American Everyman Will Be a Little Slow for the Next Few Days

by Scott Creighton

Hi all. Just a quick note.

As you may recall, I was able to avoid a wrongful eviction last month largely due to your help. Well, this month I have been forced to move anyway since I have been on a month to month lease for the last year and a half or so. Nine years at this current address has come to an end and I am starting a new chapter in what is laughingly referred to as my “life”.

True to form, procrastination has lent itself to my master plan and I now scramble to put together a new one out of the wreckage. It’s been so long since I have moved, I dreaded committing to it I suppose. Also, funding for the move only recently materialized (4 days ago) and so it’s not all chalked up to my putting things off to the last minute.

I only tell you guys this because the site will be a little slow over the next couple of days.

Where ever I land, the site will continue until the great cleansing of the “interwebs” I can assure you of that.

Say a solemn prayer or sacrifice a chicken for me and my furry little family. I will be around a bit during the transition. Don’t let the trolls get to you too much. Their spam will be removed once I’m back.

Hang in their folks. We’re in for a bumpy ride.


29 Responses

  1. Have you considered using “PODS” to move…I have used them and it makes it easy. They drop off a large weather proof container, you fill it up, they pick it up when ready…they can store it too while you look for another place. Not bad $$ wise either…

  2. Hang on in there Scott!
    (I HATE moving too)

  3. Presented in light of the usual Super Bowl(bow head in silence)”terror” hype God speed your move Scott.

  4. Hope you get settled soon!

  5. Moves are tough for everyone but nomads with gimmels. Hang it there bro.

  6. No, but wait!
    Peace Entertainment has just disclosed a nominee that should boost record sales to the industry. . . , , . . , ,
    Edward Snowden.
    The caveat is understandable, but bold:
    “There is no doubt that the actions of Edward Snowden may have damaged the security interests of several nations in the short term. We do not necessarily condone or support all of his disclosures,” they said in their statement announcing the nomination. “We are, however, convinced that the public debate and changes in policy that have followed in the wake of Snowden’s whistleblowing have contributed to a more stable and peaceful world order.”

    ¨They¨? Well, a couple of prime time socialist Norwegians(!) are making the suggestion and they just cant help themselves. And neither can the Guardian of course
    It doesn’t matter btw that making suggestions openly is not the nobel committees understanding of a gentlemanly tradition which states: ¨The names of the nominees and other information about the nominations cannot be revealed until 50 years later.¨
    February is the deadline for submission mind you,so the publicity stunt according to statutes found here:
    may well backfire on our ¨socialists¨, but that would be just more publicity again… in any event after the public survey that is now supposed to be effectively set in gear, this can swing any way we like.

    ¨bumpy ride¨ Scott?
    More like the fucking ¨Dali Lama¨ (as misspelled by some yahoo artickler on the subject)

    • Awww Dang! I followed your link and found out I am in fact not qualified to nominate someone for the Nobel Peace Prize. What a bummer.

  7. Michael Rogers (R-MI) and James Clapper(NSA) blame recent polar vortex on Edward Snowdens’ release of classified documents and are calling for his head on a silver platter!.In an interview with NY Times they stated that the Russians” baited Snowden into thieving of said documents”.Clapper said “The release of classified NSA documents has promoted the cause of weather terrorists across the globe and Snowden should pay with his life”.
    Just look at how the storms have tied up traffic in Atlanta and other US cities.Then he goes on to cite other weather related incidents around the globeand asked for a budget increase for the 2014 fiscal year.

  8. Rogers has reaffirmed his support for the NSA’s programs, stating on October 30, 2013, “You can’t have your privacy violated if you don’t know your privacy is violated.”

  9. Rogers is basically saying that the peasants were fine before they knew we were spying on them but now that they” know” they are in an uproar so we better hurry up and pass CISPA before someone gets smart and tries to prosecute us for sharing their private info with corporations and vice versa!

    • That is just brilliant! Hopefully it went out live.

    • Do you at any level entertain the possibility that RT is state-sponsored propaganda and, from the perspective of US interests, “controlled opposition”?

  10. slight news… 🙂
    Scott found a place…. moving is actually beginning….
    which is hard work with a lot of scrambling around to do….
    and he is worried about his dog’s ability to accept a new place !

    • Glad to hear things are progressing. I don’t know if Scott realizes this completely (he’s pretty smart, so he probably does) but even though readership is small relative to MSM, impact could be disproportionately higher for Scott’s rational analyses vs the MSM agenda-based verbiage. Information communicated from this site, along with other independent sources contemprary with and preceding this site, could realistically have contributed to the reasons that a total reconstruction of the US (FEMA camps, martial law, etc) has not taken place to date. There have been several heroes throughout our history that have helped thwart very bad transformation in this country (e.g. Smedley Butler and JFK) and I would like to add Scott as one of my personal heroes for fearlessly offering information that undoubtedly leads to an increased sense of awareness of probable ill-conceived plans. Whether acknowledged or not, or quantifiable or not, I believe Scott’s work is helping slow (and hopefully in the future reverse) the advancement of the globalist “elite” agenda. For the first time in a couple of thousand years, the spell may be breaking for an increasing proportion of the world’s population (maybe?).

