Forgotten Witness and the Lie of “Ramming the Gate” at the White House

by Scott Creighton

Lost in all the bullshit and disinformation floating around this story is the simple fact that the MSM has been lying since the beginning. Miriam Carey’s car did not suffer any damage consistent with their story that she “rammed the gates” at the White House as I have already proven in an earlier report.

The fact is, there is no “gate” at that entrance that I can see and the story is directly contradicted by the one independent witness who came forward and spoke with the media about that initial and all important confrontation between Secret Service and the woman they gunned down in cold blood not 20 minutes later.


The witness, Shawn Joseph, told a very different story than the one that is the mainstay of the Vichy press operating in America:

“It began with something not that unusual — a driver with out-of-state plates turning into a blocked entry near the White House.

It quickly became something else.

“Whoa! Whoa!,” Secret Service officers were shouting at the car, according to a witness, Shawn Joseph, 29. “It looked liked [the driver was] scared or lost. I thought they might have been a tourist.”

But then, witnesses said, officers tried to place a barrier in front of the car. The driver swerved. The officers moved the barrier. She hit it, and a Secret Service officer was thrown up on the hood and then off the car.

The officer was not badly hurt. The driver sped east and was stopped by police at a small traffic circle at the foot of Capitol Hill. There, video shot by the U.S.-funded Arabic TV station Alhurra shows officers with guns pointed at the car. The driver took off.”  Washington Post

Seems to me from what this witness said, they may have been trying to prevent her from leaving, as opposed to keeping her from entering the grounds of the White House.

The “temporary barricade” all the MSM venues mention, is one of those bike racks sitting there in the photo above.

You would think that Shawn Joseph would be the most sought after witness in this entire affair. But you would be wrong.

As far as I can tell, the initial Washington Post article, though cited often, is the only interview he did. I can’t find anything since then.

And his statement should be the most important. After all, what happened at the White House is what this story is all about. Yet he’s gone into the ether.


I was able to find one other early mention of Shawn Joseph on Fox News:

Twenty-nine year-old Shawn Joseph was on the phone when he first heard the commotion.

Then he saw it.

“There was a car plowing through the barricade on that southeast side (of the White House). Secret Service was trying to stop them. It almost looked like she was hitting people,” he told Fox News. “And it looked kind of like they were just scared or it was an accident, like they didn’t know where they were or something like that but then they took off maybe 34 miles per hour down Pennsylvania (Avenue).” Fox news

This is an important statement in that he didn’t see what happened to start the confrontation. He didn’t see her turn into the security area at all. He

It’s also unclear from his statement whether or not she was heading onto the grounds when going through barricades, or trying to get off them.

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  1. Whoa, I think you’ve just hit the nail on the head. They were preventing her from ‘leaving’. That makes total sense now. Originally it seemed so strange why she would continue to try to avoid the cops and drive back and forth around the area with them pointing guns if she was so scared or even out of her mind with a child inside. Why not stop, get out and put your hands up etc.

    • I’m not exactly sure what happened, but saying “she was crazy” just doesn’t do it for me anymore. they tend to cover a lot of bullshit with that.

      if they release the video from the White House security gate and the whole thing was a bad turn turned really bad, well that’s still a woman gunned down in the street for nothing.

      however, if they never release the security video and continue to lie about what happened at that gate, yeah, something else is going on here. why else would she be fleeing like that? I think they wanted something real bad… bad enough to make a scene like that in the Capitol in broad daylight… and in the end, they got it… girl is still in their custody as far as I know… so something is wrong here… real wrong.

  2. So, is the imaginary scenario here something like: she showed up at the white house, was recognized by guard, secret service or maybe a face recognition system, orders came from above to not to let her in but not to let her leave either???

    Or, is the suggestion that she was already inside and was actually leaving?

    Assuming it’s a two way drivveway, the area in the foreground of the above picture looks like this side of the security guard booth is the exit from the white house….?

    Can someone let me know where exactly this entrance is so I can look it up in googlemaps?

    • Sorry, I found the spot (15th St and Pennsylvania Ave)… The only thing I can say is that this gate seems to be for exiting only. In google streetview, you can see all the arrows on the pavement pointing out.

