Wolfgang Halbig and the Sandy Hook Hoax

by Scott Creighton

(H/T David)

Let me start off by saying this guy (a school safety and security expert and consultant who just so happens to have been contracted in the recent past by the Justice Department… hmmm…. ) answered “I want to raise a lot of money” when asked directly what his next step was and what he wanted to do. He’s made a point to say it twice so far in the interview. I’m 23 minutes into it at this point.

For those of you in the know, sounds a bit like Mike Gravel and the Truth movement to me (for those of you who don’t know: Mike pretended to be all about helping the Truth movement so he could “raise a lot of money” and then he ran off with it)

That said…

David sent me an email the other day which was a link to an American Free Press interview of one Wolfgang W. Halbig conducted by David Gahary.

Mr. Halbig has been filing FOIA requests with regards to the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school back in Dec. of 2012. Specifically, he’s been focusing on the police and rescue team responses and how they differed substantially from standard operating procedures which because of his background, he would certainly be well aware of.

He brings up some very good issues in the interview such as:

  • why did the responding officers have to park a quarter mile from the scene?
  • why were there no Life Assist helicopters called in to help the wounded and take them to the hospitals?
  • why were the paramedics forced to remain outside the building, some 500 yards away at a crucial time when victims were lying bleeding on the floor?
  • who pronounced the victims as deceased, something only medical personnel can do on a scene?
  • why were several officers recorded sending children back into rooms 8 and 10 during the initial sweep of the school when according to the final report, all the dead children were found in those two rooms?
  • why did police at the scene report finding certain weapons inside the school and then change their story about what was found and where?
  • when asking about contractor’s names for such services as installing the new security system and cleaning up biological material after the event, he was told disclosing that information would “put the children at risk”. What the heck is that?
  • signs that read “everyone must sign in” on scene the morning of the shooting and porta-potties there within 3 hours?
  • no law suits filed by the parents against the school district for either negligence or how the first response on the scene was handled.
  • Eric Holder gave officers checks after the shooting?

Basically Mr. Halbig is giving voice to some legitimate concerns about what happened (or didn’t happen) that Dec. day. His conclusion is that it was a completely staged event and for the most part I have to agree with him.

He claims that some detectives from his local police department paid him a visit back in December of last year and threatened him with criminal charges out of Connecticut if he didn’t stop “harassing” public officials with his FOIA requests and phone calls. Of course since then all he’s done is go on one radio show after another with his story about these threats (he did a Jim Fetzer interview back in January) and so far, he’s still doing fine as far as I can tell.

There is no way to confirm that aspect of his story.

Mr. Halbig says he wants to raise this money so he can depose witnesses, get them to answer questions under oath and the fear of prosecution were they to provide false statements. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think average citizens can run around questioning witnesses under oath without at least some form of legal mandate like an investigation or a pending trial. You can do something similar to what the Citizen’s Investigation Team (CIT) did with the Truth movement, but since that was an obvious disinformation campaign run by the Pentagon (Flyover theory), I don’t think it would be a good idea for this guy to model his efforts on that pattern.

At first glance his plan sounds good. Force those who made decisions that morning to explain why certain standard procedures weren’t followed, like why no trauma helicopters? That’s all well and good. But the problem is, without a criminal or even a civil case pending, they don’t have to attend such a disposition, much less answer any questions.

Mr. Halbig is saying all the right things and asking all the right questions so for that I link you guys to his interview and thank Dave for sending me the link. But to be honest, if he was doing all of this without the caveat that he wants to raise “a lot of money”, then I would probably be a bit more supportive. It also doesn’t help that he is a former contractor for the Justice Department and kicked off this campaign on the Jim Fetzer show (Fetzer also started such disinfo giants as Judy Wood, Morgan Reynolds, Steven Jones and of course, Mike Gravel)

Have a listen to the interview and let me know what you think.

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  1. Very good points. I did become aware of this gentleman not long ago and was generally interested in what he had to say. These days I’m not really anticipating any groundbreaking strategies, and he didn’t provide any. But, I did find his plan somewhat interesting. Truthfully, I was just happy there was going to be someone else out there raising a stink over the corruption. Then, later he’ll burn out or hit a wall. But, then again I can’t say for sure what will work.

    One point I’ll add to your analysis is something I learned from a friend who had a couple lengthy conversations with him. This friend is well-versed in the various forms of corruption and some of the uglier aspects of the present situation and in recent history. They described him as being naive about all of it and even shocked to learn some things.

    It seems to me that he’s very experienced, but within a pretty narrow scope. So, he may not grasp the concept that “they’re all in on it.” But, it certainly isn’t unusual when someone seeks to fight the system by using the system. Ultimately, that’s what he seems poised to do.

    But the money thing though. Yeah, I wonder what he plans to spend that on.


    • I agree with your post. Mr.Halbig might be a bit naive, since on his Facebook page, he “liked” the Piers Morgan Show and CNN. Once you are fully aware of the corruption, it is impossible to “like” any mainstream news organization!
      Regardless, I do appreciate his questioning of the event….(*hoax*)…..

      • Oh, OK. That is very telling and does align with my thoughts about him.

        Yes, the “interest” in MSM on any level after waking up is a virtual impossibility. If I walk in a room and I see CNN, I avert my eyes. It’s a bit crazy, but none the less.

        Piers Morgan…there’s a guy you can assume is a reality news actor; like a higher-level Glenn Beck who garners more respect because so many Americans believe things said in a British accent. Not the cockney, Sussex kind though.

    • Though Halbig he comes off convincing, he seems too smooth, he repeats himself, and he has some of the details wrong. He gives little indication of having studied the final official report in its entirety. In fact I haven’t seen anyone here or on other investigative sites make reference that report which is available for download: http://cspsandyhookreport.ct.gov/

      I live just an hour from Sandy Hook, and have felt compelled to see what could be seen and know what could be known. I gleaned many interesting details. The full report is almost 900 MB, but any serious researcher has to study it well and take the entire official story into account. If Halbig goes to court he must have that document at his fingertips, and know it backwards and forwards, in granular detail, what was redacted and what wasn’t. He’d have to be able to quote at length from the report. Here are some tidbits:
      “The total weight of the guns and ammunition from the shooter at SHES was 30.47 lbs”
      “There were a number of cars parked in the north parking lot of SHES. Three of these cars were struck by gunfire”
      “No shotgun was recovered from the school. It is believed that these live shells were dropped by first responders”
      “The principal and psychologist were killed in the hallway outside Room 9. Two staff members were wounded by gunfire in the main hallway, and survived.”
      “Twelve children survived, one from classroom 8 and eleven from classroom 10…”
      “The video camera did not record, but the video could be viewed live on three monitoring systems on the secretaries’ desks in the main office, with no recording capabilities.”

      One police report says all Newtown Police cruiser MRV’s (mobile video recorders?) were seized by State Police. Another document says Newtown Police were not part of the investigation.
      Regarding injuries, a police report states “juvenile victims were transported in the rear cargo area” of a Newtown Police Ford Explorer to Danbury Hospitial.
      An ambulance manifest states 2 Danbury paramedics reported to scene and did triage inside school. Newtown ambulances supposedly transported 3 patients to Danbury Hospital.

      And then there are the thousands of scene photographs. The carnage is redacted, but many show fine detail of ballistic evidence. The defense would pull out all the stops using this material. The most important thing is to ask to personally view some of the redacted photos of the carnage and the autopsies. What rule governs who gets to see those photos? Doesn’t anyone have the right to see them??

    • He plans to spend it on lawyers so he can get the critical people involved who refuse to answer questions, deposed. Assuming that on record they are less likely to lie where the consequences could be prison. That’s what the money is for. He says so during the interview.

    • “But the money thing though. Yeah, I wonder what he plans to spend that on.”

      Surely this effort will cost a considerable amount. Right?

      • in order to take depositions of witnesses, you have to have some kind of legal action taking place, right? otherwise it’s just an interview. if nothing come from the prosecutor, then is there even going to be depositions taken? I don’t know. But I’ll tell you this, if he goes to that little company town and starts asking to depose witnesses on the record, he’ll need the money for a funeral or a lawyer to get him out of Gitmo or some blacksite in Poland somewhere.

        • Hey All,

          This fellow just put up a very interesting video that seems to support the money angle mentioned by Wolfgang Harbig.    The pace drags a bit but the information he discusses is … well either a mistake of some sort or the most powerful evidence of a wholesale coverup (buy out) one can imagine.   Comments?

          Sandy Hook: Whole City Got FREE Houses!

    • It’s irrelivant if he can proceed legally. The sunlight on this turd is making it stink so bad its smell is wafting all over the USA . I aplaud Wolfgang. Anyone with an IQ over 80 can see it was a staged Media CNN ABC NBC FOX FEMA FBI CT event. Holder handed out the checks. Nice touch very personal service. They (Zionists) want the guns. Why so sirius.” We gotta get a GPS on this thing to see if we can bring it down.” DKnight. Fire Rises

  2. His conclusion is that it was a completely staged event and for the most part I have to agree with him.

    The problem with completely staged events is the victims. Are they also completely fictitious, with their surviving families played by yet more “crisis actors”? If so, then does not the community in which the event is staged eventually notice that these people are entirely unknown to them? Do not the actual students at the school and their families wonder how it is that they have never met any of the children and teachers now said to be dead, even though they may supposedly have been in the same class with them? Is everybody paid off or threatened into keeping their mouths shut? Does not word of this exceedingly strange situation eventually leak out into the wider public? Doesn’t the usual anti-conspiracist objection that “somebody would have blabbed” have some merit, in such a case?

    How does that all work?

    Or is the claim that ONLY the victims are real, having been murdered by a black ops death squad?

    I left a few more comments in the “pheonix” post which have yet to see the light of day. Perhaps you could review them to see if they merit publication.

    • If you catch my video “Sandy Hook: Creating Reality,” based on a presentation by Sofia Smallstorm, you’ll see that there’s a distinct possibility that these large groups of people may be compelled to carry out their part based on their personal interests. I suspect there’s something they seek to attain that isn’t immediately apparent.

      I think 9/11 is a good analogy of this. One overlooked theory is that 9/11 was carried out by people who’s goals remain a mystery for the most part. It’s quite possible that 9/11 wasn’t THE crime, but rather the COVER UP of the crime. You can see how that could really fly over the heads of you and I, seeking to find the motive among those being bandied about.

      A while ago, I theorized that the intel agencies were playing with new modelling software (latest release of PROMIS anyone?) that allowed them to detect crimes they previously couldn’t, and to create social-connectivity maps to link them within a community. These profiled people would be observed for a time and designated for further crimes based on their profile. In other words, Sim-Blackmail.

      • I loved Sofia Smallstorm’s presentation on Chemtrails. She is patient, does her homework and has brought together information about the transhumanist agenda that is all too credible.

        You raise an important point about 911 which is that in all the argument over the technical aspects of how the towers came down the real back story of 1) Operation Hammer, 2) the destruction of the accounting department at the Pentagon, 3) the cover up of insider trading via corrupted software and 4) the flurry of fraudulent trades that were put through and cleared from the books under “emergency conditions” declared by the Fed, generally aren’t talked about. There are indeed many levels to these events.

        Remarkably enough there is a priceless clip of John Kerry ironically telling a news reporter that 911 was 20 years in the making. The reporter thinks he’s misunderstood and says “no I’m talking about the destruction of the towers” to which Kerry responds “So am I”. Guess we don’t see that one on CNN.

      • Are you able to elaborate on what you think the crime(s) being covered up by 9/11 might be? There’s no doubt that 9/11 itself was A crime. It’s also difficult to deny that the events, and the act of blaming Mideastern terrorists, were used to push an agenda of war and reduction of civil liberties. If there are previous crimes specifically covered up, these would be interesting to hear about. To be clear, I’m not at all challenging your statement or denying its validity. I’m interested in knowing about credible information sources along those lines. For example, it’s always seemed pretty unlikely to me that Larry Silverstein was not directly involved in the Towers’ destruction (all three), having already owned building 7 when he acquired the twin towers 6 weeks prior to the event, immediately took out a huge insurance policy to protect against terrorist attack, then actually sued for an interpretation of the policy that it applied separately to each destroyed building. I think he netted >$4B on that one. I don’t know if he had political motives beyond his business profits, but who knows? It seems there were likely many players with many agendas brought together to pull off 9/11.

        • Actually, didn’t Larry bear the responsibility for the asbestos removal after he had his “epiphany” of owning the building comprising the WTC complex? I dare say that’s enough of a motive for me.

          We need to get a WHO to spill the beans on the HOW.

        • Sure, I’m happy to share whatever I can. I don’t want to give the impression that I firmly believe anything I share, though. But, in this case I suspect I’m very close to the truth on the motivating factors. And, I do think this information is valid even if some theories are ultimately dead ends.

          1. There’s a reason why they call that amorphous blob the “shadow government.” Because, it is well concealed and most people have literally zero concept of it.

          2. Another huge blob hidden from us is the reality of banking, government accounting, finance and the banks total integration with the intel agencies and military. Think of crucial bank projects just like you do black-ops.

          3. In the early to mid 20th century, the US, Britain, France and a couple other Euro nations started getting extremely kinky in their deals with other nations. Well, one example would be going to war, then taking a seat at the head of government in the defeated nation and doing what they please. At that level of corruption, what would deter them from the worst acts imaginable?

          4. It’s worth adding that, true to form this kinkiness grew out of control and now you have weird crap like phoney agencies of government in Australia. It’s Identity theft on a national scale. Add to this stuff the birth bond fiasco and the willingness to allow Americans to pay income tax just like the government employees the tax actually applies to.

          5. One of THE most important corrupt projects partly accounting for 9/11 is a combination of official monetary and banking treaties and unofficial intel counterfeiting of US currency and bonds. I’m talking bonds that come in chests marked “Three Trillion Dollars.” You think I’m kidding…

          6. Gold is next up in the list of ingredients. Because of agreements that should never have been, the US (and its handlers) wound up with most of the worlds gold mostly resulting from the consolidation into fewer hands over hundreds of years. At one point, it somehow made more sense for entire nations to just hand it all over so they could sit at the table without fear of being bitch-slapped. Sadly, the big nations were still bullies but even worse, liars. They love to “securitize” things. Must be sound wealth management with a name like that. Really though, it was just a way to get money without any accountability to the people. If you’ve ever heard “Project Hammer” or the “Black Eagle Fund,” those are both parts of this.

          7. OK, so where exactly did the crime or theft occur? Here’s an example. When the Federal Reserve in the US and the US Treasury minted monster chests with ornately engraved boxes containing bonds reaching amounts like 3 trillion in a single box, they might have been up to no good! These were left as collateral with the optimistic nations handing over their gold. When the 30 year point payout was not honored, you could say that was when the theft occurred. When the 60 year payout was not honored, China didn’t even look surprised. These freaks in the US and their buddies think their all just and proper because they do back the world’s currencies with Gold. What they just block out is the fact that, they don’t bother reporting to the world’s people that the actual amount of total gold minded to date is many multiples of what they officially report.

          8. What good does “securitizing” gold do other than just provide access to money they can spend how they see fit? Well, it’s not just money but huge chunks of off-the-books money. So, big projects can materialize and unparallelled control can be achieved. During the Bush 41 presidency, a plan was hatched to use over $200 billion to put the Soviets in a stranglehold by both buying up their industry and in so doing forming a large enemy from within to expedite their desire to rule the world. This prevented any nation from growing large enough to threaten the plan. If you think North Korea scares our crooked American government, think again. Just watch how obvious it is the next time we ask them to dance for us.

          9. But there was a problem; a glitch in their totally corrupt system. Measures they set up to provide mutual protection in financial transactions wouldn’t allow them to steal. Imagine that. All along, what they built to satisfy the fears of the candy-assed, limp-wristed groups outside of their cabal actually provided too much insurance against fraudulent acts. I’m not saying this is too critical a point, but it’s at least interesting to note that the $240 billion in securities used in the Soviet bring-down operation was due to convert on, wait for it………..9/11/2001.

          Alright, that’s enough real estate to be deemed a thread hijacker from hell! This isn’t the whole story of why 9/11 was partly a cover-up op of last resort. But, there’s enough here to follow and plenty of examples of “wow, so the whole thing is a scam?!” to get you thinking the formerly imaginable. And, please nobody accuse me of plagiarizing any of this. These are my points, written in my words as embarrassing as that may be.

          • Actually, I think these are all great points to keep in mind. Thanks for pouring so much out there. There’s also Rumsfeld’s statement on Sept. 10, 2001 that about $2.3 trillion in military spending could not be properly accounted for. There’s some attempted statement on 911Myths that this doesn’t really mean anything at all: 911myths.com/html/rumsfeld__9_11_and__2_3_trilli.html. In defense of the mental framework they were desperate to maintain, someone even said to me “Oh … I don’t think that implicates any direct involvement of government people in 9/11. Rumsfeld was probably just using the timing in a convenient way, like politicians often do, to lessen the impact of the statement, so nobody would really notice.” I had to ask how he knew to announce it on the 10th if nobody knew the WTC and Pentagon were going to be attacked the next day. Then he just said something like “Oh …” and decided he didn’t like the topic of conversation anymore.

        • Enron investagation papers were all in bld 7. All gone now!
          Donald Rumsfield stated onn 9/10 the day b/4 911 that there was a war on in America 2.3 Trillion Dallars was missing ftom the pentagon . The area that was investagating this 2.3 Tril was destroyed on 911.

      • loosen your tin foil dummy

    • Halbig believes that the event was 2 years in the planning stage before it occurred. If that’s the case, remember the children were first graders. Two years was plenty of time to introduce them into the school/community. Also…no one will “blab” given the right amount of payoff $$$.

      • Funnily enough, most people’s silence is secured with a much much cheaper piece of paper called a National Security Letter.

        Through this genius invention, people who are served with this letter, face full prosecution under the National Security Act not only if they divulge any info they are privy to, but also at the mere acknowledgement of the very fact that they have ben served with such a letter.

        In addition to the scary thought of Guantanamo or military prisons, most people who receive this letter genuinely believe that they might cause harm to a legitimate investigation, or put the lives of “the good guys” in danger.

        Pretty nifty, eh?


        • Quite. Naturally, any person(s) legitimately involved in any type of classified operation will also sign similar paperwork, albeit without the stipulation against acknowledging that they’ve signed paperwork – only against divulging any classified information. However, these often come with a twist as well, and that is that many classified projects today are categorized as “unacknowledged”, in which case the public discussion of or disclosure even of the existence of said project or operation is a criminal offense and can bring prosecution. Some clauses allow for the death penalty under the definition of treason. This is not speculation.

    • So many Americans say the Sandy Hook could not be a conspiracy because it is so big—well, 8.5 trillion dollars is unaccounted for in the Pentagon budget.
      NOT missing—unaccounted for. No paperwork issued or provided or needed—that’s how it works.
      So, say there are 1000 participants in this farce at SH..multiply that by $1,000,000 and you get ONLY 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) which is bird shit to the pentagon or DOD budget.
      It is plausible that 1000 cops, teachers, parents, a whole damn town would take the bribe—and many took lots less!!!!!
      The school was closed—it wasn’t open for years—this will never be known for everyone in that town, everyone in that courthouse privy to documents, every resident in that community, every official in that hospital, every EMT, every cop, every suspect, every fireman—have been bought and if not bought, threatened with their life and their family’s lives.
      Now, say there are 2000 participants—that is still only 2 billion dollars—try to find the parents now—in Newtown or anywhere in the U.S.
      Just try!!!

      (my God, this govt pulled off a 9/11; this is kindergarten compared to that!!)

      • What happens when the Mainstream Media, the police( state and local ) FBI, CIA ,FEMA, and all other govt agencies are involved in this fraud?….if you are a concerned citizen and suspect something stinks about Sandyhook …who are you going to call to report it?? are you going to call Lt Vance? CNN or Anderson Cooper?To me its obvious that all levels of govt were involved in this fraud including the executive branch….So I dont believe it is that hard to keep the hoax aspect of this event underwraps….

        • No doubt some people in this discussion will roll their eyes and denounce the source as complete nonsense but my own spidey sense says that our collective efforts to reveal the truth may get a big boost in the next 45 days.    This link has two relatively short audio blurbs.  The one with “Dr. Grace” makes me laugh in connection with her naive “outrage” although if enough people awake up that would certainly be useful.   The shorter clip sounds promising.   It’s entirely possible that the tipping point might come from an entirely unexpected source and once the cascade starts we could see some important rats deserting the ship. 


  3. The whole Sandy Hook “truth” movement tiptoes around and ignores that the children were repeatedly shot in their faces, so were basically mashed-up and obviously dead. The people who saw it and who know what it actually looked like are doing everything they possibly can to prevent anyone else from seeing how gruesome the scene actually was. The medical examiner and parent who laughed inappropriately did so because that is how some people react to something unbelievably appalling, just like some people react by insisting that the event did not actually happen. An administration willing to murder thousands of foreign children in needless wars would have no qualms murdering a couple dozen American children to advance a gun control agenda. There would be absolutely no reason to fake something that would be much easier to just do.

    • What is the evidence that the children were shot in their faces? Please source that information.

      The point Wolfgang makes about the parents not suing is extremely revealing. Parents who were not either co opted into the scheme or directly threatened by those attempting to silence exposure would certainly have brought a suit against the school district and won hands down. Can you imagine the Sandy Hook school district mounting a defense against a class action suit alleging negligence?

      My gut level feeling is that some children were in fact murdered, not by Adam Lanza but by a professional team that included the guy they apprehended running away from the school through the woods in the back. However please remember there is a precedence for identifying likely victims before hand and making sure they have an inducement to remain missing in action or at least silent. One example was in the hours before 911 there were numerous instances of highly classified DOD personnel who pulled strings to get on those planes at the last minute. The Social Security Disability list of the deceased never listed them as dead and their surviving family never collected money that was allocated. And of course two of the planes are not actually listed as having “wheels up” that day and another was seen and identified by it’s tail number in Chicago 5 years later. Two others planes were identified by electronic transmission in the Harrisburg area 20 minutes after they supposedly crashed.

      We saw a similar phenomena at Boston in the aftermath of the bombings. People faking injuries or people with previous amputations taking the part of crisis actors. For better or for worse this is the particular Modus Operandi of the modern American false flag formula.

      Bottom line, there is a hidden and well funded infrastructure that some of these “victims” are disappearing into. The most important question however is why any of this is happening at such a high level and with so much official collusion? It’s got martial law and One World Government written all over it.

      • There were many stories about the family who had an open-casket funeral for their son which described the damage to his face (http://www.thestar.com/opinion/editorialopinion/2013/01/22/mallick_why_newtown_victim_noah_pozner_had_an_open_coffin.html). The media reports have been relatively quiet about the gore involved because it is deeply upsetting. Most “truthers” have not considered considered the damage to the children’s faces as a major reason for the way this incident has been handled (which has been atypical, I agree).

        As for your conspiracy theory, it would have been easier and less risky for a secret cabal to brainwash and mind control a patsy (Adam Lanza) than it would have been for them to recruit and train a team of assassins willing and able to murder children with a volley of bullets. Not that I’m saying that happened, although I do believe something along those lines happened with the Boston bombing. Specifically, I suspect that the FBI was trying to entrap the Tsarnaevs and that the bombing happened due to an FBI fuckup. That would once again easily explain the weird way in which the incident has been handled. TPTB want to hide that the Boston bombing happened due to the FBI’s ridiculous practice of encouraging terrorism for the purpose of entrapment.

        • Hi Prom Queen,

          Thank you for sourcing your statement. As I said before I believe that some children were murdered that day however, it still doesn’t explain why they weren’t pronounced dead according to the existing procedures. The state is nothing if not meticulous about their procedures and no amount of gore would dissuade them. There is no “common sense” substitute here based on the severity of injuries and in any event the example of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords demonstrate the amount of direct trauma to the head one can take and still survive. So the points Wolfgang raised remain unanswered.

          I have additional questions of my own that he didn’t address. 1) Where is the security camera footage? 2) Why was the armed man in camo dress caught running out of the back of the school, chased through the woods (on video) and detained at the scene treated as an after thought? Is the eventual explanation (yes this was reported in a local paper the “Bee”) that he was actually a SWAT team member from an adjoining municipality explain why he was running AWAY from a scene where his training and capabilities could have saved children’s lives? 3) Why are there multiple photoshopped anomalies in pictures of the victims and their families? 4) Why does the Social Security Administration list Adam Lanza as having died the day before?

          It stinks, that’s all there is to it and the real urgency behind having an investigation is to stop the manipulative process of whatever agenda they are driving us towards.

          With regards to the Boston Bombing I appreciate your willingness to consider that the official story is flawed but I’m afraid you haven’t begun to reference the full extent of evidence pointing towards a completely orchestrated event.

          Keep in mind we have two video tapes showing Tamerlin alive and in FBI custody and eye witnesses stating that he was run over by a police car not by his brother. Tamerlin was flown to Chechnya the year before and attended a CIA sponsored conference in one of their proxy organizations to create a history of “extremist activity”. Despite the fact that travel to Chechnya is considered a “red flag” he was quietly shepherded back into this country and continued to interact with his black ops handler who groomed him as a convenient fall guy.

          The FBI was forced to admit they were maintaining contact with him so how come they didn’t instantly “recognize” their boy as a suspect on the videotape? Lastly the brothers uncle, who delivered a scathing indictment of them after the fact lived with an infamous CIA operative named Graham Fuller who is implicated up to his eyeballs in Operation Gladio Two (another false flag CIA sponsored terrorist outfit) in Turkey. Do your research. There are way too many CIA connections for my taste.

          Analysis of the footage taken at the “bombing site” is absolutely astounding with direct shots of the prototechnic devices used to stage the fake explosion including shots of the black ops guy picking up the still smoldering canisters mounted on a board and hiding them under his coat. Then we literally have crisis actors spilling out fake blood from concealed bags, all on camera. I’m not exaggerating here and I am definitely not joking. And then there is the famous case of the guy supposedly with his leg being blown off who gets wheeled across the same track of street TWICE. Yup this poor guy who is supposed to be in shock stooped to adjust the prosthetic fake shattered leg with the burnt tibia protruding and ruined the first photo op. So they took him in a complete circle back again to the starting point and SHOT IT AGAIN. Is there a reasonable explanation for that one?

          The only “evidence” against either brother is the “testimony” of Danny the Chinese national who reported that the brother’s car jacked him, confessed their activities and indicated they were headed to NYC to carry out further suicide bombings.

          Funny thing about “Danny”, despite the fact that he would clearly be generous embraced by a grateful city this immigrant wanna be entrepreneur hasn’t cashed in on his heroic role and instead has remained anonymous. Stranger still the Feds claim that the naked man who was put into a police car handcuffed in Watertown following the high speed chase of the brothers (that just happens to look actually like Tamerlin including his muscular athletic build) was really “Danny” the Chinese national. How remarkable!

          So put the “story” together. The terrorist brothers who we are told were on the run, robbed a convenience store (sorry that story got retracted) killed a security guard (no evidence what so ever) then managed to hijack someone who was a dead ringer for the older brother and subsequently confessed to him. Then this look like “Danny” who escaped in Cambridge, manages to follow the terrorist brothers to Watertown where he comes to the attention of the police who mistake him for the terrorist’s, strip him naked, put him in handcuffs and photographed him against a wall. By this time of course the Feds knew the identity of the Chechyna brothers but somehow couldn’t figure out that Danny the Chinese speaking guy was really not their man. Well what can you say? All dem foreigners look alike anyway right?

          Hey what’s to question here? Certainly not the execution killing of Tamerlin’s friend in Florida who was disabled following surgery on his legs and could only hobble with difficulty yet suddenly presented such a clear and present danger to multiple big FBI types that they had no choice but to shoot this unarmed guy seven times including once in the back of the head. Well of course, nothing strange about that and we certainly can’t challenge their story because they got rid of the witness that was there just before the shooting occurred.

          Nor was it unusual that two FBI guys who were in on the chase and capture of the terrorist’s brothers died in a “training exercise” several weeks later. Hey life is dangerous, just get over it, right?

          Prom Queen, I’m not going to accuse you of being a shill and we are all coming at this with different levels of research and analysis. That’s ok. However, please understand, the more you investigate the less “isolated” the pattern of manipulation becomes. This pattern of manipulated false flag events is constant and ubiquitous. It is well and truly time to put aside pre-conceived ideas and look at the official story with skepticism and discernment. Our lives and the future of our nation as any sort of “free society” depends on it.

          • Amen. When I look back at the last 15 years of my life, outside the direct personal interactions with a small number of people (family, friends), it seems that the very core of the world that has been presented to me through TV, newspapers, movies, radio and even corporate-sponsored communications in the workplace has been mostly a fabrication.

            I don’t know how far back the intentional creation of false reality to guide and control societies goes, but it appears to go back prior to invention of Christianity (the word invention is not a mistake here). I don’t know if there is truly a centralized international power structure grown out of past generations of ruling families or a chaotic and unstable competition between greedy assholes who find themselves in positions of privilege and/or opportunity and capitalize on it. I don’t even know if there are not one or more groups who actually believe in the occult mumbo jumbo bullshit that some fringe conspiracy theorists seem to think gives them that sense of assurance and confidence to steamroll their insane agendas forward.

            Is the “monolithic conspiracy” mentioned by JFK real in the sense that there is a relatively small cohesive and continuous group of conspirators guiding international events towards a master agenda? Would it also be possible that there is a societal system that has evolved over multiple generations that has a direction beyond that of any isolated group? For example, your brain functions as a conscious entity that is aware of itself and can (theoretically) “choose” its own thoughts and directions. However, which neuron, or groups of neurons, is ultimately in control of the entire brain and unilaterally controls the activities of all other neurons in the brain? And when a brain becomes delusional or self-destructive, which groups of neurons is responsible for correcting its course? No answer here, only questions.

            And … does our popular literature with its cherished colloquial wisdom actually support and help sustain this system we seem that has been created that is not in the best interests of the majority? Even little classics like Voltaire’s Candide sums up the message with its closing line “Let us tend our garden”. This can mean different things to different people, but when I’m in a mood like I am now, it seems to say “Mind your own business. Just take care of your own life. Things look crooked, but don’t worry, God (your gov’t, the banks, your insurance company, the hospital, the sleazeball lawyer you may need next week) has a plan. Everything will be taken care of. Trust us. We have your best intentions in mind and will take care of you. Now, now, sit back and watch some TV (and eat some twinkies).” In other words “Here, we left the door open for you. Please walk into this cage and shut the door behind you. Don’t worry, it locks itself for you.”

          • I do not have answers to all your questions, and I think that the media and law enforcement bear the responsibility of providing adequate answers to all of them. If much of the misinformation is a result of incompetent journalism or law enforcement gossiping, the reporters and officers responsible need to be held publicly accountable. Had the investigation been handled more openly, there would be much less suspicion that important information has been withheld or distorted. As it is, the lack of information has led people to question that children were killed, which I think is an illogical conclusion for the reasons I stated earlier.

            I find it disturbing that lobby groups have used this tragedy to further their political aims, rather than to engage in the sensible act of having an inquest and making fact-based recommendations to prevent future similar incidents. Questioning and highlighting those manipulations is essential…the lack of questioning after 9/11 pushed America into an unnecessary war.

            I agree that the Tsarnaevs-on-the-run story is full of holes and unproven claims, but I am not familiar with a story of “Danny” being arrested shirtless. There are inconsistencies in the “Danny” story, such as an eyewitness account indicating “Danny” was white, not Asian (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/04/19/gas-station-owner-worker-recounts-moment-man-carjacked-by-bombing-suspects/).

            The death of Ibrahim Todashev needs to be openly investigated, and the officers involved held accountable in a civilian court, rather than by an internal FBI investigation.

            • Prom Queen… I can sense that you believe in rule of law, due process, fairness, etc.

              But, asking the ref to call a foul in a football game where snipers are shooting at the players, players have spiked gloves, referees who are bought and sold, team owners who bet agains their own teams etc. would be a little too optimistic, wouldn’t it?

              • Absolutely, I do believe in all those things. The closed proceedings that have become a distinguishing feature of these incidents are very disturbing, and seem to have been enabled by the secrecy around the Guantanemo Bay detainees.

                Citizens should be able to witness the James Holmes, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, etc. trials and decide for themselves based on the evidence presented. I can see censoring/redacting evidence about operational specifics in those cases to prevent further dissemination of that information, but aside from that, the evidence needs to be public for due process to truly occur.

          • fake explosions?

        • Prom Queen,

          Are you suggesting that they would have to recruit and train a team of assassins from scratch? Why would they need to do that when the Special Operations Command has many such teams ready to go? They conduct assassinations and kidnappings around the world on a regular basis, – including killing children- not to mention similar teams run by the CIA, or mercenary groups like Blackwater, – and they are more reliable than a single, mentally unstable patsy. It remains debatable how effective mind control is for creating a real assassin, but it is quite good for creating patsies such as Sirhan or Holmes to distract from the real killers.

          • War generally depends on feeling that the enemy is “the other”, and that the killing is justified. Taking that mentality and twisting it to get American soldiers or a special operations teams to murder American elementary schoolkids is quite a stretch. It would be easier to manipulate someone into going crazy or to engage in mind control techniques. If Lanza was a patsy, maybe the guy running away from the scene was his handler. This Derren Brown video shows an example of a patsy who is hypnotically programmed to be an assassin (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90xfZJQzAhc).

            • I’m sorry Prom Queen, but this is a magician show. Derren Brown is simply an entertainer. He’s an “illusionist”, similar to David Copperfield but with an emphasis on “mentalism”.


              This is not real. Derren Brown cannot make someone assassinate anyone. These people were simply playing along for a television show.

              Scientific peer-reviewed literature demonstrating the willingness of a normal person to assassinate and not remember it would be more helpful. I don’t think you’ll find that though.

        • Prom Queen ~ The only sane comments here were made by you. Dawn Hochsprung was a well known and well loved educator here in Woodbury/Bethlehem before going to Sandy Hook. She also lived just up the street from me. I also know a State Trooper that was on the scene that terrible morning. One of the children is buried in the same cemetery that my family is in. To suggest that this is a hoax or an “event” is beyond disgusting.

          • It’s quite tragic. Do you truly believe, however, that a skinny, physically-awkward Asperger’s teenager who was afraid of loud noises, didn’t like opening doors, had no proven experience as a marksman, was completely non-aggressive, had no motive, and had a death record dated the day before the incident could have carried out such an efficient killing spree? He was as good as a highly-trained special forces operator. Adam Lanza’s date of death has been updated to Dec. 14th. However, it was actually listed as Dec. 13 for quite some time until news of that spread. It really defies logic.

            • And in documents I found for my family their nationality is changed a couple of times, sometimes they give incorrect years of birth etc. Oh no!!!! Maybe we actually don’t exist! I think the death date point is a little reaching. Office workers commonly make mistakes, I know I have had to argue with a few. These people aren’t exactly paradigms of intelligence.
              I understand how some people like to debunk hoaxes but sometimes the minute details you people get caught up on are easily explained. Reading this thread gives me the same reaction to watching the nut jobs on Ancient Aliens, in fact I’m surprised nobody has said it was aliens yet.

        • There were many stories about the family who had an open-casket funeral for their son which described the damage to his face.

          NOT–the face was covered with a scarf.
          Research, please.

          Who can say that was even a real body? A dummy perhaps??

      • “…DOD personnel who pulled strings to get on those planes…” Whoah! That does seem to fit very well with the 9/11 plan. And some of these higher-profile people were very key components, like Barbara Olsen. As I understand it, Barbara was the key that connected her flight to the coordinated hi-jacking theme. I do find it odd that nobody sees the significance of that connection and then learning later that the calls simply didn’t happen. So, Barbara is sunning in the south of France and Ted gets to pretend that he once had a pretty hot wife.

        Speaking of people being apprehended while running away from SH school, I did a quick video analysis of this. I first identified 5 figures in the woods, followed by an update with 6 and lastly I count 7 but that clip is in a lengthier video done after this one.

        Take a look for yourself, and tell me which of these figures is running away and if so, from whom?

    • How do you know? did you personally see the children’s bodies? or do you know anyone personally connected to the event who did?

      • My other response links to an article which describes the damage to the face of one of the children. Based on the way the shooting would have gone down, most of the victims would have had visible disfigurements on their faces and fronts.

        • That’s Totally Contradictory to the Medical examiner and the “Official” record. Parents were shown photos of their deceased child.
          Not class photos, Not photos or their arms or legs – Their face.

    • Prom, it is sad to say that your statement, “There would be absolutely no reason to fake something that would be much easier to do,” is the BEST defense against truthers, like me.

      • Hi Jeanna,

        I understand your sentiment but perhaps there are advantages in “managing the con” that aren’t immediately apparent. For example in a real mass killings would some parents decide to look more carefully, be less accepting of the official story? More attention to Adam Lanza for example or a meaningful investigation of the guy they found running from the building out into the woods? Would some parent focus on obtaining the security camera footage that would clearly show the impossibility of Adam Lanza managing all that weaponary? With the fix in you could craft the stories in a “made for TV” format that ensured the message went forward as planned.

        Think I posted this link before but I find it rather astounding. Apparently billions of dollars were spend on one day two years before to cancel the home mortgage of the vast majority of the Sandy Hook school district. All on Christmas Day when offices would be closed. Perhaps I’m missing something that invalidates what this fellow is saying, could someone else have a look?

        • For some reason the link to the video I mentioned didn’t seem to come through.    The link is readily found by searching under,  “Sandy Hook:  Whole City Got FREE House!”

  4. I understand your initial response to his statement about making a lot of money but I think you are putting the wrong interpretation on it. This fellow is totally focused on solving the puzzle and he knows very well that the process of mounting a legal suit against a powerful opponent requires a deep pocket and competent legal team. You can tell by the completely spontaneous way he spoke that he’s been developing strategy and specific points for deposition in in his sleep for months now. I’ve been where he is and I can tell you that after a certain point everything other then getting to the truth becomes just another item on a list. This guy isn’t in it for the money, what you are hearing is the process of putting resources and every ounce of determination on the line to achieve an overriding goal. If there was deception or efforts at personal aggrandizement at work he wouldn’t just spit this out and go right back into legal strategy talk. Nope, he’s the real deal and let’s be profoundly grateful for him.

  5. Just to clarify the money question, it may be that he wants to depose people via a FOIA lawsuit, which is permitted to pursue claims of FOIA violations. If someone wants to dig, the question to ask is whether he is seeking litigation costs.

