Miriam Carey’s Sister Denied Custody of Erica

by Scott Creighton (H/T austrogirl)

The other day I did a bunch of research on Mr. Eric Francis of Hartford, Ct. He is or was the 55 year old boyfriend of 34 year old Miriam Carey, the woman who supposedly made a u-turn at the White House and was gunned down in the street 20 minutes later because of it (no video of said u-turn at the security gate has yet to be released)

Mr. Francis is a businessman in the community up there. He is a director of something called the West Indian Social Club in Hartford. Apparently there is a thriving Caribbean community up there. Seems like there’s at least one shooting at the club per year though.

He also seems to own a bar or restaurant across the street from the club and a commercial kitchen supply company, which apparently Miriam worked for briefly.

And one more thing… they’ve held multiple Obama supporting events at his venue over the past 5 years or so. He’s a big Obama supporter I guess.

Anyway, during my research I started looking into Miriam’s sister as well. Her name is Valarie Carey.

If you look at her Facebook page and go back a couple of years (I was trying in vain to find her make mention of the birth of Erica) what you find about Valarie is she’s one of these people that will do about anything for money.

I don’t mean distasteful stuff, I mean any fly-by-night pyramid scheme bullshit “home based business” racket she can find. She is some kind of “get rich quick” guru of sorts and always seems like she’s on the make for some kind of angle. At least, that’s what she does with her Facebook page. Maybe in real life she’s different.

So after spending hours and hours researching all of this I decided it wasn’t worth it. It just wasn’t worth muddying the waters with either of their backgrounds and stories. Eric seemed to distance himself from the whole thing and Valarie got herself a “civil rights” lawyer and too me it was just too convoluted to do any service to Miriam’s story.

But today that all changed.

A reader and journalist herself, austrogirl, left me a link to a story about Valarie Carey being denied custody of Miriam’s daughter Erica.

The story, as reported by Long Island Newsday, claims Valarie with her “civil rights” lawyer tried to stake a claim to little 14 month old Erica and they were shocked when the court denied their efforts.

One might think that’s kind of a no-brainer.

After all, according to the official story, Miriam and Erica visited Eric quite often and after all, according to their story, Eric is the girl’s biological father.

So first of all, why would Valarie even attempt to get the courts to give her custody?

There are many possible answers to that question ranging from… “she’s an opportunistic sister looking to cash in on the inevitable lawsuit against the Secret Service and Capitol Police” to… “Erica isn’t his kid”

Either way, the court rejected their effort out of hand without even taking the time to explain why.

The “civil rights” mouthpiece Valarie retained says it’s not over yet.

But there is still a great deal of interest in this story regarding Mr. Francis (notice they spelled his name wrong in the Newsday article)

He’s the guy who they claim is responsible for the disinformation that Miriam was delusional. He made very few statements in public about all of this and from what I can tell, he really wasn’t in all that big of a rush to get the kid back.

Let’s think about that for a second.

This guy’s girlfriend is gunned down in the streets like a dog … in front of his child… the mother of his child is brutally killed… for essentially making a wrong turn and then turning around and trying to leave…

.. and then his kid is held in “protective custody” for over a week I think… by the same agency that killed his girlfriend and the mother of his kid.

And what does he do?


Guy hasn’t said a word. He’s basically hiding from the spot light. And as far as I can tell, he’s really not all that interested in the 14 month old kid.

He’s 55 years old and runs a nightclub where people get shot a lot.

What’s he going to do with a 14 month old child?

Now remember, this guy has been an Obama backer for years. Even Valarie bragged at one time about the pyramid scheme company she worked with giving Obama’s Treyvon cause 54,000 bucks last year.

And here he is basically helping marginalize Miriam’s memory by allowing the press to misconstrue her complaints in the past, making her look “crazy”… and he’s also done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the fact that his girlfriend and baby’s momma getting killed for no reason by Obama’s goons.

Now you can look at this anyway you want. But the truth is, this guy’s reaction seems awful calculated and cold if you ask me.

