“Million” Vets March Toward Privatizing Landmarks and Memorials

by Scott Creighton

When Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and Mike Lee showed up and spoke with the vets at their “million vets march” yesterday, I understood what this “revolution” was all about.

Having Cruz, of all people, speak at the event made it perfectly clear. Cruz is credited with forming the republican position on the standoff, which is simply more “Crisis Theater” to push for brutal austerity and savage sequestration measures which will further the One Party’s neoliberal fiscal agenda.

The government “shutdown” properly should be called “the Cruz Crisis.” This indeed is a crisis in the Chinese nuanced sense.

The Chinese character, weiji, usually is translated “dangerous opportunity.” Actually it means “precarious pivot point.”  That describes perfectly where Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tx) stands… and has pushed the Republican Party.  Ted Cruz has made himself the point man for the whole, melodramatic, government “shutdown.”FORBES 10/14/2013

Yes, that is the right-wing Forbes saying that Cruz is the one person most responsible for the parks and memorials being shut down, not some ThinkProgress Obamaite water-carrying rag. And yes, it is their “dangerous opportunity” to push for more neoliberalization in America.

The fact that Cruz wasn’t chased down and tarred and feathered by those people tells me exactly what this is: time to privatize the national landmarks.

The dems are on board with the next Grand Compromise, keep fascist far-right Obamacare in place in exchange for deeper fascist far-right cuts to “entitlement” programs, even though they pretend not to be.

“It’s unclear how the effort has changed since Senate Democratic leaders shot it down Saturday in favor of direct talks between Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). But the basic idea was to fund the government through March at the levels specified for 2013 in the 2011 budget deal, and to raise the debt ceiling enough to last through January, to give time to negotiate a longer-term budget. The plan would leave Obamacare alone, but replace for two years a device tax that helps fund the law.

Even though Reid and his fellow leaders rejected the idea — objecting both to the short-term debt limit hike and to keeping deeper across-the-board spending cuts in place through March — it got a new burst of support on Sunday.” Huffington Post

Why would they do that? Because they can bleed MORE from the people the longer the Crisis Theater show goes on.

What happens when countries are neoliberalized? Well, the standard of living of the people are sacrificed so the wealth of the nation can be funneled upward to the oligarchs and multibillionaires.  The social safety net is decimated, corporate taxes are lessened if not erased altogether, the privately owned central banking systems prints money in the name of the people to give over to the super rich, and the commonly held possessions of the people are auctioned off for nothing practically and given to various crony businesses so they can profit from them.

When that part happens you are typically looking at schools, libraries, art museums (check out Detroit these days), prisons, roadways, parks (many here in Tampa have been sold off already)…

… and of course… memorials.

Selling off memorials is a bit of a hard sell unless of course you have a government shutdown and a bunch of neoliberals rush out their with “vets” (God forbid anyone say anything about our sanctified “vets”) and start tearing down barricades so they can walk around in the grass looking at old pieces of stone.

Why are they there? Because the “ebil guberment” can’t afford to keep them up anymore….

What’s the solution? Well, obviously it’s PRIVATIZE isn’t it?

I also find it kind of funny that the Sainted VETS can tear down bike rack barricades and pile them up on the grass and be PRAISED for it, while a woman with her kid in the back seat bumps into one while trying to LEAVE the White House grounds gets shot to death for her incursion.

(In fact, this video appears to show them carrying bike rack barricades and marching past the EXACT SAME entrance where she supposedly bumped the bike rack placed in front of her car to prevent her from leaving. I can’t be sure since I don’t live there, but it certainly looks like the same guard house and corner. Same concrete barricades and signage)

Why do you think they chose the WWII memorial? Are there that many WWII vets running around who are pissed because they can’t walk the grounds? No. It’s because WWII was “the last GOOD WAR” and the PR guys who planned this little shindig knew they wouldn’t get the warm fuzzy feelings from the target market if they had the thousands of Vietnam vets trying to march on their memorial.

The fact that the turnout was so low is a hopeful thing. Fox News did their best to turn 50 protesters walking around in circles behind the camera into a “couple hundred“. But if you look closely you can see what they were doing. The guys walking back and forth behind the “reporter” with the American flags were a nice touch.

The organizers of this “protest” (with the guy most responsible for the shutdown) want everyone to march on their local and state monuments as well. There’s GOLD in them there hills folks. Sell em off as sacrificial lambs to the dreaded DEBT MONSTER.

I wonder how the vets will feel when they serve Halliburton overseas and come home to pay $15 a head to Halliburton just to take a look at the memorial to their service.

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