  6. “The whole Sandy Hook “truth” movement tiptoes around and ignores that the children were repeatedly shot in their faces, so were basically mashed-up and obviously dead.”
    Huh?!?! Based on what ~ there’s so many inconsistencies with this whole story, for you to come out with that tidbit of dis-info is amazing.
    Not ONE parent was allowed to see their Child. They supposedly removed the children at 1am so nobody would see……what…..bodybags?
    Oh, let’s tear down and pulverize the school, let’s invite all of the families for a special meeting on Air Force 1. Let’s have non-existent 911 calls, let’s have a “Everyone Must Check In” sign near the firehouse, let’s have some porta pottys for this supposedly non-planned event.
    I’m not seeing some 112lb mental mess carrying 50lbs of weapons into a school, and the state of the art camera system – AS WITH AURORA THEATER – are non existent.
    The burden of proof is Not on me – it’s on YOU Prom Queen. Lies Lies Lies. Laughing parents, Mr. Rosen taking in 6 kids that the bus driver abandoned??? ALL B ULLSH!T. But be sure to donate to Newtown, they really need your money – I’m not sure why.

    • Totally with you Observer. The Aurora “shooter” was switched at the last minute (outside the theatre via a propped open side door). The cell phone rings, he leaves and shortly thereafter reappears in full battle gear ready to go. Tear gas then gets thrown from two separate directions necessitating at least one other accomplice. That poor kid was a classic case of Darpa mind control programming in which a secondary personality is created (the Joker) and then launched into action. (surprise his father worked for Darpa and specialized in manipulating neuronal networks). Then they plead him out before anyone could unravel the dirty work. Same thing with the Sikh temple shooting. Witnesses all reported five men in black but it’s put on a single shooter who is conveniently killed.

      However all around us you can see that their plans aren’t working. The financial system is collapsing, bankers are suddenly being “suicided” (silenced) in record numbers (the last one shot himself 7 times in the torso and HEAD with a NAIL GUN) the Benghazi story is breaking down, it appears there will be criminal indictments in the Birther scandal and no one seems to be falling for Syrian War Chapter II. This fellow Halbig is extraordinary and making a huge contribution in yet another crucial area. Something good is rising. If we can just hold off the next false flag I really believe we will turn the tide.

      • So true Julian. Thanks.
        Holmes (from police radio communications) was in the car so drugged out of his mind, that they had to break the side rear window to open the door – he was obviously harmless or they would have shot him. I’m convinced that he was so out of it that they called for a stretcher & that’s why the stretcher was under the car. Yeah, people can identify someone wearing a mask in a dark theater – Sure!!!
        2 – 3 gas masks outside of theater.

        • Julian / Observer – I can feel the power!…of understanding that is.

          2 points, and I’ll be quick….

          1. Holmes was only in that apt. for 2 weeks based on the lease doc and landlord statement on video. Both of which I’ve seen.

          2. Holmes is a really nice guy, and remained so even while heavily drugged. I say this because he had presence of mind to warn the cops about the apt. booby-traps.

          I still say a skilled group should create multiple response scenes to distract LE in Aurora, while another group extracts Holmes from jail and ushers him to a secret location. In time, he might heal and I seriously think his information could be used as bargaining chips. Grant amnesty to the middle-operators in exchange for them turning on the High-Cabal warlocks. Ya feel me?

          • I feel ya alright and appreciate your work which I didn’t follow before but will look at more carefully. 

            You are right about Holmes.    This poor kid was so enthusiastic about the DARPA work he was “learning about” and gave a presentation to his school about it that is online.     His later dazed quality is a remarkable departure from the earlier presentation and a classic sign of dissociation.

            There is a huge and growing literature about mind control technologies via the vibrational milieu around us (cell phones,  “smart meters” and wireless routers)  as well as discussion about specific “bases” where mind control applications are done.   It’s hasn’t reached a point of “credible concensus” among the “experts” but I have no doubt the “dumbing down” effect we see in the corporate owned media is just the tip of the iceberg.   Really the only reason to follow the mass media is to pick up on the next psy ops they are getting us ready for.   That’s why I am alerting people to Syrian War Chapter II.   

            By way of background information search the following  “Mind-Control Part 1:Canadian and U.S. Survivors Seek Justice”.   These were early programs but provide some sense of the reckless that was present among the doctors and staff involved. 

            I believe at the end of the day we are going to discover that the constant stream of mass killings was socially engineered not only for purposes of gun control but to create a general increase in fear to keep people off center and in a reactive mode.  

            This is precisely why the larger “nodal events” like Sandy Hook,   Boston Marathon Bombing,   and 911 itself are so important to deconstruct because the larger “production events” require many pieces coming together and slips ups are more easily identified.   We can include the Navy Shipyard shooting in DC on that list.    That guy actually complained of ELF radiation messing with him and the police notified the DOD he was having psychotic episodes a month before the shooting.   Somehow,   this information never found it’s way to the “proper channels” and his secret security clearance remained in place.  

            The slip up came when a DC based SWAT team was at the naval yard,  fully deployed and the authorities at the facility asked them for help.    The SWAT commander asked for permission to engage and was told to withdraw and return to base.   later the commander and 4 other team members were given administrative leave to silence them and the meme of our dangerous society that will collapse without the oversight of Big Brother is put forward again. 

            Different names same story.  

    • I have better things to do than make up disinformation. Obviously, I have done more extensive reading about the Sandy Hook incident than you seem to have done.

      “There was no mouth left,” his mother told the Forward. “His jaw was blown away.”
      She put a stone in his right hand, a “clear plastic rock with a white angel inside.” She wanted to put a matching stone in his left hand but he had no left hand to speak of.
      Parents of the dead children were advised to identify them from photographs, such was the carnage. But every parent reacts differently. Veronique Pozner did the most difficult thing. She asked to see the body. Zeveloff asked her why.
      “I owed it to him as his mother, the good, the bad and the ugly,” she said. “. . . And as a little boy, you have to go in the ground. If I am going to shut my eyes to that I am not his mother. I had to bear it. I had to do it.”

      • Give me a Break! Your research was watching MSM, FFS!!!
        What are you quoting? I guess nobody tells lies in your world.
        “There was no mouth left,” his mother told the Forward. “His jaw was blown away.”
        She put a stone in his right hand, a “clear plastic rock with a white angel inside.” She wanted to put a matching stone in his left hand but he had no left hand to speak of.”
        Veronique Haller Pozner the legal consulant for Swiss Embassy?
        Yeah, all of these kids supposedly were shot 3-11 times each and a Ton of money has been donated, yet ALL of them have Piece of Shit Headstones.
        I already listed a minute amount of a multitude of inconsistencies with sandy hook. Debunk Those.

        • Why do you think a complex explanation involving fake victims and a massive conspiracy is more credible than a simple explanation involving one crazy (or brainwashed/mind-controlled) guy shooting a bunch of children gorily? An evil cabal would have a much easier time brainwashing a patsy than it would orchestrating a multi-actor drama, to accomplish whatever purpose you believe the Sandy Hook incident achieved for “them”.

          • The “massive and complex conspiracy” is more credible for several reasons.  

            1)  The simple story is riddled with contradictions  that involve active collusion with a complex and interlocking network of corporate and government entities   2)  The technical difficulties associated with the “simple story” border on the impossible  3)  There is no good faith effort to get to the truth but rather multiple efforts to block it  4)  The immediate effort to channel the “shock” of this event into a political agenda is transparent and way too convenient and 5)  The similarity to other manipulated events in which a lone crazed wacko carries out a devastatingly effective attack inspires skepticism.   

            Look we’ve all had our say.    Why not sleep on it,   research the points that have been raised and we’ll return to it in days to come.   Sounds like a reasonable plan to me.    

            • I researched this event extensively on all sides before reaching the conclusions I have expressed in this thread. The no victim canard was first floated with respect to 9/11. It served no purpose then other than to derail the 9/11 truth community. It is being floated with regard to Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon so that “truthers” look like ghoulish fools to the majority of people. If the majority of people can be made to think that people calling for open investigations into major crimes are whackjobs, it helps TPTB shoot down those requests much more easily.

              • Poseidon,

                I have to disagree. I’ve seen the same footage Derrick referred to regarding the smoke machine and flash smoke launcher used in Boston. These images are clear and credible. The photographic analysis of blood being deliberately dispersed from containers is similarly clear as is the use of crisis actors and individuals with previous traumatic amputations. This is actually understating the contradictions that have surfaced via photographic analysis. I reeled off many of those examples before. Remember the city of Boston had just conducted a huge drill that simulated just this kind of attack the year before using crisis actors. Put it together, watch the footage and it’s hard not to make the connection.

                There is clearly a huge financial component to 911 that includes a pattern of fraudulent trades, future trades and you name it. This has been extensively reviewed and if anything calls out for more exposure.

                The Barbara Olsen cell phone calls are fraught with both logical and technical contradictions and come off as more of a scripted movie “plot developer” than an actual event. Consider that cell phones didn’t work from that altitude in 2001. Add to that the “crash site” for a major aircraft that contained no luggage no bodies and an eye witness who saw a completely different smaller drone type aircraft flying a low attitude and heading towards the impact site just before the crash.

                Your characterizations of these issues are not valid and they certainly do not reflect any “consensus” among reasonable people who are honestly looking at the facts. The rest of your personal attacks are very destructive and unfortunate. These kind of smears highlight the saying that when one finger points outward four more point back. Let go of all the attacks, we are all here to contribute as we can.

                • Just finished listening to the interview withWolfgang Halbig,   He came on the air about 20 minutes after it started and the two other guests did quite a bit of talking (frustrating).   All that being said,   some excellent points were raised including the rather startling information that the entire town was teetering on the edge of fiscal collapse and the homes of everyone in the community had been listed as collateral for some sort of bond that was coming due.   Make of that what you will but if it’s true it’s quite a bit of leverage to hold over their heads.   Certainly Wolfgang’s character comes across very clearly and for no other reason it’s worth a listen.  

          • Special ops teams killing innocent people is a stretch? Sociopaths (who represent roughly %10 of the total population) are singled out for service in special ops teams, all others are culled in the screening process. Murdering innocent and good people is basically all they do. See “Killing Hope” by William Blum. These people are not some necessary evil fighting for democracy and the American way.

            Check out these links about Robert Green and Hollie Greig, and how the case playing out in the UK justice system. Read that and get back to us. Tell us again how far fetched the idea of an evil cabal whose sole purpose seems to be victimizing children is. This is not unrelated to the topic of special forces, they are intricately intertwined.


          • Is it truly that easy to “Mind control” a patsy into being a professional killer? I think the success of the MKUltra program on that particular front is a little overblown and mystified. Why don’t we just “mind control” a couple of people into being super-fighters and then bet on them in the ring? We’ll get rich! The real targets of mind control are us – you and me, the everyday citizens of this country, and it’s more subtle than creating super killers out of scrawny teenagers who are unlikely to become Green Berets simply by hypnotic suggestions. It’s the gradual creation of a false reality for you to live your life in society within, so you can believe the things you’re supposed to believe, like a loner kid was mind-controlled into professionally slaughtering a bunch of kids. Do you think the folks willing to orchestrate the Sandy Hook “event” would trust the outcome to the abilities of the scrawny loner Adam Lanza, even if they somehow “mind controlled” him?

            • I do not think that Adam Lanza was mind-controlled. I think that he was poorly parented and when left to his own devices, went totally crazy. I just think it would be a lot easier to brainwash a single person to commit a mass murder than it would be to stage an elaborate operation with multiple gunmen. I linked elsewhere to a Derren Brown episode in which he successfully hypnotized someone into becoming a mind-controlled assassin.

              • As I mentioned above, Derren Brown is simply an entertainer and the video you linked to is a work of fiction for entertainment purposes only.

      • I’ve only found one parent or relative describing actually witnessing an open casket funeral for a purported SH child victim. It was Veronique Haller Pozner.

        Why is Veronique suspicious? For one, she is Jewish and therefore has an entire tribe of powerful people all sharing a common goal to protect her from exposure. Expose her for this hoax and suddenly even Grandma is putting on her detective badge.

        Secondly, it was by sheeeeeeerrrrrr coincidence that it was Veronique’s brother who drafted the gun control legislation that they and other parents involved in the hoax presented to Obama, Biden and Congress only a short time after the school event.

        Thirdly, if you listen to interviews with Veronique you can discern the use of terms pretty much exclusive to Attorneys. It is claimed that she is a nurse, by profession. Alrighty then.

        I could go on, but I guess just the fact that, in addition to the above oddities it was also she who liberally detailed all the goriness of Noah’s face and is the only one to my knowledge describing an open casket.

        Oh…and it was Veronique who was interviewed by nasally-challenged A. Cooper. Of course, if I was sharing this over at the James Randi Educational Foundation forum this would all be a bunch of pointless details.

  7. Has anyone ever searched the graves and exhumed the bodies DNA and talked to the parents?

    • Mary Ann,
      The sandy hooker residents are on the defense and will smear Anyone that questions or tries to offer advice. They attempted to destroy a glass company that sells Bulletproof glass. They aren’t going to budge on their Lies – and since ALL communications are monitored, any of them will be “suicided” if they dare try to set the record straight.

  8. […] Wolfgang Halbig and the Sandy Hook Hoax  […]

  9. Actually all ‘they’ had to do was deliberately release inconsistent and conflicting reports to obfuscate any investigation. In-fighting is guaranteed to ensue, breaking up and destroying any group or start-up movements from within. Not to mention, making it quite easy for the ZOG media to ridicule, and demonize anyone who questions the official story of any event. Who’s to say this Halbig character isn’t part of the confusion campaign? Seems like he’s a little late to the party.

    How does Cass Sunstein(Jew) and “cognitive infiltration” fit in to this ongoing story? I see You have written about him here: https://willyloman.wordpress.com/2013/12/13/cass-sunstein-and-cia-director-at-time-of-the-leak-are-the-advisers-fixing-the-crisis-caused-by-snowden-psyop/

    “The first challenge is to understand the mechanisms by which conspiracy theories prosper; the second challenge is to understand how such theories might be undermined. Such theories typically spread as a result of identifiable cognitive blunders, operating in conjunction with informational and reputational influences. A distinctive feature of conspiracy theories is their self-sealing quality. Conspiracy theorists are not likely to be persuaded by an attempt to dispel their theories; they may even characterize that very attempt as further proof of the conspiracy. Because those who hold conspiracy theories typically suffer from a crippled epistemology, in accordance with which it is rational to hold such theories, the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups. Various policy dilemmas, such as the question whether it is better for government to rebut conspiracy theories or to ignore them”
    -Sunstein, Cass R. and Vermeule, Adrian, Conspiracy Theories (January 15, 2008). Harvard Public Law Working Paper No. 08-03; U of Chicago, Public Law Working Paper No. 199; U of Chicago Law & Economics, Olin Working Paper No. 387.

    Also,”One has to ask” about this Sofia Smallstorm aka Sofia Shafquat that many are falling for as a credible source, aka disinfo.

  10. If Mr. (I will give my life for this) Halbig is true to his word I wish him all the support in the world.
    There was one thing he said tough, that struck me as odd; that he wants to sue the NFL to… find out the names of the sandy hook elementary choir kids???
    That’s what he needs money for!?
    Well is anybody paying attention?
    Read ¨Summary of task force activities¨
    3rd paragraph ¨(1) the identities of witnesses who are minors¨
    Read also ¨Need for a minor-specific exemption¨

    Will clarify if need be, but I’ve heard and seen enough.
    ¨Sue the NFL¨? – good start man


  11. Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. (François-Marie Arouet – Voltaire, 1694-1778)

  12. No one but a raving lunatic could seriously believe that dozens of deaths were faked at Sandy Hook, “amputee actors” were part of a Boston bombings hoax, or “hologram planes” hit the WTC. Wolfgang Halbig chose not to go to the MSM (which would have given him more credibility), and instead took his story to AFP. The Sandy Hookers will respond that it’s because the MSM are all in on the conspiracy! Okay, let’s suppose (being very generous to the SHers) the hoaxers managed to divert $1 million from the funds raised. As of 2010, there were 14,853 newspaper titles worldwide.

    And to be even more generous, let’s forget TV and radio, and suppose that only 10,000 newspapers are “mainstream”. Thus, after transaction costs and telephone bills, the hoaxers are left with less than $100 per newspaper to bribe them into giving up the right to make $ millions from exposing a SH “hoax”. The hoaxers also have to pay off the children (to play dead), the parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, friends, colleagues, classmates, the police, the coroner, Homeland Security, the “crisis actors”, the assassin standing by in Hawaii ready to shoot Andrew Wheeler if he was about to talk, or those who set up his website’s domain in 2003 and wrote about him in forums in 2009, etc. They have to hope that no party to the negotiations with 10,000 newspapers will talk, and none of the tens of thousands of phone calls gets intercepted.

    The hoaxers would have to borrow or stump up their own money to bribe the various conspirators, before so much as a cent came rolling in. After interest charges and inflation, they would make a loss even if the proceeds paid enough to bribe TV and radio, the “crisis actors”, forensic scientists, etc. In fact, the newspapers would not take part for less than $100, and since it’s a certainty that the plot would be exposed, the fictitious hoaxers would be losing money just to guarantee themselves a place in a jail.

    In reality, Halbig (who was probably coached in what to say, rather like a certain Sam Danner back in 2006) knows that no mainstream newspaper would give a column-inch to a fringe conspiracy theorist with no evidence. Halbig wanted to restrict circulation to spare himself embarrassment. And by going to a “conspiracy-oriented” newspaper, the wider audience of non-conspiracy-minded folk will see that he’s just playing games with the “conspiracy nuts”.

    Halbig suggests that Sandy Hook was a conspiracy because when the police arrived, “they” parked a quarter of a mile from the front door of the school. No, they did not. The first car to arrive in Crestwood Drive parked a little over 100 feet from the south end and 600 feet – which is less than 1/8 mile – from the front door.

    Halbig deceptively keeps waffling on with misleading comments such as “Why would you park a quarter of a mile…?” yet studiously avoids telling us that the next two police officers arrived a mere 13 seconds later – parking on the driveway near the ball field, barely more than a hundred yards from the front entrance. And the police deliberately decided to cover both approaches.

    Halbig says [5:45], “And they’re parking on Crest View, Crest something Drive.” If we overlook his errors of more than +100% in his distance calculations, you’d think that Halbig would at least be able to get the name of the road right, after supposedly “researching” Sandy Hook for more than a year.

    No, Sandy Hook wasn’t a conspiracy. It was a lone nut with guns and a rifle, Asperger’s syndrome, an obsession with video games such as School Shooting, who was off his meds, and who told his mother he would not feel bad if anything happened to her.

    Real conspiracies include Israel’s central role in 9/11, and Cass Sunstein’s counter-intel program of “cognitive infiltration” involving agents who pose as wackjob conspiracy nuts with a “crippled epistemology”, his recruiting of cognitive systems / epistemology expert James Fetzer to lead the effort, their recruiting of people such as Sofia Smallstorm to put out disinformation videos, and the system in which agents invariably advance to 9/10 on the stupidity scale so that the wider audience perceives truth-tellers as lunatics.

    See: http://www.takeourworldback.com/fetzersunstein.htm

    • However right or wrong Halbig might be (i don’t care either way) it does not excuse you for including “hologram planes” in your short list of potential hoaxes in the very first sentence of of your long post. When did you stop reading about 9/11 for god’s sake? 2006?

      What’s next? That the “Hookers” also believe in Bigfoot? Lizzard people?

      Nice try, Poseidon.

      • Professor Fetzer, the leader of the Sandy Hookers, peddles “hologram planes”. And Fetzer groupie and Sandy Hooker Buelahman promotes “amputee actor” at Boston bombings.

        In terms of stupidity rating, there is barely the width of a cigarette paper between Sandy-Hook-deaths-were-faked, Boston-bombings-were-faked, and WTC-planes-were-faked. It’s the same group of pseudo-lunatics who have been deliberately putting out this nonsense since 2006, and with the same motive.

        • Motive – Just because there is a trashy VT article posted on here doesn’t mean that you have to pull a Michael Collins Piper over our heads – take it outside.

        • It’s probably foolish of me to jump in here because as soon as we try to address too many issues we’ll lose both focus and intellectual rigor.    None the less I want to make a couple of points and try to tie this together. 

          911 and holographic planes.   The fact that holographic technology is available should surprise no one.    It was and is technically possible.   Both the visuals and the sound.  

          The argument for the use of this technology in the 911 scenario arises from empirical observations and FACTS about what occurred that day which do not comport with the “official story”.   Some of those discrepancies are consistent with the use of holographic technology as a visual prop.   Specifically.

          1)  An analysis of  the materials,   objects and forces operating in the impact of those alleged airframes with the WTC structure violates the laws of physics in remarkable ways.   There is virtually no rippling or distortion along the long axis of the plane after the nose makes contact with the steel and concrete surface of the building.   The tail doesn’t snap forward,   reflecting sudden deceleration,   the wings don’t snap and bounce back off the surface.   Rather the shape of the plane appears to pass into the body of the WTC as if did not encounter resistance.  

          We’ve been offered the “dumbed down” explanation that it’s because the planes were traveling “so fast”.    This is utter foolishness.    The forces at work once those two surfaces made contact were going to play out the same way whether it was the plane or the building itself that was moving at almost 550 knots.    Let’s make it simple.   If butter is traveling at 550 knots and it encounters a steel knife that butter will be “cut” just as it would if the butter were stationary and the knife were moving.  

          The plane was a thin aluminum can which struck a massive steel and reinforced concrete structure.    A real plane would have shown catastrophic design deformation.    These didn’t.   Instead they appeared to “slice through” the building leaving a “road runner” outline that included the shape of the wing (thin aluminum layers right out to the wing tips)  that we are asked to believe cut right through massive building materials.  

          No deceleration,  no deformation of materials,   completely impossible penetration that defies the laws of physics.  

          2)  The “planes” were traveling faster then they were actually capable of moving at sea level.   The engines won’t push the airframe that fast at sea level and if they possibly could,  the airframe would begin to peel open and lose structural integrity.   This has been demonstrated in wind tunnels and via analysis of disasters caused by a plane being put into an intentional dive position.   Once the plane encounters denser air at high speed you get intense flexing of the wings under buffeting stresses that quickly fatigues the metal,   loosens the joints and the whole thing comes apart.    Yet on 911 it didn’t happen.    

          3)   Photographic analysis of footage taken by a news helicopter shows the second “impact”  and for a split second the actual UNDEFORMED nose of the airplane emerging from the  opposite side of the building.    This has been explained by “debunkers” as a plume of smoke but if you look for yourself the truth is obvious.   The shape that emerges at the exact moment a non decelerating plane would appear (if it had encountered no obstacle what so ever)  is distinct and includes an intact windshield.    Then rather then billowing out as a plume of smoke would,   there is a quick frame jump and the previous image is over written completely.   

          4)   The actual “road runner” outline on the first tower that was hit  occurs  several seconds later and in a different location then the “plane” actually hit.    There is a disconnect between the impact we are shown and the impact “crater” in the shape of a plane that results. 

          5)   There is unexplained deformation or fading on the planes photographed from different angles   BEFORE they make contact with the building.  

          6)  There are repeated photographic anomalies involving confused perspective regarding these planes.  Specifically when filmed from a distance they sometimes appear to travel in front of objects (a construction crane) that was closer to the camera than the WTC.  

          Let me admit to some that continues to baffle me.     The shape of the second plane that was extensively photographed is clearly not a commercial jetliner and shows a pronounced “groove” running along the undercarriage.   This detail is so striking that the absence of serious discussion,   even from the corporate controlled media is hard to understand.    This could be consistent with a holographic image but (and this is the glitch)  why use a holographic image of a military plane when the narrative required a civilian airliner?     I don’t know.  

          While we are at it let’s quickly deal with another “debunker’s favorite”.   Judy Woods.    Dr. Woods has been attacked all over the place and some of her statements may lack support for minor details. However there are a couple issues that are not in question.    The vast bulk of both WTC turned into dust in mid air before hitting the ground.    The debris field was no where near what it should have been with conventional demolition and a conventional “collapse” at free fall speed  would have left a much much greater seismic signature.   It would also have destroyed the “bathtub” containment structure which was essential to rebuilding on the site.  

          So drawing it together.    These aren’t simply mobsters rubbing out their rivals or stealing money from the public coffers.   This is a technically advanced,  highly integrated effort that combines control over investigating agencies,    financial institutions,   the military apparatus and powerful elements within the government.    That is exactly what we’ve seen in one installment of the “war on terror” after another.    This is a an international elite whose goal is the destruction of all individual nation states and the establishment of some kind of world government with far fewer mouths to feed or sensibilities to accommodate.  

          There is an over arching structure which I’m not going into right now,   however there is simply no foundation for talking about Sandy Hook or any other high profile event as an isolate or separate event.   It’s not a fabricated “conspiracy theory” to see a relationship between different anomalies that kept on reoccurring.   It’s called waking up and smelling the coffee.   

          • Cass Sunstein’s program of cognitive infiltration has people running around the internet acting the role of paranoid, clueless “conspiracy theorists” with a “crippled epistemology”. At the one (foundation) level are those who serve as the dubious sources from which a typical shill will cherry-pick their “information”. These include Sofia Smallstorm, Simon Shack / Hytten, who made a disinfo video claiming no planes hit the WTC (and who later claimed no one died on 9/11), and John Lear, who has a reputation as “everyone’s favorite crackpot” and makes claims about the maximum speed of a Boeing jet at sea level, which are not supported by any sane aeronautics experts. Lear also tells everyone that the moon has forests, lakes and civilizations. Hytten’s father Eyvind worked as a controlled opposition for the government.

            So once these dubious sources have been established, the typical shill will use them to build a foundation for his/her “crippled epistemology”. The shill blindly accepts the disinformation from liars such as Simon Shack and crackpots such as John Lear, deliberately ignores the vast array of evidence against no-planes, WTC-nuked, WTC-zapped-by-energy-beam, amputee-actors-at-Boston, Elvis-was-abducted-by-invisible-lizards, etc, and poses as an individual with zero common sense or scientific knowledge. The shill will posit specious claims and false analogies, such as pretending more than 100 tons of airliner and fuel is equivalent to “butter” and a building facade that’s partly glass and partly 3/8 inch thick steel plate is equivalent to a “steel knife”. They’ll pretend to have been hoodwinked by videos in which some disinfo agent claims to be an “expert” who’s analyzed video footage and thinks something’s not right. And they’ll pretend to be like sheep who can’t think for themselves and see the absurdity of the ramifications of conclusions such as the WTC planes were faked and the Boston bombings were faked.

            The Sandy Hook hoax claims, and the Wolfgang Halbig exercise, both tie in with Sunstein’s program to “understand the mechanisms by which conspiracy theories prosper”. Halbig is a microcosm of Sandy Hook.

            Satellite-based lasers with a power output of tens of terawatts (required by Judy Wood’s WTC demolitions scenario) were not available in 2001 and are not available today. Lockheed Martin recently managed to get a portable laser to deliver 30 kW. A discrepancy of nine orders of magnitude is not a “minor” detail.

            • Excellent points. Thank you. It is true, however (at least it is my understanding), that commercial airliners were claimed to have been going far beyond their maximum airspeed through atmospheric density close to sea level. So fast (>500 mph fr some) that they could have a high probability of breaking up before reaching their targets. It’s also highly unlikely that the supposed hijackers could maneuver the reported planes the way they maneuvered those planes. It is also (apparently) true that those planes were being tracked on radar, so holographic technology would be unlikely even if it existed, which, as you pointed out, it does not. Drone technology did exist and was quite advanced by 2001. It is conceivable that military drones were constructed with a size that would allow them to pass for commercial airliners and were flown remotely into the towers after they had switched places with the original flights at a turn point to fool radar operators. This would also solve the problem of finding an expert pilot capable of the observed maneuvers willing to commit suicide for a very non-religious purpose (to help greedy assholes make money and get their next war).

            • Judy Woods never discussed space based lasers. She has discussed the fact that there was a very unusual hurricane parked off the coast of NYC at the time and that mention of this swirling vortex of energy was subsequently deleted. She has suggested that the “dustification” of the Towers involved an interference field between different energy sources that could be focused and tuned in some way.

              Do we as civilians have access to the technical details? Of course not. The point is simply this. Look at the points I’ve sketched out in my last post. Are they anomalies? Yes. Do we have credible explanations for them? No.

              Obviously infighting is destructive and needs to be avoided. Obviously the financial aspects of 911 have been underplayed and cry out for attention. Obviously we need citizen’s grand juries to bring actual legal (common law) action to force the issue. Will anyone be “convicted”? Probably not. Can we force the issue into public consciousness and educate a new generation about the dimensions of the fraud that have been perpetrated on them? I think so.

              At this point we don’t have to invent answers to anomalies or pretend that we know more than we do. Rather we need to keep the questions in mind and proceed with a sober understanding that a confluence of forces including advanced technologies have been hijacked into destructive political agendas.

              • her name is Judy Wood, not Judy Woods and yes, she discussed space based directed energy weapons i.e. “ray beams from space”. It’s not hard to do your own research on the subject. I suggest you start.

                • I stand corrected.   There is no (s) in Judy Wood,   and she has discussed space based lasers as systems that exist.  

                  My statement arose from the hours I have listened to her.  During that time I didn’t hear her say that these space based systems were responsible for what occurred on 911.   I’m still not sure she has made that assertion but if she has I would call it an unfortunate instance of over reaching.     

                  Really though the only point is this.   With respect to whether the planes were real or holograms and for want of a better word the  “dustification”  of the WTC we are dealing with anomalies that point to the use of advanced technologies that would be considered part of the black op military arena.    The element of global financial manipulation has already been established as has a corporate owned media in total collusion with the plan.     It would be naive to think this grouping came together to knock down a few buildings and then went their separate ways.   

                  With that background,   the take away message I’m suggesting is this.    When anomalies appear,   and when they appear across multiple levels  it is reasonable to start seeing the familiar hand of false flag black ops at work.

                  • Actually, I was the first to interview Judy Wood on 11 November 2006 and she made the point that the devices (DEWs) she had in mind could be land based, air borne or space-based. I was so struck by the imagination she was displaying–which opened an entirely new range of alternative hypotheses–that I was ecstatic. I would do a series of 15 interviews with her, pioneering the interactive use of computers with the radio by going to her web site and discussing the images, graphs and tables she had there, which would become the basis for her book, WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO? While I believe she is wrong–except that mini and micro nukes satisfy her definition of directed energy weapons (as devices that deliver far more energy than conventional sources) and can be directed, she cannot cope with the USGS dust sample evidence, which includes these elements:

                    Barium and Strontium: Neither of these elements should ever appear in building debris in these quantities. The levels never fall below 400ppm for Barium and they never drop below 700ppm for Strontium and reach over 3000ppm for both in the dust sample taken at Broadway and John Streets.

                    Thorium and Uranium: These elements only exist in radioactive form. Thorium is a radioactive element formed from Uranium by decay. It’s very rare and should not be present in building rubble, ever. So once again we have verifiable evidence that a nuclear fission event has taken place.

                    Lithium: With the presence of lithium we have compelling evidence that this fission pathway of Uranium to Thorium and Helium, with subsequent decay of the Helium into Lithium has taken place.

                    Lanthanum: Lanthanum is the next element in the disintegration pathway of the element Barium.

                    Yttrium: The next decay element after Strontium, which further confirms the presence of Barium.

                    Chromium: The presence of Chromium is one more “tell tale” signature of a nuclear detonation.

                    Tritium: A very rare element and should not be found at concentrations 55 times normal the basement of WTC-6 no less than 11 days after 9/11, which is another “tell tale” sign of nukes.

            • John Lear is our nation’s leading pilot. He holds 17 international speed records and is qualified in 100 different areas of flight and aircraft maintenance. His affidavit is thorough and convincing.

              Go to 911scholars.ning.com and do a search on “John Lear affidavit”, if you want to learn something about aerodynamics and physics. The opposite, of course, if you listen to Poseidon instead.

              Yet this guy (Poseidon) trashes him — and everyone else he disagrees with — at every turn. That is not the sign of a man who is searching for the truth but of one who is out to obfuscate it.

          • Julian, You have many excellent posts here. I notice that, in response to this one, Poseidon immediately launches into a discussion of Cass Sunstein, as though it were relevant to what you have written. This, it seems, is his pattern: when you can’t cope with the message, attack the messenger and imply that he is some kind of op. That, of course, is what OPs do, not those searching for truth. Keep up the good work.

        • to me, Fetzer is one step above Sorcha Faal, clearly disinfo, has been from the start. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING this guy promotes is either pure disinfo or tossed into the punchbowl to swim around with his manufactured turds.

          • Where I’m at is a tough spot to be in, because I’m totally appreciative of your information and at the same time don’t think it would be fair to ask you to detail the points that lead you to your opinion of Fetzer. I like the guy, although that isn’t saying much and doesn’t really refute your position.

            This isn’t the first time I’ve chimed in to support Fetzer, although I’m not exactly supporting him as much as just trying to get others to stay open to other possibilities, and that goes for anyone’s view of anyone else. I think Jim is at the place where you wind up when your areas of interest are some of the most controversial. Just Jim’s work in the JFK assassination realm is enough to imagine some serious counter-measures have and are ongoing.

            All I can offer is my opinion based on my reading/watching/listening to numerous articles by Jim, countless hours of podcasts, many hours of lecturing and documentary-like video as well as absorbing the various opinions of others who have had some form of contact with him. In all of this, I have yet to detect Jim employing deceptive argumentative tactics nor has any particular statement he’s made caused any concern that he was being deceptive. To the contrary, it’s very common that someone on the periphery appears to be deceptively engaging him or his reputation as a form of disinfo.

            Specifically with regards to Judy Wood, I feel that I’ve absorbed enough data to safely say what Jim has said and done relating to Judy is a clear and understandable progression. Jim is, no doubt susceptible to errors in judgement or thinking. However, because of the almost universal childishness exhibited by Wood supporters Jim is allowed no leeway in his stated position on her and her work. I can clearly see Jim trying to appease this crowd by speaking in factual terms and trying to stay within the boundaries of professionalism. But that never seems to satisfy their interests to force him into a blanket statement of approval of her claims and a declaration of support for anything else she decides to take an interest in.

            Hey, I know how it is to have people using your forum to share conflicting ideas. That’s what I hope to avoid without watering down my position on Fetzer. When it all boils down, if you listen to Jim’s opinions on the phenomenon of sock-puppetry and the act of spreading disinfo you are likely to sense they are his authentic positions. This is highly unusual in the cases of known disinfo people, of which I admit only knowing of a few. Even more rare is for a disinfo operator to have anything at all to say on the matter. After all, I would find it very difficult to form convincing and even moving arguments in areas of high importance if I myself was committing the deed or didn’t actually have the belief I was purporting to have.

            Bottom line – you could be right about Jim. But, if I put him on the disinfo list I will be running very, very short of candidates for the authentic activist list. Present company excluded… 😉

            • Hey Everyone,

              Looks like Wolfgang Halbig will be giving a podcast tomorrow night at 8 pm.    Here’s the link. 


              With all this discussion it should be interesting to see what points he covers. 

            • Someone just passed me a link to this site in the UK.    Don’t know what to make of it but it’s another source of information. 


              • The ironically named nodisinfo.com is just about the most inept shill site in the world, and amusingly, purports to provide people with the “pure facts”. It claims there were amputee actors at the Boston bombings, Michael Jackson is still alive, the Port Arthur massacre was a hoax, the Virginia Tech killings were faked, Paul Walker’s death (in a 100 mph car crash) was a hoax, Lee Rigby is still alive and the killing was just “a set-up perpetrated by Mossad-like MI6 agents”, and other assorted lunacies.

                For anyone who wants a laugh, check out this funny comment from a shill who pretends to be an illiterate, retarded, paranoid “truther” who thinks ordinary people are shills:

                “If I haven’t, just the little bit of logic and common sense I have would put any college education you may have to shame, proven by the pure fact that you believe that this poor attempt of a hoax was real, But I will give you the benefit of the doubt you limy pig, and believe your nothing but a limy shill!. Oh by the way, The reason you limes where kilts is because a sheep can hear a zipper a mile away.”


                • When I first started covering Sandy Hook and the “no victims” theory first came out (it took a little while) I was not tolerant of it at all as the record of my writing clearly shows. To me it was a variation on the “no planes” and “no victims” theories floated in the Truth movement that were clearly designed to alienate us from the skeptical general public who knew something was wrong with the story and still searching for something that helped them understand it. So when the “no victims” theory came out in regards to Sandy Hook, I didn’t put up with it at all.

                  Needless to say, over time and a considerable amount of research, my position on this matter in this ONE mass casualty event has softened to the point where I have to wonder myself if any children were actually shot at Sandy Hook. The discrepancies are too many to ignore at this point. That’s not too say I am firmly in that camp.

                  Obviously Port Arthur wasn’t a hoax. Neither was Aurora, Webster New York or Boston for that matter. These mass casualty events were all very real with real victims just like the other American Gladio events.

                  The case of Sandy Hook is slightly different. It’s one thing to stage some assets and a patsy in the Navy Yard and shoot up some geriatrics at , shooting 6 year olds is vastly different … even for the contractors working for the CIA.

                  Maybe I have fallen into the same trap that I used to assign to those who brought this up months ago in that I would RATHER believe they didn’t do this. That’s possibly true. Yet, I still think the evidence at this point, the way they handled the wounded on the scene, never removing them and pronouncing them dead right there rather than rushing them to the hospital, lends one to understand that something very odd surrounds the circumstances of those fatalities. Toss into the mix the lack of lawsuits and odd behavior of parents during interviews, and you have to come away with a different understanding of the event, which is what I have done.

                  I only get involved in this conversation to point that out, that I was firmly in the other camp months ago (a year ago really) and have evolved my position due to evidence that has surfaced.

                  like you say, Nodisinfo is a pure disinfo site.

                  • I suspect the corpses of the children were so obviously dead that the first responders knew there was nothing they could do. That would explain why there was no attempt to transport them to the hospital.

                    Aside from suing the Lanzas for wrongful death, I cannot see any legal avenues for the families to pursue. If citizens perceive any impropriety around the donated funds, lawsuits could emerge at that time. In my experience, litigation is horrible and it keeps wounds open until it’s finally done. I was involved in a lawsuit in which I had a legitimate countersuit that I would have won. After that person’s lawsuit against me was dismissed, I chose not to file, just so I could move on.

