Fake “Million” Vet March as Crisis Theater

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Of course Di$info Jone$ , Blacklisted News , and What Really Happened (via 12160 link) presents this bullshit as real oppression.

UPDATE: Turns out the videos may have been made by Dennis M. Lynch, an Examiner “reporter” who does a lot of work for Fox News.


You gotta see this.

Two videos give you a good understanding of what yesterday’s Crisis Theater production was all about.

Someone had thirteen bike cops with their little bike helmets and blue windbreakers waddle up to the “protesters” who were standing around waiting for them to show up outside the fence at the White House.

The fake protesters right on cue start screeching about “oppression” and “brown-shirts” as the gaggle of bike cops with no riot gear take their position inside the group of vets so they can be pushed and shoved and screeched at for “liberty”

It is one of the most poorly executed and obviously fake Crisis Theater moments ever recorded by a PR lackey that I have seen. It’s fucking silly, especially while they are screaming about being oppressed while actually oppressing the poor stupid little bike cops.

What a joke. The marketing intern who staged this little display should be relegated to coffee boy for the next year or so.

They (the 13  bike cops with their little bike helmets) walked across the street, into the crowd, and got up against the fence in a little cluster like a gaggle of ducklings following their mommy. They did that so the “protesters” could surround them and film a “crisis theater” street scene with the White House in the background.

The 13 bike cops were surrounded by the “protesters” who, on cue, started yelling about “tyrannical guberment”

The scared little bike cops (they might not have even been cops) huddled together against the fence holding their stupid little batons in their hands. They had no tactical riot gear, no pads, a few had face-shields but most didn’t and apparently they had no training for situations like this.

The person filming the “oppression of the brown-shirts” new enough about marketing to keep the focus tight so we can’t see the bike cops are the ones being harassed.

All the “protesters” start yelling crap about tyranny and oppression and “shame on you” while the stupid little gaggle of bike cops were surrounded by them.

“he pulled out his taser!” one tries to incite hostility as best he can without actually doing anything.

After about 3 minutes, the bike cops start to look bored by the fake protesters.

Could you imaging how these fake protesters would have shit their pants running away if the real riot squad showed up? If the ones showed up who beat, sprayed and shot the Occupy Protesters? Could you imagine what these phonies would have done if al-Sisi’s boys showed up and started offing a few of them? You think they would be out there tomorrow?

I’ll tell you one thing, there’s a good reason they didn’t stage this with the real riot squads. At one point some of the fake protesters started putting their hands on the bike cops, pushing them around trying to make it LOOK like some kind of “oppression” but it was the protesters doing it. Had they done that with real riot cops, they’d be in the hospital today and the jail tomorrow.

What a stupid little staged show it was. Another stunning episode of Crisis Theater folks. Enjoy.

The first video shows how the 13 bike cops showed up and then marched over to take their place inside the group of fake protesters. The second shows the fake protesters attacking and pushing on the bike cops to try to make it look like some oppression was taking place.



23 Responses

  1. Scott

    Not sure why you think this is crisis theater.

    There was “news crew” who happened to be at ground zero of the memorial “shutdown” and posted a video on YT that same day. (Oct 1st)

    Next Generation TV is part of PJ Media and they appear to like all things Tea Party.

    The Million Vet March spontaneously formed by a group of five brats and started a twitter page on 3 October.

    The Brats for Veteran’s Advocacy managed to get quite a few sponsors in a very short time.

    Brietbart was already on it by October 2nd by Mike Flynn.

    My question is was this farce coordinated with the administration?

    The group did the tear down of the barrycades already on the first day. Who thought up the idea of staging it again but this time have the barrycades torn down and relocated to the Whitehouse?


    • seems kind of obvious when you put it that way

    • yeah, seems like it was coordinated with the administration. someone had to have the bright idea to set up the barricades around the memorial. after all, it’s open air. doesn’t cost the government anything to keep it open. it’s just there. in fact, it cost them more to have someone put those barricades up so the vets could take them down. it’s all staged in the grand old tradition of creating a strategy of tension.

  2. Staging?
    In the YT video I linked has an interview with Michelle Tennery.
    Guess what her job is.

    In case the link doesn’t work
    Public Relations and External Affairs for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services at US.Department of Health & Human Services

    But was she on furlough?


    • A goog search shows Michele Tennery also worked in Bush Whitehouse and is now very active in Tea Party politics. Is it politics or her job to be active in Tea Party politics?

      Public relations for Medicare/Medicaid and an active member of the Tea Party? Sure makes sense to me.


      • that’s what they do. they infiltrate. they put bankster in charge of the SEC and oil tycoons in charge of the regulatory commission that oversees them. sure, they would put someone who wants to privatize and destroy Medicare and Medicaid in charge of their PR. What better way to insure the “right” message gets out there?