    • follow Penn Ave straight to the White House where it deadends into the gate. the street view is from 2011.

      I don’t know what the circumstances may have been. Here we have a woman who her boyfriend claims she said Obama was ‘communicating” with her and spying on her and ‘controlling her life”… she goes to the White House, 270 miles away, without telling her family members she was going or, more importantly, why. She takes the kid with her rather than leaving her with family members. and this happens to her.

      It could be that she was getting agitated and went there to make demands, not fully understanding the gravity of her situation. She could have called someone inside the WH and made demands or threats to go public. at that point, yeah, they damn sure aren’t going to let her just leave with the child…

      … I mean, it’s speculation at this point, but remember, I put this forward when the story first came out, before reports of her being in contact with the president were made public. I also made this hypothesis public before finding out they may have grabbed the kid and shot her in the street after taking her, which again, leads to my conclusion.

      it certainly seems to me and her family that she was running from something. why? is anyone’s guess at this point.

      but if they don’t release the security camera videos from that checkpoint, that’ll tell us a lot.

    • you know, now that I look at it, it does seem like it’s an exit only which might mean she was trying to get off the property, not on it. which is a big difference.

      • Had the rest of the story not been so bizarre and full of contradictory info, one could say it is an easy mistake to try to turn in to that exit and bump in to a barricade that a guard tried to push in front of the car to prevent that from happening if she was not showing any signs of backing up… (I am just being devil’s advocate here)

        Also… In google streetview, if you move one click towards 16th street and reorient the view to face the gate at an angle, you can see a brownish van ENTERING through that gate.

        And one click in the other direction shows a white bus which looks like it has just pulled in… So, i am not so sure anymore what this gate is… Maybe a reader here who is familiar with it can shed some light.

  3. Sheesh, What about the Capital Shield Drill 2014 taking place and the Two adults in the car? There’s some videos on YT dealing with this.

  4. OBSERVER,,2 adults in what car? The car Miriam was driving?

  5. Because I arrived here 27 hrs after this shit went down, I been tryin to catch up here. Bear with me Willy. Whats this Capital Shield drill he’s referring to? I seem to recall somewhere in this here site about some sort of ongoing drill alleged to have been taking place when this Miriam was outside. Ongoing drill taking place when another larger incident occurs. Willy,,,,,,,,where have we encountered a similar situation?
    9-11 wasent it? How would some sort of ongoing drill factor into this mess? And is that even material to this situation?

    • sure. if you can tell me what possible good it would do to stage an event where the president’s security detail gun’s down a 34 year old single mother, unarmed, no criminal record, in the street for no good reason, I’ll start trying to figure out how a staged drill factored into the mix. till then… i’ll just assume disinfo assets are trying to plant disinformation on sites like this one to disrupt discussions and discredit them.

    • Capital Shield 2014 is a joint training exercise in the National Capital Region, or NCR, that runs from Sept. 30 thru Oct. 3, and is hosted by the Joint Force Headquarters – National Capital Region. It brings federal, state, local and municipal agencies together to realistically test interagency operability during a crisis impacting the District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland.
      If you really look at the video chase it does appear to show 2 people in the front of the car. This whole story seems like a hoax.

      • what part seems like a “hoax”? the motherless child or the young woman dead in the street?

        it “seems” like a hoax, because there are those out there, putting together misinformation to get you to question what seems obvious in support of something else. who does it serve to have us thinking Miriam isn’t dead? the child isn’t taken or an orphan now? who does that serve?

        and if you think it’s a hoax, tell the me point of having the president’s private guard kill a woman in the street? does that serve them somehow? is that logical? or is it more logical that something happened, something unexpected, and all of this, the making her out to be “delusional”, the lies about what happened at the White House… even the “hoax” theory, is all about controlling the narrative and fixing the problem. which is more logical?

  6. So there was not any drill taking place. Alright then. And you know, whether there was or not, a drill taking place, it doesen’t change what you just said. A criminal act, several, in fact, has occurred, and the godammed United States Government did it in broad daylight in front of witnesses. And then they have the balls to come forth and proclaim that what was observed, what the evidence indicates, is not what occurred. Godamm them!!!