                • Hi Poseidon,

                  You may be right on this one. I probably should have reviewed the Michael Jackson piece before I posted it. Ah well, sometimes you get the bear sometimes the bear gets you.

                  Thanks for the heads up.


                  • Hi Julian,

                    Thanks for the heads-up on Walter Halbig’s next podcast; should be interesting.

                    For those who think Sandy Hook or the Boston bombings was faked, I suggest reading Michael Collins Piper’s False Flags chapters 29-30 (free .pdf is available for download), for a more realistic, economical “conspiracy theory” that won’t make the general public think “conspiracy theorists” are nuts, yet describes a very real conspiracy that has been going on (involving Sandy Hook and Boston) to smear “conspiracy theorists” as nuts.

                    Something certainly is going on relating to Sandy Hook, but it’s not a conspiracy of faked deaths involving thousands of townspeople, police, forensic scientists, all the MSM, etc. Someone in the MSM could have been involved, say, in leaking raw footage of Gene Rosen so that some would think he was a crisis actor. (p. 311 of Piper’s book).

                    People could also ask themselves is it really just a coincidence that a certain James Fetzer had a paper published by Springer on Jan 1, 2004, entitled “Disinformation: The use of false information”, and presented an informal version of the paper during the Computing and Philosophy Conference, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA, as early as 10 August 2001, as can be seen if you go to the Sprinker link, and look at the footnote on page 1 when the preview appears.


                    Is it really just a coincidence that Fetzer has authored books and papers dealing with semiotics, and Sofia Shafquat aka Smallstorm has a degree in art and semiotics?

                    Look up “mimicry” and you’ll see a biological definition that it’s “the similarity of one species to another which protects one or both”. Now Google: “mimicry” and “semiotics” and there are 568,000 results. Google: mimicry semiotics memetic lexicon, and you’ll see that on the Memetic Lexicon, mimicry is defined as “An infection strategy in which a meme attempts to imitate the semiotics of another successful meme.”

                    Sunstein and his Mossad pals need to protect themselves by mimicking “conspiracy theorists”. These are the real “crisis actors”, working to portray themselves as a travesty or parody of the most farcical type of paranoid, clueless, sick “conspiracy theorist” imaginable. Their goal is that the general public will instantly dismiss people who tell the truth about real conspiracies (such as 9/11) as those sick wackjobs who don’t even believe children died at Sandy Hook, who accused parents who lost their kids of being liars and actors, and who think there were amputee actors with fake blood at the Boston bombings.

                    The perpetrators of 9/11 needed to protect themselves by trashing the reputation of, and mimicking, “conspiracy theorists”, before the facts about Israel’s central role became mainstream, leading to calls for Israel to be dealt with. This is why the shills are (successfully) infecting the meme pool with nonsense about amputee actors, faked deaths, hologram planes, mini-nukes, and Star Wars beam weapons that can “dustify” hundreds of thousands of tons of steel and concrete.

                    Perpetrators of false-flag terror have no qualms about killing people – they wouldn’t fake it. Look up “we’ll blame it on the muslims”, and in the clip from the 1996 film The Long Kiss Goodnight you’ll hear Patrick Malahide’s character say, “Well unfortunately Mr. Henessey I’ve no idea how to fake killing 4,000 people. So we’re just gonna have to do it for real. We’ll blame it on the Muslims, naturally.”

                    The Mossad probably was instrumental in setting up the Boston bombings, but the investigation has been derailed by the nonsense about fake blood and amputee actors.

                    • I want to understand your position as crystally-clear as I can.

                      From my perspective, these appear on the surface to be hoax operations with evidence of that likelihood being seen with my own eyes. I observed a phoney injured woman stagger into the aftermath of the BB and lie attempt to lie amongst the “victims.” I saw an arm reach out from behind a cluster of people to retract a smoke machine. I saw the battery used to trigger 2 pyrotechnic canister devices left after the blasts in front of LensCrafters, including the cables leading away from the battery.

                      The above doesn’t bother to consider the peripheral interconnectedness of so many aspects of this event and many others in recent times. It would be foolish for me to discount them all because no individual aspect is the smoking gun. Taking in total, the probabilities of coincidence are simply too small to bother calculating.

                      Despite what I’ve described, you’re asking me to consider that I’ve misread what I’ve observed and in the other cases just got it all wrong? You’re saying that, there are researchers in the conspiracist community who are long established disinfo artists. Because they arrive at similar conclusions to mine shouldn’t weigh into how I perceive their information? The bottom line, you claim is that they are intentionally making ever-more ludicrous and incredible claims of hoax that in your opinion are vile and disgustingly inhuman and obviously intended to discredit the claims and reputations of legitimate researchers?

                      Wouldn’t it have been enough to simply make the claims you’ve made without adding the unnecessary opinions you have of those who would make such outlandish claims? You seem to have actual anger stemming from the claims of some researchers like myself and what could cause discomfort to surviving victims, if these are in fact real victims. At minimum, the impression I get is that your stated opinion of people making certain claims is intended to discourage them or to at least plant doubt in their minds.

                      In a sense, what you could be accused of doing is akin to “I know you are, but what am I” level accusation. Rather than disclose your established position as a deceptive agent, you simply take the finger pointed at you and bend it in the direction of the people causing the most concern to your employers or to your common goals.

                      I think many points you made were excellent and, were it not for your addition of personal discomfort or distaste for the “people” and their “wrong-hearted” suspicions I may well have come to your way of thinking.

                      I do see how you could claim to only be passing along the warning of being perceived negatively by outside parties when reputation and mind-share is so important to spreading the truth. But, it appears through your choice of phrasing that these negative perceptions are held by you. Personally, I see nothing wrong with suggesting that entire agencies of the US government are corrupt enough to stage events like these or that a person could be so deceptive as to play the role of a horribly wounded victim of terrorism.

                      I don’t wish to toss out accusations of being deceptive, so please use whatever platform you wish and whatever arguments you like to persuade me that you’re being honest with us. To expect that I would then give consideration to your claims relating to Fetzer, Smallstorm etc. is probably not realistic though.

                    • Very well said, sir. Thank you.

                      (that was for Derrick.. the thread did not allow replying to his comment)

                    • Hi Poseidon,

                      Interesting to see how we each have clearly defined areas of passion and focus regarding this whole false flag business.     Too often they divide us and that is a problem. 

                      In this case though I  want to support your emphasis on Israel as a key actor in the 911 false flag and in similar operations of this kind.   The evidence on 911 was overwhelming.   I am sure most people are unaware of the constant use of violent false flags by Israel (Egypt Operation Suzzanna,  USS Liberty,  Mexico City attempted assassination within their government building etc).    There is even a credible analysis on VT regarding Israel’s use of tactical nukes against Syria.  

                      The open collusion between this agenda and our own government is the startling point.    The number of high ranking State Department officials in charge of coordinating Middle East policy who hold dual US Israeli citizenship is astounding.   I am Jewish but that wouldn’t have saved me on 911.   Only Israeli’s working in the building received advance warning to leave (documented). 

                      While I believe Israel is ruthless and fundamentally without moral restraint in pursuit of it’s agenda I don’t believe they are really the prime architects of what we are witnessing in terms of false flag massacres.    That’s really the globalist elite.    There is no question however that when it comes to murder on a grand scale,   the Israeli contingent is capable,  ready and willing.       

                    • I think your reasoning is spot-on here.

                    • Well said Poseiden. I agree 100%

    • Here are some of the points that Poseidon is not sharing with you from a nice summary by Carl Herman:

      Video: “National School Safety Expert: Sandy Hook shooting was a fraud” Check out the 43-minute game-changing interview on-line.

      Wolfgang Halbig has the perfect combination of expertise to evaluate what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School:

      Law enforcement: Florida State Trooper, US Customs Agent.
      Education: teacher, assistant principal, principal.
      Current school safety expert: trained key personnel at over 4,000 US school districts, and over 3,500 school safety officers.

      His conclusion after ten months of motivated investigation:

      “In my professional opinion, [Sandy Hook was] a scripted event… in planning for maybe two, two and a half years.”

      Mr. Halbig’s response is demand for criminal arrests of “leaders” involved in Sandy Hook based on rational embrace of the public evidence he explains in the interview:

      Law enforcement parked 1/4 mile away upon arrival. Why didn’t they rush to a heart-wrenching emergency if it really occurred?
      no trauma helicopters were ordered. This is unheard of for an actual emergency.

      No paramedics were allowed in the school. This is unheard of.
      officials refuse to say who declared all 26 people dead. By law, this must come from a doctor. This refusal of so much basic information indicates lies and cover-ups.

      Official narrative claims emergency personnel didn’t find the school secretary and nurse after 4 hours of searching.

      This “event” included a traffic sign lit with the message, “Everyone must sign in.” Officials refuse any comment on this element that would be present for a staged event/drill.

      Porta potties were on site; again with no comment by officials and consistent with holding a staged event.

      No names were listed for the 26 children and chorus director at the 2013 Super Bowl event in honor of Sandy Hook. The children resemble the alleged shooting victims. It’s unimaginable to not list these names for such a huge deal.

      No lawsuits filed by parents for negligence against school district. This is unheard of.

      A shooter with Aspergers would have poor motor skills and muscle tone – how did he carry all the gear and shoot with such precision? This combination is impossible to imagine.

      2 homicide investigators threatened Mr. Halbig for making inquiries consistent with his professional duties to learn about this event for future school safety.

      Newtown Public Schools won’t return any calls. Mr. Halbig says this non-cooperation to contribute information for other schools’ safety is unheard of.

      The FBI classified the report on Sandy Hook. This has never been done before, and indicates a cover-up of all the evidence that this was a staged event.

      Radio transmissions are consistent in tone and content for a drill, not an actual emergency.

      Multiple weapons reported at a limited crime scene were never found. This is not credible.

      Law enforcement sent a kindergarten girl from the hall to stay at the crime scene of room 8 to be alone with dead bodies. This is a ridiculous claim that demands investigation and answers.

      No parents viewed the bodies of their children. This is also unheard of.

      No documents are being released via Freedom of Information Act requests. This is unheard of.

      Trauma services were never requested. This would never occur.
      tearing down the school is consistent with destruction of evidence, given the HUGE gaps between official accounts and the evidence.

      No bio-hazard company was contacted to clean blood, bodily fluids. This is impossible.

      Mr. Halbig’s inquiries of who installed the school security system has been met with silence. This is unheard of to not get this information to improve other schools.

      Mr. Halbig has the professional expertise to conclude the official story is impossible, and to demand arrests in order for the public to have the truth.

      So if believing that Sandy Hook was a hoax makes me a loon, count me in. I have published 29 books and hundreds of articles and have received many forms of recognition for my research. Do a search and you can find my academic vita or read about me in Wikipedia, which, if you understand how they spin things, give you an idea of who I am.

      • It’s already been established that Halbig is a fraud. He lied with his claim that the police parked 1/4 mile away, for example. The first police car parked less than 1/8 mile away, and Halbig omits to inform us that the second police car arrived 13 seconds later, parking barely more than 100 yards from the front entrance.

        The paramedics hadn’t been cleared to go in, because the possibility of a second shooter had not been ruled out. Sadly, Lanza left very few wounded survivors. The report says:

        “State and local police continued to search the building and quickly triaged any victims they discovered. A Newtown Officer found a critically injured child, since EMS had not been cleared to approach the building; the officer scooped up the child and sprinted towards the EMS staging area. This is recorded by in-car video at 09:56:16 hours.”

        From Halbig’s statements, it is clear that he has never even bothered to read the reports let alone do any research, and is simply repeating a few talking points that he was coached in, probably a few days before he started doing radio shows.

        Non sequitur is a logical fallacy. Just because (in hindsight) you think the authorities should have done things differently, it doesn’t follow that there was a gigantic conspiracy involving hundreds of crisis actors, in which either:

        1) Andrew Wheeler is a fictitious person, but in order to make his online presence appear realistic, Sandy Hook Hoaxers created his website’s domain in April 2003, had other conspirators post about him on internet forums – e.g., in 2009, obtained a photograph of a person to use on his website, and tricked or persuaded various newspapers into using another photo of the same person in reports stating that he traveled to Connecticut in December 2012.
        2) Although Andrew Wheeler loves his island lifestyle, he was inexplicably recruited as a “crisis actor”, a job that involved him traveling from Hawaii to Connecticut to pose as the uncle of one of the “fake” victims, as part of an operation to back up a false Sandy Hook narrative.
        3) A “crisis actor” resembling Andrew Wheeler was hired to travel to Sandy Hook and pose as Wheeler, with backup plans to shoot or otherwise eliminate the real Andrew Wheeler if he ever found out about it and talked, and a second backup plan to shoot anyone who found out that Wheeler had been killed, and a third backup plan to shoot Wheeler’s killer if he talked, and so on, with another series of backup plans to shoot the “crisis actor” if he talked, along with thousands of conspirators bribing, blackmailing and threatening thousands of co-conspirators to play their part in the plot.

        We have only Halbig’s word that he was “threatened” by homicide investigators. On July 24, 2012, Halbig was attempting to solicit money from gullible folk, by exploiting a post about a genuine donations campaign:

        Please donate and investigate what we can do in saving children from committing suicide. I need $100,000 thousand dollars [sic] and probably pay it back once the company is up and running. wolfgang

        Halbig says he would “probably” pay it back, i.e., not necessarily.

      • Halbig’s company Children’s Safety Institute is a fraud. On his CSI Qualifications page, he has five references, including for example Mrs. Michele Tegland at Harlem Public Schools, Chicago IL. Problem is, she died on October 14, 2011.

        “MICHELE TEGLAND, 46 ROSCOE – Michele Tegland, 46, of Roscoe died at 12:08 a.m. Friday, Oct. 14, 2011, at home, surrounded by friends and family. […] She began her education career at Lathrop Elementary School in Rockford, before joining the Harlem School District, where she served as a teacher, technology coordinator and principal (Loves Park Elementary School).”


        Another of his references is Gloria Lunsford, of Raleigh, NC.

        “Gloria M Lunsford was born on December 20, 1948 and died on May 05, 2009 at the age of 60. Gloria last resided in Raleigh, North Carolina in Wake County.


        Halbig’s website domain was not created until October 29, 2012, more than a year after both of them were dead. Interestingly enough, that was about six weeks prior to Sandy Hook, rather like when Larry Silverstein secured 12-layer, 22-company insurance coverage against terrorist attacks aggregating $3,546,809,904 “per occurrence”, six weeks before both WTC Towers were hit in terrorist attacks.

        Registry Domain ID:
        Registrar WHOIS Server: whois dot networksolutions dot com
        Registrar URL: networksolutions dot com/en_US/
        Updated Date: 2013-10-31T00:00:00Z
        Creation Date: 2012-10-29T00:00:00Z

        Check out Halbig’s site at the Wayback Machine, and you find it’s only been saved once – on August 18, 2013, consistent with a website that wasn’t live until late in 2012.


        Clearly, after setting up his website, Halbig searched for dead people to use as fake references.

      • lets write a book about the truth and use emotions as the key in teaching others that it could not have happened as they say.

        [edit – phone number removed because I don’t know who you are or who that number is associated with]

  13. Nobody died at Sandy Hoax. You people that think it may have been somewhat staged but kids really did die,,,,where’s the proof of that? We can’t even get a 4sec clip of “Lanza” entering the building w his 50lbs of tactical gear on….there is more proof that nobody died then there is that they did. That is not how the real world works!
    If you cannot discern the truth by now, which is blatantly obvious, then you do not matter anyway. This is a spiritual war occurring in remarkable times. Check out Ephesians 6:12. It describes exactly what we are dealing w here.

  14. I listened to the interview. He made some very valid points, however after if was over I tried looking up my Halbig, and there seemed to be no info about him anywhere prior to giving this interview, and his facebook profile appears to be a fake account. While I applaud the effort, if these alt news sight ever want to be taken seriously the need to have some credibility

    • agreed. check my comment below.

    • “there seemed to be no info about him anywhere”
      Out of curiosity, if one were to, say, “look up” you, would they find anything substantial, prior to your comment?

      “his facebook profile appears to be a fake account”
      What about it “appears” fake? Created in 2009, with tons of accumulated info. and many friends and followers. In fact, he gives his address and phone number… far more than I’m willing to do on my facebook but, hey, I’m probably fake too.

      • Are you suggesting that anyone here give the semi-anonymous entity so far only known as Wolfgang Halbig their hard-earned money because he might not be fake? I would suggest that some would like to substantiate his authenticity before giving him their clearly non-refundable money.

      • You see, it is one thing to judge an anonymous poster’s comments on the merit of the words written, because, if worded correctly, can be removed from personal incentive and intent, and can rest upon the logic of their argument. It is a very different thing t say “Hey, I’m really trustworthy. You don’t know me, but you should give me your money. Why? Because this bad thing happened that you already know about, I’m reiterating that it was bad, and now I’m saying that I have the same questions that you have about it. So, you should give me your money.”

        • I addressed 2 very specific declarations. 1. There is no info on him, and 2. what info does exist is fake. Your response addresses neither.

          “I would suggest that some would like to substantiate his authenticity before giving him their clearly non-refundable money.”

          Now, are you considering donating to the cause, but want to substantiate for yourself, or are you merely trying to steer others away from doing so? Clearly, any person who wishes to dispense of their hard earned money responsibly would make certain the recipient is legitimate and trustworthy (doesn’t include politicians, who are neither). If they don’t, they deserve to get ripped off. As I stated, he has PUBLISHED his address and phone #. If someone wishes to contribute and wants to be certain that Halbig is legitimate, it should be fairly easy to confirm, given the aforementioned personal info.

          Your concern for others’ financial decisions is admirable, albeit really none of your business. He has every right to ask and we have every right to acquiesce or refuse.

  15. FAKE !!!!!!!!!! it took me a while to research this, but whether you believe in some of the accusations this audio creation makes one thing is for sure.. “Woolfgang Halbig” is 100% fake made up and nonexistent. THESE ARE CLEARLY ROBOTIC VOICES… BOTH INTERVIEWER AND “WOLFGANG HALBIG” … i did some digging on this made up wolfgang character and very quickly found the only website he is mentioned in is a fake website is A FAKE CHILD SAFETY WEBSITE CREATED FOR THIS SCAM .. http://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/childrenssafetyinstitute.com The website is a wordpress website and was registered through a private registration website that hides the true owners identity
    https://www.networksolutions.com/manage-it/private-registration-splash.jsp my guess is this guy is going to start asking everybody for money soon for “lawyers” like he mentioned in the video

    • He is going to ask for a lot of money, just what it takes to sue the NFL.
      Maybe he is going to try a different route in the near future, but a legal Kamikaze with the NFL would be interesting as one segment of the american society would be categorically uninterested.
      Anyway, as I showed somewhere above, Halbigs demands towards the NFL would have him a lost case in no time and then the ¨by far most highly qualified expert to address the questions raised by the Sandy Hook “event” would have been martyred resulting in the loss of hope for many of the more gullible of us out there.
      Halbig is a dirty scam.

    • Oh and I forgot, I think you are right. To top it all off, the man is a machine, a robot, a virtual piece of lying bits and bytes.

    • Wow… sure is a lot of info on these “fake” sites! Actually, this site is fake too, including your comments and mine. Hell, if you think about it, is anything real… and how can we know?? But, hey, thanks for pointing that out… I can go back to sleep, now.

  16. “Newtown to seek $8M federal grant for counseling” http://news.yahoo.com/newtown-seek-8m-federal-grant-counseling-141638840.html;_ylt=A0SO8wgA4ARTVEMA65Kl87UF;_ylu=X3oDMTBsdXY5cjk3BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw–
    If I recall correctly, Boston after the Marathon Bombing was the first place to ever need this for first responders…I thought right away it was meant to treat cognitive dissonance rather than grief.

    • That there would be a need to treat people for cognitive dissonance is an interesting idea. I think this could be a big factor in PTSB, which may be particularly pronounced in someone who starts off with strong religious ad/or patriotic beliefs then is put into an extremely disillusioning position where it becomes clear that neither their God nor their country really even exist in the way they had previously thought, and both of them will hang them out to dry and suffer without a thought.

      Paul Trump recently asked how this could have been staged. How could they keep the cat in the bag if the children were not killed. I don’t really know one way or another and cannot speculate on whether the murders are real and whether parents were in on it one way or another. I do know that they will not release any information, which is suspicious and unprecedented, since this is not a matter of national security. Also, tearing the school down is far too parallel with hauling all of the 9/11 steel off to China immediately. Whatever the circumstances, there is something really, really smelly going on and it’s likely that there is a risk of some”normal” people with visibility into it suffering from cognitive dissonance, which could cause someone to spill information if they are not monitored and kept quiet.

  17. I think you missed the part where he said he would raise to money to file a civil suit against the school district and the police department which would then allow them to be deposed. It was pretty clear, I don’t know how anyone missed that.

    • His FOIA fall inside specific legal exceptions so no amount of OPM is going to obtain a way around that legal hurdle. The responses to his ill tempered semi literate correspondence already made that abundantly clear.

  18. Derrick Smithers’ sincerity was already in doubt, by way of his tactics such as deliberate obfuscation and disinformation over 9/11, including Barbara-Olson-still-alive and irrelevant diversions about gold and bonds, and defending liars such as Jim Fetzer. His latest response, with nonsense about a smoke machine, blows away any remaining vestiges of credibility he might have had and confirms himself as a Zionist agent who can be “put on the ignore list”.

    Lilaleo, already confirmed as at best a troll, at worst an intentional deceiver, confirms his junior role as a second-class supporter of disinformation brokers.

    Thus, Derrick Smithers and Lilaleo have confirmed themselves as shills mimicking nutjobs who think the Boston bombings were faked with smoke machines, amputee actors and fake blood.

    ‘Nuff said.

    • I respectfully fail to understand your statement about Lilaleo. I have personally seen nothing to suggest any insincerity.

    • Some go to a bar to have drinks, chat, exchange ideas and opinions, and others go to get drunk and pick a fight.

      So, you come here like a hot headed drunken sailor, try to trash people you don’t know because they have opinions that contradict yours, generously distributing insults and the s-word and the t-word and say things like “confirmed as at best a troll, at worst an intentional deceiver, confirms his junior role as a second-class supporter of disinformation brokers.” Really, Poseidon??? What are you? New to this game? Do you have any fuckin’ idea how many of “you” I have seen in my life??? Who the fuck are you kidding here (besides yourself) with this primitive cliche crap???

      If you are for real, and you are going to stick around, I would invite you to behave yourself, argue your points with arguments, not with “the link you provided plus attacks plus insults”… You sound so trolly when you do that. (By the way, I think you and prom queen should go on a date)

      But, I suspect you are not for real, Poseidon… I suspect that you have an agenda of some sorts.

      What is that agenda, Poseidon? Why do you care if people on a relatively quiet blog/website might entertain the crisis actor possibility until they can convince themselves one way or another?

      If some people think that, the burden of proof is on them. Why are you arguing a negative, that there were none, so feverishly while you provide no evidence one way or another? What exactly do you know that we don’t? We all have internet. We see the same stuff you see. If there were any decisive proof or evidence, we would all be aware of it. Until then, all we do, just like you, is to bullshit based on the relatively little full proof evidence, data or information we have that is heavily contaminated with a lot of disinfo and red herrings… But, you seem to be so darn convinced that your opinion is the only valid one. There is no sense of doubt or critical thinking coming through your bullcrap… And, according to you, we are all members of the Laziest Troll Team of America, trying to very very slowly poison this well called American Everyman, with cordial and sensible, well thought out arguments like the one Derrick Smithers (and others who humored your nonsense) offered you.

      You can agree with him, or disagree or anywhere in between… But, what is your comeback to that??? “Shill, troll, disinfo, Nuff said????”

      Some dimwit crap… And “thus”, my friend, you have confirmed yourself to be not really good at what you do.

      It was clear to me that you were looking for a bar fight when you first walked in, but now you are urinating all over the bar… But please don’t let me stop you… Carry on… It has happened before… The smell does go away after a few days.

      All the best,

      International Deceiver
      Disinformation Brokerage, Inc.

  19. I finally listened to this whole interview. Personally, I believe him and wish I had his conviction and courage.

  20. I think that Sandy Hook event was staged. But please explain to me how would they account for all the children that were supposedly shot ? Wouldn’t they all still be around ? Wouldn’t the whole town have to be on this hoax ?

    • I don’t think “staged” and “real dead children” are mutually exclusive.

      I personally know a married couple who lost a foot each in the Boston Bombing, and I could confirm two more “real” people who got seriously hurt, all of which are from the first bomb that went off. So far, I have not been able to independently confirm any real injuries from the second bomb which is where most of the footage we see comes from. So, I still think it was staged, and I still think they used actors as a controllable and scriptable part of a false flag event to ensure they got their money shots to feed the public.

      (but, if anyone has a photo of Jeff Bauman’s legs from less than 6 months before the bombing, I will quickly change my tune…As you will all remember, he is also the “eyewitness who identified the bombers”…)

      As for Sandy Hook… There are meant to be 20 kids who have been shot dead. How many of them do we know about? How many parents have we seen or heard of? All you need is 3-4 actor families at most and the rest can be real… But, since real people are not too reliable for following psyop scripts, the fake ones get pushed into the limelight, have press conferences and TV appearances, and photos taken with the president… Thy set the tone, and they come back out every time a comment is needed about how all the evidence needs to be sealed forever because it hurts so much… And the public accepts these few as being representative of the whole group and does not ask any questions. Many of us do, but we get shunned for pointing out that no aspect of these events pass the smell test.

      So, we get told all the kids were shot in the face… As if that is even possible… We get told that they all died on the spot, right then and there… Hollywood style… Some good shot that Adam kid must have been…

      • fact is, even a dead child found on a scene of a car accident or something like that is taken IMMEDIATELY to the hospital where they are pronounced dead by medical professionals. Every kid, every person really, found in such a state is taken like this because NO ONE on that scene is qualified to know the difference between dead and NEAR DEAD or comatose or revivable (is that a word?)

        case in point, remember that collateral murder video? One of the grunts found a little girl in the van who had been nearly torn in half by the chain gun on the plane. He grabbed her, ran across the field to a medic who ended up saving her life. Both she and her brother have massive scars on their bodies and must have looked dead as shit to the grunts when they peered into that van, but in the end, they weren’t.

        and yet not one single child was transported to the hospital immediately? that’s bullshit. so is the head wound story which has been floated for the reason of attempting to explain this aspect of the story. Google head trauma US soldiers and you will see HUNDREDS of photos of soldiers with MASSIVE headwounds who were rushed to medical treatment and survived. that story doesn’t hold water either.

        • Hey Scott… Why do you think the Sikh temple shooting didn’t get any traction? Do you think it was a botched operation with too many holes, so they buried it? Or is it because they were not children and they were not white-bread apple pie americans who got killed, so nobody was interested??? (or any other explanation you might think of)

          • why didn’t the Webster New York ambush get as much traction or the Clackamas Town Center shooting? I don’t think they were designed to. Like filler mass casualty events made to increase the numbers of these events and turn up the pressure on the nation but not designed so much to capture headlines for any particular period of time like Aurora, Boston and Sandy Hook were designed to do.

      • Lilaleo (@Lilaleo) commented on Wolfgang Halbig and the Sandy Hook Hoax. in response to Paul Trump: I think that Sandy Hook event was staged. But please explain to me how would they account for all the children that were supposedly shot ? Wouldn’t they all still be around ? Wouldn’t the whole town have to be on this hoax ? I don’t think “staged” and “real dead children” are mutually exclusive.

        Well said.   That’s the point.    Of course the psycho paths needed blood and not every family was “in on it”.     That was unnecessary.   It doesn’t change the fact that the entire event was contrived and manipulated from beginning to end and that overall theme is repeated across these events again and again.    Real victims,   pasties and actors.    It’s the time tested  formula .     

    • good questions. Again, I’m not absolutely sure the children’s deaths were all staged, but let’s say for argument’s sake, they were.

      “how would they account for all the children that were supposedly shot ?”

      You’re assuming these kids actually existed in the first place. Supposedly they were two class rooms of kids who were shot and all the kids in those classrooms were shot. How many kids outside those classrooms knew the victims and talked about them afterward? I don’t know. Not many I assume. Remember, cops were on the radio having gone into those classrooms not mentioning any piles of bodies lying anywhere they could see them (supposedly in the closets). Is it possible those two rooms were vacant because they didn’t have that many students in the first place? Is that why they disregarded standard operating procedure by failing to transport one single kid to the hospital for emergency treatment? Is that why there is no record of anyone cleaning up the blood on the scene? Because the victims were created after the fact and a few crisis actors were brought in to play the roles of the not-so grieving parents?

      Let’s say the kids did exist. Is it inconceivable that parents who were “in on it” would agree to a short term separation from the kids in exchange for that cash they received and then a happy reunion in some other country someplace where their employer GE would lavish them with raises and better work/school opportunities?

      For that matter, were they even separated at all? Look at some of the photos post Sandy Hook. In some cases the kids seem to still be with the parents.

      And most importantly, what do you mean by “account”? Who would you take the story to if you were to find every single one of those kids alive and well someplace? The Justice Department? CNN? the blogs? In a completely controlled society like we see developing right now, why would they even need to worry about hiding the kids? You go to that town and start taking pictures and videos and asking questions and see what happens to you.

      So, I don’t know. There are a lot of options in response to your question. It’s not inconceivable.

      “Wouldn’t the whole town have to be on this hoax ?”

      first you have to define “in on it”

      is there a difference between being part of the conspiracy and knowing enough to keep your mouth shut? under that definition, sure it’s easy to imagine the entire town is either part of the program or smart enough to know they can’t start making noise and asking questions without serious consequences to them and their families. And to that point, there have been several members of that community who have spoken out against gun-grabbing laws and other legislative changes that others like Bloomberg attempted to put into place as a result of Sandy Hook. So to that end, some have gone against the tide and perhaps more have as well, we just don’t hear about them for much the same reason as I explained earlier.

      You have to understand, that town is a company town (GE Financial) and in company towns, people are very capable of keeping secrets even big ones. An entire town was created around the Manhattan project if I remember correctly. That was THE most secretive project in the history of this country and it was kept for decades.

      So no… the whole town wouldn’t have to be “in on it” and yet when living in a company town one understands the power and influence of loyalty and silence.

      • Thanks for the response and good points.. I guess what I meant by “the whole town would have to be on this hoax” is this: If there are 26 kids that should be dead and they are all alive and well and everybody in town knows it than somebody might say it would come out eventually. Sure you could move a few actor families out of town and nobody in the new place would notice anything. I didn’t know the whole town was created as a Manhattan project. That certainly explains a lot. I personally don’t need to be convinced, I just want to have answers for skeptics out there. I do agree with you that even if all the kids were alive and well walking around the town there is not much anybody could do because of the way the society is controlled.

        • Yeah, who would believe it anyway? Hell, some are out there saying there are images of some of the kids at their own funerals, who believes them? A congressional investigation concluded that JFK was killed as the result of a conspiracy based mainly on audio recordings of more than 3 gunshots… how does that effect the official story and the history books kids learn from in school or the Gulf of Tonkin incident? Never happened. Still taught as fact. In the end, if every one of those 20 kids shows up claiming to still be alive, would it really have any effect on the official narrative?

  21. I believe there were no victims at all niether in Aurora nor in Sandyhook. I dont believe even that Sandyhook was an operating school from all the footage I have seen of the school, It looks very run down and lacks any art work in windows, etc etc…. The Govt has learned that they can fake these events and not enough people are paying attention so they are able to pass it off as a real event. Why do they fake them? Because they can control the entire event from start to finish. The number of victims is pre selected They just used people that were already dead They do not have to worry about one of their operatives being shot from someone who was armed in the audience and can make sure the event does not spiral wildly out of control. But the main reason is the day real everyday people are killed in one of these “Govt shootings” is the day many people will start to fight back against the Govt…….think if hundreds of people were really shot in what people start to find out was a govt black operation…..people would stop at nothing to find the real purpetrators, they would find a platform like the 9/11 families did and stop at nothing just as you or I would do if a real family member had been killed at the govt hands….think of how the rage would spread first through your family and friends than to the masses.That is why it is so telling that not one victim, victim family member , friend of a victim etc etc has had any interest in finding out what really happened……thousands of lives should have been affected by these events and not one has come forward in pursuit of the truth or questioning the events??… so in the end the govt controls the death and victim count in the event( which is 0 ) and they make sure there is no real backlash or ground swellings after the event.

  22. 02:42:41 is far too lengthy for an audio that is supposed to “prove” Sandy Hook was a “hoax”. I tried to skim through without missing too much. The broadcast was basically a re-run of Halbig’s previous assertions, but much less concise due to interjections by the co-presenters. If Halbig had any actual evidence, he would have presented it, rather than waffling on about how he’s been “putting pieces of the puzzle together”. (For his true motives, see my next post.) Halbig says, “The dots connect”, but he doesn’t explain how. Anyone with two or more brain cells to rub together solved the “puzzle” back in 2012. A lone nut with Asperger’s, a rifle and handguns, who was off his meds, went berserk.

    Halbig lies (or displays his ignorance) again. At 01:01:50 Halbig claims that the police parked a “quarter of a mile” from the front entrance. No, they did not. The first police car to arrive parked 600 feet away (less than 1/8 mile), and the second car arrived 13 seconds later and parked just over 100 yards away (about 1/15 mile). The shift sergeant who was at the police station was among the first responders. Whilst en route, he sent some units to the front and some to the rear, as corroborated by radio recordings.

    The report, which Halbig does not even appear to have read, provides an explanation as to why the police did not park very close to the front door: “In analyzing the response, it is important to know the accepted practice for officers responding to such a call. Officers arriving at the school must do so in a manner that allows them quick access to the facility, but must also be cognizant of their tactical positioning. Therefore, it is expected that first arriving officers would park a reasonable distance from the building in order to afford themselves the best view of the building and surrounding space. This allows officers to begin assessing the status and location of the threat. Officers are trained to prepare for more than one threat or aggressor.”

    01:56:59 Halbig says, “If you read the police report, it shows they parked on… Remember, Dickenson [Dr] is the one way in, one way out. When they arrived, they parked on Crest View Road [should be Crestwood Drive] or Crest View Drive, which is behind the school, and they worked their way through the woods.”

    As before, Halbig deliberately avoids mentioning the fact that the second police car arrived at the front a mere thirteen seconds later, barely over a hundred yards from the front door. Why would a “truth-teller” need to lie? Amusingly, Halbig says, “I can’t make things up; I only use their words.” Whose, Fetzer’s or Sunstein’s, or whoever coached him? And again, he can’t even get the name of the street right – after he’s supposed to have been “researching” Sandy Hook for a year or more!

    At 02:02:05, Halbig concedes that he can’t substantiate any of his claims, giving the feeble excuse that “they” won’t answer his questions.

    Halbig claims it was a conspiracy because there were no trauma helicopters. However, there were very few injured survivors. Two adults were wounded with gunshot wounds in the “lower extremities”. “One officer took a critically injured child and sprinted toward the EMS staging area at 09:56:16.”

    “Only a few of the wounded were brought out for stabilizing treatment and then whisked off to the hospital. Everyone else among the 20 children and six adults who were shot had been killed…”


    Halbig’s material is transmitted in a format that is typical of a disinformation broker, in order to make it time-consuming to debunk, whilst simultaneously easier to brainwash and manipulate the target audience. Rather than compile their evidence as a series of facts supported by references, the disinfo merchants prefer to utilize a lengthy audio, video, or better still, series of videos. Even Fetzer’s (and accomplices’) piece “Top Ten Reasons” featured a series of sixteen embedded videos, one of them 1:32:12 in length by a woman with a degree in art and semiotics with a focus on film theory and philosophy. As Gustave Le Bon said, “Crowds being only capable of thinking in images are only to be impressed by images.”

    (And the rest of Fetzer’s piece was the sort of speculation that might be expected of someone with a massive excess of paranoia and fervid imagination over critical thinking skills. Fetzer’s links did not support the claims; for example, medical waste legislation that expired on June 21, 1991.)

    Halbig says, “To me, that crime scene should’ve been saved.” Well, not everyone shares Halbig’s view. Anyone can claim, after a mass killing, that the incident should have been handled some other way, and because it wasn’t, it must have been faked. By this logic, every mass killing that ever happened was faked.

  23. It turns out that Wolfgang Halbig is not only Jewish, but was already an activist working to advance Jewish political interests as early as September 2012, months before Sandy Hook. He hates Obama, and was angry that someone did not kill Hitler, which he claims would have saved 6 million of “our” people.

    In his Feb 19, 2014 broadcast at BlogTalkRadio, Halbig says [17:57] his father was in a “Nazi prison camp” for four years in Poland.

    This is corroborated by a post by Halbig of “a year ago”, the URL indicates September 2012, in which Halbig claims Obama “hates the Jews”.

    “wolfgang halbig
    • a year ago


    Today I am as angry as anyone can get. What is it going to take for the uneducated Americans to get educated and start thinking about how they have responsibilities and not just rights that they throw in our faces everyday.

    My father for four years I learned was in a NAZI PRISON in POSEN, POLAND.

    Thank God that the Americans found him.

    The letters I have now found in GERMANY makes me sick to my stomach as to what Hitler did to the Jewish Race. To this day I cannot believe that someone did not kill him which would have saved 6 million of our people there not just a jewish race they are people just like you and me.”


    So that was from around September 2012. Then, three months later, the Sandy Hook mass killings occur, and Jewish political activists such as Halbig realise that they can exploit the event for a propaganda advantage.

    Thus, Halbig is not simply some ordinary person who happened to work in school safety and thought there was something amiss about Sandy Hook. He is a Jewish political activist, working to advance Jewish public relations – the very sort of person needed for Sunstein’s team of shills who trash truth-tellers by promoting loony conspiracy theories.

    On October 10, 2012, Wolfgang W. Halbig posted that he’d been “gathering information about and evidence against Barack Hussein Obama, I have encountered hundreds of coincidences that strike me as amazing. None of those coincidences, by themselves, may mean much. But taken as a whole it is almost impossible to believe they were all the result of chance.” And then proceeds with a massive, lengthy series of events, such as how “In late 1999 Obama purportedly engaged in homosexual activities and cocaine-snorting in the back of a limousine with a man named Larry Sinclair…”.


