As Expected, Democracy Hating Color Revolution in Thailand Takes Violent Turn – Syria Redux?

by Scott Creighton

The color revolution in Thailand is hitting a critical stage. Public support for the regime changers is dwindling fast as Thais come to understand the nature and ambitions of the oligarch serving “opposition”

In spite of evaporating public support, hired influence peddlers like “Tony Cartalucci” working diligently for the country’s elite business class, are still doing their level best to mislead the alternative news community in Thailand and elsewhere in hopes that they can gin-up international support for things like sanctions or even “humanitarian” bombing campaigns from NATO. These disingenuous actors will say and do just about anything to bring about undemocratic regime change on behalf of the billionaire oligarchs of Thailand.

As is usually the case, once bloom is gone from the phony color revolution, the regime change operation always takes a more desperate, violent turn where the oligarch’s thugs create violent events so influence peddlers like Mr. Cartalucci can systematically blame those acts on the current government in Thailand. A prime example is Syria but unfortunately, there are many others to make comparisons to. True to form, Mr. Cartalucci is now ranting about the “regime thugs” attacking various high profile business class oligarchs.

“After weeks of cyber-stalking by the Thaksin Shinawatra regime’s paid-PR machine, including disgraced former-Reuters editor Andrew Marshall, regime thugs have fire-bombed the home of anti-regime protest leader Chitpas Bhirombhakdi...

..For weeks, led by misogynist taunts and the posting of pictures taken from Ms. Chitpas’ Facebook page with distasteful captions added by Thaksin Shinwatra lobbyist Robert Amsterdam’s hired pen, Andrew McGregor Marshall, Chitpas Bhirombhakdi has been the target of harassment not focused on the message she’s brought to the stage, but rather personal insults regarding her family, their business, and her trivial daily activities. ” “Tony Cartalucci

Chitpas Bhirombhakdi is a multi-billionaire heiress to the Singha Beer fortune. Imagine Paris Hilton with a cause… the cause being more money for people who own big business in Thailand.. like Singha Beer.

As is the case in Syria, what Mr. Cartalucci would have his unsuspecting readers believe is that the current elected government has turned to rather public violent acts during a conflict in which they are clearly already winning. The Thai military has recently announced they will not interfere and force a bloody coup, the likes of which Mr. Cartalucci has openly called for in order to install an undemocratic gaggle of technocrats to run the country.

The military of any nation is authorized and in fact duty-bound to guard against all enemies, foreign and domestic. In the case of Wall Street-backed Thaksin Shinawatra, there exists a potent foreign and domestic threat in one regime. It is a threat that must be met, if possible with as little intervention as possible from the military, but with full commitment if necessary

Thailand has set an example by which other nation’s armed forces should follow. The imaginary line drawn between unhinged corruption and inevitable national tragedy, and the military being able to intervene is just that, imaginary.” Tony Cartalucci

Given the fact that these protests are dwindling in size as the public prepares for the next round of elections and the aforementioned successes of the current government in Thailand, how much sense does it make for them to start firebombing the homes of young women who just happen to be extremely famous and outspoken against the government? Sounds kind of like the story of the Assad government using chemical weapons in order to give Obama his red-line just when they were winning the ground war against the regime change terrorists as well as the PR war for the hearts and minds of the international community.

More likely, given the military’s recent decision, it seems that the regime change thugs staged the little fire bomb incident so folks like “Cartalucci” could spin it against the government. Influence peddlers like Mr. Cartalucci who have garnered ill-placed credibility in the past for accurately covering the events in places like Syria and Libya, can work wonders with that narrative, can’t they? Firebombing a lovely young light-skinned Thai socialite? Hell, that’s almost the LOVE MALALA!!! story all over again.

The legitimate government of Thailand has agreed to hold emergency elections on Feb. 2nd so that the will of the people can be done. That’s not good enough for the likes of Thailand’s leading elites and their servants like Mr. Cartalucci. Democracy for them is a dirty word.

Chitpas Bhirombhakdi is heiress to a $2.6 billion family fortune and, according to high-society magazine Thailand Tatler, one of Bangkok’s “most eligible young ladies”. She can also handle tear gas and ride a tractor

… Another prominent Thai hitting the streets was real estate tycoon Srivara Issara, who along with her husband Songkran runs Charn Issara Development PLC. She led her own protest march from her company’s Bangkok headquarters to the nearby offices of the ruling Puea Thai Party… A friend in the PR business helped her dream up a protest slogan: “Moral righteousness comes above democracy“…

… Among the 100,000-plus protesters on Bangkok’s streets on December 9 was Petch Osathanugrah, who along with his brother Ratch has an estimated fortune of $630 million….

I’m not really for democracy,” said Petch, who was educated in the United States. “I don’t think we’re ready for it. We need a strong government like China‘s or Singapore’s – almost like a dictatorship, but for the good of the country.”

“I am longing for a Lee Kuan Yew,” he said, referring to former prime minister who oversaw Singapore’s economic rise.

Protest leader Suthep wants the Yingluck administration replaced by a “people’s council” of reform-minded professionals. Yingluck has rejected the idea, which has also perplexed Thai scholars and senior Democrat members.” A.R.C. Marshall, Reuters

It’s not really a news flash to say that the ultra-rich abhor the notion of democracy. I live in the U.S. This is a fact we have come to understand generations ago. Hell, the founding fathers didn’t really think much of it either.

But they always like the illusion of democracy, the feeling that people get when they think they have a say in how the country is run.

In Thailand, the poor unfortunate billionaires and their water-carrying mouthpieces like “Tony Cartalucci” dream of a day when the dreaded underclasses of their nation have no say in how things are run. For them, democracy is a curse inflicted on the wealthy of their nation, interrupting all those glorious profits they could be enjoying over and above the billions they already enjoy.

Mr. “Cartalucci” has made his views on the idea of democracy very clear on this very website. It’s a childish fantasy according to him.

“Thaksin’s regime is going. It is a cancer, you can choose to pray and wave the banner of democracy like children, we’ll choose to cut it out.” Tony Cartalucci

What do people like this do when they sense their glorious dream of a new Thailand run for, by and of the rich slipping from their grasp?

Do they just step back, lick their wounded egos, sip their glasses of 50-year-old Dalmore and plan for their next go at it?

No. They don’t.

When the economic hit-men fail at the regime change efforts of buying off the current ruling governments in targeted countries and the subsequent NGO backed color revolutions fail as well, in come the jackals.

You start seeing things like protesters picked off in the crowd by snipers, oddly timed chemical weapons attacks and of course, fire-bombs lobbed at the homes of rich, attractive, light-skinned socialites. Events inevitably blamed on the ruling elected governments by syndicated apologists working for the nation’s neoliberal elites.

This is the stage the regime change operation in Thailand has reached. Unfortunately when the Thai military refused to take up the sword against their elected government, it left the desperate neoliberals but one option in their regime change plans.

The violence stage has begun.

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