting

Oh, you answered my silly 16 questions? Well, I guess there was a shooting carried out by that autistic kid with no motive. Thanks for the 100 grand. See ya next time. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

Mr. Halbig is doing the exact same thing with those interested in uncovering the truth about what happened at Sandy Hook elementary school back in December of 2012. The only difference is, he’s trying to crowd source his disinfo campaign.

Turns out Mr. Halbig has now set up a website in which he implores you to “invest in seeking the Sandy Hook truth”. He claims that he is raising money in order to force authorities to answer his list of 16 poorly crafted questions which do little to nothing to get at the heart of the Sandy Hook mass casualty event.

He’s also set up a GoFundMe campaign where he hopes to collect $100,000 to get answers to his stupid questions. So far he’s collected over $11,000. That fund was set up a few days after Halbig was singing a sob story about being “fired” from a business he owns due to his “work” on the Sandy Hook unofficial investigation. Turns out, Halbig shut down that business (CSI) a couple days prior due to it being exposed during a radio interview as being nothing more than a MailBoxes Inc. P.O. box.

Does the term “rainmaker” ring any bells? It should. It’s a sleazy carpetbagger who would go to distraught areas suffering from drought and extract money from the desperate, frightened, ignorant, uneducated and superstitious locals by promising to make it rain … for a price.

Mr. Halbig had the audacity leave a comment asking for money on an article about Karen Klein,  For those of you who don’t know, she was a 68-year-old school bus monitor who was bullied by a pack of thugs and some people saw the video of it and put together an Indigogo collection for her that garnered her some $200,000 in the end. But she didn’t ask for any of it. People just did it because they wanted to help her out.

Along comes Mr. tasteless Halbig and he posts this comment on the article back in July of 2012. He was asking for a $100,000 back then as well. What a coincidence right? It cost a hundred grand for him to protect those bullied kids and it costs a hundred grand for him to get answers to his 16 stupid questions.

Wolfgang W Halbig · Top Commenter · Abilene Christian University

I need financial help in fighting for children that are Harassed, Threatened, Intimidated, Assaulted, Racially and Now Gender Discriminated against. I am trying to provide to parents technology defender for any student who is having to suffer through this type of fail torture.We through the proper use of technology as a means will stop these vultures form preying on our most vulnerable.Please donate and investigate what we can do in saving children from committing suicide.I need $100,000 thousand dollars and probably pay it back once the company is up and running.wolfgang

Look at that. The former school principal needs a hundred thousand thousand dollars.

Maybe he intends to take some of that rainmaker loot and go back to school?

But he’s not always asking for money. In this little comment he left on a website last year, he ranted about how Obama “hates the Jews” and how Jerusalem “is the capital”


You will notice that he likes to type with capslock on. He did the same thing on his Facebook “I got fired from my own company” posting. So it’s definitely the same guy.

Over at Jack Blood’s site, they put up an article which sheds a little more light on Mr. Halbig. Here is some of what they found.

Halbig donated to Clintons http://red-blue-you.com/committee/Hil…
Halbig, Principal of Aquasplash Pool Services: http://www.buzzfile.com/business/Aqua…
Halbig asking for LOTS of money in comments section, pre-Sandy Hook media attention: http://www.takepart.com/article/2012/…
Halbig says “Obama Hates Jews” in comment section http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/…
Children Safety Institute archived: https://web.archive.org/web/201308180…
CSI website whois search: http://whois.net/whois/childrenssafet…
Dead job reference #1: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/rrst…
Dead job reference #2: http://www.death-record.com/l/1187799…
Job reference #3 embroiled in scandal: http://www.chathamjournal.com/weekly/…
“i got fired” sob story for donations: https://www.facebook.com/wolfgang.w.h…

The video below by XRAYULTRA is a pretty good breakdown of Mr. Halbig’s rainmaker act.


28 Responses

  1. The video is an hour and twelve minutes Scott.

  2. Yea there is something about this Wolfgang guy I don’t trust. The guy in the video you ref mentions namesnot mary youtuber and she does some good investigative work.

  3. James Tracy is distancing himself, fortunately:

    Wolfgang’s Bad Company

    • thank you for posting that and I am glad Mr. Tracy is distancing himself from this guy as well.

      What he says makes sense. But I have to ask this: if Halbig is simply a useful idiot like Tracy suggests, how is it that he created his CSI website offering to teach schools how to deal with autistic kids “acting out” or getting violent, just a few weeks prior to Sandy Hook? With his experience as a State Trooper and having been appointed to one of his prior positions by Jeb Bush, do you think it’s at all possible that he had some kind of prior knowledge or do you think someone may have tipped him off like possibly one of his partners in CSI who backed out of the company as soon as Halbig started getting so much attention?

      • Good questions, Scott. He certainly could have had prior knowledge, and I suspect as much.

        I think Tracy is giving him the benefit of the doubt, at least publicly, so as not to antagonize the situation, if indeed Halbig simply has poor judgement. I don’t think that’s it though — Halbig sounds savvy in his audio interviews, but then his methods are sloppy and unprofessional, and his written grammar is so poor that it almost looks intentional, especially given his purported background in education. There are too many other red flags that make me very doubtful as to his authenticity.