    He copied-and-pasted the same piece multiple times, e.g. :-


    One purpose of posting this would have been so that Cass Sunstein and his minions could observe how people would react to the insertion of various conspiracy theories, and who, if any, would pass it on. As they clearly did with the Sandy Hook conspiracy theories.

    • Who cares whether Wolf is Jewish or not? Suppose he were a street bum. Would that make his observations about Sandy Hook any less relevant or true? I have found that those who make a practice of ad hominem attacks — as is the case with several of those here — they are attempting to deflect attention from the fact that they do not have any response to the points Wolf and I and James Tracy and Sofia Smallstorm and others have raised. I have several lists of the points he has made here, but I notice his critics stay away from them and do their best to trash him on the basis of rumor and speculation. It’s not difficult to appreciate why they do that. It’s very simple. Wolf is right!

  24. And in October 2012, Wolfgang Halbig was posing as a nutty conspiracy theorist, and provoking some interesting reactions.

    “Wolfgang Halbig

    Around 1979 Obama started college at Occidental in California . He is very open about his two years at Occidental, he tried all kinds of drugs and was wasting his time but, even though he had a brilliant mind, did not apply himself to his studies.”


    The replies included “The paranoia and racism run deep in this one”, “Sir you sound like a conspiracy theorist!! You have too much time on your hands.”, “Wow….real KKK marerial. Reminds me of the John Birchers back in the 60’s. True Tea Party material.”

    On March 23, 2012, Halbig was trolling, telling someone: “Your an idiot……….get a life.. How wrong can anyone be. You need mental health counseling if that is how you feel”. A couple of people responded: “Wolfgang W Halbig A. He’s wrong only on his last(and maybe his first) point(s.) But how about pointing out how he is wrong instead of just throwing insults like a 9year old!? Aren’t you too old to be behaving this way? Losing your marbles???” And: “Wolfgang W Halbig You’re the idiot…this “racist cracker” not white people, felt the need to “rid” the world of another (what he called) “coon” because he’s such coward that he goes after unarmed, young innocent black men”.


    On July 24, 2012, Halbig was attempting a financial scam, by exploiting a post about a genuine donations campaign: “Please donate and investigate what we can do in saving children from committing suicide. I need $100,000 thousand dollars [sic] and probably pay it back once the company is up and running. wolfgang”


    More recently, he hopes to scam gullible Sandy Hookers from their money, and you can be sure anyone gullible enough to fall for the scam will have their names and addresses passed on to Sunstein and Homeland Security.

    So, Halbig is an internet troll who inserts conspiracy theories so that the Sunstein team can monitor the reaction. And his post “OBAM HATES THE JEWS” reveals what Halbig, hero of the Sandy Hookers, truly thinks about Sandy Hookers – they are simply “uneducated Americans”, to whom he feeds his bait about faked deaths and faked shootings, in the hope that some of them will swallow it. In which case, they will have served their purpose, allowing themselves to be cited as examples of wacky conspiracy loons, with the result that those who present evidence of real conspiracies – such as the undeniable proof of Israel’s central role in 9/11 – are also tarred with the same brush. In the meantime, Sunstein and Zionist leaders are high-fiving as they celebrate the success of their counter-intelligence program.

  25. Although Poseidon stormed in here not long after a Jim Fetzer VT article on Halbig was posted here and which made him look like one of two things: a sales rep. for the theories and ideas of Michael Collins Piper (who seems to be in a heated confrontation with Fetzer) or, an agent interested in a muddle of divide and conquer – perhaps neither is quite accurate…

    I’ve listened and read MCP long before I even discovered this here blog and I was intrigued by his unfaltering stance, yet, which turned out to be ¨the Jews did it all¨ (not directly quoting MCP, but a caveat Scott Creighton made, to open and free commenting on his blog).

    Now I have returned to reading just a number of paragraphs from the chapters Poseidon has suggested and MCP’s reasoning yet again manages to strike chord. I do not have to agree with any conclusions that might come up yet further in the book and neither do I necessarily have to accept the overarching premise that the Mossad is behind every single one of our mysterious false flag events, instead I thankfully am reminded where all this confusion might originate.

    The pondering of Cass Sunstein along with a number of his minions (just imagine him sitting at the dinner table with his spouse Samantha Powers) we know, has resulted in some kind of action plan to stem the tide of ¨conspiracy theory¨ – this has been mentioned more then once on this blog btw.
    In fact MCP details this ¨action plan¨ as a number of variables that might be applied and further makes it known what he thinks was the course that was taken.
    The variables brought forth by Sunstein according to MCP where:
    1. ban conspiracy theories
    2. impose a tax on CT
    3. Gov. engage in counterspeech to discredit CT
    4. contract privates to engage in couterspeech
    and (how I understand it) 5. coerce CT’s into counterspeech.

    MCP concludes (and he is certainly not alone) that a combination of 3.4. and 5. resulted in. ¨cognitive infiltration of the groups that produce conspiracy theories¨
    This was all done around 2008, a lot of water down the river since then, a lot of additional alternative news and a lot of infiltration leaving but a few to trust.
    If we base a certain playing field on the last three digits of the Sunstein variables coupled with an all receptive NSA ear just for example, then anything put forward and disseminated widely would necessarily be highly suspect. Point is, when nothing is sacred, then even the ¨jews did all¨ is no more novel blasphemy.
    Halbig is fraud for so many reasons,but with what are we going to pin him down, what satisfies general suspicion the most?
    I don’t believe Halbig is rabid Zionist, I don’t believe A WORD he says.

    • So this discussion Regarding Sandy HOAX devolves into character assassination and not the content or lack of – of what happened that day?
      We ALL already know what the media is peddling regarding Sandy Hook.

      • You reply to to my above comment? Tell me Obs. who’s character do you feel have I attempted to assassinate? Further, how do you square the comment above yours as ¨peddling¨ msm.. and what exactly are you observing – here?
        You know what? I think your comments are really not designed to carry any weight what so ever and the way I am calibrated that usually leads to complete disregard – so consider yourself lucky : )

      • Hey Obs. sometimes I misunderstand the short comments like text messages I get on the cell. So I might have misunderstood your two comments on here, I was getting tired.

        • Well, the whole point of derailing anything Sandy Hook related has been accomplished here, so what more needs to be said? Poisonden drops a few half truths and all of the sudden the Inconsistencies regarding Sandy Hook have been forgotten and we are worried about how much Halbig’s pension is. Much more people exposing the sh!t out of Sandy Hook over here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btD5qv7ZtBg
          Poisonden, you should step on in and stop trying to by the big fish in the toilet bowl.

          • Observer

            Brilliant!     Thank you for posting this one.   I’m not sure which is more telling,   the fact that the names aren’t in the original record or that the  state blocked reporting in preparation for  the event.  

            For myself at least there is enough about all of this to answer the basic questions.   1)  Is Wolfgang Halbig raising honest questions in a credible fashion?    Yes.   2)   Are there other voices raising similar questions in a credible manner?   Yes.    3) Are these questions receiving good faith attention?   No.  4)  Has this event been pimped extensively on a political level in a manner that suggests deliberate manipulation and collusion by an organized cabal?    Yes.    

            Poseidon is entitled to be angry with Jim Fetzer (I don’t like the guy either) and suspicious of CIA disinfo programs.    Similarly he can maintain whatever version of “impeccable standards” with respect to investigative work or scholarship regarding 911 or the Boston Bombing he feels are either admirable or necessary.   I find the arguments made and points raised unconvincing but hey,   we went there and gave it a whirl.  Time to move on. 

            For me it’s mission accomplished on this thread.   It may be much more likely that events will implode around us from different directions (ie Banker “Suicides” and the collapse of the US petrodollar funny money paper currency scheme) before Wolfgang gets anywhere but that’s not the point.    What we are doing is raising awareness and asking the important questions.    We are doing that and the ripples are continuing to spread. 

              Thank you all.

    • The idea that Wolf is a fraud is simply absurd. As for Michael Collins Piper, I have debated him and Keith Johnson about Sandy Hook, where the debates are accessible via “Date with a Debate” on AFP.

      I have published about them, including “The Ugly Truth about Michael Collins Piper, Cass Sunstein and Sandy Hook” on Veterans Today. I wish I could tell you that there are no Sunstein operators here. I wish!

  26. Fetzer was pushing his Sandy Hook was a “hoax” crap on

    http://www.prn.fm the progressive radio news hour with Lendman

    nothing but supposition as evidence its pure quackery and a

    sideshow circus like Peak Oil is subtle PR planted by the warmongers,

    and the faked Global Warming Psy-op diseshow for the Democrat

    distraction agents. Maybe if the faux Progressives think they spread the

    BS around so thin, from Snowden spoon fed psych warfare, to

    Keystone, to Monsanto Frankenfoods, to austerity, to net neutrality, to

    the TPP toliet paper (who the f ___ cares) like the topics spread around

    so thin, (like at the Progressive Radio Network) maybe the Dummycrat

    faux Left thinks they can make it to the next election, and we will forget

    how many Syrians, Yemenis, Bahraini, Libyans, Afghanis, Somalis and

    Pakistanis that the war criminal Democrats and Obomber have killed!

    • Well said, Garvey.

      I think that at times I’m a little guilty of assuming that other people’s BS detectors work as well as my own, so that if they’re promoting nonsensical ideas, they must be putting on an act, as otherwise they’d be too dumb even to string a sentence together. In fact, in the case of Sandy Hook, I accept there are probably plenty of honest folk who have been genuinely misled by the disinformation and propaganda videos, which are created by people with qualifications and skills in semiotics, marketing, art, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., and aided by those with expertise in cognitive systems, for the express purpose of manipulating the views of their target audience.

      But if someone says the Boston bombings were faked with smoke machines and amputee actors, or the 9/11 planes were faked with holograms or “video fakery”, in the latter case with hundreds of witnesses being paid or bullied into lying, and dozens of videos produced with excellent actors who swear and scream convincingly at the right moment, they’re obviously full of it. (And funny how all those “actors” are invariably better than the alleged “actor” Robbie Parker!) No one could be that thick – and have an inexplicable, irresistible urge to broadcast their lunacy to all and sundry. The truth movement should not accept that sort of person as representative of truth-seekers.

      Apart from the fact that Wolfgang Walter “Mitty” Halbig is Jewish and was inserting weird, convoluted conspiracy theories over the internet in the months leading up to Sandy Hook, it’s also worth noting that Halbig and James Randi, Florida magician and “debunker extraordinaire”, know each other.

      In 1996 Wolfgang Halbig nearly ended up wasting $49,000 of school funds on Quadro Tracker units, which were fraudulently marketed as being able to find marijuana, cocaine, gunpowder, missing people, and just about anything as long as they had the right “frequency chip”. Halbig was just about to buy one for every school in his district, when he got a call from James Randi. Both Randi and Halbig conducted double-blind tests, which proved the device didn’t work.


      When Halbig spoke out in defense of the local police department in March 2012 following the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin, the reporter Rochelle Ritchie seems to have suspected that Halbig was being less than honest with his stories about his career history.

      “Halbig says he’s a retired state law enforcement officer, a claim that could not be independently verified.”


      • I was duped by his interview. Thanks for the info. I feel like quite an idiot, but I’m glad you pointed this information out.

      • You sure give us time for pause Poseidon.
        I am glad you came by, not because I trust you – yet, but for now you managed to underscore your position with some fascinating research.
        Although I have not once endorsed Halbig and I think his story would have fallen apart in a matter of days or weeks anyway, this would not have dispelled the strong notion in some of us that Sandy Hook was a disturbingly mysterious type of false flag designed most likely to advance measures of ¨gun control¨, but to me more strikingly perhaps it seemed to be about restricting public access in very general terms.
        However, like some other commenter above points out, now would be the time to go over the official documents, the ¨Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Reports¨ to account for redactions, omissions and overall discrepancies that might and likely would stick out.
        If Sandy Hook wasn’t as you say: ¨a conspiracy. but a lone nut with guns and a rifle, Asperger’s syndrome, an obsession with video games such as School Shooting, who was off his meds, and who told his mother he would not feel bad if anything happened to her.¨
        How come the Sunstein world of conspiracy agents was so sure to latch on to the story quick, couched by hapless msm interviews coming out depicting very odd behaviour by parents and survivors and less odd due to expected confusion, timing inconsistencies, firearm locations, odd locations in general etc. etc. was that Sunstein’s luck?
        Why is it that this is so hard for me to believe? Maybe because if I would start picking apart your story, which is essentially aligned with all we got from our trusted msm but in addition accompanied by the ¨jews want you to believe it was a conspiracy theory¨ then hell that’s just as bad a convoluted mess as we already have on our hands anyway…

        So I will look over once more what you cooked up here for us and then if I have time I will even get in to that mess ¨takeourworldback¨ – is that your website by the way?
        Keep coming man and maybe some day you will tell us what really happened at SEHS.

        • When it comes to trusting people in the truth or patriot “movement” or whatever you like to call it, I would recommend the old Russian proverb used by Reagan: Trust but verify.

          There are the occasional exceptions. For decades, Michael Collins Piper has been exposing those who are planning to take over the world and use false-flag terror as a means to that end. More importantly, I’ve observed several instances over the years where he was in dispute with someone, such that at least one of them had to have been lying. And it invariably turned out to be the other person, as when Eric Hufschmid claimed AFP had censored Bollyn’s work. Jim Fetzer on the other hand promotes no-planes and Sandy-Hook-was-a-hoax. So if there was some dispute, such as whether or not Piper really did have a heart attack, I would take Piper’s word over Fetzer’s.

          I haven’t written books, I’ve only been researching the crimes of the elite since early 2003, I’ve only had a website for about eight years, and I wouldn’t want to be some sort of internet personality who does radio shows and stuff. I just research things every now and then when something catches my interest.

          So no one should take my word for anything. That’s why I compile the facts, and link to mainstream sources. You see, it’s not the initial reports that are the problem with the MSM; it’s the conclusions. The initial reports tell us about events such as the “dancing Israelis” (the “High-Fivers”) and how Benjamin Netanyahu had advance knowledge of the London 7/7 bombings. Or Efraim Halevy will inadvertently reveal his intimate knowledge of the 7/7 bombings by referring to them as “simultaneous” in a Jerusalem Post article dated July 7, when the British authorities believe for the next two days that the explosions had occurred over a period of 26 minutes from 08:51 to 09:17, only managing to determine that they were simultaneous on July 9.

          The New York Daily News will tell us that Bernard Kerik visited Israel from August 26-29, 2001, in a visit that ostensibly was about combating terrorism and narcotics trafficking, but strangely enough, Kerik didn’t take any terrorist or narcotics experts with him. CNN tells us that Kerik announced on September 16, 2001 that a “hijacker’s” passport had been “discovered”. It then turns out that it was supposed to have been “soaked in jet fuel”, yet still escaped the fireball and remained in almost pristine condition, and the mysterious stranger who “discovered” it immediately ran off and was never seen nor heard of again. Then the New York Times tells us in 2007 that Kerik subsequently received a $250,000 “loan” from Wertheimer via Brooklyn marble and stone merchant Shimon Cohen who served as intermediary in the transaction, in addition to having more than $236,000 of his rent paid from 2001 to 2003 by Steven C. Witkoff, and, moreover, Kerik met Wertheimer during his August 2001 trip to Israel, two weeks before 9/11. And the New York Daily News tells us that Kerik received a $28,000 loan from Nathan Berman. And an archived page from Lifestyles Magazine tells us that Wertheimer, one of Israel’s richest men, was reading Popular Mechanics at the age of 4.

          Then there is the FBI report on KURZBERG, SIVAN ET AL, which has all the facts you need to prove Israel’s central role in 9/11, going into an additional level of detail on the Israelis’ activities, which you don’t get from the news reports. The FBI report also shows how the facts in FBI Newark’s investigation were ignored, when Washington ordered Newark to conclude that the Israelis were innocent, and to hand them over to the INS.

          Just like FBI Newark were ordered to come to the wrong conclusion after Washington started pulling strings, the MSM will come to the wrong conclusion. The MSM acts like one of Cass Sunstein’s hypothetical “conspiracy theorists” with a “crippled epistemology”, because when the MSM forms its politically correct conclusions, it cherry picks ‘evidence’ such as “Atta’s” luggage that “coincidentally” didn’t make it on Flight 11, including a Koran and an instructional video on how to fly a Boeing. And it ignores evidence such as the High Fivers, or how Benjamin Netanyahu was a close friend of Larry Silverstein and was a captain in Sayeret Matkal, ex-MIT and lived in Denver and Jerusalem, the same as Daniel Lewin on Flight 11, making it extremely unlikely that the two didn’t know each other. It ignores the fact that in 1995 Netanyahu “predicted” the WTC’s destruction, and that his BSc in architecture and his access to blueprints of the WTC, either via his friend Larry Silverstein or via the Zionist Lewis Eisenberg at the Port Authority, would have given him the skills to calculate that he needed to take out five contiguous WTC floors in order to have the slenderness ratio of enough core columns go beyond the critical slenderness ratio such that Euler buckling and global collapse would ensue.

          In order to prove what really happened, you merely need to look at _all_ the data from the MSM, rather than part of it. By examining all the data, you can see what is relevant and what is fake (such as Suqami’s magic flying passport, Atta’s Koran and flight computers, and the “confessions” of some guy who was waterboarded 183 times).

          Sunstein and his pals want truth-seekers to use “truther” sources rather than mainstream sources, because their agents such as Fetzer pose as “truth-tellers” and spout nonsensical conspiracy theories that are easily debunked. Any member of the general public who sees the so-called “conspiracy theories” saying that the Boston bombings were faked, the WTC planes were faked, and no children died at Sandy Hook, will conclude that the government is right and anything the conspiracy theorist say can be safely ignored as the delusions of paranoid nutters.

        • I don’t believe the Sandy Hook shootings incident was a conspiracy, but very soon after it happened, Sunstein and his crew saw their chance. They saw it as a golden opportunity to insert various crazy conspiracy theories, such as a three-man Mossad hit team did it, or the shootings were all faked. So on that level, there certainly is a conspiracy. And elements of the MSM could have been in on it, by leaking raw footage of Gene Rosen for example. Anything, however silly, would be seized on by Fetzer, Smallstorm and Co, produced in video format and repeated over and over until people came to believe that the incessant propaganda was “truth”.

          • You don’t ¨BELIEVE the Sandy Hook shootings incident was a conspiracy¨ fair enough.
            Well, I BELIEVE it was, but that does not mean I have to disagree with your roundabout arguments nor does it mean I ever fell for the diversion tactics of what you call the ¨Sunstein crew¨
            Read my comment here: https://willyloman.wordpress.com/2012/12/17/sandy-hook-shooting-lt-vance-needs-to-arrest-cnn-for-spreading-disinfo/#more-22015
            My question at the end there might make me look like a zionist gate keeper eye? That¨s not the case at all tough but you can see how welcome your identifying the VT guys as merely Sunstein agents is to me.
            The problem I have with your belief is that you maintain the official version of ¨a lone nut with Asbergers and hypnotized by Video games and SSRI’s has gone on a rampage without a motive to speak of¨
            So now that that’s said maybe you want to come back and tell us exactly how things went down at Sandy Hook so that your assertions are conclusively backed up.

            • Let me get this straight, brian… I say what I think happened at Sandy Hook, and then you ask me what I think happened at Sandy Hook.

              Have you ever worked for the CIA, in their interrogations section?

              I believe there are some who fell for the disinformation (put out by Fetzer, Smallstorm/Shafquat, James Tracy, Ed Chiarini, Mike Hollingsworth, Alex Jones and other liars) that led people to think SH was a hoax, and now that the SH-was-a-hoax conspiracy theory is unravelling at the seams, the Hookers don’t like to admit they were wrong. So when someone (who never bought into the lunacy at all) tells them they were wrong, they want to shoot the messenger.

              • Ok then, you have it your way just don’t tell me about ¨unravelling at the seams¨ cause I have as much evidence for that as I do of children dying that day at SH.

      • I’m having trouble following you here Poseidon.   You seem to be all about exposing disinfo yet your positions seem to support the same.  

        Starting with the Boston Bombing.   The photographic and background evidence for crisis actors is very strong.     I remember seeing a video that showed Carlos the cowboy hat character wheeling Jeff Bauman out TWICE in clearly separate clips.   Here is the first exit that was apparently flawed from a propaganda perspective.  (Just watch the first minute or so regarding the prosthetic adjustment)


        I’ve just spent 90 minutes looking for the second clip I saw  that showed Carlos wheeling “Jeff” out again.   In the second clip Carlos has his hat and “Jeff” has the same shirt but there is no one around them,   no pause and Carlos is literally sprinting.   Basically they “reshot” the scene for later use.     Somehow or other that second clip has disappeared (I wonder how that happened) but I am 1000% sure of what I saw.  

        In terms of entertaining (well if you like sarcasm,  irony and slick production values) this woman does a pretty good job of dissecting the Carlo’s story of being a hero.    She clearly goes on to expose what she see’s as a NWO political agenda (and “political incorrectness”  aside she is probably right)  but that’s beside’s the point.    Just on the basis of the comparison between the photos and the official story line a more than reasonable doubt is created. 

        Anyway there is too much there to dismiss.    And of course there is much more.    So I don’t get your adamant attacks on the crisis actor advocates.  

        In terms of your references to Wolfgang Halbig I don’t see anything  in the links you gave that invalidate his current statements.   He thought he had an innovation with the drug detection technology that would address a serious school related problem and wanted to jump on it.    He was open to input from James Randi,   brought him right in and stopped the acquisition.     All that’s commendable.

        Same deal on the Trayvon Martin shooting.   Even with the most damning evidence of Trayvon’s drug use,   obsession with street fighting and borderline psychotic rages being excluded the jury still found Zimmerman innocent.    Wolfgang saw immediately they didn’t have a winning case and said so.    Where’s the problem? 

        Aside from bashing Zionists I’m not sure where you are coming from. 

      • On the idea of amputee actors at the Boston Marathon, here’s what Dr. Stan Monteith, an orthopedic surgeon who has performed many amputations during his career, has to say:


        Dr. Stan Monteith, a 35-year orthopedic surgeon on Jeff Bauman’s leg amputations: “I believe that this young man was an actor”

        “Grandpa Liberty”, Dr. Stan Monteith, a 50-year veteran researcher of alternative information suppressed by the mass media, a radio broadcaster since 1993, and a 35-year orthopedic surgeon who has performed many leg amputations said (starting at 1:06) concerning the Boston Marathon bombings on the May 8, 2013 episode of Radio Liberty (emphasis mine and pause words removed):

        “I wanted to just call to your attention the Boston bombing on April 15. What really happened? And I’ll tell you, I don’t know what happened. But I know that they’re lying to us.

        And basically, I know that they’re lying to us because of a picture that I saw on that very first day. It was a devastating picture. It was a fellow that had both legs blown off. A young man sitting in a wheelchair, being wheeled, certainly by a gentleman — a cowboy figure — who had a cowboy hat on and he was actually holding a tourniquet on the left leg, which was a below knee amputation, and there below, certainly, the stump of the below knee amputation, was the tibia — a bloody tibia — sitting and certainly, but the interesting thing is why the tourniquet wasn’t applied.

        The tourniquet was just sort of underneath the leg, holding it up, it wasn’t stopping any flow of blood because there wasn’t hardly flow of blood on that side. It looked like there was some blood on the right leg which was taken off above the knee. But why would they take somebody who had just had both legs blown off and put him into a wheelchair? He would’ve been in profound shock. And why weren’t the tourniquets on both legs, certainly clamping off the blood supply? And when I saw that, I knew something was wrong.

        And then of course as you know, I was a trauma surgeon for many years, I was an orthopedic surgeon. And basically, I looked at that below knee amputation on the left side, and it was a well-healed below knee amputation stump, and certainly, the kind that I would’ve done. I did many, many times, so people could wear prostheses. And there was no tear in the skin, no blood, no nothing at all — just a bloody tibia sticking out of the end — and it looked like it had been attached to this stump. Why would they do something like that?

        And then of course, we’re told, this fellow’s name was Jeff Bauman. Some people said he was actually a lieutenant who had lost both legs in Afghanistan. He had a different name, but that gentleman had two above knee amputations, not below knee amputations, and this was definitely a below knee amputation, and I puzzled over this for some time.

        Until, until recently, and you can get this on the internet, you can see these pictures for yourself, until basically, Jeff Bauman, 19 days after losing both legs, why, he was let out of the rehab hospital. How could that happen?

        It takes a long time after you’ve lost both legs, you know, to get prostheses fitted, to get strong enough, and get the strength in your arms., but 19 days after the attack there in Boston, why this young man, Jeff Bauman, went to the Boston Bruins hockey game, and you can see pictures of him — go up on the internet.

        And you can see pictures of him — he’s waving a flag, and he has two above knee amputations. Above knee amputations. Now wait a minute, the Jeff Bauman we saw initially had a below knee amputation and this is an above knee amputation.

        I puzzled over that. How could that be, until I talked to a gentleman named Jim Fetzer who will be a guest in our programs and we said he was wearing a prosthesis, they put a prosthesis on him. There are even pictures where the prosthesis accidentally fell off, so they put the prosthesis on to give you the idea that it was a fresh amputation — it wasn’t, it was all contrived.

        Look at the pictures, ladies and gentlemen — ask yourself, how could he have possibly have had a BK amputation in the initial pictures and now he has two AK amputations? We’re being lied to at every turn.”

        Then, at 34:44:

        “Of course I’ve tried to call the Spaulding Rehab Center on three occasions, and of course, I’ve tried to talk to the fellow there in charge of the press, and he always says if you’re from the media, and you certainly have a deadline, give us a call. We keep calling and leaving a number and we never get a call back. And the only reason I can think that that is because the last thing they want is for the media to know that this whole picture, this picture that was implanted in our minds, and there was articles in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal about Jeff Bauman who lost both legs there, this is all fraudulent. And if that is fraudulent, then what else is fraudulent?

        And quite frankly, we don’t know, ladies and gentlemen, if they had this whole thing contrived. And I believe that this young man was an actor.“

    • I don’t get it. Only a gullible sap would fall for the official account of Sandy Hook. Have any of you bothered to study the evidence? A good place to begin would be “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax” or Sofia Smallstorm’s “Unraveling Sandy Hook”.

      At some point, I would like for those who assail me with such gusto to explain whey they resort to ad hominems and beg the question by assuming that they are right and I am wrong. All I am looking for is some proof of my alleged lapses, which seems to be in scan supply.

  27. Let me see if I get what just happened here straight…

    A thread goes up about this Hardig guy, and Scott’s short commentary basically says “This guy doesn’t smell good, but this is what he is doing, have a listen…”

    It was great that some of us got introduced to him by “listening” and not reading… Because, regardless of the actual words coming out of his mouth, the guy is clearly “selling something”. His speech and comments are as rehearsed an insincere as a motivational speaker, a used car salesman, a tv pundit, all in one. You know that he is “handling” something from the fist moment he opens his mouth.

    And, in comes Poseidon… Through his gallant efforts, we all get the dirt on him, and now understand that Hardig is a greatly compromised character at best, and an “intentional deceiver” and a “second-class supporter of disinformation brokers” at worst… (actually there is a lot worse than that, but whatever…) Not to mention that we also find out he is a “Jew”. Case closed.

    And, naturally, if such a compromised character is claiming that there was something fishy about Sandy Hook, or that there might have been crisis actors involved, then we are invited to rethink, reevaluate, perhaps re-phrase all of our questions in regards to the bizarreness surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting. Because, if we fail to do so, we would be nothing but a bunch of dumb asses who think holograms were used on 9/11. (You did it again there, didn’t you Poseidon??? It’s a straw man fallacy in very bad taste… I read a lot online, and the last time I had seen anyone mention “ holograms” and 9/11 in the same sentence must have been 4-5 years ago… Excluding you, of course with a record breaking twice in less than a week, both of them as clear straw man attempts… Nice try… again…)

    It’s a fairly commonly used tactic to have a compromised person attack a contentious subject, then either make a fool of himself publicly, or get exposed as being one thing or another… And with this character’s fall, the whole subject matter loses value, and credibility, and even consideration. Does anyone here remember seeing the president’s real birth certificate? I don’t!!! I have no idea if he has one or not, and I have no idea why he might have chosen not to share it… But, the key for that subject’s quick death, and the ridicule it receives from otherwise level headed people, is not the merits of the subject, but the character that was chosen to hijack it. The archetypal symbol of sliminess and greed, someone with absolutely zero credibility in the eyes of the people, someone nobody respects, someone who would sell his own mother for money… Mr squirrel head himself… Donald Trump!!! He certainly put the nail in that coffin, didn’t he?

    I have to say Poseidon did a great job slicing and dicing Hardig and serving it to us on a platter… But all the “truths” he is propagating and trying to force-feed us alongside Hardig is utter nonsense… Hardig’s credibility, or the lack thereof, has absolutely no bearing on the issue. And, I will stick my neck out one more time and say that Poseidon’s argumentative technique full of samples from Fallacy101 workbook still does not pass the smell test. And, therefore, I will ask one simple and direct question. (in case he would humor me and reply)

    Poseidon… You keep telling us what didn’t happen in Sandy Hook, and what we should not think happened… So, what do you think did happen that day?

    • I see you beat me to it : )

      • Well, Brian, it sure is a relief to see someone else here is on the same page as I am… Poseidon’s rhetoric, purpose and style are very transparent to me… I let it go at the beginning, but, then I saw that his persistent and systematic commentary, alongside the msm-bot prom queen’s talking points, was starting to get to people here… That really gets under my skin…

        I do agree with you that he provided some pretty fucking good research in a very short period of time. I wish he’d stick around and do the same on other subjects.

        You had disappeared for too long, Brian. Glad you are back :-}]

        • We’ll see about Poseidon – But you know I am not so sure I am glad to be able to have the opportunity back to comment here, I’ve noticed it takes up a lot of my time, I am a really slow writer and somewhat high strung at the same time hahaha, bad for business or making lasting statements.
          Look at whats going on, the Unipolar World is almost geared up, I am in shock at whats happening in the Ukraine as I’d rather find myself in a cold war then in an imposed NWO.
          The reason I still stick around here unfortunately is, that I cant believe all of this is happening – and there is absolutely nothing I or anybody can do about it ?
          Things are being dragged out – naturally – but we are all losing our rights in the process, our humanity is being neutered for the mere reason that the unjust is an accepted commonplace by the sheer number of its occurrence.
          Poseidon comes in here and wants to tell me I have to go back to 9/11 to find the Mossad… common, what a bunch of Illuminati placeholder crap is that. So what if a number of those policy making freaks are jewish, everybody knows that Israel was and perhaps still is an asset to the US’s hegemonic aspirations – good to have a concentration camp smack in the middle of the most likely dissent.
          Lilaleo, glad you are around, glad I landed on blog I’ve trusted to cut through the BS for so long, but wish me not feel the need to appear here to frequently.
          Ahh whatever man and you should write a book once in a while cause you have talent which might be good and fun for you to discover inside your own pages but then again in the meantime its always worth clicking your red devil icon here on AE to read something worthwhile.

      • Beat me to it, as well. Regardless of who is asking the essential questions… they still remain. This tactic of attacking the messenger, regardless of the message, is as old as time. When something of this magnitude conjures up ANY questions, the answers should be simple and to the point. So, why aren’t they? In fact, why will they never be forthcoming? I couldn’t care less about Wolfgang Halbig. What I appreciate are the questions he has raised, which, I am certain, will never be answered… anymore than the questions raised about 9/11.
        What strikes me the most about both of these incidences is not the petty details that everyone seems to be hung up on, but the total destruction of forensic evidence and the secrecy involved in maintaining the cover-up. Yes… I said cover-up, because there is no other rational explanation. If Sandy Hook is cut and dry, show us the evidence.
        Poseidon, I am certain you are paid to do this. Who, not worth their salt, would spend such an inordinate amount of time and energy to research, digest, and comment on sooo many divergent areas pertaining to just 1 man? Truth is, your sincerity is, at the very least, as questionable as Halbigs. Good lesson on researching, though.

    • It seems to me that Poseidon is telling us that 9/11 was a conspiracy of sorts, that 9/11 was orchestrated almost entirely by Israel and “religionists” (whatever they are), and that there have not been any false flag events afterward – only “conspiracy theorists” who are trying to use real, everyday occurrences like the Sandy Hook shootings and Boston bombings to distract you from what you should be thinking about today, in 2014, namely, which Jews (and nobody else) committed the acts of blowing up the twin towers (and please ignore building 7 while you’re at it) 13 years ago. Nothing more to see here folks.

      • The world is like a Pollock painting. Very messy… And in between this chaotic messiness, you can draw lines by connecting only the dots you want, and skip the ones you don’t and claim whatever you want about it… Poseidon plays a skillful game of skipping inconvenient comments, challenges, questions… But I’m tired of him… I feel I know what he is… Hats off to others who have also figured him out… And to the rest, I say “carry on”… After all, the 6 week psyop cycle is upon us… (You know…. Those totally non-staged and very real shootings) and we’ll all be busy trying to dissect the next one, taking our eyes off the Jew911 ball.

        • I came into the thread late and had the fortune to see it played out. Poser was not bad at what he was supposed to do, derail and sidetrack. Most will agree to a Litmus Test for 9/11. That is Tier 1 Litmus Test. For me Tier 2 Litmus Test is Sandy Hook. And the fact that Poser kept harping on about Boston Bombing, I’ll include that to. How you can can do minimum cursory research into either of those psyops and come away with even considering they were real as the official narrative is suspect. I know you said that you personally know two people who lost limbs in the first explosion at Boston. Perhaps the first was real but no doubt the second was as bullshit as can be. Dave McGowan did a really good series on that.

          I think Halbig and Poser may be on the same team. At least working for the same bosses.

          The whole Sandy Hook Hoax split may actually be the goal. That Friend dude works for AFP. I listened to the debates. I felt like I was listening to a verbal pro wrestling match. MCP, Spingola, TUT guy in this corner, and Fetzer and Friend in this corner. It reeked of bullshit. The point may be to doubt the truth they do say because of the bullshit. I don’t know what brought down the towers and from the very first time I saw the plane disappearing into the tower on TV I knew some bull shit was going on. That doesn’t mean I believe the earth is flat. The enemy you know is hard enough to battle, the enemies ally posing as your fellow truth seeker makes it even harder. Please don’t let the Posers out there foment a fracture in the effort.


          • Yes, Aris, unfortunately, I do know people who lost limbs, which, initially, I was surprised to find out. Until I see any evidence to the contrary, my contention is that first bomb was real, and the second one was staged for the cameras… So far, this is the only logical explanation to what I, along with many of you out there, am seeing, smelling and observing. (And, I would genuinely appreciate if anyone who has any info that disproves my hypothesis would share it with us here… Believe it or not, I would sleep much better knowing the whole thing was 100% real)

            Photos and videos of the first bomb are almost nonexistent. From day one, if and when victims were discussed, it was never specified which location they were at. The main hospital where victims were taken was put in lockdown at some point later that day due to a “bomb threat” when FBI agents stormed the building, isolated victims (including ones in the ICU) from hospital staff for about an hour.

            Very similar to Sandy hook, even though official victim count was high, we were shown only a few (including jeff bauman) who were photographed in their hospital beds with huge smiles on their faces, and the same few have given interviews where they seemed to have no anger or resentment towards an incident that had taken their limb(s) just a few days prior, and forever altered their lives negatively (to say the least). And, I certainly do not remember seeing my acquaintances I had mentioned in any interviews or any kind of reporting, even though they would have been perfect material – a young husband and wife who lost one foot each – for a media sob story…

            If you think about it, this is the perfect solution to pacify us, the tinfoil hat nut jobs and our “conspiracy theories”. While they achieve full graphic exposure with the staged part for the masses who seem to lose interest in any of these shootings and bombings within 48 hours and allow pundits and talking heads to dictate what they should be seeing or feeling, they also have some real victims that they use as trump cards against anyone who observes that the whole episode is extremely fishy… With comments like “How can you say that it was staged, real people have died here” … I am sure most of you have witnessed this in this very blog (and everywhere else), where most of us would feel obliged to tone down our comments, worried that we would be seen as fanatic theorists in case the bombing turned out to be real.

        • I’m glad to hear your thoughts on this. I think Poseidon is trying to play off the concept of “crippled epistemology”, a term which actually makes me a bit annoyed. All “epistemologies” are “crippled” in some sense, or there would not even be a concept of epistemology – there would only be known vs unknown, right vs wrong, correct vs incorrect – all those things we realize never exist perfectly as one or the other because of the uncertainty and incomplete/incoherent information inherent to existing in this world. Unfortunately, Sunstein’s intent (and apparently Poseidon’s too) is not really to persuade those with “crippled epistemology”. Instead it is to very deliberately further cripple the epistemology of anyone who may be a little too close to uncovering another inconvenient truth.

          • Wonderful comments all. The most important lesson for me in these exchanges is to realize how effective and crippling it is to be hijacked by the shills among us. There is a profound difference between intellectual honesty and the willingness to examine oneself and the “crippled epistemology” that the actual disinfo agents work to promote. You are all a great group of people to learn from.

        • As for the cycle of fear, Washington Post (have they already been bought by Amazon (at the same time the CIA ave Amazon $600 million) or is just that a project in progress?) reports today on a bizarre knife attack in a China train station killing “at least 29 people”:


          This is a few days after a school raid at a Nigerian boarding was reported to have killed 29 people:


          (to be clear, I am not suggesting there is a significance to the number 29).

          • Sorry – that’s “CIA gave”, and “boarding school” – my epistemology is apparently removing my keystrokes.

      • There have been false-flags after 9/11/01. For example, London 7/7/05, Sharm al-Sheikh 7/23/05, Bali 10/1/05, Amman 11/9/05, and Mumbai 7/11/06. I’ve written about most of them. For example:


        And there were failed false-flags, such as the Mossad’s attempt to blow up the Mexican Congress on 10/10/01, after a 37-nation Gallup poll a couple of weeks previously in late September had shown Mexico was more opposed to the Afghanistan war than just about any other nation, with 94% of Mexicans favoring a legal response in the form of extradition and trial, rather than military action. There were plenty of attempts to frame Muslims for non-existent conspiracies, such as the so-called “liquid bombs” plot of 2006, or the “cyanide bomb” plot, for which the intelligence agencies’ source was a man with an IQ of 69 who was already in jail on a terror conviction.