      Think about this: Agencies throughout the world such as NSA and GCHQ are collecting enormous amounts of real-time communications data and planning to store it indefinitely. Electronic communications and records of everyday activities of individuals and organizations worldwide are being recorded and stored for future historical analysis at an ever-increasing rate of completeness. Up until modern times, and presently now, there have been individuals and groups that have worked very hard, with varying degrees of success, at rewriting history so that the history we know now is only a combination of probable fact and a whole lot of deception that serves whoever had the money and influence to get their version of history in print. It could very well be that the current megalomaniacal electronic audit trail that is being produced as a consequence of the thirst for power by the current powers-that-be in their quest for total information awareness could make it more difficult for their decedents to rewrite history in the same manner as has happened in all previous generations. This could ultimately lead to the unraveling of the fictitious “history” behind the religions that impose such a psychological hold on many in today’s populations as well as a dissolution of the illusory bonds that cause large populations of people to self-imprison themselves in debt to others.

      • Scott’s net and phone will be connected some time on Friday….. he’ll be able to answer that question soon…. 🙂
        his ‘moving’ is almost over….

        I do understand that digital memory is easier to erase than written memory.. they have to ban books, or stop printing certain ones or reprint them in ‘updated’ fashions…… but the older books are still out there…
        and digital history is constantly being changed… so I think the digital ghosts can be shaped any way the controllers please.

        • I think you’re right, Jan—they’re going to have to ban books.

          Through a fine, written gift from Scott I learned they killed 3,000 strikers in a square in Mexico, then told everybody that it didn’t happen—and everybody believed them!

          I think Ursula was right, too—time moves in circles

          • May argue for keeping book printing alive.

            But, don’t forget there is a large diversity of disconnected digital information, both rewritable and non-rewritable which is effectively like books, only it can be mass-produced (eg, CDs, DVDs, stored tape drives, flash cards, pulled hard drives, USB sticks). Books, ideas, full blog histories can be stored on these by anyone anywhere and these can’t easily be wiped. Many forms are possibly easier to hide than books, also. Moreover, the amount of information that can be stored in a couple of small digital devices rivals the sum total of all printed material on Earth, and their are billions of disconnected media storage devices available to the common population, whereas book printing takes more infrastructure. In addition, books generally do not go to print without first passing the filter of the PTB, whereas anything goes with electronic information storage.

            • Probably should have said burn them—those they don’t like already in print.

              Thing about technology, if they don’t have it yet, I believe the day will come when they’ll be able to reach anything electronic, do whatever they want with it

              • Choas will always be one step ahead. There will always be ways to persist information that is not “touchable” by the existing methods. For example, trying to rewrite a CD without being positioned precisely and in close contact with a very precise laser cannot really work. Also, putting something in a lead box will interfere with attempts to reach it through electromagnetic signals. Chaos (entropy, 2nd law of thermodynamics) seems to drive physical existence. There is no fool-proof method of total control, nor any individual aspect of control without multiple potential work-arounds.

              • Another example: Technology exists today to turn the microphone on in your computer, if you have one. If you physically remove the microphone, all the technology in the world can’t turn it on. Technology exists today to scan fluctuations in an RGB channel from a CRT computer monitor from the other side of a wall (like in a hotel room) and possibly reconstruct a one-color image of what someone is viewing without even connecting to the computer (don’t know about the new flat-screens and laptop though). Even that, though, I suspect could be messed up by, say, placing a fan on high right behind the monitor and switching the motor speed up and down (inducing fluctuating magnetic field). Your computer cannot be actively hacked if you disconnect it from the internet. If there is technology to connect it without indication in the OS, pulling the hardware component (ethernet or WIFI card), the technology goes impotent. A piece of tap over a laptop camera defeats stealth camera activation. One-time key encryption using a custom algorithm of an entire drive full of information with keys hidden in a geographically removed location can make it literally impossible for any person or agency to decrypt. There is no real way to fully control entropy. It is the very engine, the driving force, of the physical universe – at least the part of the universe so far detectable by human technology.

  11. “I do understand that digital memory is easier to erase than written memory.”

    Yes and no. Electronic memory tends to get widely-distributed very quickly and finds its way to too many devices to always effectively erase every trace of it. But, what I was suggesting was more that the obsessive desire to track and store every average Joe’s full communications could leave a more complete record for future generations of what was going on during our time and near future times than, for example, the records we currently have of the dark ages. The assumption there was that with the next cycle of societal breakdown, the ability to completely wipe and rewrite that record may not exist and could potentially be used by future generations to get a more accurate picture of their recent past than we have of our recent past.