  7. Just 2 cents here;

    But it is really hard to think of a recent event that doesn’t have an ongoing drill happening somewhere in the vicinity. And the main reason for that is that these drills are perpetual – ongoing, an almost permanent feature of modern life in Amerika.

    If you find this an exaggeration, all I can counter with is that it isn’t by much. Homeland Security is essentially “Drills Are Us”.

    All of Region 3 is and has been in a drill this whole month. And it covers all manner of scenarios. “Oh that’s just part of the drill” seems to be a ;Get Out Of Jail Free” card in this Monopoly Money world.


    • yeah, they have these drills everywhere these days.. it’s a cottage industry especially this time of year.

      if you remember all the talk about the drill that supposedly took place at Sandy Hook that day.. turned out it was two or three counties over and a week before or after, something like that.

      obviously the drill during 9/11 factored in and of course they were planning a “drill” in the Boston area that involved the very same locations that the bombing and search did, so there is something to it sometimes.

      in this case though, no one who continues to bring it up has answered my question about why and what they could possibly have to gain from staging something like this. so, till that little detail is hashed out, I’m not really that interested in it.

      it’s just grist for the mill, getting people to chase their tails in endless circles that go no-where until they’re sick of it.

  8. Heres something else that just struck me. This Miriam was black. She has been gunned down in broad daylite, for no good reason, by a bunch of trigger happy white cops. WHERE IS JESSE JACKSON AND BIG AL SHARPTON? Why have they remained silent when this situation is far far more racially flagrant than the Travon Martin case ever was??? They appear to be standing down on this one. Why would that be? Is it because they don’t want to tread all over they “brother president”? Think about that, for a moment. Consider the usual reaction out of these two activists if things were different in this situation
    The killing of this girl, is just so flagrantly wrong! It calls for an action. Hell, it begs for an action. But Jesse and big Al ain’t nowhere around,,,,are they.

  9. I submit to you sir, for your consideration, that the silence of these two gentlemen, is deafining indeed, is most unusual for the obvious racial implications one could allege in this situation (White cops gun down innocent black girl in broad daylite etc) and also circumstiantial evidence to help substantiate further, the possibility of who Miriam was interested in making some sort of contact with, inside the WH. I can think of no other reason why silence out of the two greatest civil rights acticist’s there ever was, after MLK, that is.

  10. There is no evidence showing to support the gov’s claim that the girl had mental problems! only HEAR-SAY,by THE GOVT!

    • Well Hotscumphrey,

      Like ‘security drills’, hearsay is also a cottage industry in so called “journalism” in Amerika.

      The Public Relations Regime of the “official story” kind is literally defined by hearsay as a continuous meme. “Undisclosed Sources” are the mainstream logos.

      What is a “mental problem” is another spurious game; imprimatur of The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)

      “There is no definition of a mental disorder. It’s bullshit. I mean, you just can’t define it.”~Dr. Allen Frances — lead psychiatrist on the project to write the DSM-IV


  11. “… they took off maybe 34 miles per hour down Pennsylvania …”

    That doesn’t strike anyone else as being an absolutely bizarre statement?

    • that means she wasn’t driving recklessly. speed limit is 35 maybe? it is odd

      • Who estimates speed like that? People use multiples of 5 or 10 .. not specific numbers like 34.

        • “Who estimates speed like that?”

          A planted witness reading from a script might say the kinds of things this “witness” said. His entire statement was obviously intended to plant the basic line of bullshit the news twisters wanted to plant, such as:

          the car plowing through a barricade, and hitting people, then speeding off.

          He’s being ignored now, because the way his statement read is just too loaded to stand up to any kind of scrutiny. To go back to him would subject him to questioning, and that would never do.

  12. Ill see ya willy. Om going on the net to see if I can find a way to contact Sharpton, or Jackson. Now, you can believe this or not. Years ago, I found a contact email address to Louis Farakhan. Now, addmittidly, I admire this dude. I, admire,,,,ANYONE,,,,who has the courage to stand up in a most contemptuous creative manner and show outright disrespect for EVERYTHING, like he does. Guys got balls man. I never got an answer. Didn’t expect any either.