        Of course, Jews bring their minions into the schemes, have them play a bit-part role or help in the cover-up, and toss them a few morsels. But false-flag terror is a Jewish construct, Jews are the driving force behind it, and people shouldn’t be afraid to say that.

        After 2006, our crooked leaders had persuaded enough of the unthinking masses that the “war on terror” was necessary, the Mossad’s and CIA’s profits from Afghan opium trafficking had been restored after opium production was banned by the Taliban in the summer of 2000, Netanyahu’s 1996 report “A Clean Break” about “removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq” had achieved its stated goal, Iraq’s oil wealth had been looted, and there was little more to be gained – but much to be risked – from staging more false-flag terror.

        So then the priority was countering the truth movement. They’d already set up James Murdoch’s brother-in-law Eric Hufschmid as a leading internet “truth-teller”, after helping him produce a book and video shortly after 9/11. James Murdoch joined News Corp. in 1996 and was put in charge of its internet operations, which is why he was tasked with finding someone for the early 9/11 counter-intelligence efforts. But it would take a lot more than claims about Ernst Zundel being a Zionist agent and 99% of truth-tellers being worthless or part of a “criminal network”, coaching Sam Danner to say he’d seen a Global Hawk hit the Pentagon, and sending out CD-ROMs with porno images to truth-seekers. With the heat on Larry Silverstein, and Netanyahu and Israel being only a “close friend” away, the perps couldn’t afford to let Israel go down, and so Sunstein, Fetzer, Reynolds, Wood, Smallstorm & Co were brought in. They had to make “conspiracy theorists” look like nuts, by circulating theories about “faked” planes and “faked” bombings.

        At the moment, the Boston Marathon bombings is probably the best acid test. If someone tells you the bombings were faked, you can mark them down as disinfo. As a more general rule, the shills will place an over-reliance on video ‘evidence’ that is supposed to “prove” something was “faked”. They can’t control the news reports that will refute their claims of fakery, but they can doctor videos and cite them as ‘evidence’ of fakery. However, they must also assert that all the MSM is in on the conspiracy and are lying. Think Occam’s Razor.

        The funny thing is that the shills will always tell you it is the other people who are really shills. However, there should be enough information here for people to identify who is telling the truth, and who is trying to deceive.

        • All of these pronouncements yet when you are offered  a short video (one of many) that shows obvious black op types picking up the smoldering remains of a pyrotechnic device and shoving it under a coat you are only interested in “other issues” and make no comment other than to imply they are faked.    Someone posts a verifiable account from an experienced trauma room doc who gives specific feedback demonstrating the “wounds” that “Jeff Bauman” presented with could not possibly have been acute or suffered at the scene and you ignore that saying that the only evidence is “faked videos”.   Sorry guy,   I gave you the benefit of the doubt but the pattern is impossible to ignore now.   

          • Stan Monteith? He claims the arch-villains are the Illuminati, the Jesuits, the Masons, the Rosicrucians, the Trilateral Commission, etc., is supported by Jeff Rense and Alex Jones, and Jim Fetzer says he’s “fascinated” by Monteith’s analysis of Bauman’s injuries. That tells us all we need to know about Monteith.

            • Once again your response is an ad hominem attack that doesn’t address the substantive points raised. That’s the pattern that so many of us are experiencing and reflecting back to you in different ways. Your responses are in fact “unresponsive” to anything but your pre determined agenda.

              The concept of the “illuminati” is not new nor confined to any one individual. Clearly we are not going to cover that territory in any meaningful way here. If you want to consider the Latin words “New World Order” on the Federal Reserve Note and the symbol of a pyramid with an eye at the top to be unimportant that is certainly your prerogative. Again that conversation, with all it’s related source material, is beyond the scope of this discussion.

              I do have one question for you, please consider it a hypothetical and is offered with genuine interest. If video analysis such as the brief piece I provided and the informed reactions of experienced trauma docs like that which has been referenced on this site were established to be an accurate representation of what actually happened, would that affect your position visa vie the discussion we are having?

              Just curious.

              • The Boston Marathon bombings weren’t faked, and no amount of so-called ‘evidence’ from videographers or bought-and-paid-for octogenarians will ever change that. Not that it should even be necessary, but someone took the trouble to debunk the disinformation as early as June 2, 2013. A sane commentator describes it as a “great article that pulls the ‘actors story’ apart”.


                Actually, you and others on this blog have been very helpful in demonstrating exactly what is wrong with you Reality Deniers. The only ‘evidence’ you have originates from members of your own club, whether it’s a video that one of you Deniers has made, or it’s a so-called “expert” testimony from a Deniers club member such as Stan Monteith. This is precisely what Cass Sunstein was referring to by a “crippled epistemology”. And it’s exactly how his team of agents play the part of “conspiracy theorists”. You have to limit your sources of information to Deniers club members, whilst at the same time deliberately ignoring all the actual evidence from the wider world out there.

                There was only ever going to be one outcome in any debate of liars against truth-tellers. Your Boston Hoax theory has been checkmated, and you Deniers have revealed yourselves as Sunstein shills whose job is to discredit truth-seekers by playing the part of idiotic conspiracy theorists with a crippled epistemology. But thanks for playing the game!

                • Oops. Not that good at it, I guess – should try to avoid alienating your mark by being too insulting.

                • Who’s hoax are you referring to here? If both bombs were real, who was responsible? The potential giant misdirection being presented here does not make the apparent lock-down of Boston and the possible false accusation of two patsies suddenly vanish. The events following the Boston incident do not make sense no matter what bullshit you spin. You should try to use fewer words Poseidon. More words will not spin bullshit into gold.

        • You are really good at this. I’m impressed.

  28. Those who claim that some video “proves” something amiss at Boston or Sandy Hook are wasting their time, because there is a problem with the provenance. The disinformation brokers will insert videos for the “conspiracy theories” to seize on as ‘evidence’.

    Randi’s JREF attempts to bash 9/11 “conspiracy theories”. Since Randi and Halbig know each other, this is one more example of how Halbig could have been recruited to work for the Zionist cause and placed to support the “Sandy Hook was a hoax” hoax. Although unfortunately for Halbig, he seems to be at best a seventh-rate supporter of disinformation brokers 🙂

    No one is criticising Halbig for nearly wasting tens of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars on the equivalent of divining rods. The point is that it’s interesting that a reporter should question his veracity.

    I don’t know why Lilaleo seems to think that no-planes is old news from 4-5 years ago. Fetzer has been relentlessly pushing the no-planes crap for years. For example, there is a July 2013 debate with Dick Eastman.


    And Fetzer is far too intelligent to believe in no-planes.

    It’s a pity I’m not paid for this; it would make my bank manager happier.

    • Seriously? You come off as a somewhat intelligent person, which tells me that you are employable. Given the investment of time in your “research”, I would have to ascertain that you are, most definitely, being “paid for this”. I’m retired and don’t have the time to do what you’re doing

      Vilifying the messenger does not answer the pertinent questions which, for everyone who cherishes freedom, merit answers.

    • From what I can gather, these are the points of connection between Halbig and Randi. Mind you, I have a special dislike for Randi…

      1. Halbig was the Seminole County School District Director of Security, or Director of Student Discipline depending on the source.
      2. The dubious Quadro Tracker device was marketed to schools since they were blind with desire to “think of the children.”
      3. Halbig is one of the school reps that was considering the device.
      4. Randi contacts Halbig about Randi attending the next sales-pitch or test of the device.
      5. Randi conducts test in Halbig’s county which Halbig witnesses.
      6. That was in 1996 and I haven’t found any more recent public connection between them.

      I warn anyone thinking about checking out either the James Randi Educational Foundation or MetaBunk sites, if you engage them on their forums it isn’t likely to be time well-spent. I would look around and read threads on a topic that interests you first.

      I didn’t, got sucked into a few threads, failed to notice their methods before a rivalry formed, finally posted my scathing assessment of the “skeptics” there before all of my posts were moved to a sort of grave thread where posts are hidden away and finally dropped it.

      Lastly, Randi is part bad magician, part guru and partly riding on the assumption that he’s helping people see the scams that seek to bilk them out of their money. In reality, he sends anyone with a claim the government doesn’t have a stake in running in circles and focuses on claims of government conspiracy. Somehow, despite mounting lawsuits and poor management of his foundation he “magically” survives through the public’s generous contributions.

      Oh, what the hell. I’ll state plainly that I suspect that the whole “skeptics” industry is nothing other than a subsidized pool of scientists for hire, easily flattered nerd experts at IT and the gov’s army of sock-puppets. They literally have an annual “skeptics” convention, which I’ve always suspected was where their skeptical friends were vetted and recruited and for ongoing training.

    • I couldn’t resist. Maybe something can be learned from this. This is the very post that got my other posts sent to a padded room on the JREF site…

      Terminator, meet the G that killt me…

      I’m quickly leaning your ways at randi.org. As my last 5 posts embark on a long nap in a locked member-only topic, I think there may have been one of magic’s secrets revealed in my last post. It only lived for minutes, so it was fresh.

      Because I did and do hope to find other honorable explorers, I’ll make an attempt to put the comment deemed “too stupid to waste time on” back into the historical record.

      —————- The Post that Got Me Noticed (but why?!) —————-

      It is not “Skeptics” I have a problem with or that I am merely bored with the rationality “Skeptics.” True skeptics are not the issue! No, they are in comparison persons to be revered above all others and are welcome company…honored team members…boon companions!

      They are the most interesting of us, the most knowledgeable of us, and the ones to instruct us the most!

      They are not to be confused with scurrilous skepti-bunkies, ponderous pelicanists, or insipid CSIcopians–scurvy klasskurtxians–the antagonists otherwise regarded, eh? No, it’s ardent intellectual arsonists who diminish skepticism and provide it with such a bad name.

      Summing up, I’m beginning to come into a notion of what goes on at this forum. Carnival hucksterisms, empty platitudes, a scientistic revival meeting! Slick scientistic-scripture pounding frauds with ulterior motives. Religious fundamentalists of a different stripe. I suspect some here front a closed organization of similar myopic intellectualists, little men who steadfastly assert to the worried credulous that there’s a place for “everything”, and “everything” (read “everybody”) should be in its place!

      The reasonable must suspect that this cannot be the case where there is so very much, and we know so very little in its regard. Humility is required, reader. Hubris is unwarranted and inappropriate.

      Let’s all have a moment of silence…
      for the dashed hopes of Horatius, who thought that he knew something that he later discovered he did not. And, for myself or rather the positive interest that drew me hear with hopes of mutual appreciation, but twas not the rich and pleasurable as wanted. I admit that I was wrong, as I so often am.

  29. Wolfgang Halbig has created a page about our cause. Please share and like.

  30. So … In all this nonsense … what about the kid, Adam Lanza, and his mom. What do you suppose actually happened to them? If the whole thing was staged, which it seems like it was, where does the person we know as Adam Lanza and his mother fit in? Were they murdered just to create a giant story? Assuming these are real people who did not really want to give their lives for some sensationalist news story, that would be a real shame.

    • sure. the death certificate of Adam Lanza had him dying the day before the attack at Sandy Hook, right? Yeah, the father got rid of his ex and the broken kid at the same time and secured himself a seat at the big table for the rest of his life and his other son’s life.

      • Wow. I hope that’s not true. But I have to admit it makes perfect sense. I know for a fact that I looked up his SSDI entry several months ago and it definitely said that he died 12/13/2012. However, if you look it up now it’s been “corrected”. I just looked five minutes ago at:


        I got this:

        Name: Adam P. Lanza
        State of Issue: New Hampshire
        Date of Birth: Wednesday April 22, 1992
        Date of Death: Friday December 14, 2012
        Est. Age at Death: 20 years, 7 months, 22 days
        Confirmation: Proven

        • ah. well you see that? they corrected it. good for them. still doesn’t explain how a kid with autism (Aspergers) who hated loud noises and crowds managed to do what they claim he did, but, there you have it.

        • here’s a good question… since his mother had to prepare meals for him before leaving him alone, was he even able to drive a car? has anyone addressed that question? did he have a license?

          • This somewhat phony-sounding run-down on Adam Lanza (http://www.tampabay.com/news/nation/frustrating-search-for-newtown-conn-shooter-adam-lanzas-motive/1267513) claims he got a driver’s license in 2010 (but shows no picture or other evidence).

            “Alone with each other in a big house with a pool on two acres, mother and son struggled over issues of independence, friends said. In 2010, Adam got a driver’s license but did not go out by himself often.”

            I couldn’t find anything with credible evidence – I guess it’s supposed to be just taken for granted. However, it’s not necessarily the case that someone diagnosed with Asperger’s cannot have a driver’s license, as long as they pass the driving test. or example, there are websites dedicated to concerns for parents about their Asperger’s teen getting their drivers licenses:


            • I also remember reading that he didn’t like touching door knobs. did you see anything about that?

              • No. I didn’t notice that. Maybe they had a butler escort him to the school to open all the doors so he could be more efficient in the shooting rampage. For a skinny and physically-awkward chap, he was a crack shot and never seemed to miss (best kill efficiency of all of these mass causality events, as far as I can tell), so maybe he needed the extra help so he could really focus on the accurate shooting.

  31. Just a quick question to the author, and if you could email me that would be great because the comment section is formatted strangely and i can hardly make it to the bottom. Why do you call Dr. Judy Wood a disinfo giant? What about her, or her research do you find to be disinfo? I am always working on my discernment skills, and constantly researching this “monolithic conspiracy” as jack kennedy once said, and haven’t come across many, or really any, 9/11 researchers with better analysis than hers. Id love to hear why you assert she is working for the dark side. Not to fight or argue, get to further test my ability to discern the real truth. Thanks brother, love and light to you and yours.


    • If you’re willing, please post your answer to this question. Since this forum is about discussing things openly, it would be nice for everyone to see the answer to this question.

    • As it happens, I have a few reasons of my own for concluding that Judy Wood is disinfo. Willy Loman might think of something that I haven’t listed below, but here’s some points to start with.

      It only needs a little application of common sense to see why Dr. Judy Wood is a disinformation broker. She claims the Towers and their contents were “dustified” – i.e., the materials “vanished” – after the Towers were zapped by some hypothetical space-based directed-energy beam weapon, and all that remained was possibly a few pennies that fell to the ground after someone left them on a windowsill.

      For a start, the Towers’ steel and concrete did not vanish. “Dealers estimated that the WTC disaster created more than 300,000 tons of scrap metal.” And China’s largest steel firm, Baosteel Group, had already purchased 50,000 tons of the Ground Zero scrap steel at $120 a ton by January 2002. India bought 10,000 tons at the same price from Metal Management, the New Jersey scrap dealers who bought 40,000 tons of the steel debris at an auction held by NYC authorities.


      There are numerous pictures of WTC steel members on the debris pile.

      Some concrete was pulverized into fine- and coarse-grained particles; the rest was smashed into lumps. Fire Marshal Michael Cain said pieces of rock were hitting him on the helmet as the dust cloud and smoke caught up with him. Captain William McLaughlin said that when the dust cloud enveloped him he got “clocked in the head with a piece of concrete” that “knocked him to the ground”. He had a lacerated head, concussion, a “lacerated cornea, both eyes,” sprained back, sprained knee, etc.


      If such “directed energy weapons” were even possible, and the US government had them, there would be no Russia, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, etc. There would be a United States of the World, run from Washington. Anyone in possession of such weapons would be able to zap rival seats of government and turn the buildings and politicians to dust, and even if the military later managed to launch nukes, the beam weapons would zap them long before they could reach their target.

      The energy needed to “dustify” steel, even if there were such a transformation as “dustification”, which there isn’t, would exceed that needed to vaporize the steel. (Wood was instructed to make the claim of “dustification”, because any rational person would quickly conclude that she had to be either a liar or a nut.) And even if the steel had been evaporated, it would very quickly condense and solidify after the “weapon” was switched off, leading to iron percentages in the dust well in excess of the 1.74% geometric mean of the USGS and RJ Lee findings.

      For fun, let’s see how much it would take to evaporate the steel. As an approximation, various sources quote the enthalpy of vaporization of iron at 340 kJ/mol, 347 kJ/mol, and 351 kJ/mol. One mole of Fe is 55.845 grams. Each Tower had some 79,000 tons of steel excluding grillages, floor trusses and steel decking. After adding those, the total is around 100,000 tons or 90,700 tonnes. In order to vaporize this mass of iron, the energy required is (taking the lowest value) 340kJ/mol * 90,700,000 kg / 0.055845 kg = 340 kJ * 1.624 * 10^9 = 5.52 * 10^14 J. And we haven’t even counted the energy required to heat the steel to its melting point, plus the latent heat of fusion, and the energy required to bring it up to its boiling point at around 2,862 °C.

      If the power is sustained over ten seconds, we can divide the energy figure by ten to obtain a power requirement of 55.2 terawatts. And this assumes the “weapon” and targeting is 100% efficient, with no losses. Check out the Wiki page on orders of magnitude (power) to compare various examples of power levels. 16 TW was the average total power consumption of the entire human world in 2010.


      Lockheed Martin recently managed to get a portable laser to deliver 30 kW, which is more than a billion times short of the power required to vaporize the WTC steel of one Tower, before we count the concrete. Woods’ hypothetical space-based weapon needs an energy source before it can produce any output. You can’t generate hundreds of terajoules or tens of terawatts from a few solar panels or battery cells.

      • Just a note of common sense regarding the points raised about Judy Wood. 

        Judy Wood is clearly not a disinfo agent.    She has made an enormous contribution to the process of questioning 911 and has provided some interesting ideas that begin to link advanced technology to the political operations of the cabal.    Although these points have already been mentioned ad nauseam let’s do it again.   1)  The debris field is vastly smaller than would be expected,   2)  the damage to the structures under the WTC and seismic foot print was vastly smaller that would be expected,   3)  the unusual pattern of metal exploding into flames right next to dry paper that did not ignite,   4)  the fluctuation of the earth’s magnetic field at precisely the moment of the first attack,   etc etc. 

        As far as I’m concerned a variety of systems were used in the demolition of 911.    Clearly explosives were placed.   Yet just as clearly “something” reduced the majority of the mass of two quarter mile structures into dust.    This is the most important point.    The cabal wanted a manageable disaster to fuel the war on terror but they demanded the quick resumption of financial activity in that area of NYC and immediate rebuilding on that site.   They didn’t want and would not accept the building toppling over and causing excessive collateral damage or messing up the “bathtub” under the site.    Thus they had to take extraordinary measures to reduce the mass before it hit.  

        That’s the crux of it.   A key observation and the corresponding political agenda. 

        Dr. Wood is clearly not as careful or politically astute as she needs to be to completely silence detractors.   Personally I see this as a characteristic of those who think outside the box and accept that I have to use my own filter.   I do understand Poseidon has strong feelings about this but honestly the total rejection he advances is unnecessary and counter productive.  

        So along those lines,     

        1) Clearly not all the substance of the towers turned into dust.    Just most of it.    So there was plenty left to rain down on bystanders and plenty of metal to ship to China. 

        2)  Dr. Wood does point out that the US has invested heavily in space laser systems but does not hinge her theory and observations on the idea that a laser beam came down from outer space to disintegrate the buildings.    Rather she emphasizes the concept of an interference field that was specifically tuned to the materials and location involved and points to the unusual behavior of a hurricane just off the coast.   Mention of this hurricane disappeared off the charts from the MSM weather reports. 

        3)  The idea that free energy systems of vast proportions can be ridiculed because the knowledge of energy generation that has been released to the general population is … naive.     In a way that’s the point Dr. Wood is underscoring.    There was advanced technology going on that we know nothing about.   This goes right along with the unaccounted for 9 trillion dollars in Pentagon funds since 1996 which may well be funding the projects we have heard about.    The DUMB’s,   reversed engineered anti gravity craft etc etc.    Ridicule this if you like but the money is missing and the anomalies are there. 

        There is a great deal on the net about systems which are coming to light about Tesla type inventions and other innovative technology that has leaked out and been suppressed.    The important point is not to pretend that we know how it happened because clearly we don’t.     Judy Wood needs to emphasize that she doesn’t know.    That doesn’t invalidate the points she is raising however.   The key issue is that there is no reasonable,  credible explanation for what we saw that does not assume the existence of a paradigm changing technology and this tech is in the hands of a group of dangerous psycho paths.   

        That,  in my opinion,   is the take away lesson.  

        • Judy Wood IS CLEARLY a disinfo agent. She started up with Fetzer, Jones and Reynolds. She promotes “ray beams from space” and “Cheetos” and “dustification” and whatever other stupid sounding disinformation she can come up with to make the Truth movement look like fools. The thing is, the way you know she is an agent is how she deliberately presents herself as a quack not only in her ridiculous research but also in her delivery when she does interviews. She does that for a reason. Not only is she much smarter than she pretends during those performances of hers, she is an accomplished educator, so she KNOWS how she is presenting herself and does it on PURPOSE. That along with her stupid theories which hold no scientific value whatsoever, make her a disinfo agent.

        • Those who know Judy Wood is disinfo know that the universe works according to certain natural and scientific laws such as conservation of energy, the laws of thermodynamics, the laws of thermochemistry, and so on. Those who attempt to push the view that Wood’s speculations are somehow credible need to start with false assumptions about the debris field being smaller than it should have been, and the seismic field being smaller than it should have been, and naturally, they provide no math or evidence to back up their assertions.

          Then they must posit the use of speculative, non-existent technology that relies on “free energy”, which is equivalent to perpetual motion machines and exists only in the imagination of dreamers. (This is not to say that new technologies based on ideas such as cold fusion will never be possible, but cold fusion wasn’t used on 9/11.) Even the military, with their vast budgets, cannot rescind the laws of physics.

          News of the almost $7 trillion of accounting corrections that were needed for the Pentagon’s finances, and the $2.3 trillion of those that lacked receipts, was released on March 3, 2000. Those corrections had been applied to the 1999 budget. This was when dollar signs began to light up in the eyes of those who had already installed the “upgraded” fireproofing on WTC1 floors 94-98, and had already tried blackmailing Clinton regarding the Lewinsky affair in an attempt to rope him into the WTC attacks. The plan was revised to include a hit on the Pentagon. After elements of the new Administration were persuaded to come in on the Pentagon deal, they had to cover for Israel’s role in the WTC as well as the Pentagon attack.

          Dov Zakheim was nominated by Bush in February 2001 and sworn in as Pentagon Comptroller and DoD CFO on May 4, 2001, whereupon he announced that he would be making some changes. Zakheim had the power to fire those who were running data backups and replace them with his own stooges. They had about four months to filch a proportion of the $2.3 trillion before the Pentagon’s accounts section was targeted in a terrorist attack. If they took too large a proportion, they wouldn’t have been able to blame it on mere accounting errors that still hadn’t been corrected ten or twenty years later. The perps probably netted $ tens to hundreds of billions, which was considerably more than Silverstein made from his insurance swindle, yet still allowed Zakheim to play the hero and pretend that he’d “found” some of the “missing” money.

          Rumsfeld would be tricked into making a speech about the $2.3 trillion of transactions the day before the attacks, ostensibly so that they could set up a strawman about trillions of dollars that had been “lost”, and confuse the timeline and distract by making people think that someone had discovered trillions of dollars had gone missing in early September 2001. With Rumsfeld making the “announcement”, he would inadvertently serve to deflect attention from Israel to the Bush Admin, the same job for which agents such as Jared Israel had been set up – in the latter’s case, in 1999.

          But even $900 trillion and 90 years would not be sufficient to yield a new technology of perpetual motion machines, given that such technology is prohibited by the laws of nature. And in any case, when Zakheim was installed, they already had access to his Flight Termination Systems for hijacking in-flight aircraft and steering them into targets, and they’d already fitted the “upgraded” fireproofing to WTC1 floors 94-98, which explains why the collapse originated at those floors 102 minutes after the perps had targeted them with a Boeing 767. It’s not known exactly how WTC2 was brought down, but the preposterous nukes / “directed energy” theses do not account for the observed phenomena, such as how collapses originated at the impact zone.

          The idea that the military have invented some form of space-based weapon that can zoom in on and extract and absorb hundreds of terajoules from the energy released over an area of tens of thousands of square miles as water condenses in a hurricane, and can then channel this energy and focus it onto high-rises at a rate of tens of terawatts so that most of the steel, concrete and other contents are vaporized, without the satellite’s optics being instantly burned out, is strictly the stuff of science fiction. Even if the fiction writers manage to stay within the constraints of the law of conservation of energy, they have had to postulate a violation of the laws of thermodynamics. Heat energy that’s been dispersed over tens of thousands of square miles will not mysteriously flow all of a sudden to some particular zone that’s only a few yards across.

          And why postulate esoteric hypotheses when the solution is much simpler? Planes with 10,000 gallons of fuel ignite fires on impact. The technology to fly planes by remote control existed in 2001. Steel loses strength when heated. Unprotected steel gets heated in fires. All the perps need to do is replace the fireproofing on a few floors with a variant that doesn’t protect the steel and probably includes accelerants, crash a plane into the target floors, and, instead of a building that is extremely unlikely to collapse from an “office fire”, they have one that has been prepared and is very likely to collapse from a carefully targeted plane strike, after an hour or two of combustion.

          Ultimately, those who recognize that Wood, Fetzer, Smallstorm/Shafquat et al are disinfo do so because they know that the world operates according to certain physical laws, and a hypothesis should be formulated to fit the data. (Or as Willy Loman succinctly observes, they see that the disinfo agents are doing their best to look like quacks.) Those who attempt to defend Zakheim, Silverstein, Netanyahu, Halevy, Rumsfeld & Co by peddling distracting disinformation must start out with their false hypothesis, which they deliberately make as crazy as possible in order to portray truth-seekers as nuts, and cherry-pick or concoct a few pieces of ‘evidence’ or speculation that is supposed to back up their claims, whilst ignoring the laws of physics and the vast array of evidence that refutes their disinformation.

          I’m not sure exactly when Fetzer started his “Quacks For 9/11 Lies” movement, but it can’t have been too long after January 1, 2004, which was when Springer published his paper “Disinformation: the use of false information”.

          • Excellent explanation. I would just comment on one of your statements:

            “All the perps need to do is replace the fireproofing on a few floors with a variant that doesn’t protect the steel and probably includes accelerants, crash a plane into the target floors, and, instead of a building that is extremely unlikely to collapse from an “office fire”, they have one that has been prepared and is very likely to collapse from a carefully targeted plane strike, after an hour or two of combustion.”

            They would still have needed to carefully install explosives at key positions on lower floors to remove the resistance to the downward collapse of the upper floors (or the buildings could not have come down at the acceleration rate that they did — conservation of momentum, conservation of energy, equal and opposite reaction to each action, etc, yadda, yadda) and to avoid the risk of a sideways topple of the the upper floors. Also, having the fireproofing removed would not allow the steel to weaken enough at temperatures achievable by jet fuel, so explosives or combustibles with much higher burn temperatures would be needed to weaken or break the steel.

          • Quick question for everyone:

            If jet fuel combustion can melt or weaken steel, how come airplane engines don’t melt in midair? I know, I know – they’re usually made with a lot of titanium and that has a melting temperature close to 3040 degrees F, whereas steel is closer to 2600-2800 degrees F, depending on the form. But jet engines can also contain quite a bit of aluminum, with melting temperatures from below 1000 d F to a little over 1200 d F, depending on the alloy.

          • the debris field was smaller than it should have been and that’s because they used so much det cord they not only pulverized the concrete floors (as evidenced by all the dust) they also inadvertently (in my opinion) created massive heat waves that instantly melted much of the 40,000+ trusses and the metal floor-pans that the concrete floors were poured into (and pretty much everything else like desks, doors, chairs, computers, filing cabinets, etc etc etc). and that of course is evidenced by the RJ Lee report of 2005.

            so yes, the debris field was smaller than a collapse or a conventional top-down demolition would have produced but that fact doesn’t mean you have to reach for ray beams from space to explain it. PETN burning at 8,000+ degs does so as well.

            • Exactly, and the statement by Wood I read (or at least I think I read) that they used esoteric weapons because they needed to reduce the mass of the buildings to collapse into a smaller footprint made absolutely no sense at all. They couldn’t appreciably “reduce the mass”. Where would it go? That much “mass” evaporating into the air would have quickly killed all of Manhattan by excluding all of the air and replacing it with highly toxic gasses and particulates. The best they could do would be to compact the mass into as small a space as possible which is what appears to have been done.

              • as evidenced by the RJ Lee report and my articles about the missing trusses, they were reduced to microspheres. tons and tons of microspheres readily found in all the dust from 911 (and subsequently disinformationalized by Steven Jones as “nanothermite”) and the floors and drywall and ceiling tiles were pulverized into those thousands of tons and tons of dust which blew all over lower Manhattan.

                • Hmmm … so my statement wasn’t completely accurate. Quite a bit of that mass was inevitably breathed in by the people and animals of Manhattan. Not actually vaporized, but a lot of material blown away from the collapse zone as dust.

                  • exactly. if you look at the dust settled all across New York right after the demolition, the debris field is actually 40 or 50 times larger than it would usually be because so much was pulverized and allowed to simply cover lower Manhattan. they can’t do that in a standard demolition. but this one wasn’t standard and they didn’t have liability issues to worry about so they simply let it fly so to speak.

          • there are several problems with your jet fuel hypothesis. first of all, at best in that environment, the jet fuel would only burn at around 1,500 degs F. Not even close to what is needed to melt steel.

            second, according to the official NIST report, the jet fuel was mainly consumed upon impact (remember those big orange/black clouds? that was the jet fuel) and had NOTHING to do with the fires other than starting them. NIST concluded the jet fuel was completely consumed in the first 5 minutes

            third, office fires burning at 650 deg. F would NOT “weaken steel” to the point of structural failure. You see, when they say steel loses strength at 1,600 degs, what they are talking about is NOT some flash temp licking the outside of the metal, they are talking about a CORE TEMP of that steel, meaning the INSIDE of the steel beam has to reach that temp. That of course, according to the NIST report and the other one, did NOT happen.

            The highest temp they recorded on the few beams they actually tested (paint test) was around 620 if I remember correctly.

            fourth…. and this is the big one… no one and I mean NO ONE is dumb enough to plan a demo of a massive structure like that one, by thinking some jet fuel MIGHT ‘weaken steel” if they remove some fireproofing.

            plus, I don’t really care what you think, even if they had sliced off three stories under the 78th floor, that top section of the building crashing down on the remaining UNTOUCHED and UNDAMAGED building below would NOT have resulted in what we saw.

            that is a fact. Not a theory. A fact.

            It is also a fact that the world’s leading controlled demolition experts were ON THE SCENE when the buildings came down and worked with NIST to produce their ridiculous evaluation of the collapse of the buildings and worked for the government managing the clean-up of the site.

            When NIST was asked by us why they didn’t test for residual traces of high explosives in the dust at Ground Zero they replied, on the record, that their experts told them it wasn’t a controlled demolition. Those experts were the same controlled demolition company.

            So no, your jet fuel hypothesis isn’t the simplest solution because it doesn’t hold up under scrutiny.

            The simplest is right there in plane sight which is exactly why they needed disinfo agents like Jones, Wood, Reynolds and Fetzer

            • ” … their experts told them it wasn’t a controlled demolition.”

              Ha ha. That’s pretty funny. Maybe it wasn’t “really” a lie if they were saying “It was just a controlled initiation. Once we triggered the explosives (in a highly coordinated and controlled fashion – which can actually be SEEN in the collapse videos (and heard in a couple of them)), then the whole collapse was completely out of our control. There’s NO WAY we could have stopped it after THAT! See?? It wasn’t controlled at all!!”

              • He (the owner of CDI) said on record, that it wasn’t a controlled demolition because it didn’t “sound” like one (that was before the news came out that all the videos NIST provided after their report were edited for sound) and there weren’t enough shattered windows in the surrounding buildings for it too have been controlled demolition. that’s honestly what they based their conclusion on.

                also of note… there was a special engineer on site when the buildings came down according to NIST. He was the one who told the police that building 7 was going to collapse due to his special equipment he was using to monitor it.

                turns out the ‘special engineer” is the same guy from a company that CDI uses to monitor damage to surrounding buildings when they employ explosive controlled demolitions in a city.

                so, they guy who told the police building 7 was going to collapse was a contractor used by the controlled demolition team when they perform a controlled demolition. and he just HAPPENED to be there with his seismic equipment set up as the Twin Towers ‘collapsed”. and no one at NIST even batted an eye when they reported that fact.

                and that isn’t ‘conspiracy theory” stuff, it’s straight from the NIST report.

                • Wow. Good information. I didn’t know that – Thanks. The whole 9/11 affair was a comedy of idiocy (tragedy actually). Doesn’t speak too highly of human nature.

            • I agree the jet fuel was consumed within 5 minutes. There is plenty of evidence of temperatures in excess of those produced by jet fuel or “office fires”.

              Some steel was “vaporized” in “searing temperatures”, which would require melting point at least. The carbon content of the WTC steel was up to 0.3% (e.g. Japanese JIS G3101-73 grade SS50), but that would barely lower the melting point below that of iron. The sulfur content was up to 0.05%, which would have taken the melting point down to around 1,426 °C or 2,600 °F, well beyond an office fire. Fireproofing was found to have “melted into a glassy residue”. The Cafco Blaze-Shield Type II used in the upgrades, and the previous Type DC/F, are described as “proprietary formulations of slag wool and inorganic binders containing silicates and calcium sulfates”. NIST conducted various tests on Blaze-Shield II, including heat capacity measurements in which they heated it up to 1,200 °C. No phase changes or decomposition occurred. Calcium sulfate does not decompose until around 1,227 °C (1,500 K) depending on the sulfur dioxide concentration, and silicates would have an even higher “melting point” or decomposition temperature. For example, 1,540 °C for calcium silicate.

              They didn’t need to heat the core or perimeter columns. The WTC1 demolition involved taking out five consecutive floors, at which point the lack of bracing raises the slenderness ratio of enough core columns above the critical slenderness ratio, resulting in Euler buckling. The columns fail as surely as if they’d been sliced through with a “thermite cutter” or a laser beam from space. (If the core columns were heated too, they would only need to remove four floors.)

              Given the amount of fireproofing that was on the trusses, the perps could easily have heated the 1.09″ diameter diagonal rods and bottom chords to 800 °C or more, if the excess mass on the fireproofing was a combination of a flammable material such as plastic and a propellant, and the remainder was the regular material. On one level, the jet fuel served as the ignition, and then the office combustibles took over. On another level, the jet fuel and office fires would serve to ignite plastics embedded in the “upgraded” fireproofing, and rather than risk these extinguishing, they would ignite a propellant that in turn ignited the rest of the plastics and propellant.

              The disadvantage for the perps is that it leaves hot spots (such as steel that was partly vaporized in searing temperatures) because propellants such as aluminum powder and potassium perchlorate have flame temperatures well in excess of the hydrocarbons in typical office furnishings. For the perps, the beauty of the scheme is that the combustion wave will propagate along their fake fireproofing at various steel/steel interfaces, so it could run along a main double truss and then go at right angles along a transverse truss.

              A 66.5% potassium perchlorate, 33.2% phenol-formaldehyde resin, 0.14% mixed impurities, 0.11% moisture, 0.05% hydrogen chloride rocket propellant is known to achieve a burn rate of 0.25 to 0.31 in/sec. At 0.28 in/sec, the distance traveled in 102 minutes is 142.8 feet. On the WTC’s long 60-feet span section, if you start near the center, it’s 30 feet to the 137′ side of the core and 30 feet to the perimeter, and 104 feet to each adjacent perimeter. Or starting three-quarters of the way along a transverse truss or intermediate support angle, it’s 156 feet to the far end. The time from impact to collapse is clearly on the same order as the combustion wave of a propellant that is designed to ignite plastics in the fake fireproofing on each double truss.

              As for whether or not the intact section of the building below could arrest the collapse after the top section has fallen through the height of five floors, it would be going at over 42 mph after falling 60 feet at freefall. Allowing for resistance you might say 25 to 35 mph. I calculated the upper floors 98-110 of WTC1 at about 35,000 tons, and clearly the upper section of WTC2 would be heavier. Even with 35,000 tons at 25 mph, it’s quite an impact, and it’s a rather bold assertion to declare as “fact” that we should have seen something different without explosives.

              A problem with the det cord theory is the fact that none was ever found. You need a lot of explosives to pulverize tens of thousands of tons of concrete. Then you have to install the explosives and det cord without anyone seeing, and hope that the explosives don’t get detonated prematurely by stray signals before the plane has crashed.

              But at least, explosives theorists are not wacky disinfo agents who are peddling total garbage and doing their best to make truth-tellers look like cranks. Since it’s easy to prove Israel’s central role in 9/11 from the fact that three Israeli Jews were seen high-fiving, hugging each other and smiling before the news of the first impact had even broken on the local AM news station, and they were caught that afternoon in possession of maps linking them to the attacks and with airline tickets for immediate international flights, there is a case that we should be focusing more on whodunit, rather than the minutiae of how they did it.

              • I’ve never been fully convinced of the evidence for the direct involvement of Israel. The allegation always appears to put forward along with something a little off-center, like pretending that the core of the WTC could collapse smoothly via the “pancake” mechanism. Even a water surface fires back an immediate opposing force equal to the offensive force upon it prior to energy being transferred through it and allowing the water molecules to subside. Try doing a belly flop from a high dive sometime. The lower floors would resist. At best, there would be a bouncing, jerking collapse. Not a free fall. That is impossible and I’m beginning to suspect that you know that. It seems the intent is to create enough doubt and confusion in peoples’ minds that they will believe the impossible. In a forum such s this one, the rational sounding “bait” just has to be more rational-sounding than with some other audiences.

                • If you haven’t seen the various proofs of Israel’s central role in 9/11, Winston, you can’t have been paying much attention, or you must have been distracted by the diversions about “faked” Boston bombings and “faked” Sandy Hook shootings, etc.

