McKinsey & Co, Inc.: The Globalist Management Consulting Firm Behind the Malala For-Profit Charter School Psyop

by Scott Creighton

Exactly one year ago today on Oct. 14 2012, 5 days after the Malala psyop was staged, I wrote The Staged Malala Yousafzai Story: The Face of the “Universal” For-Profit School Movement , a story about how the Malala psyop was all about the global for-profit charter school system scam… and today I proved it.

Its come full circle. There is no denying it: Malala was created by Shiza Shahid of the McKinsey & Co. management firm so they could push their global charter school system model throughout the world for profit and control.

It’s not enough for McKinsey to be “the Skull and Bones society” of our own charter school scam, they want more. A world of more. So they created… Malala. And I learned this, in part, from their own website.

McKinsey & Company, Inc. is a member of the Global Business Coalition for Education (GBCE) along with Hewlett Packard, LEGO Education, INTEL, HESS, Exxon-mobile and other. They want billions in tax-payer dollars to fund their world-wide for profit education scheme.

On Sept. 24th 2012 the GBCE held a meeting during the Clinton Global Initiative annual conference in which they published “Girls Education Challenge”, a road map to a global for-profit charter school system through the Global Education First agenda. McKinsey & Co. Inc was there.

Three days later Gordon Brown holds a press conference announcing the “big idea” and one reporter showed up. They needed a new pitchman.

On Oct. 5th Google hosts a live chat about the “One World Schoolhouse” project.

On Oct. 9th, the Malala shooting is staged. The military for some strange reason is all over this one little girl, taking her from the scene to a hospital and eventually to Britain, where Gordon Brown is from.

On Dec. 10th, the Malala Fund for Girls’ Education is set up by UNESCO

Shiza Shahid is the CEO of the Malala Fund as it is called now. She was a McKinsey & Co. Inc. business analyst and left to head up the Malala fund project.

Shahid and McKinsey & Co. cultivated a relationship with Malala and her father, apparently helping her with her “blog”

When I was in my sophomore year at Stanford, I set up a summer camp for Malala and 30 other young female activists who were fighting for their right to go to school. The camp gave the girls a break from the chaos of their daily lives—the Taliban was actively shutting down schools for girls —and the chance to learn to be activists, both for themselves and for their communities.” Shiza Shahid, McKinsey website

Shiza graduated Stanford in 2011, which puts her little “camp” for the “activists” right about the time Malala started blogging anonymously. When Malala went to Britain, Shiza, McKinsey & Co. and Gordon Brown were there to guide her along:

“While Shiza was in England, former UK Prime Minister and United Nations Special Envoy on Global Education Gordon Brown visited Malala.” Shiza Shahid, McKinsey website

Now Shiza is “helping” Malala write a book for publishing in Oct. of this year (children’s book as well) and setting up a Malala movie for those of you who missed the drama of the first incarnation of their production.

She’s also in charge of the Malala fund, deciding how to spend all that cash on “innovative” education models (read as “for-profit”) in various nations. Also on that board is a VP at Google, the company that did the “One World Schoolhouse” informercial days before Malala was shot.

McKinsey & Co. Inc. is a MAJOR player in the charter, for-profit school system scam where they expect to make BILLIONS on the “untapped market”

Putting Shiza in place atop the Global Education First program and the Malala fund specifically is par for the course with them, they do that quite often, putting their drones in high level high-access positions in order to make bank for the companies and the oligarchs they represent:

McKinsey and Co. have a direct partnership with Murdoch’s Shared Learning Collaborative.

According to Susan Ohanian (quoting another site):

In education reform, McKinsey & Company appears to be a kind of Skull and Bones club, with the McKinsey firm involved directly, or with former McKinsey employees in key roles. The McKinsey firm itself is an SLC partner. Double Line Partners, builder of the first SLC-style systems in Texas and Delaware, has two former McKinsey employees on its team. And Jack Markell, Governor of early-adopter state Delaware, is himself a former McKinsey consultant.

In their promotional flyer “Transforming Learning through mEducation”McKinsey and Co. promote the values of hand held and mobile devices so that they can now have direct access to children as the consumers of their learning products with no messy overhead or interference from a teacher, peers, or a community of learners. They state “the market for mEducation products and services today is worth 3.4 billion dollars.”  They add that, “By 2020, mEducation may address up to 70 billion” of the anticipated 8 trillion dollars spent globally.

There’s an entire section on how mobile operators can “tap the market.” Education Alchemy

McKinsey created Malala from start to finish. She is nothing more than a real life Ronald McDonald or Geico gecko.