    Fuck this doin nothing man, im going out an try to start some fires

    • good luck. but you might be better off looking for the family’s info and contacting them or their lawyer and asking them to start asking about the security camera footage from the White House that day.. and for that matter, you might ask them where their niece is.

      • Yes Scott,

        It’s down to ‘Security Camera’ no-shows again.

        Which in my opinion, in this absolutely panoptic society – is a real tell when they never surface.

        And about the body of the woman not being seen by the family. I would posit that it is because she is so riddled with bullet holes that this simple fact alone is going to mean the cadaver remains unseen; at least in a forensic setting. Maybe clothed in a casket is all they will see.


        • yeah i think there is reason to conclude that about the way they identified her body. seeing their sister/daughter that mutilated would probably elicit a rather angry reaction which may inflame a situation they already knew could blow up in their faces at a moment’s notice. with the pictures they could control what angles were seen by the family and the extent of the damage could be mitigated, thus the anger would be as well. plus there is something very personal about viewing the actual body itself on the cold table. the reaction i would imagine is much more visceral which could have prompted them to go out in public and say things they didn’t want them to say. that would be my guess anyway.

          • It is standard ‘Protocol’ nowadays Scott, to ID by photos. Of course it is another in-the-pocket technique for coroners, to put them in a position of not having to answer uncomfortable questions in matters such as these.

            A lot of statutory law has been tweaked to the benefit of the state since the 1940s. ‘Grand Jury Protocol’ totally reworked so that all the power falls into the lap of state prosecutors, and taken away from citizen oversight and direction.

            “Jury Nullification” has been sent down the same type of Memory Hole for standard jury trials.

            Of course these are drops in the bucket compared to the nullification of the entire Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.
            The so-called ‘government’ in Amerika is simply a syndicate, run by the larger global cabal, headed by the international bankers.

            Yes, too large a tale to be gone into here…


  13. I know you disparaged the first video this Max guy put up. So, he’s put up another one. How’s it play in the field?

    • really doesn’t take much to impress you does it? these distraction tactics brought over from your failed COTO blog will not be tolerated.

      • Its not a distraction. You rebuffed the initial video. This guy has put up another one. It is more information available, or it is more disinformation being sold. Its a visual. Why would you not tolerate additional information? It provides an opportunity to do what you do best. And contrary to what you may believe of my interest here, I think you usually manifest some pretty good chops for analysis. Mr. Rogue1 has always presented quite a good investigative mind as well.

        I’m not impressed one way or another by this piece of information. I’m unemotional about it. It just exists. As far as I’m concerned, blog sites are a collection of “minds”, and everything that goes with the human being — knowledge, experience, thought processes, intuition, etc. This site, and others provide a crucible for peeling the “onion” and getting at the Truth of things if that is what is really what you’re after.

        So do what you do. Eventually, we all might get closer to what’s “real”.

        • “Why would you not tolerate additional information?”

          do you not see it still sitting there where you placed it? have you not eyes to see? surely you confuse this site with another that removes what they deem offensive.

          as to his video, some local news caster early in the day of the event, made a errant statement, and that to you is what? proof? that and a headrest? if you can’t see through that, you’ve been at COTO too long.

          • O.K. Ride the Rogue Wave.

            • in case you haven’t noticed, i’ve been riding quite a few waves since i first published my hypothesis about this event. but like you said, rogue puts forth some interesting and valid information, as do many here, and as you can tell, even Martha hasn’t been banned. no one has over this. and unlike over there, the comments are still up. point is, everyone is welcome to a point. my initial anger was about comments that could be construed as disparaging about this victim and her family and that kid. i said before i will not tolerate those and I meant it. videos of headrests … well, they speak for themselves don’t they? tribal squabbles carried over from other sites do as well. you’re still here and your input is welcome, as it has been. that’s my “wave” … as it has been.

              now, i’m going to bed. long day. play nice everybody

            • “O.K. Ride the Rogue Wave.”

              If you wanted to present yourself as being outside the flame war you just blew it with that line.

              What, exactly, in that video can be said to be “100% proof” of someone in the passenger seat?