                  Sivan Kurzberg, Oded Ellner and Yaron Shmuel were seen high-fiving, hugging each other and flicking a lighter in celebration as they posed for photographs they were taking of the burning WTC1, before the news was even announced on WINS 1010. Their various conflicting accounts of how they came to be kneeling atop a van in the parking lot of the Doric apartment block so soon after the first plane crash were all physically impossible, unless the Israeli government has perfected time travel, since it is a 4- or 5-minute drive to get from the location of Urban Moving Systems’ office in Weehawken to Doric at 100 Manhattan Avenue in Union City at the best of times, even on a Sunday, never mind at around 08:50 a.m. in the rush-hour on a Tuesday morning. Not only did they not have time to learn about the event on the internet, grab their cameras (which they’d conveniently brought into work that day!!), jump into their employer’s van without asking for permission for time off to devote to their sudden new “hobby” of journalism inspired by a single plane crashing into a building in a foreign country, drive to Doric, and climb onto the roof of the van, but Ellner even admitted that they went to Doric because it gave them “a view of the entire length of both towers”. They went there before the South Tower was hit! The roof of Urban Moving Systems in Weehawken provided a good view of the North Tower, but from Weehawken the South Tower was obscured by the North Tower. When they were safely back in Israel, Ellner admitted that their job had been to “document the event”.

                  This isn’t something that’s been made up by “anti-Semites”. The information above – and much, much more – is all contained within an FBI report. For my analysis, see:


                  Benjamin Netanyahu kept in “close touch” with Larry Silverstein, who obtained a 99-year lease on a couple of towers and secured 12-layer, 22-company insurance coverage against terrorist attacks aggregating $3,546,809,904 “per occurrence”, and including property damage and business interruption, six weeks before both towers were destroyed in two “occurrences” of terrorist attacks. Netanyahu was in London on the morning of 7/7/05, and had advance knowledge of the bombings that morning which killed 56 people. Netanyahu wrote a book in 1995 “predicting” that terrorists would bring down the WTC. Netanyahu’s father Benzion was the chief aide and secretary to Ze’ev Jabotinsky, who was commander of the Irgun in 1937. Netanyahu’s father-in-law Shmuel Ben-Artzi served in the Irgun. In 2006, Netanyahu proudly “commemorated” the 60th anniversary of the Irgun’s bombing of the King David Hotel, which killed 92 people. Immediately after 9/11, Netanyahu said the event was “very good” for Israel. In April 2008, Netanyahu said Israel was still “benefiting” from “the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon”, because it had “swung American public opinion in our favor.” Netanyahu has twice served as premier of a state that attacked the USS Liberty in 1967, killing 34 and wounding more than 170, a state that had a mole in the 1993 WTC bombing and a long-time asset whose cousin Ziad al-Jarrah was one of the alleged Flight 11 hijackers, a state that already had a reputation for staging false-flag terror prior to 9/11/01 – for example, attacking U.S. interests for political gain as in the Lavon Affair, and whose intelligence agency was described in early September 2001 by an elite US Army study center as “Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.” As a friend of Larry Silverstein, who won a bid from PANYNJ to build WTC7 as early as 1980, and a co-religionist of PANYNJ Chairman Lewis M. Eisenberg, Netanyahu would have had access to blueprints of the WTC buildings. Netanyahu had a BSc in architecture from MIT, which would come in handy for someone planning to demolish steel-framed high-rises.

                  Benjamin Netanyahu, like Flight 11 “passenger” Daniel Lewin, attained the rank of Captain in Sayeret Matkal, the Israeli elite special forces unit. Netanyahu, like Lewin, was educated at MIT. Netanyahu, like Lewin, lived in Denver and Jerusalem. Thus, the probability of them not knowing each other is about the same as the WTC being taken down by a team of invisible, pink, wingless flying pigs armed with water pistols. Moreover, Lewin “loved jumping out of planes”.

                  Abdulaziz al-Omari, one of the alleged Flight 11 “hijackers” (who later turned up alive and well!), said he’d had his passport stolen when his Denver apartment was burgled in 1995, Denver of course being the former haunt of both Netanyahu and Lewin.

                  Rabbi Dov Zakheim was Pentagon Comptroller from May 4, 2001 until after 9/11/01 when its accounts section was targeted in a terror attack, delivered a commemorative sermon on the Pentagon lawn to hundreds of co-religionists from 40 countries exactly six months after 9/11 on March 11, 2002, was co-signatory to a September 2000 paper that wrote of the ‘benefits’ of a “new Pearl Harbor”, and was CEO of SPC International, a company whose Radar Physics Group produced “Flight Termination Systems” incorporating a “Command Transmitter System” whereby an operator or operators could electronically hijack multiple in-flight aircraft “several hundreds of miles” away and simultaneously steer them into targets.

                  The Zim American-Israeli Shipping Company moved out of the WTC on September 4, 2001 – one week prior to 9/11/01.

                  Eitan Wertheimer, an Israeli billionaire who was reading Popular Mechanics at the age of 4, is “friends with prime ministers”, lived in Caesarea along with Benjamin Netanyahu and Jacob “Kobi” Alexander, and met with Bernard Kerik when he traveled to Israel two weeks prior to 9/11, from August 26-29, 2001. On 9/11/01, there were ample corroborating reports of a van filled with enough explosives to bring down the George Washington bridge. History was quickly rewritten when Kerik said “there was no explosives in the van”. On September 16, Kerik claimed that a “hijacker’s” passport had been “discovered” several blocks from the WTC crash site, having miraculously survived unscathed despite being in a fireball and being “soaked in jet fuel”. The official story goes that the passport was handed in by a “mysterious man” who immediately “ran off”, never to be seen nor heard from again. On November 8, 2007, Kerik was indicted on 16 counts including lying, conspiracy, fraud, and taking and failing to report a $250,000 “loan” that originated with Eitan Wertheimer.

                  To see the references / sources, go to:


                  All of this evidence is before we even begin to consider the role of Jews and Zionist Gentiles in attempting to derail the 9/11 investigation and trash “conspiracy theorists”. David Aaronovitch wrote a book that lumped various “conspiracy theories” together in an attempt to conflate the overwhelming evidence proving Israel’s central role in 9/11 with theories such as those about the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Cass Sunstein hardly needs any introduction. Then we have the likes of Jonathan Reich aka “Scotty Walker”…

                  I could go on, but I’m not paid for doing this… 🙂

                  So that’s the motive for all this nonsense you see about “faked” bombings, “faked” knife attacks, “faked” shootings, “faked” planes, “faked” victims, etc. The shills want to cover up the facts about Israel and 9/11.

                  • Correction: Ziad al-Jarrah was one of the alleged Flight 93 hijackers, not Flight “11”. I occasionally get things wrong, but when I do, I correct it.

                    That doesn’t change the link between Flight 11 “passenger” Daniel Lewin and alleged Flight 11 “hijacker” Abdulaziz al-Omari, who later turned up alive and well and said he’d had his passport stolen when his Denver apartment was burgled in 1995. Denver of course being a former haunt of both Daniel Lewin and Benjamin Netanyahu.

    • See Dr. Greg Jenkins’ interview of Dr. Judy Wood here:

      You’ll see that after she thanks Jenkins for welcoming her, it rapidly goes downhill for Wood. She says that the weapons are just “energy weapons”, because “we haven’t really got into listing them [in any more detail] yet”, and “I don’t think we even need to define it. What we did, was, assemble all the pictures, evidence that we trusted…” Go on to Part 3 [4:17] where she says, “I’m not making calculations for how much it took for anything, as I don’t think we should get distracted with that.” See the full transcript here:


      Wood’s claims might sound okay to some 4-year-old who is learning to read sci-fi comics, but for adults it doesn’t cut the mustard. Assembling a collection of pictures and cooking up a misleading story, whilst ignoring the laws of physics and thousands of other pictures such as steel members lying on the ground, is how disinformation agents attempt to sell their wares to the gullible, whilst mimicking a hypothetical crazed conspiracy nut as part of a counter-intelligence program to portray truth-seekers as cretins.

      Jim Fetzer isn’t some dumb kid with a Star Trek obsession. As a supposedly intelligent, highly educated man, he would be capable of instantly recognizing Wood’s “directed energy weapon” claim as balderdash. The fact that he doesn’t, tells us all we need to know about Fetzer, before we even count his peddling of the no-planes crap and Sandy-Hook-was-a-hoax. Or the fact that Fetzer and Sofia Smallstorm/Shafquat have skills in semiotics, which is a useful requirement for those working to mimic the crippled epistemology of a hypothetical loony conspiracy theorist.

      As for Judy Wood, the only remaining question is whether she is some kind of CIA mind control victim, as suggested by the story about her being in a coma for six years, or is sufficiently lucid to understand that her ‘theories’ are crazy whilst continuing to assert them regardless. If she isn’t a nut, her acting is superb. On the other hand, like Fetzer, she may be aware that all she needs to do is put on a show that will make ordinary people think she’s a crank whilst fooling a few “dumb conspiracy theorists”.

      But speculating on who is a nut and who is a liar is probably similar to speculation over the question of how many Boston bombings deniers does it take to change a light bulb. One possible answer is seventy. One to install the smoke machine so that people might be tricked into thinking the bulb blew. Another to flick the power switch at the right instant. One with Photoshop skills to fake the video of the event by inserting an “arm” of the bulb changer. Ten others to set up YouTube channels, two to set up websites, five to set up blogs to inform the public about the incident, and fifty to post comments on blogs that the Lee Rigby killing was faked, the WTC planes were faked, the WTC was nuked, etc.

      • I’m glad you put that video up. I was going to look for it when I replied just now to the other commenter so I’m glad you found it first. Very telling in my opinion about what she is all about and the act she puts on in order to discredit all of us by extension. Do you remember back in 2005 I think it was, Fetzer put together a group of Truth advocates to present to the Washington Press Club (or something like that). he took Wood (ray beams from space), Reynolds (TV fakery) and Jones (thermite I think it was back then). It was a clown show. Yeah, Fetzer is part and parcel of the disinfo agent op that helped wreck the Truth movement. thanks for the comment

        • Poseriedon put that video up because he is just doing his/her job. He/she never did answer whether Take Our World Back was his/her web site. He just said he’s been doing research since 2004. Halbig has a web and public presence so he would be great way to repeat what other researchers have already said and then have it discredited by being a “shady” character.

          Say Poser…is your web site (if it is yours) registered in the UK? If so why do you have such an interest in exposing the Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook, and WTC brought down by kerosene fires deniers.


          • Exactly, Aris!!!! Thanks for injecting some reality into this thread.

            Poseidon is quick to toss around “disinfo broker” labels on everyone, is shoveling bullcrap by the bucketful, disguised in long winded “research” he is providing to disguise the stench of his core messages. (And I guarantee you that he is a he and not a she)

            Take all the mambo jumbo out of his comments, and all we got from him is that there was no staging in sandy hook or boston, and that the towers collapsed because of pancaking floors…

            Have you ever played Jenga, Poseidon??? Can you visualize what a pile of 100+ stories’ worth of us damaged, uncompromised steel beams would look like even if someone went in there and removed all the bolts and rivets that were holding them together one by one????

            Your debunking of people who most here agree are disinfo or limited hangout agents is a logical fallacy of a sinister kind…

            And thanks to those who keep injecting Jews and Israel for the whodunit part… I suppose it makes people feel better that it is some “other” that perpetrated the attack…

            I’ll tell you whodunit!!!! EVERYONE…. You don’t think other world leaders and intelligence agencies and scientists don’t know what happened? You don’t think most of the senators, congressmen and military rank and file do not know what happened, who did it, and perhaps even how they did it…

            And, YOU did it, sir… People like you who, whether paid or of their own free will, divert attention from reality and shovel bullcrap into people’s minds…

            But, as I said before, I am not surprised to see people like you… I have seen many…. But, it really saddens me to see how much acceptance you are receiving from people here… Good grief!!!

            • “Lee Rigby is still alive and the killing was just “a set-up perpetrated by Mossad-like MI6 agents”

              “post comments on blogs that the Lee Rigby killing was faked”

              Poser: You might have better luck talking about “The Woolwich Knife Attack” LOL. This was my first indication you are not from around here. That psyop might get traction in the UK but I don’t really believe any serious researcher bought that bullshit here. Tell your bosses you are sorry for being outed and got your assignments mixed up. Put an entry in the pass-on log book and add it to lessons learned.


            • Agreed.  

            • To All,   I’m having trouble getting my replies to line up with the intended comments.   Hats off to all the excellent critiques of Poseidon’s comments.    You are all really on point. 

            • Thank you Lilaleo. I was thinking something very similar to what you said here.

        • EGAD! Willy Loman himself assails me for speaking at the National Press Club on 9/11? I invited Judy to come, since I would be talking about some of her work. I was more than taken aback by the hit piece done on her by Greg Jenkins, which was extremely poorly-done.

          People who have never actually studied the evidence often conclude that hypotheses that are true but implausible are OBVIOULSY FALSE, as appears to be the case here. On the planes issue, see “Planes/No Planes and video fakery” or “The Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference, Part 2”, for example.

          And on Sandy Hook, go though “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax”. I have debated Keith Johnson and Michael Collins Piper, where you can find them at American Free Press. You are great at dishing out ad homs, but you have yet to show that I have anything wrong. Where’s the beef?

      • This short video is one of my favorite’s from the Boston False Flag. http://vimeo.com/67510810 It starts out in an impressionistic mode and arguably is more art then documentation (precisely why it is my favorite) but the crucial “evidence” of faked explosions is the remnants of the vertical flash bang launcher that the special ops fellow hides under his coat. Just that single piece of footage is enough for me even though there is quite a bit more out there. Whatever else you might suggest about this we are clearly witnessing “tampering with evidence” in a very organized fashion.

        • It’s not so much the video clips that are interesting, but who produces them. For example, there is the guy who recycles Tom Flocco’s 2005 claim that Barbara Olson is still alive, praises Jim Fetzer, collaborates with Sofia Shafquat in producing propaganda videos that are designed to mislead, advertises his skills in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and was arrested on May 5, 2007, taken into custody and charged on eight counts including possession of marijuana. Isn’t it just possible that his criminal record had something to do with the fact that he suddenly “experienced an unexpected interest in deep politics and social phenomena”. LOL!

          A question for the disinfo shills: Are you doing it for pay, because you’re being blackmailed or threatened with jail because of drugs charges, or because you have some misguided sense of tribal loyalty?

          Then we have Jonathan Reich aka “Scotty Walker”, who was caught threatening officials involved in the Sandy Hook incident, such as the Connecticut Chief Medical Examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver II. This was presumably in an attempt to get them to change their story so that Fetzer & Co could seize it as ‘evidence’ of a “hoax”. Reich, whose Jewish beliefs are described as “radical”, already had a previous record of harassing others, and he even claimed someone had threatened to “burn” him in 2009. His father David, who sells children’s and infants clothing (rather like Wolfgang Halbig tries to sell products for children such as a “calming mirror” via his “charity” front), is the President of Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills (YIKGH), which encourages members of its congregation to write to IDF soldiers in Israel “to thank them for the invaluable life saving service they are doing for the Jewish people, not only in Israel itself, but for every Jew in the entire world.”

          A couple of things worth noting about the Flushing / Kew Gardens Hills area of Queens: Aaron Alexis, the Washington Navy Yard shooter, lived on 77th Road in Kew Gardens Hills and attended Hillcrest HS. And former Flushing High School students Zarein Ahmedzay, Adis Medunjanin and Najibullah Zazi were all found guilty of plotting to blow up New York City subways in 2010.

          Yoel Schonfeld is YIKGH’s (and Jonathan Reich’s) Rabbi, and visited Israel in February 2012. Schonfeld is the Recording Secretary – one of the officers – of the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA).

          On June 7, 2009, the RCA made a statement in support of Netanyahu’s “Foreign Policy Posture”, expressing “its admiration of, and full support for, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s recent far-reaching address on foreign policy”, declaring that “All forms of Palestinian incitement against the State of Israel in the press, media and children’s textbooks must end”, and stating “We acknowledge with gratitude the common ideals that have, for decades, defined the deep friendship between the United States of America and the State of Israel. With those very ideals under severe attack throughout the world, we trust in that continued friendship during the complicated times ahead”.

          On January 13, 1997, in an address to the RCA, Netanyahu said, “And the goal that I would like to set as we begin 1997 is that by the middle of the next decade we will have the majority of the Jewish People, for the first time in two millennia, living here in the Land of Israel.”

          That is why Zionist leaders had to have Jews in the Diaspora faking “hate crimes” against themselves, such as poisoning their own dogs and painting swastikas on their doors. Or, like “Scotty Walker”, claiming someone had threatened to “burn” them. Otherwise, someone might notice that Jews only have a problem with their neighbors when they have stolen other people’s land, that Zionism is the problem, not the solution, and there would be a mass exodus of Jews from Israel – which there should be, but which is not what Netanyahu and other criminal Zionists want to see. The Jewish Mafia needed their own sovereign state as a springboard towards their program for a Jerusalem-based world government, and in order to justify it, they needed to sell the concept of a “sanctuary” for Jews.

          Here’s a little secret. As a critic of Israel, Zionism, and Jewish terrorism, I don’t “hate” Jews, and I don’t want to see them killed, harmed or discriminated against. A group of Jews planned and orchestrated 9/11, and then had to organize the cover-up, but that doesn’t make all Jews guilty. The best thing for Jews would be to abandon their crooked leaders, desert Israel, and come and live in peace with the rest of us. No more suicide bombers, no more rockets, and anyone who would attack some innocent person purely on the basis of their race or religion is mentally deficient.

          Yes, I was aware that they’d attempted damage limitation following Judy Wood’s embarrassing performance in the Greg Jenkins interview. The fact that they had to do that shows that she overdid her nuttiness act.

          • One of the unintended consequences of making claims to a group is that sometimes members of the group will be more sympathetic to the targets of those claims than to the person making them. The independent journalism world is fairly small, at least of those that are active and communicate. It was bound to happen.

            I say the above because I too have collaborated with Sofia Smallstorm on a video project. Actually, it was my redux of her Sandy Hook Dimensions presentation. So, you won’t be surprised I don’t see the damning implications that you drew from this.

            For the record, my name is Peter Klein. Arrrgghh! A Jewish name, but actually I’m 2nd generation non-religious. The set of events that has me named “Derrick Smithers” was simply my initial anger with Facebook for forcing me to establish a “User” account just to have an “Organization” page for my blog. In short, Facebook knows nothing about me. It was funny when I finally came across the Facebook page for the real me, which my family was friended to.

            Your other points, bundled with the Sofia collaboration were that he advertised his Photoshop, InDesign etc. skills and had an arrest in 2007 for charges including Marijuana possession. The more I think about it…Ohhhh. It IS me you were referring to. Ha! Well, in that case why didn’t you reveal ALL the charges? I assure others reading this it was because weed possession was the most “evil” charge of the lot.

            Here’s why the story of my arrest was more sad/funny than one would expect. My friend Jennifer and I were driving back to my place after picking up a feast of Chinese food and a couple Venti iced-mocha lattes. It’s true that, at the time I hadn’t renewed my registration nor did I have insurance on my vehicle. I was for months driving a company vehicle because of my work helping my Father keep his first attempt at a restaurant afloat. But, I wanted to drive in relative comfort so as fate would have it, I was pulled over.

            Once the cop established I was “going down” he got me out of the car and in cuffs. Then, he went about searching my car to the point of removing interior panels and getting under carpeting. After about 20 min of that, he emerged and walked over to me holding his pinched finders together. Eureka! He asked, “What’s the deal with this, huh?” I won’t deny that he had somehow found a roach, but I’m being technical here since the length of it was no more than 3 millimeters!

            My face was likely in a confused state since I didn’t answer. Instead, my mind was rolling backward to recall how the roach got there. You see, although a marijuana advocate I was drug-free at the time. On a health kick if I recall. Then, I remembered a certain “family member” who had visited a couple months prior and that they did partake in my car.

            The really gross thing was that I was forced to drug test and show proof of insurance every month for six months. And, get this. At my trial my first drug test was reviewed and the judge admonished me for “fooling around” with my test. Since he wasn’t helping, I asked the prosecutor and he said the test indicated an attempt to thwart the test. WTF! Dang, those guys were winging it. He said the test also showed likely Methamphetamine use! Likely?! I never did contest the claim and took the hit for possession. Although, among the numerous infractions they added “driving without seatbelt,” to which I said, “Hell no.” I’m a seat-belt wearer and only released the belt after parking and turning the engine off. Most of the charges were dropped.

            I just remembered another sad event from that court experience. At one point, the judge asked me, “Was the marijuana in your vehicle or not?” To which I replied, “I can’t say. I can’t answer that.” The court chuckled a bit and the judge made funny remarks. You understand what was being asked was very specific and that I would have been lying had I answered. Oh well. I wasn’t as knowledgeable of court affairs at the time.

            Lastly, without regard to J Wood I find Greg Jenkins to be a really nasty jerk. And I make that assessment strictly from the J Wood interview video linked herein. So Poseidon, am I not forthright enough to be freed from the accusation of being a paid disinfo agent? I’m an open book, I regret to say. You can actually watch a video I did where I dossier myself. In that video, I admit all my past drug use.

            • Peter, I accept your explanation about the use of the Smithers name for Facebook, and thanks for providing your account of your arrest. However, we still have the fact that you are too intelligent to believe that the Boston bombings were faked, yet you claim a “smoke machine” and “pyrotechnic canister devices” were used and a “phoney injured woman” was acting at the Boston Marathon. You cannot possibly be silly enough to believe that Jim Fetzer is an honest truth-teller who sincerely believes the WTC planes were holograms and the Sandy Hook shootings were faked, yet you defend Fetzer as someone worth “reading/watching/listening to” and who doesn’t resort to “employing deceptive argumentative tactics”. You are smart enough to know that the claim about Barbara Olson being alive is disinfo, and yet you claim Olson is alive. And you collaborate with Sofia Shafquat in producing propaganda videos that are designed to sell a misleading message about Sandy Hook. You advertise your skills in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, you are known to the authorities through your criminal record, and that makes you the sort of person who would simultaneously be useful to the authorities and vulnerable to pressure to work for them.

              Moreover, your personal page, by saying that you “experienced an unexpected interest in deep politics and social phenomena”, reveals that your heart is not really in the deception. This is like a prisoner who is forced to beat up other prisoners. Your statement about experiencing an “unexpected interest” is just about as far as you could go in making it clear that you don’t want to do this. You did not expect that you’d end up having to act the role of a crazed conspiracy theorist for whom evidence is anathema. And when this is all over, you can at least point to your thinly veiled indication that you were acting under duress. But for now, since you’ve done as they asked, they aren’t going to send you to jail and lose a reasonably valuable disinformation agent. It can’t be easy having to defend Fetzer and make claims that any reasonable person can immediately recognize as ludicrous, such as the Boston bombings were faked with smoke machines and actors. So yes, we must feel some sympathy for you 🙂

              Similarly, there’s a character on YouTube called Anthony Castaneda aka Merlin5by5 aka Merlin5x5. He paid for sex with a dwarf called Tiny Starr, and was arrested for possession of child porn. Now he has to go around telling people that the Arabs did 9/11, the “dancing Israelis” were released less than 24 hours after they were arrested, and he pretends to be some kind of tough guy who blew up bridges in the Vietnam war. Amusingly, he claims he enlisted at the age of 16 years and 5 months in 1972, “just a year after the last draft”, and “went into combat in October, 1972, at the Pleiku highlands”. But the draft didn’t end until December 1972. Then he claims he “helped blow up the Perfume River Bridge in Feb. 1975”. Problem is, the Perfume River bridge was blown up by the Viet Cong / North Vietnamese Army – in February 1968. And the Case-Church Amendment to stop US military operations was passed by Congress in June 1973, and the last bombing was on August 15, 1973, the deadline set by the Amendment. So yes, we must have some sympathy for you characters who are ordered to make things up as part of your job.

              BTW, how interesting that Jonathan Reich’s Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld, like Larry Silverstein, should decide to deviate from his regular routine on the morning of 9/11, even if the former used an unverifiable excuse about “air conditioning” in a train and the latter said he had a “dermatologist’s appointment” and his children were “running late”! Yoel Schonfeld said, “Usually, I would take the R train and get off at the World Trade Center stop. The morning of 9/11, the air conditioning in the R train wasn’t working well, so I decided to get out at Lexington Avenue and transfer to the 4 train. Later, I heard there was an avalanche in the World Trade Center station.”


              The MSM is always telling us about Muslims who are said to have been “radicalized” at their mosque. I suggest there is a bigger problem with Jews like Jonathan Reich / “Scotty Walker” who have been radicalized at their synagogue.

              Greg Jenkins is clearly an honest truth teller whose scientific knowledge (and common sense) is well in excess of that needed to see that Judy Wood is spouting unscientific nonsense. He decided to conduct a fair interview with her in order to examine her claims and give her a chance to justify them. Not surprisingly, the shills hate Jenkins.

              It’s also worth noting how the shills hate facts but love videos. That’s not surprising, given that many of them are artistically-minded and have skills in video production, which they exploit in circulating their claims that some video “proves” that the 9/11 planes were faked, or some video “proves” that the Boston bombings were faked, etc. In all my years of research, I’ve always found that the information you need to determine if an event was a false-flag is right there in plain sight, in the news reports. Sometimes it’ll be in early news reports, it’ll get ‘lost’ down the memory hole, and you can be sure that the MSM will end up cherry-picking information in such a way that it arrives at the politically correct conclusion.

              However, I’ve never found any example of a false-flag where the evidence for it consisted only in the form of video evidence. And the idea that the Boston Marathon bombings were faked with smoke bombs, tomato ketchup and amputee actors is so ridiculous on its face that no rational person is going to waste time analyzing a video that has been put together by someone of dubious veracity. In the case of real false-flags, the official conspiracy theory will fail because it is scientifically impossible, or riddled with contradictions, or has far more evidence against it than for it, or a combination of those. Purveyors of false-flag terror who wanted to bomb a Marathon would just do it; they wouldn’t fake it.

              • Wow! Poseidon – You, Derrick, Peter and tyranny are almost good. but you simply talk too much. You should try narrowing your game just a little. Over do it, and you become obvious. Use fewer words. Appeal to simpler memes. We’re not that smart. Don’t try so hard and you might have even more fun at the game.

          • Hey Poseidon,

            My post was actually intended for the guy who asked “fake bombings?”.   I’ve been having trouble getting reply messages to show up where they should.

            I do notice however that you completely failed to address the content of the video which clearly shows a black ops character hiding the pyrotechnics launcher under his coat.    Instead you went way off on a rant again.     This is a bit troubling and undoubtedly gives rise to the sense that you have an over riding agenda of some kind.   

            There is a ton of evidence to implicate Israel in 911 and a host of other false flag attacks.    Indeed there is a ton of evidence to suggest that Israel,  the US and Saudi Arabia are committed bed fellows in state sponsored terror with the UK close in tow.    It’s not all Israel and I haven’t seen anything in the Boston Bombing to suggest their involvement.   Actually it would be nice if there were only one rogue state to consider,   I’m afraid the truth is that they are a “Coalition of The Reckless”  and they show no signs of even slowing down. 

          • I’m replying up here since my text would be too skinny if I replied to your following comment. So, this in response to your next comment in this thread.

            “…known to the authorities through your criminal record…” Uh, if you don’t mind sharing that with me I’d love to take a look. I’m sure you’ve got my email address. I’ve never been in a criminal court, so I can’t imagine the “authorities” would be too interested. Did I mention that I don’t believe in authority?

            “…unexpected interest in deep politics…” I don’t recall writing that specifically but I know what I was trying to convey. Before waking up to 9/11 long after the event, I assumed everything was as advertised. Then, a little peeking into 9/11 and other events and Wham, I was shocked. So, yes I experienced an unexpected interest in both deep politics and history. But, you want to see this as a kind of veiled admittance to being a shill?

            Hey, everyone but Poseidon…show me some love here. If you’ve read his comments about me and my reply, am I nuts or does he seem to be stretching here? Show of hands…who here thinks I’m a shill?

            • @tyrannynews… I believe I have showed you love from the first moment on… But, I am afraid, by going on the defensive early on, you have allowed yourself to fall in to the trap Poseidon skillfully set up here.

              I don’t know you well, except for having observed, since aurora, that you seem to be a sincere and level headed person, and your efforts seem to be genuine… And these have quite a bit of value in my book.

              That said, like most of us, you are obviously not immune to taking some shortcuts and engaging in wishful research and wishful conclusions in order to prove, or at least elaborate on, what your gut and your nose are telling you about these psyops, and the whys and whos of these really murky ways of the world.

              But…. Do you, or does anyone really, deserve to have some past altercation they had with the law exposed on these pages to invalidate level headed comments and arguments?????

              Our collective problem here at the moment is that Poseidon is good!!! And he ain’t no dummy… He is well trained in his craft, and judging by the speed he digs up dirt on people, it’d be fair to say he is not only a pro, he is shrill, doesn’t blink, and obviously has the time, willingness, ability and access to do the digging. And, he is many grades above the idiot trolls we ordinarily get here on a regular basis, who may or may not have attended a 3 day troll seminar, skimmed over the bullet points and are improvising without much skill or subtlety, intelligence or knowledge.

              But, don’t be fooled.. What Poseidon is doing here is absolutely not any different than what those idiot trolls do.

              I’m not going to go in to explaining argumentative techniques, logical fallacies and trolling techniques here. The web is filled with websites, from academic to street level, which explain these beautifully. I believe most readers and commenters here already know about these techniques… At least about the most commonly used ones… I would still urge everyone to go back to one of those sites for a refresher, go down the list, and see Poseidon’s comments and arguments (or the lack thereof) through that lens… In fact, if anyone is up for it, let’s play a game of “find the fallacy” and let’s see how many we can spot in his all of his commentary.

              As for you, Poseidon…. You seem to know a lot about people, but what do we know about you??? Ever been arrested? What do you do for a living? Have you ever beaten your wife? How come you have so much time for research? Where did you train for it? Are you Jewish? Are you straight? Where do you hail from? Were you ever in the armed forces? What other internet venues do you frequent? Where else can we read your comments or research these days?

              Actually, never mind… It doesn’t really matter.

              Disclaimer: I was arrested once for driving with a suspended license… I’ll fess up before someone looks it up.

              • As long as your real name isn’t “Lilaleo”, who cares? You’ve got a good heart as far as I can tell from the words you write. Has it occurred to you that Poseidon and tyrannynews could be the same person? Maybe not.

                • Well, who’s to say that you are not Poseidon? Or that I am not Poseidon for that matter?

                  Perhaps I have not toned my comment successfully, but the “who cares about my arrest” was my point… And, would it matter if my real name is Lilaleo or not? I bet, if he cared enough to do so, Poseidon can find out who I am in a jiffy… Would any dirt he may or may not find about me add or take away from my comments and opinions here?

                  Although it sounded somewhat condescending, thank you for the “good heart ” comment. I do try to keep that heart very closely connected to my brain. The possibility of Derrick and Poseidon being one of the same does not ring true to either of those organs at the moment… But I have seen weirder stuff happen. Do you know something that we don’t? If yes, it’d be great if you let us in on it… Don’t just leave it at the “insinuation” level… Which serves only to further fog up the discussion here.

                  • No, I don’t know anything I’m not telling you and my comment was not meant to be condescending. Odysseus was actually the arch enemy of Poseidon, but I guess there’s no reason I couldn’t be him posting this. I get the feeling, however, he has more “important” things to do, like crafting very subtle misdirections. All I actually meant was that whether or not you have ever been arrested has no influence of my personal opinion of you, which has been formed from reading your posts and is, quite frankly, rather high. Other people have been arrested (perhaps me as well) and it neither adds nor subtracts from any intellectual contribution they may make. Nothing more, nothing less. Sorry if I implied anything else. Then again, if I have offended you, I guess I don’t really give a flying fuck – it just really was not my intention, because I like what you write.

                    • Hi Odysseus… I regretted my reply to you almost from the moment I hit the”Post comment” button. I was in a bad mood, and in a bit of a “fighting mode” because of the poseidon nonsense. I apologize. Not one of my proudest moments. Hope no hard feelings.

                    • Odysseus… It would really make me feel better to know that you accept my apology. (Because I do give a flying fuck).

                    • This to Lilaleo – this blog won’t allow a nested comment below your last one – Sorry: I certainly accept your apology, I just didn’t think any apology was necessary, so I wasn’t thinking about it. Also, even though this blog isn’t like a rapid-fire chat, there are still quite a few various articles and comments, so it’s easy to not go back and see past comments. I just noticed you commented on this article and looked – otherwise I could have easily missed it once it fell off the “recent comments” list. That wouldn’t mean anything – just that some random person out in the ether space (me) didn’t see your last comment. I sincerely hope I did not offend you.

                    • Oh … and I just inadvertently outed myself there because I’m overworked right now and didn’t sleep – Yes, I wrote some comments under two different names because I was feeling ornery. Sorry about that too.

                    • Ha… Just saw that you have already answered my question…

                      Well, no harm done, as long as it’s out in the open… I had noticed you “two” might be in the same time zone :-}

                  • Thanks Winston…

                    So, Winston (k) Smith and Odysseus are one of the same?? Or am I misinterpreting?

                    • Yes, we’re in the same time zone, but not necessarily coherent at the same time (or ever, for that matter)

              • @Lilaleo  I appreciate this reply of yours a great deal.   I’ve also tried to be constructive and open hearted towards Poseidon here.    On one level it has been educational.   He avoids the substance of everything that is brought up,  and immediately dives back into the Jew hating rant.   This is cunning on another level.    Should his own work ever receive serious attention it will immediately be neutralized as anti semitic and pose no threat what so ever to the status quo.  

                Yet beyond providing an education regarding the strategy of disinformation there is a deeper and darker side to the phenomena he represents.    You can almost feel the predatory quality and desire inflict harm to that part of the human experience which seeks to know itself in this complex and often deceit filled world.    The definition of fascism involves a fusion of government and corporate interests,   I’m learning that the definition of disinformation involves the fusion of psychopathy and cyber skills.   One also senses an almost AI quality in the responses.    It’s creepy,  sad,   and a vivid look at the new “aesthetic” offered up to us by some DARPA  like hive mind.  

                Thank you all for the courage and wonderful articulation you’ve brought to the exchange.    I am glad to be among you.         

                • @ Julian Metter… Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated… I am also glad to be among people with sensitive bullcrap detectors. And, I am a little less antsy now that I see Scott dong a come-back (with cable service nonetheless :-}]

                  I have also observed Poseidon’s bot-like, Terminator style, focused and relentless efforts to be a little unnatural, even for a professional and somewhat higher level troll. For ll we know, “he” could also be a member of a team of people, or “he” might not exist as an individual just like Tony Cartalucci…

                  I like your comment as to how a seemingly anti-Israel or anti-Jew persona like Poseidon and his possibly honeypot website can be neutralized… Because, that is how these characters, from alex jones to Poseidon, really fuck with our minds, right? You take a look at his comments and the website he is meant to have put together, and it just doesn’t make sense that he is propagating the “jews and jews only did it” meme, while arguing for pancaking towers. Even if I were to accept it was just the Israelis who were involved and nobody else, it would still not mean that they brought the buildings down with jet fuel.

                  However, as I had stated before, if he uses his research skills to dig up a pre-bomb photo of Jeff Bauman’s legs, I might seriously reconsider my position… Not only about Boston, but about ALL of the bizarre incidents that i consider to be psyops…

              • Lilaleo
                I felt assured that you had this one covered from the beginning and glad to see you did not let me or the other readers here down with your vigilance and perseverance on the Poseidon Psyop.

                Once you can see that you are trying to nail jelly to the wall, that any points you make are ignored and freewheeled to other topics, that overlong and over scientific proofs are offered let the bullshit alarms ring!. And as you said above always the straw man argument.. The problem is not that the towers fell down , it was that they fell in near freefall into their own footprint with pyroclastic flows (Heat driven rapidly expanding clouds Cauliflower like -only possible with volcanic explosions or explosives), Molten steel, concrete and everything else vaporized, then the cover ups afterwards., and the explanations given to us were Lies . That is the problem, not that the towers fell down Explain that in its entirety or you are attacking a straw man- Pancake my ass!

                Definitely a cut above the usual as you say, and interesting angles of disinformation on display here. Initially a planned and phased discrediting of Sandy Hook and Boston hoaxes by P migrated into the most blatant misrepresentation of 911 truth’s strengths combined with a support for Zihop? Was his integrity here so compromised that he turned to the I’m an obvious shill and I say it was all Zihop double bluff?

                Who Knows? and really who cares ! The Pancake theory was a big red card though. For any newbie’s to the truth movements , or even truth veterans who have not seen it I would recommend this photo essay (Entertaining comic for those turned off by the word Essay) as a good alternative overview of 911 issues.


                For more in depth overview I would still site AE911truth.org as a starting point for the issues steering clear of most of the obvious pitfalls like holograms space weapons etc that infiltrate and pollute most 911 discourse online. (Though I concede on Scott’s nanothermite concerns and am not sure how heavily this is still in the current A&E Line up).

                I think it is extremely important in all these heated discussions on the minutiae of truth movements to link to what IS widely agreed upon (though that should always be open to challenge too) before embarking on differences, and promoting a false impression of division amongst us. (Probably the first objective of anti truth Psyops)

                Wouldn’t it be great if we could have some sort of blockchain for truth (Though again this would always be open to refinement and revision) so we could instantly call bullshit on the likes of which P has peddled here.?
                Although this dream already needs a big refinement which I will get to after a well deserved repetition of a fantastic comment Winston (K) Smith made above-
                “crippled epistemology”, a term which actually makes me a bit annoyed. All “epistemologies” are “crippled” in some sense, or there would not even be a concept of epistemology – there would only be known vs unknown, right vs wrong, correct vs incorrect – all those things we realize never exist perfectly as one or the other because of the uncertainty and incomplete/incoherent information inherent to existing in this world. Unfortunately, Sunstein’s intent (and apparently Poseidon’s too) is not really to persuade those with “crippled epistemology”. Instead it is to very deliberately further cripple the epistemology of anyone who may be a little too close to uncovering another inconvenient truth.”
                Such pearls of wisdom are easily lost in an over 200 long comment section.

                What we could use in fact is a blockchain for untruth !
                It is not necessary for any truth movement to define what the truth is merely to point out that what is being peddled to us is lies.
                Unfortunately without such a thing and the fact that if it did exist it would certainly be infiltrated by and neutralised by Sunstein shits, The only alternative is as you suggest Lilaeo, to let everyone be educated on disinformation techniques, and never be silenced or beaten down by disinfo.

                If there is just one thing that we could change to improve our world IMO it would be to expose the lies and power of the MSM over pseudo democracies and dismantle it. Everything else is achievable if this can be done.