  3. So now your bashing Veterans?

    • I know.. right? Is nothing sacred? First Malala and now the vets? Holy crap. Am I a sooOOoooOooocailist or something?

      • Well, lets see, whenever I find a person that is on the verge of waking up and they see themselves as Democrat or Liberal in the Left/Right Paradigm, I send them to your site. You ooze the Fake Liberal rhetoric. When I find someone that is Libertarian or on the Right, I send them to Jones and they wake up. They all learn that Government corruption is the problem and they wake up enough to start critically thinking.

        And no, you obviously don’t hold anything but your ego as sacred, but that is your Right.

        • “You ooze the Fake Liberal rhetoric.”

          What? I personally can’t stand the fake liberal class and I’ve never ever thought of Scott being anything resembling them. Quite the opposite.

        • ah, I thought you were being sarcastic. do I hold “the vets” as sacred? no more sacred than a school teacher or a mailman. do you? you think over our lifetimes they have been involved in anything that even remotely resembles “defending our freedoms and democracy”? someone spends their life in service to our services like my father did, believing in what he was doing, yes, I respect that commitment and their contribution to our society, just like I respect a school teacher who dedicates their lives to bettering the lives of our community’s kids. I don’t see one as “sacred” and the other as not. if that’s what you mean by my “fake liberal rhetoric”, then so be it. of course, you do realize that “support the troops” actually translates to “support war for profit” don’t you? or is that more of Smedley Butler’s “fake liberal rhetoric”?

          • Not bashing Veterans that ARE there protesting is not holding them “sacred”. On this one I am going to have to take a similar stance as you did with those that were saying that no one died or were hurt in any of the Bombings or shootings. I don’t want any of my friends that I have in D.C. that are protesting and are not “Actors” to think that I am calling them liars. I also have a few friends that went with the Truckers and a lot of friends that did the biker rally. It would not surprise me to find out that you think that those were all staged and fake though.

            Do I hold them as “Sacred”? No, but I think that they do deserve the respect of giving them the benefit of the doubt, but I also grew up in a Military family and served myself and I know that my Patriotism could be used against me, but I do not regret that nor do I feel ashamed of that Patriotism. Now, if what you ment by this article was that the system it’s self set this up and the veterans that are down there protesting were not apart of it, but were a completely separate entity, then I could see what you mean. I could see the Authoritarians putting a Wag-the-Dog event together to coincide with the actual demonstrations.

            And, yes I know what Butler ment when he fought for the Fruit Corp. I have read him. It was required reading at my home growing up. I don’t think that admitting that War is a racket is “fake Liberal rhetoric”, since it is a racket. It is nothing but Empire Building. I personally think that WWII had it’s merits and my Grandfather was on the ground and helped liberate 3 Concentration camps and saw those atrocities first hand and told me all about them, but whenever we have these little conversations and we get on things like Social Programs and other Government programs that get people on them and keep them dependent, you like them and I hate them. They are Socialist programs that have no place in our Constitutional Republic. We are not, and have never been a Democracy. The Founding Fathers hated Democracy as much as they did any of the ism’s. Those thought processes make me think that you have Liberal leanings, not because it is good to help people, but because you seem to think that it is the job of the Government to do it. Government has two jobs. Protect the Peoples Rights and stay the fuck out of their business. It is our job to help those around us to prevent the Government from using those that need help as an excuse for trying to take control over the rest of us under the guise of ” For The Greater Good” bullshit.

            Not to mention that you have the penchant for blowing up and cussing out people when they push one of your little hot topic buttons, but seem to think that others should not be allowed to have the same reaction when theirs are pushed.

            • first of all, people can have whatever reaction they want to what I write or comment. Again, and I have stressed this a lot recently, those comments are still up and people haven’t been banned, so let’s not pretend I don’t “allow” one thing or the other.

              I may disagree with you, but you can pretty much say what you want as you well know, with certain limits of course.

              Now, as to your suggestion…

              … I never wrote that those people were “liars”, thank you. What I said was the whole thing was staged, created, by certain interests, which you yourself seem to point out, that have a vested interest in the creation of a strategy of tension in this country. As you said yourself, the people that started this whole thing off are “Tea Partiers” and as you may or may not know, they are right in line with neoliberal ideology. Not to mention it makes for great political theater.

              if you watch that video what you have are a couple in the crowd trying to incite the others and or the bike cops. that doesn’t mean “all” of those vets or people who were just there were in on it. agent provocateurs. understand?

              of course, then you look at the ones making headlines from within the group. they are giving speeches about standing up to Obama because he’s a ‘socialist” and a Koran toting “Muslim”. these things couldn’t be further from the truth. Shit, fact is, and I think you said it yourself, the three “leaders” i mentioned in the article are full blown Israel firsters. so what’s their motivation?

              “They are Socialist programs that have no place in our Constitutional Republic.”