              • You know folks. ALL kinds of information gets circulated round about these events. And lots of people look at something, and think, “Well, I’m not so sure? It could be?”. Its not about being swayed by powerful personalities, or slick productions, or ad hominem, or any other “tricks of the trade”. Why’d I put it up? Because “some” people will believe it, some will be on the fence, and some are going to be pushed one way or the other by the cross talk.

                Scott, Rogue1 and other minds who take seriously their analysis “help” in the final analysis. Is anybody “right” all the time? No, of course not. But play the averages. And get eyeballs and brainpower, and knowledge, and experience on the stuff, and see how the picture develops and the scenario plays out.

                And Mr. Ed — seldom will we get 100% proof on anything as you well know. Shoot, we get dribbles of information, and lots of disinformation of all types from every direction.

                Even in the False Flags of recent history, there are obviously people being maimed, killed, and affected for life. There’s also some “other” weird shit that goes on. That’s why having a bunch of minds focusing on the information at hand is a handy thing.

                • “And Mr. Ed — seldom will we get 100% proof on anything as you well know. ”

                  Excuse the mistake, Mr. Boomerang..etc. You did post a video with the title “100% proof two people in car”, didn’t you? That’s what I was asking. I won’t repeat the question, but maybe you’ll decide to answer it anyway.

                  • Mr. Ed, Sir. I will address your question. Things are a little “jiggy” roundabout, so you have to excuse that. Please understand that the panoply of stuff that gets “created” and posted about events we are all trying to understand — runs the gamut. It is my personal opinion that paying attention to the fake or false stuff that wafts around is very helpful in sensing the direction of the “wind”. Not everybody has the time, background, or abilities to efficiently sift through everything that assaults our senses. That’s where and why it is helpful to have a forum where the mass of info can be sliced and diced.

                    Just ’cause I put something up I ran across, doesn’t mean I think its “gospel”. We might ask ourselves “why?” it was run up the flagpole? There is no doubt we’re dealing with deceptions and duplicity with these events of a serious kind. Who’s doing it? Why are they continuing to do it? Are they stand alone? Or are they a combination of crisis acting and real sabotage? Are they lone wolf acts as They keep trying to sell us, or are they involving “teams”?

                    These are not simple “events”. Scott and others here have proven that. Stuff doesn’t add up. Information is not forthcoming from the “authorities”. It never is anymore is it? So there’s more to it. That’s why there’s readership here — folks wanna know. Here, and elsewhere, the public can help sleuth the truths out. Ya gotta look at a bunch of stuff though, to get to the truth. And you never know when one thing clangs off of another, or fits perfectly with something else, and the all important dots connect.

                    Sorry for being long-winded on a simple point. Think like “Columbo”. Nothings ever really crap. Its a clue. It leads you to the next one.

                    • Allright. I get it. This site is new to me and I haven’t yet learned to view comments through the lens of a commenter’s history. Sorry for speaking before understanding.

    • “There were two people in the car we are now being told.”

      “We are now being told”…un-named sources.

      Yea they are lying to you…when did the lies start?

      “a professional and a navigator” — so this is not hearsay?

      Yea, “being set up for a police state”… it IS a police state.

      Would it be impolite to mention that this is nothing but speculation?
      Oh, no that would be “ad hominem” according to booberwanker.

      So yea cotoscrews, let’s do all we can to get these murdering pigs off of “Murder 1” — it that what you and this video maker are all about?
      Think it over kiddies.


    • Oh and Boober,

      Don’t forget to dig a deep enough hole to cover your sorry ass in for when the comet “Ison” destroys planet Earth this coming December, or whenever you hysterical doomsayers think it’s going to hit. WTF???


      • Well Rogue1. It is your ad hominem that you continually manifest anymore that turns folks off. You’ve ended up downright “abusive”. Its ugly. Why you feel you need to fuck with me I don’t get? But whatever. If I put a comment here on Scott’s site, are you going to disparage me every time and call me names because you get a charge out of it? Does that make you feel better, bigger, more intellectual?

        Its just distracting, purely venomous evil shit that reveals “something” ill about you. Whatever. You’re in charge of you.