                All our crippled epistemologies are in fact just points of view. We each come to an issue with our own set of knowledge, experience and ideas. That is the grand design !
                We will never find truths that we all agree to , but we must find and promote solutions to problems around us to be effective. We are currently failing , and the problem is propaganda.

                Change = Diversity X Selection X Amplification.
                It’s Evolution !

                • Thank you Allende Admirer. And very valid points comments in your post.

                  I have said similar things in the past, so, I am sorry for repeating myself, but:

                  I have nothing but respect and admiration for those, scientists and amateurs alike, who genuinely try hard to figure it out how the buildings might have been brought down.

                  But, after 13 years, do we really need to know what kind of wood the box was made out of, or what kind of mirrors and other tricks were used in order to determine that the magician did not really cut his assistant in half , or whether or not the Magician is a Jew or Israeli???

                  Figuring out how it was done is a major distraction at best.

                  • With all due respect, I disagree that finding out how something was done, or how something works, or what the true nature of a particular manifestation of our reality is, is a waste of time. It may be legitimately overridden by other pressing, immediate priorities at any given time which is fine. However, understanding exactly how something was done will help prevent being fooled by it again in the future. Understanding how a magician performs his tricks will help avoid being duped by him in the future. Understanding how high frequency traders manipulate securities prices will help you avoid losing your money. Understanding how a bullet impacts a surface and what types of materials and in what configuration could resist such a bullet and save your life is easily as important (but not any more so) than who has fired a bullet and who may fire a bullet in the future.

                    • Winston (K).
                      I dont have any issue with people discussing and hypothesising about the details of how false flags operated. If plausible scenarios can be constructed that explain observations, then it is a useful way of persuading people to consider alternate explanations than what the propaganda is telling them. But with the state , the media, and the Sunstein shits are trying to obscure and diffuse the issues , and the fact that from the outside we have very little access to evidence and tools required to fully investigate an incident, the chances of conspiracy theory finding a knock out blow that causes a tipping point are slim IMO.

                      The point I am trying to make is that what (I at least) am primarily trying to achieve is CHANGE, not merely to find ‘truth’. For me ‘truth’ exists only within an individual, it can never exist for a society, and it is merely a delusional overconfidence in one’s own epistemology, ignoring the limits of one’s learning to date, which is in fact just specialisation by another name. Though this sounds detrimental, when a large number of these individuals interact and find areas of agreement ONLY then will change occur within their culture. The beauty of the design is that the advantages of both specialisation and adaptation are utilised in evolving their culture, and the safety mechanism built in (Conservatism) is that no one person can dominate the process with their own fascistic truth . That is until they could , with propaganda.

                      The problem with truth movements- especially infiltrated ones, is that whilst it is only proper to argue over the minutiae , unless they take great care (simultaneously) primarily to promote where there is agreement , there is lots of noise and no signal. It is the tower of Babel. The impression is that there is no agreement, only arguments between them, therefore divided and conquered. .No onlooker will be convinced.
                      This can achieve nothing !

                      Do we really have to resolve the 911 CIT row that has raged for a decade, or persuade everyone in the world that has fallen for the space beam, hologram nukes distractions, to come to agreement BEFORE we know the truth , and then demand change? Or do enough people already know enough on numerous issues to say we are being lied to and that we need Change first before we can ever get closer to what the ‘Truth ‘is ? For me the only required change is to make the MSM accountable for its lies, and we dont need to wait for universal truth in order to do that. The ONLY way to achieve that is through some kind of mass unity, and all I am hearing is mostly noise.

                    • To allendeadmirer (can’t nest a comment any further): Your explanation is very well stated. I wanted to reply in some defense of my last statement, but I can’t, because I think you are right. I waste a ton of time going over inconsequential things and trying (often unsuccessfully) to cut through just my own bullshit. After the effort involved in trying to be honest with myself, it’s a whole other challenge to filter the outside bullshit (the noise as you put it). Focusing on minutia is really just comforting because it gives me a sense that I’ve got a handle on something where I really don’t.

                    • With all due respect right back at you, Winston, I have to say you have misconstrued, or misinterpreted, or mis-extrapolated my comments…

                      Granted, I might have been less than articulate in my wording, but as you will note, I started by declaring my respect and my admiration for all those who are sincerely and genuinely trying to figure out the technicalities of 9/11 or any other psyop/false flag… And I did mean what I said. I would encourage anyone who is willing and able, to go right ahead and leave no stone unturned… Almost everything I know about the specifics of any incident, I owe to these people. (along with, everything I think I know, but are actually disinfo poisons)

                      My comment was going on the heels of all the bickering and disinfo-screaming going on here about some of the technicalities of the WTC collapses, which I feel very few people here are qualified to comment on except for what they “feel” about it based on years of reading every scrap of info and disinfo…

                      What I was alluding to (perhaps unsuccessfully) is that, whatever technique, technology or trickery was used to bring down towers, the real crime is what happened AFTER the third tower came down that day and is still continuing today. And that is the main reason why I usually reject the premise altogether when people start pointing fingers at Israel and Mossad ONLY!

                      There is really very little doubt that Israelis (not the citizens of Israel, but the establishment and government and secret service(s)) are heavily involved in the planning and execution of the attack… What I really react to is that we have had 12+ years since the incident, during which a massive US governmental structure, countless alphabet intelligence agencies, countless military personnel, a million journalists and investigators, countless think tanks and policy makers, and a gajillion people on the internet had a chance to weigh in on what is billed as the worst attack since Pearl Harbor.

                      People like Poseidon, who maintain a very steady arrow pointing straight at Jewsrael and only Jewsrael tend to argue that Jews and Israelis have infiltrated the government, and therefore control the key aspects of not only the crime, but the subsequent cover up that spans over decades (like the JFK assassination). I’m sorry, but no matter how sinister, how capable, how controlling the Jews may or may not be, to have this kind of control over not only the US government, but also its intelligence agencies and military, is simply not possible.

                      But, even beyond that: There are still many entities in the world who are big enough, wealthy enough, strong enough with organizations and power structures that are capable of taking on those darn Jews… Russia, China, the Vatican, the European black nobility, to name a few. Needless to say, their intelligence and research capabilities are far superior to any blogger, researcher, scientist or scholar out there if and when they decided to get to the bottom of things.. I hope you’d agree that if any of these entities were to find the direction the world was heading in the aftermath of 9/11, or find the power that Jews are said to wield over the whole world objectionable, I couldn’t think of a better way to put an end to it all than exposing even a small percentage of the lies we are told.

                      In this context, the Israelis jumping on the van, their bogus moving company, the identity of the controlled demolition company or experts, etc. are pretty lame and irrelevant and are similar to attacking a street level drug dealer who’s trying to make a buck, while drug cartels are ruling over entire countries, or, even worse, while the government itself is the main smuggler of these drugs… Just like we are made to believe (or at least consider the fact) that JFK’s assassination was a mafia hit job. Perfect examples of limited hangout with an unlimited scope…

                      If I may make a simplistic analogy… Let’s say you keep feeling some wetness around you and you suspect that there is a leak somewhere, and you are determined to get to the bottom of it, find the source and hopefully stop it… You start researching and run in to characters that say “oh, it’s the israelis playing with the hose”… Some other “researchers” are analyzing the molecular structure of the water to determine where it is coming from, and some others are telling you “it’s all in your mind, there is no water here”… But nobody is telling you the whole truth: That you are a fish swimming in an ocean of water!!!

          • This is grotesque. James Tracy, Sofia Smallstorm, Wolfgang Halbig and I are simply looking for the truth about Sandy Hook. There are too many questions and too few answers about crucial issues, such as

            (1) Why was there no surge of EMTs into the building to rush those little bodies off to the hospital where doctors could pronounced them dead or alive? That is not something that EMTs are authorized to do.

            (2) Why has information about the alleged victims been suppressed? The final report from Connecticut does not even list their names, ages or sex. We can’t be the only one who find this completely suspicious.

            (3) The Newtown City Clerk entered into secret negotiations with the state legislature to avoid having to release death certificates, which have been in the public domain for more than 200 years. Very odd.

            (4) There was a sign, “Everyone must sign in”, people were wearing name tags on lanyards, and porta potties were on the scene within hours. Wolf can’t even find out who ordered the porta potties. Why?

            (5) The marksmanship skills attributed to Adam Lanza are beyond belief. As a former Marine Corps officer who supervised recruit marksmanship training, I can attest this was unbelievable shooting.

            (6) The surviving families did not act as though they had just lost a child. Robbie Parker, coming out for a press conference laughing, pauses to get himself into character before beginning to speak.

            (7) No Med-Evac helicopter was requested. Wolf checked with the company that would have supplied them and they were astonished that they were never called. That is because it was not a real event.

            (8a) The Governor explained that he and the Lt. Gov. were “spoken to” about an event like this happening. Was that an actual massacre (in which case he should have taken steps to protect against it)?

            (8b) Or was it instead being informed that a drill was going to take place that would be presented to the public as though it had been an actual shooting? His actions are consistent with (8b), not with (8a).

            (9) The school has been completely torn down and those involved have been given a gag order for life. Why? So they could not admit there were no bullet holds in the wall or blood residue on the floors?

            (10) A special panel has now recommended 5-year prison sentences for anyone who releases information about Sandy Hook. Whether or not that included FOIA releases is unclear, but what an extreme step.

            (11) A New York City Gold Shield Detective was taken aback when I told him about the “Everyone must sign in” sign and name tags on lanyards, which he confirmed is not standard procedure at a crime scene.

            (12) An AFT agent reports they have “not been able to uncover any evidence that the mother and the son were actively engaged in going to the gun ranges, practicing marksmanship, or anything of that nature.”

            (13) The former top shrink for the FBI reviewed the testimony of Gene Rosen, at my request, and gave a detailed explanation of why he had to conclude that what Rosen was reporting about Sandy Hook was not credible.

            (14) A former Florida State Trooper, school administrator and school safety expert has established that, while no Med-Evan helicopter was summoned, a Connecticut State Police helicopter was there at 9:15.

            That is remarkable, since the shooting officially did not take place until 15 or 20 minutes LATER. For confirmation of these points and to see the photo in question, go to “After two defeats over Sandy Hook, the editor of AFP declines a third”, which I published on Veterans Today.

      • In the current internet sources environment in which we live, perspective and the creation of a persuasive narrative appears to be everything. I remember first seeing the video posted above and later discovering this one that pushes right back at Dr. Jenkins.

        There is simply no point in arguing with or attaching excessive importance to this kind of attack media regardless of which side it comes from. It’s absolutely pointless and demeaning.

        With respect to the idea that the jet fuel was hot enough to melt or even seriously damage the massive steel supports, please keep in mind that is the mime advanced in the NIST report that was a show piece of political manipulation and scientific disinformation.


        I appreciate that everyone here has strong feelings and Jim Fetzer makes my hair stand up on end. I’ve read what has been stated here about thermite reducing the bulk of WTC I and II to dust in mid air in a matter of seconds. I respectfully disagree. In my opinion it is abundantly clear that while thermite was used something else was involved as well. Something massive that is related to the fluctuation in the magnetic field of the earth measured in Alaska. For me at least it’s just too coincidental.

        That being said the real take home message from all of this is how pathetically easy it is to set us against each other as we attempt to defend our version of events. I don’t know what happened in terms of actual details on 911 and no one else here does either. We need to drop all the ego investment in “debunking” each other to somehow win points in the eyes of an imaginary “scientific authority”. The famous quote by Milton Erickson comes to mind, “It’s not what you don’t know that gets you into trouble it’s what you think you know that isn’t so”.

        The only advantage to keeping an open mind is that it can point towards the acquisition of additional information and shred light on the profoundly dangerous fusion of fascistic political agendas and high technology. For example I would dearly like to see ground penetrating radar studies of sites like the Getty Museum in LA that have been fingered at sites for Deep Underground Military (cabal) Bases. Just my opinion (and personal prayer) that If we keep pushing and thinking outside the box the chances of cracking this open are greater.

        • Julian, Why in the world would you say something like that? Have you read any of my articles on Veterans Today (there are over 70) or listened to any of my interviews on “The Real Deal” (there are more than 770)?

          I presume you have read my three books on JFK? or my book on 9/11? or my book on the plane crash that took the life of Sen. Paul Wellstone? Or have you watched any of my interviews on Press TV (around 100, I would guess)?

          I seem to be a popular whipping boy, but no one seems to have any good reason for attacking me. If I have something wrong–and I am not always right–then tell me what it is, why I said it and how you know, so we can all learn from our mistakes.

          • Hello Jim,

            I appreciate your reading through these posts and responding individually as you are doing.   

            Your points are well taken.   My comment about my “hair standing up on end” related to an initial call in you made to Judy Wood on a show she was on.    At the time you presented yourself with a description that was heavily weighted towards intellectual self importance and then seemed to bait Judy Wood with a question that asked her to speculate as to who was behind the phenomena she was talking about.     She paused sensing a “trap” and and gave you a somewhat evasive answer.  I had a strong feeling of empathy with her and when your name came up I flashed back to that moment. 

            Yet my reactions are out of proportion and you are right to point that out.    I have read many excellent analyses on Veteran’s Today and appreciate what you’ve done to advance the collective understanding of false flag events.    I got stuck at one particular moment in time which is a poor basis for generalizing any conclusion.     My apologies on that one. 

            One of my own horrible faults is bringing in material that is “too far out there”,   however I’m curious to get your take on something very odd.    I follow the work of Simon Parkes (local politician in the UK) who has extensive information from the black ops intelligence community and his own unusual sources) closely and came across the following post on a site he frequents. 

            ” wanted to apologize to you all as one of the moderaters knows there is a situation in Ukraine that is alien related – I am a little tied up with this ( as others are) at the present, but as soon as its decided that no war is to be fought I will be back on Avalon – thank you for your patience”

            My apologies in advance if this is an inappropriate post to this site,   but I’m rather curious as to whether anyone has a sense of this.    Simon is extremely deliberate in his comments and only speaks from direct experience.   

            • Well, one of my concerns about Judy is that she stops with HOW and does not proceed to WHO and WHY. The only question I can recall that I put to her on a radio show since our falling out in mid-2008 after I asked John Huchison (what I thought was an innocuous question) about his background and education (to which he replied that he had “flunked crayons and coloring books”, which Judy thought was hilarious) is about why she denies having a theory.

              The subtitle of her book, after all, is “Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11”, which implies that her theory is that directed, free-energy technology was used on 9/11. Why she denies having a theory is bewildering, since without a theory, she has no explanation. I have asked her about that but to no avail. And she has been extraordinarily nasty in attacking me. See, for example, “Judy Wood and DEWs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”.

              For the most part, I am unpersuaded that aliens are among us or that we are benefiting from alien technology, although I have close friends who are disposed to believe it. I most certainly do not believe that the situation in Ukraine is alien-related, unless you regard US special ops and Israeli black ops to be “alien”. Mercenaries were even used to fire into the crowds using Russian weapons to blame in on Russia.

              In my view, Vladimir Putin remains the only statesman in the world who has a sincere interest in world peace. A prominent US official, Victoria Nuland, has recently admitted that the US has spent $5 billion to destabilize Ukraine. We have become a nation of liars, cheats and thieves, sad to say, and betrayed our past practice as a leader among the countries of the word. The situation is completely disgusting.

  32. Halbig could answer all of his own questions if he read the Final Report. Most of his implications are just plain wrong.

  33. Beautifully referenced and on point. Thank you!

  34. Id Like to share my doubts about Wolfgang Halbig. I have my doubts for several reasons… I have befriended him on Facebook and I have noticed that for someone claiming to have a Masters Degree his sentence structure and grammar is terrible …almost as if someone who is not an English speaking native is posting and no I am not a Grammar Nazi but I can tell the difference between an educated persons writing vs uneducated. The second reason is that he posted his background and credentials on his facebook page but they do not match when I do a Google search using a date search with a date range….especially his Linkedin account which only lists Abilene Christian University and work with WK associates. He also claimed on his FB page that he did not have the ability to create a PayPal account for donations…..it seems as though someone with his background should be able to create a Paypal account or have access to someone who could. .Recently because of other posters questioning the Paypal account issue he decided to create one.
    I also question the need for donations..what will the money be used for exactly? Will there be transparency regarding the monies donated? Will any attorney accept this case and what exactly would be their cause of action and against whom? I urge everyone to do their own due diligence on this man. I believe Sandyhook was a big media hoax and dont believe any kids died and have followed and researched this case since 12/14/2012 so you know where I am coming from.

    • Wolf is not a native speaker but a naturalized citizen who came here from Germany. Since I can hardly post a comment without one typo or another, I think he deserves a break. The man is courageous and is speaking out about a complex and controversial event, where even many who post here seem to have been taken in by (what appears to be) an elaborate hoax to promote gun control and mental health criteria.

      • Jim…..he has lived his whole life here in the US having attended Abilene Christian University in addition to claiming to have a Masters Degree….Having a few typos vs very poor sentence structure and grammar are two different things. His FOIA emails are so poorly written that they are almost hard to understand. How can they possibly be taken seriously when they are so full of grammatical errors? Sometimes in life details like spelling and sentence structure are important. If he is going to lead this Sandyhook Hoax charge in my opinion he has to do better than that. Spelling and grammar however were not the only reasons I have my doubts about him but was the only issue you commented on.

        • Well, I have interviewed him several times on “The Real Deal”, where those interviews can be found at radiofetzer.blogspot.com. Given the unvarnished rubbish with which I am being attacked here, I am not at all surprised many are also lashing out at Wolf. In my opinion, he is a good an decent man, about whom I have also published. Check out

          “After two defeats over Sandy Hook, AFP editor declines a third”, which you can find on Veterans Today. I had a post here with multiple links, but Willie seems to have suppressed it, so I infer that posts with links are not going to appear. See, too, “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax”. Those are both important resources.

          I have been surprised at the dearth of specifics from those who attack Wolf, Sofia and me. Do they deny that there was a portable sign there that said, “Everyone must sign in” or virtually everyone was wearing name tags on lanyards and that porta potties were brought in to the scene of the alleged crime? Does anyone here find that a bit odd?

          I was so stunned that I asked a New York City Gold Shield Detective of my acquaintance if that was standard police procedure. He said, “No”, and thought it was very strange. An AFT special assistant reported that they had found no indications that Adam Lanza or his mother had used any shooting range or had ever even practiced marksmanship.

          The story of Gene Rosen (of six kids being dropped off from a bus, where he took them inside and gave them orange juice and let them play with stuffed animals) was so bizarre that I asked the FBI’s former top shrink if he would give me an assessment of Rosen’s story, which he analyzed in considerable detail and found to be completely incredible.

          And Wolfgang had reported issue after issue about the alleged event that no official in Connecticut will address. He has not only observed that no Med-Evac helicopter was requested but that a Connecticut State Police Helicopter was at the school by 9:15 AM/ET, which was about 20 minutes before the alleged shooting. There is much more.

          I don’t understand why so many here appear to be so willing to accept what those like Poseidon are pushing. Their method in some cases is simply brazen by citing articles that prove Sandy Hook was a hoax as it they proved the opposite. I am struck by the gullibility of many here who appear to be incapable of actually LOOKING AT THE EVIDENCE.

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    Trust but verify.
    And send no money.

  36. The Boston bombings “actors” conspiracy theory needs no debunking. If you see anyone on the internet behaving as if they have fallen for it, you can bet your bottom dollar that they are actors themselves; they are trolling or deliberately peddling disinformation. Anyone insane enough to believe the bombings were faked would be too insane even to string a sentence together, let alone assemble images and video ‘evidence’ that was supposed to prove their perverted brand of reality. But let’s humor the liars for a moment.

    Reports tell of how Jeff Bauman’s father was horrified when he saw the TV news showing the ashen face of his son with terrible injuries to his lower leg. This was after his step-daughter Erika Schneider called him to ask if he’d seen the picture.


    Here is what Jeff Bauman Senior posted on his Facebook page on 16 April 2013: “Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, they did help greatly. Unfortunately my son was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He had to have both lower limbs removed due to the extensive vascular and bone damage. I was with him last night and am heading back down to Boston – Boston Medical Center to be with him today. He went back into surgery last night at midnight for exploratory due to fluid in his abdomen. He came out at 2:30 and doctors informed us he was doing better. Thanks again to all you guys and girls, my friends. I’ll keep you informed. Jeff B”.


    Apart from Bauman Sr, the perps would also have needed to recruit Bauman Jr’s younger brother Alan into the scam, with Alan posting on 26 May 2013, “Love goes out to my brother at his fund raiser today, thanks everyone that supported him.” And on 28 May: “my absolutely perfect hero. love his biggest fan. — with Jeff Bauman”, including a photo of Jeff.


    And the perps needed Bauman’s girlfriend Erin Hurley to join the “conspiracy”.


    Then there are pages like this one:

    Created by Brooke Gibbs on April 16, 2013
    CHELMSFORD, MA Believe in Boston
    *My brother John and I have created this fundraiser to raise money to help support our dear friend, Jeff and his family. Jeff is a long time friend that we have known for many years. John and Jeff grew up as best friends and have a long lasting friendship. We always welcome Jeff with open arms to our family partys, vacations, and gatherings just as if he were one of our own. As most of you know, due to the horrific event that had taken place at the Boston Marathon this year, Jeff was severely injured. Throughout this difficult time we want to help in every which way we possibly can to get Bauman back on track as soon as possible.


    The perps would have needed to recruit Brooke and her brother John into the scam, or fake their existence, such as creating a Facebook account for John Gibbs, and then using it to register one of the “likes” on this page about news of the Boston bombings.

    Brooke Gibbs’ Facebook pages show that she has both Jeff Bauman Sr and Jr as friends:


    One of Bauman Jr’s photos, dated 27 December 2012, shows him standing next to a tree house, at the top of a set of steps without handrails.

    Other friends such as Ryan James Donaher would need to be recruited into the conspiracy, for example, posting about the 2.62-miler Run For Bauman.

    According to the crackpot conspiracy nuts, the Boston Marathon bombings conspirators recruited Jeff Bauman Jr and Sr, Alan Bauman, Erika Schneider, Carlos Arredondo, Erin Hurley, Brooke Gibbs, John Gibbs, Ryan Donaher and countless other friends and family members. Arredondo, as one of many “crisis actors”, had to position himself so he could pretend to “save” Bauman and hold a “fake” artery after smoke bombs went off. Bauman Sr had to lie and pretend that he saw the news picture and was horrified to learn that his son had just been terribly injured when he knew all along that both his legs had already been amputated. Gibbs was recruited to pose as a friend of Bauman Jr, pretend that she didn’t know about his pre-2013 “leg amputations”, and go along with the conspiracy to portray him as someone who’d just been injured rather than an amputee actor who’d been standing in place before “smoke bombs” were set off. Or the perps needed to set up a fake Facebook page, and entries at MyLife.com, Spokeo.com, Chelmsfordhighschool.org and wherever else, to fake the existence of Gibbs in advance of faking the bombings.


  37. [Cont.] The perps had to recruit an “amputee actor” who would climb a set of steps to a tree house and pose for a photo, months prior to the fake bombs (or fake and real bomb) plot, pretending that his fake legs under his jeans were real. The photo could then serve as evidence to back up the official narrative. But the perps didn’t just have to find a willing “amputee actor”. In order to make the “hoax” look as credible as possible, they had to find a cooperative amputee victim with a girlfriend who had been a keen runner for years, such as one who was captain of the Amesbury High cross country team in 2003, and who would agree to join the plot.


    This would provide Bauman with a good pretext for being one of the Marathon spectators. In addition, the amputee actor with the athletic girlfriend also had to have family members, friends and colleagues, all of whom were willing to join the scam and would not speak out. For example, the perps would need to recruit Bauman’s colleagues at the local Costco, bribing or blackmailing them into pretending that Bauman had legs when he didn’t.

    Or the Deniers might suggest that Bauman was an amputee victim and deep-cover intelligence operative who was already on the CIA payroll, years before the Boston Marathon bombings, serving as a sleeper ready to play the role of an “amputee actor” when the intel agencies were ready to fake some bombings. As a man with no legs, Bauman would need to get himself a girlfriend who had been a keen runner for many years. Alternatively, Bauman would need to be a crisis actor with an athletic girlfriend who could be persuaded to have both his legs amputated hours before the Marathon, before he was stealthily driven to the required scene and somehow managed to stand without any legs for a couple of hours, without looking conspicuous, and without leaving pools of blood beneath him. And all this, even though after paying off so many conspirators, there would be little remaining to bribe Bauman.

    The perps had to dupe thousands of people into thinking that smoke bombs were real bombs, fake blood was real blood, and crisis actors and amputee actors were victims. They needed to recruit over a hundred people and pay them to fake their injuries. They had to recruit dozens more and pay them to have their bones broken, limbs amputated, and to have projectiles secretly fired into their stomachs, heads, arms, legs, eyes, etc., and then quickly, stealthily bus them into place so that they could later pose as “victims” of fake bombs that were supposed to be real, remaining hospitalized five days later. Michelle Connolly had to have a pellet secretly shot into her eye. Remy Lawler had to sustain soft tissue damage to her thigh that would require multiple surgeries. Roseann Sdoia either had to be an “amputee actor” who had already lost most of her right leg, and who secretly had shrapnel fired into her abdomen and part of a tree jammed into her other leg hours before the “fake” bombs were set off, or she was persuaded to have her right leg amputated as well along with the shrapnel and tree “hoax”, and the fire-fighter and police officer who rushed to her aid were “crisis actors” or had been duped by the “hoax”. The perps would need to pay Lee Ann Yanni to have her left fibula smashed in a compound fracture with it protruding outside her skin, shortly in advance of simulated bombings, with her husband Nicholas also part of the scam. Beth Roche would have to agree to have her kneecap smashed and sustain other injuries, before being bussed into place whereupon she would throw herself onto the pavement at the appropriate time, etc…


    A preposterous conspiracy theory like Boston-bombings-were-faked doesn’t need any further debunking; it debunks itself. Everywhere you look, there is overwhelming evidence against the amputee-actors-and-fake-bombings ‘theory’, and no credible evidence for it – despite the Deniers having nearly a year to come up with something. The reality, of course, is that a closed circle of Sunstein shills with an agenda pose as loony conspiracy nuts with a crippled epistemology, by accepting only evidence originating from within their own circle, such as “expert” testimony from an octogenarian retired orthopedic surgeon turned conspiracy theorist (Stan Monteith), or a retired pilot who flew missions for the CIA (John Lear), or a retired philosophy professor (Jim Fetzer), or video ‘evidence’ that was faked by someone with Photoshop skills. They reject out of hand all the overwhelming mountain of evidence that rejects their outrageous and frequently offensive conspiracy theories.

    The objective of the cointelpro operation is to trash the reputation of truth-tellers by portraying them as lunatics, and to weaken morale in the truth movement by nudging sincere truth-seekers into questioning their beliefs and steering them into imagining that their movement is riddled with nutjobs. No. The nutjobs are infiltrators and impostors. They are not, never have been, and never will be, a part of any truth movement.

    • I gotta hand it to ya, that was one hell of an analysis. You’ve made many good points and created perspective in areas where it was lacking previously.

      That being said, I still disagree with your final conclusion that the event was for the most part authentic. In truth, you lose me every time you refer to those questioning the official account as “lunatics,” or “nutjobs,” or “deniers,” or “insane” or “crackpot conspiracy nuts.” It’s as if you don’t recognize the brilliance of your approach and feel compelled to include some text-book insults for good measure. Do you understand how much more compelling your position would be had you left out the insults?

      A main tenant of your argument is how unlikely it is that so many interconnected and not-connected individuals could be involved in what would then be a massive conspiracy. I think that’s an excellent point. In fact, if I were to take the individual accounts you mentioned without question it would give me greater pause. However, I don’t trust any of the reported accounts except for those that at least appear to be well-corroborated. Assuming many of them to be fabricated greatly diminishes the enormity of the scale. Oh, I know that this is only opening the door for some to accuse me of being “heartless” or even “unbalanced.”

      Ultimately, I admit to agreeing with most of your argument if it weren’t for one thing. I still think there’s some huge element of our society that is working to fulfill some agenda that remains concealed mostly. The scale of this group could be massive; certainly a large enough body to pull off a hoax as large as you frame this event would have to be.

      Lastly, I wonder if you ever spend time over at the JREF forums or at metabunk? Admitting to that would be one step closer to either being identified as a paid disinformant or as simply someone with conviction in their conclusions.

      • TNN, I take your point about the “nutjob” comments. I may put the information into an article and take out most of those comments.

        I was going to say that allendeadmirer had made good points about mass unity and noise, but this person’s subsequent comments reveal him/her as so far out of the loop as to be inconsequential.

        The “noise” has been introduced by the likes of Fetzer and Sunstein in the form of crazy theories about nukes, space beam weapons, hologram-planes, and various kinds of fakery. And by fake 9/11 truthers such as Jonathan Elinoff, whose deception included conflating the Israeli-Mossad fake “art students”, who weren’t at the WTC, with real artists who were there, in an attempt to make the innocent artists seem suspicious and pretend they were involved in bringing down the WTC. Elinoff also claimed Hanan Serfaty was listed in the World Views program, which was a bare-faced lie.

        There comes a point where a theory is so crazy that it is equivalent to claims of a hollow Earth with the aliens flying out in their saucers from tunnels at the Poles. With such theories, it can be useful to put together information that shows how ridiculous the claims are. But if truth-seekers go on to the point of debating the shills, they are “feeding the trolls” and legitimating the theory by making it seem worthy of debate, whilst helping to generate noise.

        Forum mods and bloggers want to be able to have free speech as far as possible, but I would suggest that certain ideas such as directed energy weapons and amputee actors are so far “beyond the pale” that they should not be allowed. For example, if I see anyone on one of my videos making a comment about how great Judy Wood is and how her ‘research’ so brilliantly explains the WTC demolitions, I would just delete the comment without any warning. It’s basically just spam, promoted most likely by liars, and possibly by ignorant buffoons whose foolishness is damaging to the truth movement. Although I accept that the problem is how to decide, and who decides, which conspiracy theories are crazy.

        No, I’ve never posted at JREF or Metabunk. The JREFers are mostly an obnoxious bunch of government apologists comprised of classical government-sponsored “debunkers” and a motley crew of useful idiots with an over-inflated view of their own abilities to perceive the truth.

        And by the way, the only thing I know about your “criminal record” is what you admitted here – that you had to take “the hit for possession”.

        • Try and defend your pancake gravitational collapse bullshit that you peddled earlier and I called you out on above , and we will see who is Inconsequential perhaps?

    • A long winded collection of individually unconvincing separate weak arguments that add up to overwhelming evidence ? Not so fast.

      The strength of an argument does not relate to how many lines are written.

      Your main point is that The MSM who we know lie all the time for propaganda purposes could not be lying on this? and that a few facebook accounts / web pages have to be genuine because you say they are, or they cant be faked?

      The Big Lie (German: Große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”

      So you contend this could not be a conspiracy? That the state does not have the resources or pre stated intention to use propaganda domestically any way it sees fit? That a few faked identities, planted news articles facebook pages or even maybe actors are way beyond the bounds of plausibility for those that brought us 911?

      So if it was a conspiracy it is unbelievable that moderate resources would not be dedicated to ‘authenticating the propaganda through various media?

      I am therefore unconvinced of the certainty of your argument, however I do not pretend to know enough about this incident or Sandy hook to Know the truth. However I have suspicions, and the official narratives are implausible too.

      I am better grounded on 911 truth, and I found your arguments there to be so far short of logical relevance and so ignorant of the massive amounts of (believable) research and implications that ‘real’ truthers have made ,that I will treat any comments you have to say about ‘Truth’ or truth movements with a great deal of suspicion.

      • To AllendeAdmirer,   Well said and quite right both in terms of 911 and the other issues raised.    In fact the famous tree house picture of Jeff Bauman has been discussed as possible evidence of a hoax.    In each pre event photograph you can see subtle anomalies in Jeff’s stance  and a bulge or curvature on the leg which observers have suggested the presence of a prosthetic.    It’s a meaningless debate since the guy is wearing jeans.     The pictures of Jeff in shorts would answer a lot but on that score what we have occurs after the event.   Then we see an amputation site that looks fully healed (19 days post traumatic amputation).  

        I’ve given up responding to Poseidon on this issue since the trajectory is always the same.   The central issue has been presented here very clearly and like all other substantive points it goes ignored.    An experienced trauma doc looked at the grisly scene of the “shattered tibia” and professionally documented how the details presented do not comport with the actuality of this type of injury.   This glaring anomaly goes unanswered and instead we get pummeled with long responses that rely on scorn and smear tactics to “prove” that anyone who disagrees is a contemptible “denier”.      

        I appreciate your comment yet have to wonder.   By responding at this point are we simply giving new life to a vicious cycle that has already established it’s destructive intent?    The saying “Fool me once shame on you,   fool me twice shame on me” comes to mind.   

        I’m a newbie at this and genuinely curious as to how other people have sorted out the issues involved.     

        • Julian, the man who purportedly lost his legs during the bombing lost them below the knee. When this same man shows up at the Boston Bruins hockey game two weeks later, they are gone above the knees.

          I discussed this with Dr. Stan Monteith, who is an orthopedic surgeon who has performed amputations, and he explained to me that it takes months to recover from such a loss and months of physical therapy.

          I participated in an extensive discussion thread with readers of The New Hampshire Union Leader, most of whom were true believers. You can find that at “Boston Bombing: New Hampshire vs Jim Fetzer”.

          This was the most blatant “false flag” op in US history. While Sandy Hook was directed at the 2nd Amendment, Boston was aimed at the 4th and Posse Comitatus. I welcome your critique of my arguments.

          • From The New York Times, July 7, 2013 (article by Tim Rohan)

            […] The day of the bombings, Bauman had had an emergency, through-knee amputation that lasted about two hours. A surgeon had sifted through layers of skin, tissue and muscle, preserving what was healthy, cutting what was dirty and sick. He had removed what was left of Bauman’s lower legs at the knee joints.

            Two days later, Kalish had performed a formal amputation at about four inches above the knee. He had measured the legs and cut each layer — skin, tissue, muscle and bone — farther up in the thigh, like a staircase. Then he washed out the legs for 10 minutes, tucked the muscle, and stitched the tissue. […]


            So now, in addition to Jeff Bauman, his father, sister, brother, girlfriend, Carlos Arredondo, Brooke Gibbs, John Gibbs, Ryan Donaher, Bauman’s co-workers at Costco including Dave Turner of Pepperell and floor manager Tim Flynn, victims Michelle Connolly, Remy Lawler, Roseann Sdoia, Lee Ann Yanni, Nicholas Yanni, Beth Roche and hundreds of others of “actors”, we must include writer Tim Rohan of The New York Times, TNYT photographer Josh Haner who had to fake images such as Bauman’s wounds and sutures, surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Kalish, an unnamed resident physician who is nevertheless pictured, Erin Hurley’s roommates Remy Lawler and Michele Mahoney, emergency room physician Allan Panter from Gainesville, Ga., who had been in the crowd, physical therapist Carlyn Wells, Bauman’s mother Patty, hospital psychologist Chris Carter, Bauman’s cousin who plays video games, prosthetist Paul Martino of United Prosthetics in Dorchester, and Bauman’s college classmates as part of the “conspiracy”…

            For a report about Bauman’s co-workers, see here:


            • Citing a cover-story from The New York Times is embarrassingly shallow. Does anyone think they wouldn’t cover up this blatant mistake?

              His language is a give-away. He is massively denigrating but short on logic and evidence when he attacks me. Someone is “pushing crap”, but it ain’t me.

              He even commits the same blunder as Kevin Ryan, who completely misunderstood a philosophical debate over the proper definition of the word “information”.

              For a case study in the superficiality of Poseidon, check out, “The Debate over 9/11 Truth: Kevin Ryan vs. Jim Fetzer”. He is operating at that same level.

              • Thanks for making your position clear. So you think that the Boston Marathon bombings were faked with amputee actors, and writer Tim Rohan and photographer Josh Haner of The New York Times were in on the conspiracy.

                This is a case study in how to arrive at your preselected false conclusion by accepting only those information sources that support your position (e.g. Stan Monteith) and rejecting the plethora of sources that refute it.

                • That is just stupid, Poseidon. I have had a lot of experience with hacks and shills — and I must say that you are an outstanding example of the genre. Does anyone here actually listen to your endless stream of fabrications, misrepresentations and fakery?

                  I have spent more than 20 years exposing governmental complicity in the the assassination of JFK, the events of 9/11, the plane crash that took the life of Sen. Paul Wellstone, Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing. And the one whose position is exceptionally clear is yours.

              • Azande witch beliefs are studied as an example of an all-inclusive false paradigm that could explain away any inconsistency that reality presented them with. The difference is that the Azande were sincere in their belief system.

        • Julian, I know your concern about making more noise and detracting from any real signals, but In the absence of any other ‘winning’ strategy when faced with blatant disinfo techniques it is a good thing to identify and discuss disinfo so more people can spot it (As Lilaleo said above somewhere).

          I just felt I had a point or two to make here in reply that have not been said recently here which could be of use to would be real truthers.

  38. So Winston (K) Smith outs himself as aka Odysseus. LOL! The shills will typically post under several pseudonyms in order to create an illusion of numerical superiority. Perhaps Lilaleo is Winston (K) Smith aka Odysseus. Another shill tactic is to create a fake fight between their sock puppets, so that “they” can flood the comments with content-free posts that distract from substantive posts that they wish to bury.

    Most of those here will have already identified the disinformation propagators. It’s not too hard, given the sheer lunacy of claims such as faked Boston Marathon bombings. It’s funny to see that some Deniers have switched their position to a real bomb and a fake bomb. WTF?? The risk and costs for the perps from adding a smoke bomb, fake blood and amputee actors goes up dramatically, whilst their marginal gain is very small. Combining real and fake bombs would be as crazy as a team of bank robbers who escape with millions of dollars, and then decide to break into the Pentagon to steal a cup of coffee. However, from the shills’ point of view, the idiocy of the ‘theory’ is its raison d’être.

    [My “part 1” of a little two-part series about the Boston Marathon bombings shows up as “awaiting moderation”; presumably too many links.]