    On the other hand, you’re right – a more controlled information system could reverse this concept and make history fabrication even easier. I was just trying to be a little hopeful.

  12. Syria would be the lens through which a wide horizon of news needs to be viewed lately.
    Its clear, Russia has been put under relentless pressure on the issue for quite some time now while foreign funded terrorists kept on a rampage in Syria, basically tiring out its government and besieged populace. So we can be sure that Geneva was put off towards a timing…
    Sochi would probably make it to the spot as the most vilified Olympics ever and that before it even started, the west uses every conventional they would have gleaned as a negative from any past event of such size and lay it on this mother. Lets hope the weight doesn’t push through on what we ironically are made to believe is a soft spot.
    After Samantha Power met with the US’ regime change assets Pussy Riot, Vitaly Churkin her fellow Ambassador to the UN was able to own up jokingly:
    Yet on the same day (wednesday) in a press brief Churkin is quoted by the AP in what amounts to an admission/concession towards a ¨transitional body¨.
    Churkin did not necessarily appear soft in said brief, yet it is the first time I ¨hear¨ the Russians talk of this possibility, all the while Syria rejecting anything pertaining to regime change or i.e. a transitional body.

    (No original transcripts seem to be available and so I link to the ¨Moscow Times¨ where the ¨quote¨ is missing and to the AP article including the ¨quote¨)

  13. Oh, and the other – well I almost forgot:

    but, tell me how is it here with ¨leaks¨? Or how should we touch this:

    • Above, that is Victoria Nuland , born in 61.
      Whoever finished watching the ¨leak¨ posted by ¨Re Post¨ on YT heard her speaking loud and clear when precisely in the golden mean of the timeframe she says: ¨Fuck Europe!¨
      Re Post, posted/re posted on Feb the 4th.
      Now, does she or does she not speak in sharp contrast to Douglas Lute speaking also on the 4th. of Feb. – (you know of course what they have in common)

      • But this wouldn’t be complete without: ¨Michael McFaul announced his resignation from his posting to Russia on… – February 4, 2014 – effective after the Sochi Olympics.¨

        Michael McFaul is the US Ambassador to Russia and as it looks, famous for the ¨Russian opposition visit incident¨

        But, all of the above can be of no importance to the hard hitting journos grilling the speaker for the state department successor to Vicky Nuland, Jen Psaki:

      • In the last few days a lot has been written on this phone ¨leak¨ and alternative and mainstream alike seem to focus mostly on the inevitable, namely that this is proof of the US direct interference and meddling in the shaping of Ukrainian politics. The question if the leaks are actually genuine leaks has not really been asked in earnest and so far everyone seems content to have this question hover unscrutinized.
        Russia of course is blamed for the leak officially by the US without offering much proof, while Russia denies responsibility.
        Although one could reason this as an effort to deescalate temporarily and as a smart move by the Russians altogether, especially in light that there seems to be another phone call leaked earlier on the same YT channel showing a similar phone call made by the EU’s foreign service official, Helga Schmid to Jan Tombinski, the EU ambassador to Ukraine.
        Together these leaks are supposed to evidence that Russia or the Ukraine designed these leaks to split EU-US diplomacy – it remains to be seen if this will be achieved but perhaps one should remember the Munich sessions and the article I linked to above where Douglas Lute a late successor to Nuland as the ¨United States Permanent Representative to NATO¨ talks of a ¨transatlantic renaissance¨ on the same day as the phone leak was offered to the public.
        Having come so far, I think the answer lies in the TONE of the leaks, where the US by Nulands proxy sounds forceful (intentionally) while the less scrutinized EU clip shows bullied frustration by the EU diplomats.
        Nuland succeeds to make the listener cringe by her sheer arrogance and US power is amply suggested.
        This show of power in my mind is necessary to serve the intentions of the US all laid out in the contents of the call and in there I see the main issue to be that Klitschko should be dropped entirely, on the pretext that he unexperienced or entirely a bad idea.
        The opposition in Ukraine has latched on to Klitschko perhaps a little to much for the tastes of the US and the reason the US don’t like him
        is perhaps not his inexperience, but his ties to… Germany (Angela Merkel).ür_Reformen
        Anyhow, the opposition in Ukraine is supposed to lose hope in backing Klitschko and the reason for this may be found in below article which strangely fails to make these observations about the call and Klitschko but nevertheless seems to contain vital answers in light of the above.

  14. a commercial break?

    see you soon

  15. Scott is still waiting…. the former tenant has not turned in their router box…. and Verizon is saying they can’t hook up until she/he does…. and yet they have set up connect dates twice… and reneged twice, but they might have it worked out finally… tonight ..maybe doing it now…. Scott is worn out….. finally…. 🙂

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