Malala sells what McKinsey and Gordon Brown couldn’t.

I wrote almost exactly one year ago today on Oct. 19th 2012, that the Malala psyop was all about the global for-profit charter school system scam and today I proved it.

Here’s some more reading on the subject and some more Malala updates:


McKinsey & Company, Inc. is an American global(ist) management consulting firm that focuses on solving issues of concern to senior management. The firm serves as an adviser to businesses, governments, and institutions around the world. McKinsey is considered one of the most prestigious management consulting firms in the world”

According to little Malala herself, she no longer wants to be a doctor… she wants to be Prime Minister of Pakistan, a politician… just like her father once told her she would be. As she talks out of the side of her mouth (a little trick she does for credibility’s sake) Malala claims her survival is a “miracle”.

Yeah, when 13 year-old skulls get shot point blank by AK-47s and they only have to talk out of the side of their mouths as a result, not a single scar much less brain damage, that would be a miracle. Maybe she should be Pope.

(It’s interesting that Malala claims she told our president that drone strikes kill because when we attack someone, the “terrorists” strike back killing little girls. Malala is criticized in Pakistan because she sucks up to the people who run the drones that actually kill children in Pakistan. So apparently she’s been coached into trying to soften her image in her home country… I wonder why)

She did the interview with Christiane Amanpour who said Malala had wanted to be a doctor because “in many of those places they (women, girls) don’t see themselves at the top of politics or the financial sector

Amanpour is a horrific globalist Mockingbird and apparently a stupid one at that. One of “those places” she is talking about is Pakistan where Benazir Bhutto served as Prime Minister TWICE as was poised to win it again, when our CIA helped our puppet dictator kill her. Apparently she also doesn’t know about Veero Kolhi,  Badam Zari and Nusrat Begum who ran for office in Pakistan this year. I guess she also doesn’t know about Sen. Syeda Sughra Imam , Assembly member Amna Buttar or federal MP Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan… just to name a few.

I guess we shouldn’t fault Christiane any more than we fault Tiger Woods for helping to sell NIKE shoes or some actor selling out to help push COKE or Pepsi.

Celebrities lie about products in order to sell them. That’s what they do.

And yes, Malala is a product. She was crafted and designed from the start to be the front person for the Global Education First initiative.

The  U.N. Global Education First Initiative is a plan cooked up to get billions upon billions of dollars to spend on for-profit school systems, charter schools, to replace the existing ones in various countries where we can teach them the glories of the free-market system of “Western Democracy”. We can give young people the “skills” to succeed in our free-trade zone sweat-shops. We can also “educate” the rebellion out of them while people like Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey make millions at the same time. It’s a “win-win”, right?

When the big idea was first announced, they picked Gordon Brown to head it up. He gave a press conference… one reporter showed up. Apparently they needed another pitchman. here’s a little timeline I drew up a while ago:

It’s a big idea, the new world order” George H. W. Bush

6 Responses

  1. Yeah, they see piles of money just waiting to be made …. forcing parents to buy mobile education products that will be required in these ‘new’ schools…. and then…. how about the ‘service’ for these mobile devices? Look at the monthly mountains of money made on cell phones, Ipads, and computers…. the needed internet and phone communication service expense…..yes, murder the book…. and replace it with a electronic device…… and yes, there will be many upgrades that will be required to be paid for, and don’t get them wet, and don’t drop them…. ahhhh, kids are famous for dropping stuff….. think of the money to be made…..
    burn the books….. they are too easy to read …..

    this global school is making me sick… Malala makes me sick,
    You were right, Scott…. she is just a marketing tool……

    and she says drones force the terrorist to kill little girls…. OMG, what? No little boys are murdered? Or grown women or men?…… just little girls…. she needs to go to a real school…… and get educated.

  2. This is like claiming in the days after Wikipedia that some entity is trying to privatize encyclopedias.

    Khan academy is free. Videos on youtube. Ones I’ve seen don’t have commercials. If they do try to charge then someone else (maybe you) will put free ones up. Lots of foundations willing to fund. Lots of entities willing to put education up for free for influence. Disk space on cloud is very cheap.

    Most countries are private education already (and the public ones usually charge fee) which Khan academy/smart phones undercut. The only money in education is testing/certification, Only corporations care whether someone has certs.

    ALEC is pushing K-12 on states in US but won’t work in long term.

  3. […] I myself wrote about this company back in 2013 as it turned out, they had their fingerprints all over the Malala fake shooting event (long quote but worth it): […]

  4. […] I myself wrote about this company back in 2013 as it turned out, they had their fingerprints all over the Malala fake shooting event (long quote but worth it): […]

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