    • Oh Gawd, Poseidon. Come on. Yes, I just received via wire $500,000 cold cash for posting this: I am in fact Lilaleo. Actually, I’m not. Chaching! I just got another $250,000 cold green for saying THAT. I’ll be up to a cool mil when I announce that I used the handle Odysseus. Aw shit – I already admitted that. Guess I gotta settle for $750,000. Not bad for two hours of shillery, huh? I could net another three bucks for trolling tomorrow. if I didn’t have to work. Oh well. Turns out, I am actually willyloman, who is in turn Jan10. To be completely Frank (well, not really Frank – he’s actually the one authentic poster here), I have just become bored. I should have referenced a bunch of Facebook pages to prove that I am indeed not who I said I am. Who are you Poseidon? Forgive me, but I have a small suspicion that the “god of the sea” has not taken a sudden interest in blog commenting.

  39. I must make a confession to this forum. I am Poseidon and I have been attempting “… too create a fake fight between [my] sock puppets, so that [I] can flood the comments with content-free posts that distract from substantive posts that [I] wish to bury.”

    As you can see from my attempted “numerical superiority”, numbering far into the almost tens of posts over the past many yea … rrr .. uhh … weeks, I have attempted to peddle my influence to … blah, blah, blah.

    OK, Sorry Poseidon. To your point of the tendency to “flood the comments with content-free posts”. I admit culpability and I apologize. Some of my comments are pure opinion and pure speculation and probably worthless (though “flood” is a little strong since I have written few posts).

    ” … that distract from substantive posts … “: Maybe – but not intentionally.

    ” … that they wish to bury …” Oh, shut up – you know you’re just spouting bullshit there. I’ve got nothing to “bury”.

    As for the Boston bombings, you may actually be right. I honestly don’t know. I genuinely doubt your sincerity and I honestly believe that you are disingenuous in your reporting, but I admit that I really don’t know. If I’m wrong, great.

    • Winston/Ulysses/Odysseus and whoever else you are, if you’re going to quote people, you shouldn’t introduce spelling errors within the quotes such as “too create a fake fight” as if they were made by the person you are quoting.

      Regarding your point about my posting history, yes, I have been posting at forums and running a website for years. I began looking into 9/11 in early 2003 in the run-up to the Iraq war. My suspicions were aroused by the fact that Saddam hadn’t attacked us, and I always thought it was supposed to be the bad guys who attacked first. Subsequent events, such as the “suicide” of Dr. David Kelly and failure to find WMD, confirmed my suspicions that our “leaders” are a bunch of liars and puppets whose strings are being pulled by a shadow government. Initially I was dubious about claims that Jews or Israel were behind 9/11, but the more I looked into it, the more evidence emerged that a group of elite Jews are right at the top of the pecking order and ultimately responsible for false-flags like 9/11 in order to achieve their dream of establishing a global Jewish Utopia.

      All the proof anyone could ever need of Israel’s central role in 9/11 is here:


      Unfortunately for the perps, it’s full of facts, and there is nothing about amputee actors, directed energy weapons, mini-nukes or aliens.

      See this page from March 2006 at the Wake Up From Your Slumber blog, where I made a couple of posts, only a couple of months or so after I’d set up TakeOurWorldBack.com.


      Eight years on, I would still stand by most of my points in those two comments, but there are some things that I would now weed out in the interests of accuracy. At that time, I awarded too much significance to the fact that AA Flights 11 and 77 did not show up as scheduled in the BTS database. But it’s quite reasonable to suppose that American Airlines and United Airlines simply had different policies for sending their stats to the BTS, with the AA people deciding that they could boost their punctuality records if they didn’t bother to send information about take-off times for two flights that failed to make it to their destination, whilst the UA people decided to “do it by the book”. So although I still think a “remote-controlled plane” hit the Pentagon, I now think it was Flight 77 rather than an “unmanned” drone. As for which company provided the technology, Zakheim’s SPC International is probably the prime suspect, although Raytheon would have to be in the frame, given all those high-ranking Raytheon employees who were allegedly killed as “passengers” on 9/11 planes.

      Also see for example:


      All of my ancestors that I am aware of had English-sounding names, and they lived in the same part of south-west England over here. There are none that sound German or Jewish, and no lengthy names ending in -sky, -ski or -wicz, etc. There is no evidence of religions other than Christianity, but I do not subscribe to any religion.

      As for my criminal record, I’m rather small fry. The most I’ve got is a couple of speeding convictions, and that’s from more than twenty years ago when my job included quite a lot of driving.

      • I sincerely apologize for my rant. If I were you, I probably would not believe me actually, but I am being honest when I say I’m sorry for the childish rant. Also, others’ spelling errors actually annoy me, and I had not noticed that I added an extra ‘o’ to to. I am a horrible typist in email as well. Your research is well referenced and you make many good points and I got caught up in a couple of things I did not agree with and yes, I did post under two different names (well, three now). I will make an effort to refrain from posting my unsubstantiated opinions. It is always tempting to slap something down in writing immediately after an idea pops into one’s head. It “feels” true at the time. Clearly there are already too many opinions unsubstantiated by facts.

        • Of course I accept your apology, although I don’t think it was even needed. Anyway, I’d better keep this short in case anyone thinks that we are the same person, or are working together and part of a conspiracy to bury more substantive posts.

  40. While I appreciate Scott’s qualified support for Wolfgang, his attacks on me are rather puzzling. I invited Steve Jones, a physicist from BYU, to be my co-chair when I founded Scholars for 9/11 Truth in December 2005 at the recommendation of David Ray Griffin. Do you question his integrity, too?

    As for Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds, Judy was advancing a theory about the destruction of the WTC that carried us far beyond the use of nanothermite, which Steve, Kevin Ryan and others were promoting far beyond its merits. So I began interviewing her to broaden the scope of theories being considered by Scholars.

    While I believe we have shown that the destruction of the Twin Towers was done principally using micro or mini nukes and that Judy Wood is mistaken, she has produced the most valuable collection of photos and graphs on the destruction of the WTC currently available, which is an impressive achievement on its own.

    As for Morgan, he and Judy both badgered me for at leas a year-and-a-half to take a serious look at the images of the planes hitting the North and especially the South Towers. I found the very idea that the planes were images and not real initially implausible, but now that I have studied the evidence, they were right.

    I met Mike Gravel in Tehran during a conference on “Hollywoodism”, where he and his wife sat beside me. He has always impressed me as an honorable man and I would be dumbfounded if he had made off with money that was not his. That seems to me completely off the wall in relation to my impression of his character.

    Because I have been on the cutting edge of bringing new people and new ideas to the attention of the public, no doubt my batting average is imperfect. But Wolf is completely sincere and his request for money is to finance a legal effort to bring about a degree of justice by holding those who have deceived us responsible for their conduct.

    • Mr Fetzer,
      Could I ask why you abandoned your research on the energy required for the observable destruction of the towers and pyroclastic flows, compared to the potential energy of the buildings?

      It seemed to me like a very useful proof based on conversation of energy, but after some criticism by Jref etc the argument seemed to be left unsupported.

      Secondly could you comment on my suggestion ten comments above yours (above) (Squished over to the right) that calls for some kind of promotion on what the truth movement does agree on over areas of great contention ?

      Do controversial theories not weaken the effectiveness of the 911 truth movement ?

      • LOL Conservation not conversation of Energy!

      • Well, thanks for at least asking an intelligent question. Do you have any doubt that the destruction of the Twin Towers required quantities of energy that go far beyond conventional and that we are not witnessing any kind of collapse?

        They are blowing apart in every direction from the top down and being converted into millions of cubic yards of very fine dust, where, when it is over, they have been destroyed below ground level. Do we agree to this extent at least?

        I have apiece titled “20 reasons the official account of 9/11 is false”, which I would guess we also agree upon. But I am search for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about 9/11, just as I have in the case of JFK.

        Discovering how it was done can provide proof of responsibility. There are more than 15 indications of Secret Service complicity in setting up JFK for the hit. His body was stolen from Parkland and physically changed in several respects.

        The autopsy X-rays were altered to conceal a blow-out at the back of his his head. Another brain was substitute for that of JFK. And the home movies of the assassination were revised to conceal the limo stop and true causes of his death.

        None of this could have been done by the Mafia, anti-Castro Cubans or the KGB. Nor could they have been done by Lee Oswald, who was either incarcerated or already dead. The faking of images of planes hitting the towers and the use of high-tech methods to demolish them are comparable indications of what was really going on.

        I suspect that you, like virtually everyone else here, have not read my articles or viewed my presentations on all of this, but a good place to being would be with “The Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference”, Part 2, where I critique the views of A&E911, explain how it appears to have been done and lay out the case that none of the official 9/11 aircraft actually crashed on 9/11. I would welcome your comments on that.

        • Thank you for your reply. I will investigate further the research you refer to and comment again afterwards. For the record. it was your analysis of the required energy which finally persuaded me of the big lie on 911 truth after months of varied research, and I find it one of the most convincing arguments I have ever seen, but in the records of 911 truth it seems to be an abandoned footnote and of little prominence. I get the impression that it has been disproved by Jrefers only because you seemed not to promote it afterwards. Do you stand by those calculations still ?

          As you may have seen from my comments above though, I have little hope that everyone in 911 truth will agree sometime soon on what happened. However surely we agree on enough to know that we need to unite for something to change. I just cant resolve why the 911 truth movement is so unconcerned about lack of unity, and cant see how divisive and castrating all these rifts have been to the movement which holds overwhelming evidence we can all agree on already?Surely people want change and realise that unity is the only way to get it?

          I will take it from your reply though that you believe you have also been promoting the middle ground and that it is just bad press and misrepresentation that has given you the impression of being ‘Outside The Box’ amongst many truthers?

          Unfortunately with so much infiltration of the 911 truth movement that we knew of through experience long before anyone mentioned Sunstein (COUGH 911Blogger! COUGH) the only way to trust someone is based on their complete integrity and consistency over time and it is very possible that the hard line we have had to tread has led to some paranoia here and there. But I will read your new research and it’s detractors, and offer my comment later.

        • My reply mistakenly posted six comments below.

      • Any comment that includes mention of JREF without at least a minimal effort to put that outfit into context might give some readers the impression that it is legitimate.

        • Fair point. I consider JREF to be a disinfo site. However for 911 truth to stand up it has to take on all comers including JREF . It has done and has entirely debunked and exposed JREF’s attacks IMO

  41. Do you have any doubt that the destruction of the Twin Towers required quantities of energy that go far beyond conventional and that we are not witnessing any kind of collapse?
    ‘Certainly not collapse’ -agreed,
    ‘far beyond conventional ‘- if you mean beyond conventional explosives I disagree.

    Your 20 reasons the OT is false that I cant disagree with are ok for about 15 of them but i dispute the conclusively of National security alert, I (And most people) have no expertise to verify the flight recorder or flight path for myself, The video link that shows the disintegrating spire is explainable by dust on the spire (Actually looks like aluminum cladding to me) that suddenly falls straight down.

    On the whole not the worst list though, which award definitely goes to Jon Gold’s big list of crap IMO.
    My list though would have included the molten metal, tiny condensed metal spheres , pyroclastic flows, and lack of investigation and cover up shipping off the metal etc. Girders & Columns with ,angular cuts etc. You seem to make a great deal about molecular disintegration of the steel, but most of it was still there in conveniently cut up lengths for transportation caused by the collapse ?

    Your support of (before your falling out with) Judy Woods is a bit unbelievable the whole Dew stuff was rather unconvincing.

    Your OVERWHELMING Evidence of the use of nukes and no planes is vastly overstated IMO.

    Your evidence of trace elements indicating mini nukes is highly implausible as the levels involved are not inconsistent with other USGS analyses I have just read from random sites including Hawaii and ground water. The presence of Lithium and Chromium are sure indicators of nuclear reactions for you but for me they are expected from batteries & office furniture. Note that the USGS report does not find any anomalies in the low levels of trace elements like strontium ,Uranium, Barium which are for you conclusive of nukes.

    On the arguments for faked planes the paperwork for the no flights is interesting but far from conclusive and hard to prove to a layman. The fact that 20 pilots could not fly into the towers is a big straw man if you consider remote control of the planes like most people do.

    The faked plane images at the towers theory is remotely possible but far from overwhelming evidence as you describe it. The WTC 1 impact footage is of such low quality that I cant accept any arguments on what the flying object is.
    If they went to the trouble of faking the images then why not do a better job of it? Also they gambled that no one with a mobile phone in NYC would happen to catch the images of the flying pig hitting the tower blowing up the whole planned scam? also the idea that the plane was 4 drones is really bizarre.

    The no planes hit towers theory is also of maximum implausibility to anyone prepared to listen a while, and would obviously make a punter turn off 911 truth faster than any other theory I can think of (other than nukes I suppose). I find it unbelievable that you can not see the dangers to 911 truth in peddling theories of high strangeness and calling anyone who disagrees fake truthers. But according to you that is not as important as finding the golden truth for how useful that would be in the truth movement. To that end you are prepared to be as divisive as it is possible to be to the unity of 911 truth (And that goes for CIT and your support of that too IMO)

    If you were honest, I would expect you to cautiously advance your alternate theories as hypotheses open for discussion , but instead you bulldoze through 911 truth overstating the conclusiveness of your theories and calling out people who disagree as if your act is designed to cause division and you dont care.

    I would expect you to be in the main promoting your 20 areas of fairly broad agreement for 911 truth, but instead you choose to make your public lectures on the highly strange theories instead.

    When you said you had an imperfect batting average you wernt kidding ! I think I would select Honey Boo Boo instead of you for my 911truth team .

    However on JFK you seem to be quite highly respected, and I have yet to find anything I object to on your Sandy Hook & Boston arguments that I have seen here.

    But hey, don’t mind me, I’m Inconsequential and proud of it !

    • Sorry, this was in reply to Jim Fetzer 6 Comments above.Wrong reply button !

    • Honey Boo Boo instead of me for your 9/11 Team? That quite a claim. I don’t know what to say, except that the “20 reasons” was an early piece. Why don’t you try “The Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference, Part 2” and see what you can do with that? And your gratuitous questioning of my honesty is just a bit much! Just what was the basis for that?

      Interestingly, Ed Hass of The Muckracker Report chose me to head a team of 9/11 critics, where I put together a formidable group. But no one would debate us! No one was willing to stand up for the official account of 9/11. So your opinion is not universally shared. But then, you seem to use it as a more subtle form of ad hominem than others.

      I have always treated theories with respect, where you might want to review “An Analysis of the WTC on 9/11” on ATS as an example. Or perhaps even better, “Thinking about ‘Conspiracy Theories’: 9/11 and JFK”. I had high hopes that you were a reasonable man. Now I’m not so sure. Why don’t you try some of my other articles? GIve it a go!

      • actually, Honey Boo Boo would be a VAST step up from you on ANY 9/11 Team in my opinion. If she sat there and said absolutely nothing, at least she wouldn’t be poisoning the well with incessant stupid sounding disinfo and of course, as mentally challenged as she may be, she seems to have enough common sense to keep her mouth shut when discussions exceed her grasp which makes her smarter than you… unless you toss that bullshit out in order to DELIBERATELY mislead…

    • Here are some additional articles of mine about the WTC. I don’t yet know your level of sophistication, so I began with “20 reasons”. But I have around 50 articles on 9/11, so I can send more for consideration:

      “9/11 Truth will out: The Vancouver Hearings II”

      “Mini Neutron Bombs: A Major Piece of the 9/11 Puzzle” with Don Fox, Clare Kuehn, Jeff Prager, Jim Viken, Dr. Ed Ward and Dennis Cimino

      “Mystery Solved: The WTC was Nuked on 9/11”

      “2 + 2 = Israel Nuked the WTC on 9/11”

      “Busting 9/11 Myths: Nanothermite, Big Nukes and DEWs” with Don Fox http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/09/19/busting-911-myths-nanothermite-big-nukes-and-dews/

      “The Complete Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference”

      “9/11: A World Swirling in Volcano of Lies”

    • Now I see it: “The no planes hit towers theory is also of maximum implausibility to anyone prepared to listen a while, and would obviously make a punter turn off 911 truth faster than any other theory I can think of (other than nukes I suppose). I find it unbelievable that you can not see the dangers to 911 truth in peddling theories of high strangeness and calling anyone who disagrees fake truthers. But according to you that is not as important as finding the golden truth for how useful that would be in the truth movement. To that end you are prepared to be as divisive as it is possible to be to the unity of 911 truth (And that goes for CIT and your support of that too IMO)”

      Some of us want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You really need to bone up on physics if you think that any real plane could have made the effortless entry of Flight 175 into the South Tower. It was intersecting with eight (8) floors consisting of steel trusses connected at one end to the core columns and to the external steel support columns at the other, which were filled with 4-8 inches of concrete. The windows were narrow and did not cover even 1/4 of the external facade. A real plane would have crumpled, its wings and tail broken off, with bodies, seats and luggage falling to the ground. None of that happened. It passes through its complete length into the building in the same number of frames it does so in air.

      Not to put the point too finely, but that a plane would pass through a massive 500,000 ton building at the same rate that it passes through air is about as preposterous as it gets. That you want to embrace it speaks volumes about your competence with elementary physics. I heard another absurdity today: that it was flying so fast it liquified when it hit the building! But IT DID NOT LIQUIFY. It passed all the way into the building before it exploded. But that is also ridiculous. It would have exploded when it impacted with the building, had it been a real plane. I don’t know how many impossible things you will believe before breakfast, but that would appear to be a rather large number.

      • We aren’t having a “no planes” and or a “TV Fakery” discussion here, Fetzer. Keep your turd in the punchbowl tricks to lesser sites. Tell you what, the next comment from you is going to show me the construction drawings that detail filling up those exterior columns with concrete. Barring your ability to produce those (and they don’t exist because that’s bullshit… there is NO construction procedure where concrete is poured into steel columns. It would NOT add stability, in fact, all it would do is damage the columns themselves in a variety of ways.) you and your bullshit are not welcome on this site. My guess is you have done MORE than enough to damage the search for truth regarding 9/11 and I will NOT allow you to continue your disinfo campaign on this site. period.

        leave any comment from this moment forward that does not contain said link to said construction detail and I will remove it immediately.

        • oops . I posted my reply below before i noticed you had called time.

          • that’s fine. you and I both know exactly what Fetzer is and though I appreciate your efforts to logically and systematically expose him to others reading this site, I have far less tact and patience for that.

            • @Willylowman   I’m a newbie with respect to dialogue on these sites.  It would be very helpful to understand a bit more about the decision making process behind deciding who is operating in good faith and who is pedaling disinfo.      I can understand a moderator setting guidelines for posting material that is too far outside the current topic.   That’s a matter of focus.   

              Your comments to James Fetzer seems to go quite a bit further however and amounts to a pronouncement that his character,  arguments and discussion have no merit (“turd in a punch bowl”).    This is particularly difficult to follow on the heels of a series of posts by Poseidon that we can all identify as vicious,   specious and transparent ad hominem attacks.  

              There is a subtext here that I clearly am not following.    Could you help me understand why you are landing with such vehemence on Fetzer’s position (for which he offers a tangible argument) and turn a blind eye to Poseidon’s rants?  

              Thank you.    

              • If I remember correctly, I’ve addressed some of Poseiden’s comments regarding facts surrounding 9/11. I have a particular issue with Mr. Fetzer because, if you’ve been involved in the 9/11 unofficial investigation for any amount of time, you would understand that he has caused almost immeasurable harm to our efforts over the years. No, there is no legitimate evidence of “mininukes” being used at the WTC controlled demolition, and frankly, his insultingly stupid “no planes” theory is, and was designed, to do nothing more than discredit the Truth movement as a bunch of mentally defiant half-wits. the same can be said for his support of Judy Wood’s “ray beams from space” theory, which he is even touting as possible here on this site.

                Say what you will about Poseidon, his behavior speaks for itself. But he’s just commenting on a website. Fetzer has been tossing turds in the punchbowl internationally for YEARS and frankly, real truth advocates are sick of him.

                hope that explains it.

                • Personally, after reviewing several of Poseidon’s posts, I have formed a different opinion of him than I had been letting my overly-suspicious mind form for a while. I don’t agree with everything he has concluded, particularly the physics of collapse, but I don’t get the feeling he is intentionally deceiving and he does reference and back up his opinions and conclusions better than most. After looking at some of Fetzer’s, I have an opposite opinion. I think he is intentionally trying to deceive people.

                  • yeah, that’s the big issue I had with Poseidon. his support of the weakening steel collapse theory. I posted a rather long reply to one of his comments on that subject. as you state, Fetzer is a different animal altogether.

      • Jim , There is no deficiency in my understanding of physics, the problem is interpretation of video frames which is not a branch of mathematics.
        If the tower was a solid block of titanium then I would expect the plane to instantly stop crumple and disintegrate on the outside surface along the lines that you claim we should see. If the building had a cheesewire type structure from a front perspective, then I would expect to see what I do see , which is that the plane would totally immerse itself into the building being sliced up as it hit . If that slicing occurred 1m behind the facade i am in no position to conclude whether or not I should see that in the frames or if it would be covered with the debris cloud we see. Most likely the reality is somewhere between the two options but where that point is, and without video evidence of similar crashes I do not have the technical specialisation to offer an opinion. Therefore I do not find the video frames themselves overwhelming proof.

        In terms of deceleration of the plane on impact that entirely depends on the speed of the plane, the resistance offered by a (possibly cheese wire structure) and the amount of time that resistance acted on the velocity of the plane. These things are unknown to me. you have not examined them in any detail and therefore I cannot conclude the way you have . Deceleration would be an exponential curve right ? starting slowly and increasing rapidly over the time of resistance? I know that for loads of frames of the freefall when we are told the collapse has initiated nothing appears to be moving.
        You are making conclusions about 5 frames of video. Is it possible that a plane going 500mph did not lose more than one 5th of it’s velocity in those first five frames of impact (Which it would need to do to show deceleration in 5 frames) based on the unknown variables of how much resistance a cheese wire structure would give I cant conclude the same way you do. It is unproven to me. What is more the explosive force of the jet fuel would greatly accelerate the debris that passed through the building so I cant use that to make claims that the plane had not decelerated.

        This is just one of very many examples in your theories where you have overstated their conclusiveness, and not given enough consideration of all the variables and alternatives that you need to do to convince people, and yet you are prepared to let your work do as much damage as possible to the truth movement and as a self proclaimed leader of the movement, you have NO CONCEPT of the need for unity, selection, and amplification of the best easiest to understand and verify evidence for the effectiveness of the movement?

        Your Words:
        I am personally inclined to believe that the four major findings of The Vancouver Hearings―that the Pentagon was not hit by a Boeing 757; that all four 9/11 “crash sites” were fabricated; that the Twin Towers were brought down using micro or mini-nukes; and that these events involved complicity between the CIA and the Mossad―can function as a kind of litmus test of 9/11 research integrity. If, with the exception of a possible role for DEWs in the destruction of the Twin Towers, these conclusions have been established beyond a reasonable doubt (because no alternative is reasonable), then those who continue to dispute, to ignore or to deny them may not be who they claim to be.

        I gave you many specific points in my comment above which pass doubt on the rigidity of your theories which you ignored, and labelled my comments ad hominem which for the most part they were not.

        Anyway lets give the last word to the Italian makers of a good 911truth presentation September 11th new pearl harbour,which avoids all the highly strange and unproven theories concentrating on the best evidence. I find it hard to understand why any ‘leader’ of a truth movement would not have done the same.

        You don’t see the research we did to turn down “no-plane theory” in this movie, including asking Simon Shack for a public debate (twice) and interviewing Jim Fetzer which basically is the man who first introduced that theory in the system.
        We studied on our own the “tv fakery” theory by watching all the impact videos from of the second tower, we found out that Simon Shack carefully selected the videos in which there’s a possibility to be vague, and distort a testimony which hears a missile sound to make it appear he actually saw a missile.
        Massimo asked the famous question: how many testimony do you have with a clear view (South of South Tower, for example) who saw the explosion but not the plane? (there should be about ten thousand). There are people who didn’t saw the plane, but were North, or close to the buildings and could not possibly saw that, but how many you can find with a clear view? I had to come to this very forum two years ago to find the first one! We’re still at one, who claims that.

        • Well, I appreciate that your posts are not purely vindictive ad homs like those of willie and Poseidon. I did not come here expecting that this would turn out to be the kind of site it has proven to be, but there it is. The latest from willie and Poseidon leave no room for doubt about it.

          We have done frame-by-frame analyses of both the Hezarkhani and the Evan Fairbanks’ video. In both instances, the plane passes through its complete length into the massive 500,000-ton building in the same number of frames it passes through its complete length in air.

          Unless a massive 500,000-ton building provides no more resistance to the trajectory of an aircraft than air, we are witnessing a physically impossible event. You appear to be determined to ignore any proof that what you are seeing is an illusion, even though it should be very obvious to anyone who understands elementary physics.

          So I have to ask, what is your role here? Are you interested in truth, which is your posture, or in obfuscation? Because anyone who has an elementary knowledge of physics, as you proclaim of yourself, should not be taken in by such obvious video fakery.

          It is supported by other evidence, such as the engine component found at the intersection of Church & Murray. It was under a steel scaffolding, resting on a concrete sidewalk, but did not come from a Boeing 767. Since I explain all this in my articles, I infer that you have never read them, which confirms my impression of your role here.

          • You dont seem able to understand I have already dealt with this point above. If you ignore my reply or cant understand what I wrote or what it means then there is no point in continuing. The error of measurement over just 5 frames is so large that you cant claim the plane did not decelerate , you just cant measure it unless it lost over a fifth of it’s speed. Secondly if the facade gave way easily (And we see the hole) then you cant claim it hit a solid building. Imagine it hit a wire lattice with very large holes and calculate how much it should have decelerated then or like a truck driving into a shop front ? How much would that decelerate in 5 frames?

            • You don’t seem to be able to understand that you are witnessing what are aerodynamically and physically impossible events! Maybe you have watched too much “Superman” or “Spiderman” to distinguish between reality and illusion.

              But the plane EFFORTLESSLY ENTERS THE BUILDING. There are no collision effects. That is impossible. It passes its own length into the building in the same number of frames that it passes though its own length in air. That is impossible.

              There is no damage to the building while it makes its entry. That is impossible. It is all the way into the building before it explodes. That is impossible.

              You seem to be playing games about some minor deceleration, when its velocity should have dropped to ZERO. I am sorry, but you appear to be so committed to a predetermined conclusion proof doesn’t matter to you.

              How many of my articles about his have you read? ZERO? Why am I not surprised? I go through this in great detail in “The Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference, Part 2”, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAEvw2CjAYQ

      • Rather than attempt to divert attention to pseudoscience masquerading as “physics”, such as claims of hologram-planes, TV fakery and mini-nukes, Professor Fetzer should explain why he continues to back a proven fraudster who sets up a company and then trawls the internet looking for dead people who used to work in education, to use as his fake references.

        Halbig’s company Children’s Safety Institute is a fraud. On his CSI Qualifications page, he has six references, including for example Mrs. Michele Tegland at Harlem Public Schools, Chicago IL. Problem is, she died on October 14, 2011.

        “MICHELE TEGLAND, 46 ROSCOE – Michele Tegland, 46, of Roscoe died at 12:08 a.m. Friday, Oct. 14, 2011, at home, surrounded by friends and family. […] She began her education career at Lathrop Elementary School in Rockford, before joining the Harlem School District, where she served as a teacher, technology coordinator and principal (Loves Park Elementary School).”


        Another of his references is Gloria Lunsford, of Raleigh, NC.

        “Gloria M Lunsford was born on December 20, 1948 and died on May 05, 2009 at the age of 60. Gloria last resided in Raleigh, North Carolina in Wake County.


        Halbig’s website domain was not created until October 29, 2012, more than a year after both of them were dead. Interestingly enough, that was about six weeks prior to Sandy Hook, rather like when Larry Silverstein secured 12-layer, 22-company insurance coverage against terrorist attacks aggregating $3,546,809,904 “per occurrence”, six weeks before both WTC Towers were hit in terrorist attacks.

        Registry Domain ID:
        Registrar WHOIS Server: whois dot networksolutions dot com
        Registrar URL: www dot networksolutions dot com/en_US/
        Updated Date: 2013-10-31T00:00:00Z
        Creation Date: 2012-10-29T00:00:00Z

        Check out Halbig’s site at the Wayback Machine, and you find it’s only been saved once – on August 18, 2013, consistent with a website that wasn’t live until late in 2012.


        Clearly, after setting up his website, Halbig searched for dead people to use as fake references.

        Another of his references, Robert Logan, the Asheville, NC School Superintendent, was embroiled in a scandal in December 2011. The State auditor was recommending disciplinary action against Logan because the employment of the Associate Commissioner had been intentionally misrepresented in order to increase his retirement benefits.

        Another reference, Ray Lamb of Sagle who used to live in Mountain Home, Idaho, is a 70-year-old retiree, who is listed as a school psychologist in proceedings relating to a conference of forty years ago, in March 1974.

    • cute. you didn’t link to an image of the claim you made, that concrete was poured inside the steel columns… that’s because that claim is bullshit like most of the other crap you peddle.

      shouldn’t be too surprising that several of the images you link too in your pathetic attempt to garner some credibility were actually drawn by me for this website.

      this is one of them from that page you link too… “RSC” in the corner stands for “RSCDesigns” which was my business

      This is another one from that page you linked too… it’s my drawing as well…

      since you didn’t do as I asked, since you can’t do it because concrete is never poured into steel columns as you erroneously claimed and since you already know that for a fact as is demonstrated by your reply, you are therefore a liar and not welcome on this site, sir.

      for once it gives me great pleasure to ban someone from my website. now go peddle your disinfo elsewhere

      you and your bullshit are banned for good.

  42. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/03/10/adam-lanza-dad-wishes-son-had-never-been-born-says-cant-get-any-more-evil/
    “Adam Lanza’s dad wishes son had never been born, says ‘you can’t get any more evil'”

  43. I would like to hear Mr. Halbig rebut the rebuttal to his 16 questions here:


    • Halbig is a conspiracy theorist. He will brand the police report (the source of most of the material debunking him) as fake. Answers to conspiracy theorist’s “questions” become, by default, part of the conspiracy.

  44. I would like to hear Mr. Halbig rebut the rebuttal to his 16 questions here:


    On edit: Sorry for the double post. Didn’t tick the notify on follow-up comments box on the previous post.

  45. […] on March 6, 2014 at 9:01 pm said referring to Fetzer’s “expert”: “Halbig’s company Children’s […]

  46. I don’t think Halbig is disinformation, or a fraud, or continue ing his campaign for any other reason than to arrive at the truth as he sees it. When he says “a lot of money”, is he talking about the funds he will need to hire lawyers to do the depositions and investigators to delve into the backgrounds of the players ? Money needed for travel expenses, hotel rooms while on the road, etc. In order to enlighten you detractors, it takes “a lot of money” to buck the system. How about the $200,000,000 (2 hundred million) the criminals got in donations and govt grants. Is that a lot of money compared to the paltry thousands Halbig got in donations so far ? I hope he blows this thing wide open !

    • Excellent comment! But some of the rubbish coming from Poseidon and willyloman is beyond belief. For those who think I am supposed to be some kind of disinformation agent, check out my latest articles on Sandy Hook, Charlie Hebdon and the Boston bombing. These three:

      “Media complicit and indispensable to ‘false flag’ success”

      “Rejoice for Christmas: No one died at Sandy Hook or at the Boston bombing”

      “The Sandy Hook Hoax: How we know it didn’t happen” (14 December 2014)

      Then ask yourself how a Princeton graduate and former Marine Corps officer could be an op when he has spent the last 25 years of his life exposing governmental complicity in JFK, 9/11, Wellstone, Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing. A lot of you are being played–big time!

      • You are disinfo, Fetzer. Wasn’t it you who put together the Dream Team of Disinfo; Jones, Wood and Morgan Reynolds and took them to DC to speak to the press corp back when the Truth movement was really gaining steam? Didn’t you spend a lot of time afterward helping them push “no planes” and “ray beams from space”?

        You are the definition of disinfo, sir. And for that matter, you coming to the defense of Wolfgang Halbig says a lot about his credibility as well.

        “Then ask yourself how a Princeton graduate and former Marine Corps officer could be an op …”

        Oh I don’t know, let’s see… Ivy League, former military… someone like that could never work for a psyops operation, now could they. Give me a break. Appeal to authority? Jesus. You’re slipping man.

        • You left out the part about spending my retirement since 2006 exposing government complicity in JFK, 9/11, Wellstone, Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing. Your stance is absurd on its face. And even when you make the effort to compose an argument, it falls flat. I have not taken Jomes, Wood and Reynolds to Washington, D.C. You have to lie to make a case against me, because that is the best you can do. That anyone should be taken by such an obvious liar, phony and cheat is beyond me. But I do agree with you on this: One of us is a disinfo op!

          • on your JFK work:

            “James Fetzer is a former JFK assassination “researcher” who claimed that the Zapruder film — which is the most important piece of evidence in the case and proves that Lee Harvey Oswald could not have been the killer — was faked by the government, and therefore was not valid as evidence. He’s now making similar disinformational statements about the videos that show the planes hitting the WTC towers.”


            “Sometimes, Thompson says, Fetzer would share theories that — even in the world of assassination buffs — seemed off the wall. “The first thing he sent me was a rather confusing claim that William Greer, the driver of the presidential limousine, could be seen in the Zapruder film turning around 180 degrees, holding up a chrome colored revolver, and shooting the president in the head,” Thompson remembers. ‘At that point, I knew I was dealing with someone with diminished experience in these matters.'”


            Dec. Jan. 10 2007 National Press Club DC

            Yes, there you go. You try to discredit us real journalists with your ridiculous “ray beams from space” and “mini nukes” theories.. and then, when that’s not enough, you try to make sure we are all labeled antisemitic.

            Here’s how your ridiculous blather was received (as if you didn’t know already). By the way, make sure everyone knows, you posted that stupid article on Press TV in order to make sure they were smeared as well. Nice touch.

            “The author is Jim Fetzer, a leading figure in the 9/11 Truth Movement, which maintains that the destruction of the Twin Towers in 2001 was perpetrated by the US Government. I cite Fetzer not for any merits of his argument (there is none) but because he illustrates a thesis I now regard as proved. Conspiracy theories are inherently, and not merely incidentally, a threat to the Jews. “


            Yeah, thanks for all that “good work’ in your retirement, Jim.

            and you never went to the DC Press Club in 2007 with Wood et al? Really?


            National Press Club, Washington, DC, January 10th 2007

            Transcript by Arabesque

            Analysis by Dr. Greg Jenkins and Arabesque

            Jim Fetzer: “I must say I think we’re finding out Judy, what happened on 9/11. I’m just blown away by your work. This is the most fascinating development in the history of the study of 9/11… I’m going to make a wild guess Judy; I’m going to presume that these [directed energy] beams had to be located in Building 7?”

            Judy Wood: “Nope. I don’t think so.”

            Fetzer: “Planes?”

            Judy Wood:” No… I think it’s very likely it’s in orbit.”

            Fetzer: “Oh Really?? Oh ho ho ho ho! Oh Judy. Oh my oh my oh my oh my. This is huge… this is huge Judy.”[1]

            as to your “work” on Sandy Hook

            “Mossad death squads slaughtered American children at Sandy Hook”


            In fact, you were exposed right off the bat at Blogger back in 2006, weren’t you?

            You founded Scholars for 9/11 Truth with Steven Jones who was promoting his disinformation along with Wood and Morgan. All three disinformation assets of varying degrees and credibility. The entire purpose of your little group was to make all independent investigators into the events of 9/11 look ridiculous by association.

            “The original Scholars for 9/11 Truth was founded by James H. Fetzer, a former philosophy professor, and physicist Steven E. Jones, in December 2005. It was a group of people of varying backgrounds and expertise who rejected the mainstream media and government account of the September 11 attacks.[5][96] Initially the group invited many ideas and hypotheses to be considered, however, leading members soon came to feel that the inclusion of some theories advocated by Fetzer — such as the use of directed energy weapons or miniature nuclear bombs to destroy the Twin Towers—were insufficiently supported by evidence and were exposing the group to ridicule.”

            And who have you been working with since?

            Oh yeah… Gordon Duff. ಠ_ಠ

            I rest my case. You are the definition of disinfo asset.

    • and, just like I thought… you influence peddlers aren’t allowed to use multiple names on your postings. You are banned.



      WTF? Is Wolfgang trying to clean up his image or has he just found a new “Go Fund Me” website that wont close down his little scam because it’s a scam? (yes, that is what happened to his Go Fund Me account. I hope they returned the money to the donors.)

      Suddenly we have disinfo Fetzer back from the dead trying to bolster the Wolfgang bullshit and here we have another guy posting under multiple names trying to do the same thing?

  47. I have no opinion on the “who is a disinfo” agent issue. The arguments used on either side seem circumstantial and largely fueled by conflicts on a personality level. I do have a question however that may be related to this topic and appreciate the reappearance of Jim Fetzer who is certainly in a position to respond. .

    I’ve followed the disclosures on Veterans Today about the specifics of a nuclear destruction of WTC. The details appear to be known, yet we have seen no release of this material or publication of specifics through any venue. Essentially the story is introduced through a Gordon Duff monologue (which was certainly interesting) and then seemingly moved off the radar. Will we see any sort of follow up and action on this issue? What is the delay all about?

    This feels reminiscent of the sheriff Arapaio “earth shattering news” just around the corner meme. Please note that I do not dismiss the information offered on ether subject and am not attempting a debunking. Rather I am raising the general question of what reasonable expectation should be applied to those who make powerful leading disclosures and then seem to drop the subject.

  48. Well, I have 880 interviews at radiofetzer.blogspot.com, including with Judy Wood, Morgan Reynolds and others. And now over 215 shows of “The Real Deal” 2-hour video show on MBC. How do we find out what a person thinks if we don’t interview them? In the case of Wolfgang, this criticism appears misdirected. Sandy Hook WAS an elaborate hoax. If anyone thinks we have it wrong, just explain what and how you know:

    “The Real Deal special must see Sandy Hook Update”

    “Debunking the Sandy Hook Debunkers #1: Was it an operating school?”

    “SANDY HOOK starring Wayne Carver as The Medical Examiner”

    “Proof ‘Project Censored’ and Infowars.com are limited hangouts”

  49. […] Wolfgang Halbig and the Sandy Hook Hoax Wolfgang Halbig and the Sandy Hook Hoax […]

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