Flight 370: U.S. Officials Determined to Script the Story of Flight 370 for a Similar Kind Of.. yeah

by Scott Creighton

The story from the Wall Street Journal based on all those secret sources turned out to be bullshit. Malaysian Airlines didn’t subscribe to the service offered by Boeing and Rolls Royce to constantly check the status of their engines and other systems on the plane.

A senior U.S. official said the information came from data sent via a satellite communications system by Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Washington Post

Turns out, that’s a lie.

The Wall Street Journal had reported that U.S. aviation investigators and national security officials believed the Boeing 777 flew for a total of five hours, based on data automatically downloaded and sent to the ground from its engines as part of a standard monitoring program.

Sources familiar with the investigation reiterated that neither Boeing nor Rolls-Royce had received any engine maintenance data from the jet after the point at which its pilots last made contact. Only one engine maintenance update was received during the normal phase of flight, they said, speaking on condition on anonymity…

Reuters reported on Monday that the aircraft had made no automatic contact with the ground after vanishing with 239 people on board…

But Malaysia Airlines had not signed up for Boeing’s Airplane Health Management system, people familiar with the matter told Reuters this week. Reuters

Though these are still anonymous sources, it jives with the lack of confirmation from either CEOs, Boeing’s or Rolls Royce’s. Apparently they knew eventually researchers would demand to see the actual data they collected from Flight 370 and they wouldn’t be able to produce any.

Whoever decided to create the bullshit story about the engine data (Burson-Marsteller?) pings probably didn’t expect Malaysian authorities to deny it so quickly. What they did want though was the search area to be so massive they could never find the aircraft and the range would have included Pakistan, if you stretched it a bit. The next target in our  Global War of Terror will probably be Pakistan if the Trans Afghan Pipeline has anything to do with it.

Far from being the type to take a massive loss like this in their propaganda war, the professional liars who make up our intelligence agencies are trying their best to put some more lipstick on their dying pig.

Boeing offers a satellite service that can receive a stream of data during flight on how the aircraft is functioning. Malaysia Airlines didn’t subscribe to that service, but the plane still had the capability of connecting with the satellite and was automatically sending pings, the official said. AP

The lawyers crafted that little statement apparently, hoping that no one would break it down when they reported on it. Your TV has the “capability” to receive digital signals from the cable but if it’s not plugged in, guess what it gets? So sure, the plane had the “capability of connecting with the satellite” but it didn’t because they weren’t paying for the service.

That official refused to be named as the source of the info. Shocking huh?

It would appear that it’s become dreadfully important that this plane not be found. The Malaysian authorities have sent that signal from the beginning of the search probably because they accidentally shot it down.

But now the Americans are all over it, crafting a narrative that puts the plane in Pakistan or even as I just heard one “expert” on Fox News suggest, southern Iran.

That “expert” crafted the terrifying tale of the plane being filled with explosives or a nuke or even biological agents and then being used as a weapon a.l.a. 9/11.

When you go to the MSM here in the states, you notice they are still using that same potential search area graphic that popped up yesterday as a result of the American officials claiming the engines were connected to the satellite and still flying for 4 hours after it dropped off the radar. It’s as if the simple fact that the story was complete bullshit and has now been exposed as complete bullshit never happened.

Somewhere in a hanger, probably in Jordan or Saudi Arabia, a brand new unpainted Boeing 777 sits with a bunch of contractors holding glossy pictures of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

There is also new information from unnamed U.S. officials that says they can tell somehow that the two communications systems on the flight were turned off at slightly different times which they claim proves that it was hijacked and flown for hours and hours. They say this proves it was a “deliberate act” as if a damaged (bombed?) plane wouldn’t have certain systems shutting down at slightly different times. Of course this proves nothing of the sort, but it sounds good enough to the rabble as they suck down their toaster eggs and instant coffee and rush out the door to their minimum wage jobs.

Not a peep from the MSM as too how it evaded all radar systems in the area including the high tech military radars of various neighboring countries. People just keep talking about the plane flying for hours, invisible and undetectable to all forms of radar and satellite imaging… as if it’s even remotely possible.

Remember what was said by an ex Clinton strategist back before the last mid-term election? It involved Obama and the dems needing another Oklahoma City bombing in order to connect with the public who are quickly losing any and all faith in their governing.

“Remember, President Clinton reconnected through Oklahoma, right? And the president right now seems removed. It wasn’t until that speech [after the bombing] that [Clinton] really clicked with the American public. Obama needs a similar — a similar kind of … Yeah.” Mark Penn, Hardball, Nov. 2010

Right now this country is completely against any more illegal occupations and nation building. We are tired of it all and want our government to focus on fixing our nation and actually helping to improve the prospects of our futures.

Well, that won’t do. It’s contrary to globalization which demands a race toward the bottom and an expansive nation crushing campaign to spread the neoliberal sickness to as many victims as quickly as possible.

It is starting to appear that the narrative crafters have decided this plane will never turn up but instead it’s likeness will be used sometime in the near future to galvanize the American public behind yet another Shock and Awe event like the one carried out on 9/11. That event will boost support for another Iraq style invasion (probably Pakistan) and distract people from the ever dwindling resources right here at home.

This outcome which is being crafted as we speak serves the interests of the Malaysian authorities as well as those of our own. If Malaysia accidentally shot it down and that blip they claim to have tracked back to Butterworth Air Force Base was actually the drone/fighter that took it out, well, that’s bad enough, but now they would be on the hook for trying to cover it up. So they desperately need that plane to remain in Davey Jones’ locker in perpetuity just like the spin masters of the U.S. do.