              Social Security is not a “socialist program”

              It’s insurance paid for by the workers into a fund that is held for them until retirement in case they have nothing else to fall back on. It is completely funded by one’s own contributions and a copayment made by an employer. That, my friend, is NOT socialism. it’s presented as socialism by those who wish to hand over that massive amount of money to Wall Street so they can invest it for us… at a price of course… and of course, how’s your 401 doing since 2007? get the picture? What that is, is fascism. Government and corporate state working together to the detriment of the people.

              and if you bother to look around, you might find that is a growing trend. also big with the “libertarians” if you haven’t noticed… so demonizing Social Security as “sooOoooOoocialism” is just propaganda and I expect even the most die-hard capitalists here see it for what it is.

              “It is our job to help those around us to prevent the Government from using those that need help as an excuse for trying to take control over the rest of us…”

              People on Social Security don’t need your “help”, thank you very much for that assessment. Fact is, they paid into it, it’s THEIRS so why don’t you stay out of THEIR business? Do you get that?

              I’m not going to get into fighting about the value of the social safety net or community enriching programs with you. all of you will see soon enough what happens when “big guberment” gets out of the way of big business which is ultimately what you are advocating whether you know it or not. if you paid attention over the last 2 decades you would already see it’s influence and fear it. but if not, if you’re still a “free market” believer, then be my guest, you wait around for the other shoe to drop.

              interestingly Paul Craig Roberts wrote something today about that very process. and he was such a believer at one time, hell, he helped Reagan write our part in it (but it’s actually from Britain if you must know). I figure if even PCR can come around and understand it for what it is, there’s hope for everyone, including you.

              just don’t put words in my mouth when we debate one thing or the other.

              Not one single nickel paid to people on Social Security comes from your taxes or your pocket, so you tell me who is forcing themselves into who’s business.

            • and as for WWII…

              “liberate 3 Concentration camps”

              your grandfather liberated 3 concentration camps? that’s wonderful.

              ever heard of Dresden? How about the fire bombing campaign of Japan?

              Hiroshima? Nagasaki? ring any bells?

              How about the fact that our beloved president turned a deaf ear to the news that Pearl Harbor was going to be bombed and he effectively let it happen so people would support getting involved in the war?

              How about the 100s of thousands of Japanese Americans who were stripped of their rights and stuck in concentration camps right here in the states and held as slave labor for years? did your grandfather liberate them when he got back?

              How about the stay behind terrorists we set up throughout Europe to bomb and kill and cause mayhem if any of the damaged countries decided to shift a bit too far to the “sooOooOoocialist” side when they rebuilt?

              That ring any bells?

              How about this… you’ll love this… how about the fact that after Hitler was gone and the war was over, our president and Churchill actually discussed attacking our allies who sacrificed 26 million people to stopping Hitler?

              How about the fact that we brought Nazis over here to work for us after it was all over and in fact, the Nazi Party would never have risen to power in the first place had it not been for the support of American industry and banking? hell, two of our presidents are directly related to someone once called a “Nazi banker” in congress. and they were. Prescott’s boys, you may have heard of all of that.

              WWII? The “Good War”? Only in a selection set as messed up as our latest imperialist trists could something like WWII actually be called that by someone trying hard to keep a straight face.

              of course, that’s war, not soldiers. different things altogether. but soldiers grow up and they understand what war is.

              that is why I brought up Smedley Butler, for the record.

              • I never said that the Tea Party started anything. They are just as much a part of the Left/Right paradigm now that the RINO’s infiltrated them early in that parties development. I know what agent provocateurs are. They would be at anything like this. The “Liberal” Authoritarian side likes to use them at 2nd Amendment Rallies a lot. And that is what I was hoping you ment in the first place.

                First off Social Security has always planed to be stolen. That is what Government does. Especially one that has been as corrupt as ours for as long as it has. They could earn more on a 3% savings account than what SS gives them and it was the Bankers that work through Wall Street and own the Government that stole whatever SS funds there ever was. The Idea of having Government be everybody’s sugar daddy and will care for them in their late years so they don’t have to worry about anything is Socialism/Communism. The Idea that you and your welfare belong to the State and you are not responsible for it yourself. Let people create their own safety net. If they are to stupid to do so they can suffer the consequences.

                “People on Social Security don’t need your “help”, thank you very much for that assessment. Fact is, they paid into it, it’s THEIRS so why don’t you stay out of THEIR business? Do you get that?”

                Obviously they do now that most of what they had trusted the Government to take from them has been stolen and they are using what is being payed in now to pay those getting money from it. I am paying into SS by mandate. I cannot opt out and put that money into something else even though I know that SS will not be there whenever they decide that I can have it. I am not a fan of Wall Street anymore than I am a fan of Big Government. They are one in the same and have been for a long time.