        I commented on Scott’s earlier D.C. post far earlier, before you piped up. I said something to the effect, “I’m glad you’re addressing this” to Scott. Why? Because Scott’s abilities are helpful in analyzing stuff that other people can’t, won’t, or don’t have the time or energy to get at.

        Then you dredged up the shit again. And started with the disparaging ad hominem, etc. Here you go Again?! WTF?

        And yeah, every time you address me or refer to me with some creative or non-creative name calling or any other slander, it reflects on you as having some kind of belittling complex. Its who you’ve become.

        Folks here will encounter it. This will be an interesting forum.

        • “Why you feel you need to fuck with me I don’t get?”~Boober

          Like I said, you don’t remember, you can’t recall, you don’t have any memory of it at all…

          Are you just playing dumb, or are you really that stupid?

          I won’t bother you anymore. Here or coto. I have had enough of your two faced bullshit. Go cry to mama JG.


          • I’ve never been your enemy. I’ve been the opposite, and you know that. Don’t you remember? Sometimes we are our own worst enemies…


  14. Question: Why shoot to death an unarmed woman?
    Answer: The security forces will shoot to kill an umarmed American mother, and get a standing ovation from Congress (the peple’s representatives) for doing that.

    (Question: How do we win this?
    Answer: The security forces refuse to fire on unarmed Americansand turn their guns on the elite.)

  15. I agree the woman went to the White House for a reason that involves the child. Love child of Obama, Holder, or even Reggie Love makes sense and ties in Miriam saying Obama contacting her controlling her. Previous contact may have been part of payoff to keep her quiet. Maybe she went to White House though because she wanted father of child to recognize the child and when she refused to leave they tried to keep her there and at that point she knew it wasn’t going to end well for her. Now this Max guy and his videos I usually quickly dismiss and I did so with the first video that he claimed from a distance showed a second person in the car. This new video with the news report of a second person does make me think twice. Is it possible if there was a second person in the car. That it was this person that set her up to go to the White House in a scenario where she would be quietly disappeared but she caught on and took off? Is it also possible that they removed the child, gunned down Miriam and pretended to arrest the accomplice in her murder only to have any record of him disapper other than the one reporter who was told by their police source of the arrest of an individual with Miriam because the police source did not yet get the memo that no info of this second person was supposed to get out? Looking at the original video again I suppose it is possible there was a second person in the car. Interested in others thoughts on these second person video. I also want to go on record that in no way do I believe this or any of the other atrocities this Max Moron mentions were a hoax real people were murdered in cold blood nome of these are a hoax.

    • hi Capt14k. welcome back. just for the record, if you find a hi-res version of the original al Hurra video, in the beginning, when she is somewhat cornered and the one SS guy is pointing his gun in the passenger side window, you can clearly see that the passenger seat is empty, you can actually look through the window into the back and through the back window. it’s clear there is no one else in the car… that is why the disinfo video doesn’t start there… it starts later when the car is 60 yards away and moving at 40mph.

      • I did see the earlier videos and I agree clearly no one else is in the car. Also why I quickly dismissed the the video Max Moron made trying to make you see two people in the car. With the news report I figured I would theorize on what if second person was in the car. If there was a second person and it was covered up then I think that would only add to the theory she was assassinated to cover up a bigger story. I also find it interesting that Reverend Al and Jesse are not marching on Washington. Could be because they don’t want to bring any more negative attention their boy or it could be because they were specifically asked not to by the Administration. Mostly White Feds killing Unarmed Black Woman with Child in Cold Blood does seem like the dream scenario for the two of them.

  16. What if the 2nd person in the car is the “nameless” guy found on fire the following day? Witness Removal Program?

  17. Willy, im back. Both activists have web sites with contact link so sent appeal & photos from here, with explaination, and asked they get involved in this situation and bring some heat to bear. I don’t know what good it will do but I at least feel I did something positive instead of nothing. It beats idle talk.

    Looks like the big bullshit con man came back while I was gone.

  18. One other thing, I went onto nation of Islam, but there was no link any longer to contact Farakhan or anyone else there.

  19. Scott

    If you are still pulling the thread on this and looking at video could you please point out where this Frank Schwing witness is in the video.