A normal investigation becomes narrower with time … as new information focuses the search, but this is not a normal investigation.  In this case, the information has forced us to look further and further afield.”  Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein

I hate to say it, but it seems to be the plan as of the moment.

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  2. I am trying to follow the developing narrative but am distracted by the need to re-locate my workspace/operation. I’m not going far, but disconnecting, packing, hefting, unpacking, and re-connecting will make it difficult for the next few days (as you well know), over the weekend of the Ides of March/Purim, so I will hold my breath and try to catch a peak at the world. What strikes me about all this is that even some of the people who might be expected to be parroting the line of the globalist narrative are starting to hem and haw. So if “the plane” is being “re-purposed” and it shows up later, we may still be able to know it was “that” plane. Didn’t we learn in studying 9/11 that all plane parts are numbered so as to be identifiable as to make,model, owner,last known, etc. ? But then of course there has to be a debris field somewhere, unless of course it is all turned to dust or falls into the heart of a nuclear explosion.

    We live in crazy times. Hug all your loved ones a few extra times.

  3. I’m still thinking an AWACS plane flew alongside the 777, jamming the radars as the plane was remotely hijacked and flown to one of the numerous US bases in that corner of the world.

  4. Hmm, seems my previous comment got swallowed by WordPress, so until Scott rescues it, I’ll just say one thing, AWACS.

  5. I think Jim Stone just hit it out of the park. And judging from the backlash his site received, I am not the only one.

    Read it while you still can.


  6. With all due respect, Scott, this whole story about MH370 is pure diversion bullshit.

    Look at this graphic:


    All the bullshit about two paths and what not can be traced back to this – the last data ping places the aircraft somewhere on that 40′ arc. If you drop all the radar red herrings, that arc passes very close to where the last actual known position of the plane was: where the transponder signal stopped.

    So, if you use the only actually known facts – that places the plane in the gulf of thailand/south china sea.

    But if you throw in a few red herrings, hint (and then actually outright claim) that the plane was hijacked, toss in some booga, booga and you have a marvelous distraction from what is really important right now – Ukraine and the Crimea

    • sure it’s a distraction from the Crimea right now, which I certainly cover in detail… but remember, these people live by taking advantage of any crisis they find. this wreck, this accidental downing of a commercial flight, serves their interests. They are desperate for a new 9/11. it will help ALL of their planned efforts get approved without question and delay. this “missing” airliner could be very useful in that regard and so, it serves the interests of the Malaysians who shot it down to never find it and it serves the globalists interest in that another plane can be made to resemble this one and used in the future for a strike. Hell, even disinfo jones is already talking about the plane in Iran being fitted with nukes. can’t be more obvious than that.

  7. Now we are told the 2 possible flight paths either point to the deepest part of the Indian ocean or Turkmenistan/ Kazakhstan (Presumably also including Iran Afghanistan & Pakistan in that near vicinity).

    I dont know if this is to never find the plane (Cover up) or to lead to further incident, (or both as you suggest). But the evidence presented is ludicrous.

    Wall st journal today


    keeps mentioning THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW SAY……
    They say the plane pinged every hour for 5 hours? and they claim the last ping was over sea (How?)

    . If there were 5 pings why are there not 5 locations on today’s trajectory map ? we have just the one (presumably last) which says either Indian ocean or Stans . Also the satellite tracking ‘network’ only has one satellite so nothing can be triangulated?

    And Why one week to release this “the people say” evidence.
    BTW CNN Claiming it ended over Indian Ocean Track.

    China is still off script saying they are looking in south china sea.
    The Chinese Satellite image released was spun as a mistake saying it showed seismic activity. China denied the retraction and said they had seismic evidence to support a ditching at the original location.
    Were these spun into a pseudo Chinese retraction (Denied by China)

    What is to be gained by using this to distract from Crimea? Crimea is being fully covered anyway, and what are we deflecting from, except things like the maidan snipers which was never reported in MSM anyway. Is the distraction just to cover up another slap to the face of American hegemony? I dont buy it.

    I just cant see where this is going myself. If it is a planned or opportune false flag plan, then why stress the Indian ocean possibility and use fluffed secret science to create a dichotomy?

    • Just to clarify a bit.

      If there were five pings and we are shown one 40′ arc are they saying each ping was exactly on the same arc 5 times?

      That would suggest the original location as suggested By Razz,
      but the fluffy secret science cant tell us if it proves the plane was flying, landed or under water, but it can say it was over water ????

    • hey, if you could link me to China’s denial I would appreciate that. also, just for the record, very early on the eyewitness who saw the plane in flames over the South China Sea was also dismissed immediately by the MSM as “possibly a hoax”. They wanted that plane never found from the very beginning. I’m starting to wonder if someone didn’t down it with that intention but I tend to think they would have had a better play in the works from the start had that been the case.

      • I think the china denial of the Malaysian officials claiming the satellite image was a mistake might have been from a comment here somewhere so sorry I cant substantiate.

        It just strikes me as odd that when the Chinese image was dismissed as a mistake a few days ago they said it was a mistake and due to seismic activity.

        However I did see on tv news yesterday (Probably Sky News) that the Chinese Said they are still searching in S China seas and Chinese Uni researchers say they have evidence of seismic activity in the sea that could have been the plane, and they were unhappy that the investigation had not been broader internationally.(Ie shared with China)

        I just keep getting one liners from the news that never seem to give any details that can be checked or investigated

        • Yep My Bad-Chinese whispers. The comments were between you and Brian 2 days ago. He never said chinese denied it was a mistake , just said Chinese never said it was a mistake -just the Malaysian Transport minister saying this.

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