I kinda hope that Valarie and “civil rights” attorney will have the balls to demand a paternity test to see if Eric is actually the father. Of course, if I have been correct all along, they’ll get bought off long before they actually file that legal brief and the kid will end up going somewhere off in the world while Francis goes on with his life as well.

It’ll all just kind of blow over, you know?

Oh yeah… they say that they were only allowed one visit with Erica, supervised, since the murder of her mother. So I guess she is still in the hands of the “authorities”… for some reason.

thanks austrogirl. depressing, but thanks.

14 Responses

  1. I bet they put this child in a “witness protection” situation. She will grow up with a different name, not knowing anything about this, so she cannot sue them for $. I don’t think I would want to give the child to either one of them either. Perhaps a good adoptive family would be best and they will probably pay for her legal release. Sl she just made a wrong turn into the White House? Weird.

  2. That child will become a MK ultra, or whatever Mind Mapping program they are calling it these days, CIA asset. It is sick. I’ve had similar thoughts about the child actors used in the Sandy Hook show.

  3. We must have been on the same wavelength yesterday – I mentioned your coverage of the Miriam Carey case on my show last night before I even saw this post. I hope you like the plug – I was trying to be funny but I’m not sure I pulled it off. I did want to make sure people know you are the ONLY one who’s really covering this and that I did mange to pull off! The honorable mentions are a few minutes past the halfway point of hour 1: http://themonicaperezshow.com/2013/10/13/no-truth-no-justice-podcast-of-october-12-show/

    Oh, and here’s one more “project” of Valarie Carey’s that I found interesting in puzzling over how Miriam might have had any connections in high circles to start out with… http://www.re-newsit.com/2013/10/miriam-carey-sybrina-fulton-accepts.html

    • People are commenting in lots of places about her murder. Don’t stop talking about her.

      • I won’t stop, but I gotta say, Scott’s theory is unique and it’s the only one that makes sense of the decontamination of Miriam’s apartment. But you’re right – even my 84 year old mother smells a rat on this one – she called me to say, “You have to speak for that woman!”

        • However you look at it, something is very wrong with the story. Putting a bike rack in front of her car AFTER she turned around and was trying to leave? Shooting at her car on a busy street while she wasn’t threatening anyone? Killing her in the street 5 minutes later when she was clearly unarmed and witnesses say she was getting out of the car to run? Regardless of what one theory is as opposed to another, that’s a real bad shooting that took place in multiple locations with a child in the car. Something really wrong here.

  4. […] CT, CIA agent Francis was also the purported owner of a bar named Hartford Blueprint and a founding member of the West Indian Social Club, with both of these enterprises being located […]

  5. Here’s another peculiar twist to this story:

    Miriam Carey family’s lawyer arrested over debts

    But, of course, the news comes with a disclaimer in the article:

    The arrest was unrelated to his representation of the family of Miriam Carey, who died in a hail of police gunfire two weeks ago in Washington D.C., officials said.

  6. In this article, there is the claim that Marian Carey attempted to
    “CRASH HER CAR INTO THE WHITE HOUSE”: That’s a long way off from “RAMMING CONCRETE BARRIERS”. And why not buy into that? After all, the gov said it, so it must be true.

    See what happens when you start FUCKIN with the Antichrist?

  7. Interesting point, BTW, about that disclaimer. Why would they even THINK that mentioning that was necessary if, in fact, there is no connection? $181.666 six six six. (I see your sign,,, serpent)

  8. […] CT, this report continues, he was also the purported owner of a bar named Hartford Blueprint and a founding member of the West Indian Social Club, with both of these enterprises being located in Hartford, […]

  9. […] CT, this report continues, he was also the purported owner of a bar named Hartford Blueprint and a founding member of the West Indian Social Club, with both of these enterprises being located in Hartford, […]

  10. Miriam’s family is requesting DNA test to determine if the boyfriend is the father… Will be interesting to see if it will go anywhere…

    Perhaps he is the real father, although! he sure does not act like it…. But, If he is not, just the wiggling and the defensive maneuvers they will have to make is worth observing.

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