Flight 370: Boeing Data Info From Secret Sources Expands Search Area Once Again…

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Contrary to popular opinion, Flight 370’s fate is unlike anything in aviation history.

UPDATE: Vietnam is still heavily involved in the search efforts after scaling back a day or so ago due to lack of info coming out of Malaysia.

UPDATE: Malaysian officials send one plane to search area noted by Chinese satellite images. Report “nothing to see here. Move along

UPDATE: Contrary to claims made by Malaysian officials, the Chinese seem to stand by their satellite images released on Weds. saying they are still investigating them.

UPDATE: Malaysian officials move search teams to Andaman Sea on the other side of Thailand.

UPDATE: “Acting Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said that Rolls-Royce and Boeing, the maker of the Boeing 777, had denied the report, according to the AP.” TIME


From day one, the Malaysian military has been interested in only one thing: widening the search area for the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

But on Sunday, Malaysia’s defense minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, added a confusing twist, saying the plane might have gone down west of the Malaysian peninsula. “We are looking at the possibility of an aircraft air turnback,” he said without elaborating whether the plane might have changed course for mechanical reasons or a hijacking, or why the authorities suspected the plane might have reversed course.” March 8 New York Times

That announcement of theirs came a day after Vietnamese rescue efforts detected what they thought was a piece of the plane floating near the area the plane dropped off radar and an oil slick which could have indicated the location of the crash and on the same day that an eyewitness on an oil rig sent an email full of details claiming he believes he saw the plane, burning in the sky, go down into the ocean.

Today, with the help of various unnamed sources from defense contractors Boeing and Rolls Royce and with the help of the Wall Street Journal, that search area now comprises about a tenth of the globe while leaving the plane itself as “missing” till the next 9/11 is needed.

And we are supposed to believe that a massive 777 flew for an additional 4 hours through various airspaces of various nations… and not a single one of them picked it up on their radar? Why did our military spend so much money on stealth fighters if a flying submarine can evade radar so easily? Answer: because it can’t.

U.S. investigators suspect that Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 stayed in the air for about four hours past the time it reached its last confirmed location, according to two people familiar with the details, raising the possibility that the plane could have flown on for hundreds of additional miles under conditions that remain murky. WSJ

To give you an idea of what this does to the search area…


Keep in mind this is a day after China released detailed satellite photos which should have promised to narrow the search field quite a bit.

Let’s take a look at the source of this information, shall we?

  • one person familiar with the matter.”
  • “according to this person
  • ” A Boeing executive who declined to be named
  • ” a Rolls-Royce representative
  • “a Rolls-Royce executive who declined to be named
  • one person familiar with the system”

I wonder why it is that no Boeing or Rolls Royce executive wishes to have their name associated with this new ground breaking information regarding the whereabouts of all those missing passengers? I wonder why the Wall Street Journal is so ready to write articles based on testimony given by so many secretive “experts”. Makes you kinda wonder, huh?

Just for the record, Rolls Royce is a United Kingdom company. The UK is part of  the Five Power Defence Arrangements Integrated Area Defence System for Malaysia and Singapore, which is located at RMAF Butterworth air force base which just happens to be where that blip which was tracked by the Malaysian air force was headed.

So yesterday, China tries to help with satellite photos that may or may not be part of Flight 370 (don’t be stupid.. of course there are parts of the plane that are that large). Those jive with:

  • last transponder location
  • original oil slick and debris sighting
  • oil rig witness’s testimony

And today we have secret evidence being provided by a British company which expands the search area exponentially, pretty much guaranteeing the fact that the search will be called off without finding anything.

I take you back to the TWA Flight 800 documentary when one of the passengers stated that during the search for his loved one, he and other family members started to come to the conclusion that it seemed the authorities (FBI mainly) were creating a narrative rather than searching for the truth.

Here’s another little aspect of that Wall Street Journal story you should be made aware of…

At one briefing, according to this person, officials were told investigators are actively pursuing the notion that the plane was diverted “with the intention of using it later for another purpose.” WSJ

Never let a good crisis go to waste, right? That’s how they see it isn’t it?

Theory: One of the members of the Five Power Defense Agreement countries accidentally shoots down an airliner (then the drone or fighter jet returns to Butterworth as the blip the military used to distract us the first time) and they know damn well after TWA Flight 800 that they can’t get away with claiming it was a mysterious “spark in the center fuel tank” so they determine it’s best if the plane is never found. But that becomes difficult as Vietnam and China don’t seem to be on the same page (which is why Vietnam and China are both angry as hell at this ‘investigation”) and keep turning up clues which would normally reduce the search area in a real plane crash investigation. So every time they do something that doesn’t help Malaysian authorities divert the search into the wrong location, someone has to come along with “new information” which widens the search area and now it is so large it couldn’t possibly be searched. Well, at that point, someone in our intelligence services comes to figure out, “what if the plane is never found? We could then use it for another purpose. It could just “turn up” flying into a stadium or another building that needs to be demoed.”