                “I’m not going to get into fighting about the value of the social safety net or community enriching programs with you. all of you will see soon enough what happens when “big guberment” gets out of the way of big business which is ultimately what you are advocating whether you know it or not. if you paid attention over the last 2 decades you would already see it’s influence and fear it. but if not, if you’re still a “free market” believer, then be my guest, you wait around for the other shoe to drop.”

                What I fear is an out of control Tyrannical Government run by a bunch of Psychopathic inbred Authoritarians. Robber Barron’s don’t worry me. They can be handled in many different way’s, all of them possible by even one man. Robber Barron’s are not “Free Market”. That is one of those “Liberal’ism’s” that you use all the time, and is why I said you use Liberal Rhetoric. Free Markets would be nice, but that is a moot point since what we have, and have had for some time is Corporatism (Fascism is that plus Military Force on it’s own people). You still seem to have this love of Government and that it is our savior if we let it. That mindset reeks of Statism. To allow people to invest how they want and what they want IN what they want, if they even want to, is not a bad thing, but Government telling you that you have to and what and how you have to do it is. That is the problem with those that see themselves as “Liberal”, they think they are smarter than everybody and because of that have the Right to control everyone and force them to live their lives the way they think they should.

                Which brings me to all of what you said about WWII and the Japanese and Germans. One, I should have said “Been in on the Liberation of 3 different Concentration Camps”. His unit was the first on site of 3 of them. Yes, I know about Pearl Harbor being allowed to happen. The Japanese had already surrendered and they dropped the bombs basically because they had the toys and they wanted to see what they could do. And what happened to the Japanese Americans, over 80,000 of them actual American Citizens that should have been protected under our Constitution, was horrible and wrong. And yes, we brought many of the German scientists that were guilty of heinous crimes against humanity over to have them work for us, even the Angle of Death himself. Hell the people that funded the War were the same and are still funding both sides now! I am not arguing about the details of the NWO and the Elites with you. I have read a lot of your stuff ( not all, you have so much crap on here I wonder if you ever sleep, let alone leave your house ) and that main idea was got me to read more than just one article. What I don’t agree with is the underpinnings that Government is the answer and that the People need to be controlled and managed. That is Antithetic to what the intent of the Constitution and what the Founding Fathers intended this Constitutional Republic to be, and to say all these things about corruption and False Flags and what the brainwashed sheeple call Conspiracy theories, but turn around blame them on the “evil Rich people and the Tea Party and the Libertarians” just sounds like an MSNBC tag line. The Ultra-Rich Bankers and the Governments they own by owning the politicians are the problem. I just have never met one that runs a Democrat that I can stomach hearing more than two minutes of Anti-Constitutional emesis spew out of their mouths.

                Your a Federalist and I’m and Anti-Federalist arguing over semantics. You answered my question.

                Now I have to go find that PCR article you talked about.

                • No, I’m not a federalist. we’ll talk about that at another time.

                  you can find a quote and a link to the PCR article on my front page in with another video of another protest, one that wasn’t hijacked (at least not yet)

                  here’s the quote and the link

                  “Not that long ago government and free market proponents were at sword’s point, but no more. With little left in the private sector to rip off, the financial gangsters have turned to the public sector and put to work for them the free market economists’ advocacy of privatization. Governments themselves became part of the conspiracy once the politicians realized that looting public assets was an efficient way to reward their private benefactors…

                  … In Italy government indebtedness is forcing the sale to private investors of historic castles and villas and the Island of San Giacomo in one of Venice’s lagoons. These national treasures will be turned into hotels, restaurants, and resorts for the one percent.

                  Are the British Museum and the Smithsonian next to be privatized?

                  In America prisons are privatized despite the incentive this gives to produce inmates.

                  Public schools are being privatized in the form of “charter schools.” Charter schools are a scheme to eliminate public sector teachers unions, and to convert their pay into private profits by bringing in contract hires to teach for a few years before they are replaced by a new group of contract hires.” Paul Craig Roberts

                  You have a good night.

                • Oh god, the dreaded STATIST!!!!! riposte.

                  Because liberdee.

            • Concentration camps? You do realize war is based upon lies. Your grandfather told you whatever company chiefs told him to think.

          • Everyone has the right to protest but if you’re going to say that this is staged, you need convincing proof as well as communicating it to those people who’d even join in and protest themselves.

            This is something Alex Jones has that you do not have, that is being trained by goats and sheep and the other farm yard animals.

            Then again if you cannot afford animals then this video should help. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZCPZ9fhwC4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtjwtmjbOKE

  4. They sure look more like actors than real cops.

  5. Great post Scott.When I heard about Palin,when I heard the protest target was a war memorial,I thought it sounded like a bunch of contrived,major party bullshit.And sorry,elevating veterans above everyone else just glorifies war.For the record,I don’t wear any political label.

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