        So, in the final analysis, I see him as causing more harm than good regardless of what his true intentions are. Initially, most people, myself included, thought it was great that a man of his caliber and reputation was looking into Sandy Hoax, but now that his credentials are less than stellar, it’s hard to see him as anything other than a liability. The MSM will probably have a field day tearing him apart, which could be the purpose of all this — to further discredit those questioning Sandy Hook. They’ll probably just ignore him though, and his purpose will have been to create division within the Sandy Hoax research community (there’s some evidence of that already).

  4. Brandon, I have found out new info which is contradictory on the clean up please get my number from Sophia and call me

  5. Are Kelley or Sophia regulars here? If not, that post looks fishy.

    • yeah, I hadn’t seen that. It is kinda weird isn’t it? Sophia isn’t even commenting on the thread.

    • maybe “mangrove” is Brandon?

      • What? Who is Brandon? Anyway, I’m just the same person I’ve always been. IP addresses should verify that.

        • no. I’m not saying you are posting as two different people… I thought maybe Kelly knows someone’s real name and used it inadvertently. I don’t know who that comment about Brandon and Sophia is directed toward.

          • Cool. Perhaps Kelley was hoping that Brendan Hunt (spelled Brandon?) was reading this blog. And Sophia Smallstorm as well, who apparently has Brendan’s phone number. Something like that. Seems an odd way to communicate, when both can be reached on the interwebs fairly easily I would think…. Anyway, carry on! 🙂

  6. Well, you POS scumbags, who were dissing Wolf, were all proven to be wrong yesterday. Wolf went to Newtown and confronted the school board etc.

    He hired TWO attorneys to accompany him. He put his ass on the line, unlike the keyboard punks who attacked him. Those pieces of human excrement, are mostly paid shills, with a few “useful idiots”, as Stalin called them.

    He used the money as promised.

    At one point, Wolf was attacked by a Sandy Hook FD thug. THAT, IS THE DEFINITION OF PUTTING YOUR ASS ON THE LINE.

    So, I’ll wait, with baited breath, for those who attacked him as a fraud, to apologize. Those that don’t, will out themselves as Paid trolls.

    • oh bullshit. The ass went to the schoolboard with his “big list” of ridiculous questions? so what? that cost 100 grand? get real. give the guy your house if you wish.

    • Jim Fetzer went with him. Wolfgang asked why the school board didn’t permit parametics into the crime scene. School boards don’t make decisions like that. Fetzer is a KNOWN disinfo asset. Long time ago, he did another little “coming out party” at the Washington Press Club with “ray beams from space” lady and “TV fakery guy”

      nuff said there.

    • Oh lovily. Some clown dressed up at a “patriot” said he thought it was a “psych-op” and that there was no proof of there actually being children killed. that’s just fucking great.

    • oh yeah, that’s great too… that idiot reporter from Di$info Jone$’ site was there as well. He said Adam Lanza drove by 6 other schools and choose Sandy Hook because it was a “gun free zone”

      that’s great. thanks for the help.

    • wow. they sat in front of the school board, some saying Lanza did it, some dressed as patriots, some saying “crazy people shoot people sometimes”

      they went to the local chapter of the United Way to ask about records of the money sent to the town.

      they went to the Municipal Building and stood outside in the grass for a little while

      and they went to the News-Times building and met with an editor.

      hard hitting stuff there, huh?

  7. All of you dissing Wolf are idiots and you will be eating your words one day. Everyday he is getting more and more CREDIBLE proof that will eventually expose this hoax. Lawsuits WILL be filed. So keep on doing what your doing and you will be exposed as the idiots you truly are!!

    • “Exposed” to whom, and to what end?

      • I’ll have to agree with Theresa. I think you naysayers are full of it. Imagine, someone needing money in order to fight against the PTB ? And how come none of YOU had the kahunas to make the trip ? Maybe you are related to the fraudsters somehow !

        • and, just like I thought… you influence peddlers aren’t allowed to use multiple names on your postings. You are banned.



          WTF? Is Wolfgang trying to clean up his image or has he just found a new “Go Fund Me” website that wont close down his little scam because it’s a scam? (yes, that is what happened to his Go Fund Me account. I hope they returned the money to the donors.)

          Suddenly we have disinfo Fetzer back from the dead trying to bolster the Wolfgang bullshit and here we have another guy posting under multiple names trying to do the same thing?

          • Did it ever occur to you that 2 people might be using the same computer ? Duhhhh ?

          • Yeah, Duhhhh ! We both happened to come again to this site because we heard that Wolfgang was up in Conn. Yesterday for a second part of his FOIA meeting, which he has to pay his lawyer for, and transportation, and lodging, and meals, and the list goes on. Yeah, it takes money, LOTS OF MONEY, to wring the truth out of our now-a-days criminals posing as govt officials. And DUHHHHHH ! Again.

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