Ah. It’s a theory anyway.

14 Responses

  1. To your update
    Everything has been denied!

    ¨On the Chinese satellite images, Hussein confirmed that planes had been dispatched to examine the area concerned. “We deployed our assets but found nothing,” he said.¨
    ¨We contacted the Chinese embassy who notified us that the images were released by mistake and did not show any debris from MH370.¨
    From the live updates Guardian

    I think you did a great job with this latest article there is really nothing to add or subtract from it, But question: How did China get pressured to make such statements of denial or rather admittance to ¨mistakes¨

    We found nothing? That must be a blatant lie!

    • who says China actually said those images were released by mistake? so far they only one I have heard that from is the guy who came out after the oil slick was found saying the plane was in the strait on the other side of Malaysia.

      • It was a statement made at todays press conference by the Malaysian authorities, they say they contacted the Chinese embassy.

        • i know. so, did they actually “get pressured” into making those statements, or is it just bullshit to keep folks from searching that area?

          • Chinas news sources as far as I searched have indeed nothing quoting a ¨mistake¨.
            Is the Chinese Embassy compromised, or is the statement couched into some smart rhetoric? Cause if it is not it would be a blatant lie and would probably tell us right now that this plane will never be found!

  2. As the search is wasting time….. the seas are doing the job of ‘vanishing’ the victims’ bodies. And it gives military divers time to find the box and either destroy it or move it to another location….. and time to cover up the plane.
    I feel despair for the families……………. and I curse the murderers.

  3. First I would second everything Jan above says.

    On the first post made here at AE a commenter came by, by the Name of KEN – he had it right.
    I know that videos from a guy calling himself DAHBOO7 have cropped up here before and if I remember right there was an instance, I think during the BB that DAHBOO7 was strongly suggested to be disinfo.
    Now, however that may be, this guy keeps making videos about this case, DAHBOO7 has an interesting early flightradar24 copy, that he says changed 24h later to give the plane a slightly different location and altitude.
    I actually also suspect somebody is fucking with this guys upload dates and times, KEN posted a video of his here on the 11th while this same video has the timestamp of the 12th and is posted in his uploads page 8h ago – but maybe it just says something about uploaders geographical location ?
    Here I want to show the early copy, for whatever its worth (timestamped 8th march stated as 9th in vid:

    • Brian, I fear that DAHBOO77 is in error on his assertion that the second video, a day later, showed the plane going off the screen somewhere near the south of Hainan Island in the South China Sea. I believe that was the next day’s plane. The first video was for 9M-MRO and the second is for 9M-MRQ which did not go into the sea off Hainan Island like the video suggests it did.
      So if the radar shows the plane going off the radar for the second flight it should be the same sort of emergency as the first plane going off the radar. But it ain’t. Strange.
      I guess DAHBoo&& is rushing and didn’t check it properly. Consequently others like myself have been reposting his video but it is just plain wrong.
      However, the main fact is that that plane would have flown around 1850 KM and not 600 into the Gulf of Thailand where all the searches were being done.

      • Ok, thats probably right.
        Do you know anything (since you posted his video(s) yourself) about that plane he mentions as ¨speeding¨? I don’t usually track flightpaths myself, so I wouldn’t know a thing how this stuff computes.

  4. And why would you need someone from Boeing or Rolls-Royce to give you this secret information? Anyone can figure out how far the plane could of flown with the last recorded speed and heading, and the readily available information form the internet on the 777 (fuel burn rate and fuel capacity at takeoff).
    Seems to me they used these “secretive” sources to try and give legitimacy to this BS stroy that a plane of this size could fly for 4 hours in stealth mode LOL

  5. Is there any truth to the fact that the plane was detected on military radr for an hour after it was detected on civilian radar?

    • something was tracked to that location from the area Flight 370 dropped off the radar. at least thats what the Malaysian military says. who knows what it was

  6. […] Flight 370: Boeing Data Info From Secret Sources Expands Search Area Once Again… […]

  7. More secret sources people.

    China who is going to out themselves as not having sufficient capabilities to be taken serious as a military/scientific power of the 21 century, is citing seismic events approx. in the location where we lost contact with the plane:

    Of course it might still be possible that the plane went down exactly somewhere in that region and the plane now looks something like a patch of floating trash, secret sources on the other hand, may have had a replica in their back pocket…

    Now we got a hijacking and somebody is refueling at the time of this writing very likely in a cave somewhere east of Tora Bora.
    Reuters, a longtime trusted source has the story. Watch out Europe!


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