    “Frank Schwing, 57, a furloughed Commerce Department worker, said he was on the House side of the capitol when he saw police surround the car only to have the driver suddenly hit the gas.

    “The sedan backed up and smashed into one of the cruisers, took off again around the south side of the Capitol,” Schwing said. “And that’s when I heard the gun shots. ”

    I could not locate anyone wearing those clothes, his build, or a red hat. But according to reports both Alhurra (Danny Farkas) and Frank were in the same area to be able to witness.

    Also, if they were intent on assassinating Miriam Carey, why let her speed off and fire 7 times on a fleeing vehicle. Why couldn’t they just take her out right then and there? And why kill her in public? Why not not just apprehend, taze, or shoot to maim, and then confiscate what ever she might have that incriminates someone.

    And for you basic question, why would they stage this? Do you have any ideas? Have you considered the possibility? Is there anything to be gained?

    If you go to about 21 secs in the original video, you will see a guy photographing or videotaping the event in the lower right corner. He is wearing a tan shirt. At 23 seconds the video abruptly zooms in but not through the camera. This was done in post editing. I feel they wanted this guy removed from the frame. I showed this in a slo motion video I posted before. In post, they tried to hide the abrupt zoom with a black right to left swipe transition. Farkas already said the authorities wanted to look at the video to make sure there was nothing left out on the editing floor, before it was released. But I wasn’t too convinced in his interview.

    It is for these reasons I am not buying Farkas just happened to be filming in the most photographed and filmed place in the world. Because there is no other video. And Farkas works for a government propaganda agency. What concerns me the most is they now are using that on the US population. I mean, they actually kept the out take from the dollar bill guy in at the beginning to support his trying to obtain B-roll for the story on the government shutdown. In my experience you don’t have the on air talent standing by with microphone in hand when the camera guy is capturing B-roll. I know you have a thing against claiming events are staged. What better way to honor that murdered woman and her orphaned child that to look for the truth no matter where it takes you. Even if it might be against your initial postulation. Semper Gumby. Always flexible I say.


  20. ABC News writes:

    “The woman who led police on a high-speed chase near the U.S. Capitol before being shot dead had a history of mental illness and believed President Obama was electronically monitoring her Connecticut home in order to broadcast her life on television, sources said.”
    – See more at:

    “…sources said.” Again, hearsay from anonymous sources from the mainstream media. And just what is their track record when it comes to truthful reporting. No that is not a question – but a statement put rhetorically.

    It is absolutely juvenile to believe any of this bullshit spin; ANY OF IT.

    This is all theater, a distraction from the fact that the so-called “government’ is criminally incompetent. Whatever the Public Relations Regime points to, look the other way.

    The whole thing is played like stage magic. It is all illusions. Any incident can be used as fodder. Carey needn’t have had any connection to any of this, she may have pulled into that area by mistake and happenstance.

    It was the set up of goon squads all over the capitol that is the stage, this could happen to ANYBODY and they can spin a woowoo story about it.

    False argumentation, that of; “post hoc ergo propter hoc” argument — correlation does not equal causation.
    … … … …
    Note; it is not my purpose to push anyone’s buttons here. I have a classical investigative take on history and current events. Although I have never been in academia, I have studied classical argumentum, and epistemology deepy

    I am open to any criticisms, and will only respond as to how I am given them.

    • Well my only criticism is not understanding what you just wrote. I can’t tell if you agree that is was possibly staged or that Miriam Carey was specifically targeted. Of course you didn’t reply to me so maybe it was just another comment. But I will say you don’t give the government enough credit. I think they, and those before, and those ahead are definitely capable of pulling the wool over the public at large. How else can less than 1 percent of the world’s population continue to maintain control over the remaining 99 plus percent. It is called a control system, and they will do whatever it takes to keep control. Control system or government, call it whatever you would like. I go a bit in another direction and feel the government is just a tool to keep you enslaved by the ones in control. Government and media lackeys are just merely privileged by their selling their soul.

      One other minor criticism, and don’t think I am pushing buttons. Why reference and link here? At Scott’s house.


      • Last question first Aris,

        The reference to is nothing but a repeat of the ABC News story. If there is a ban on at Scott’s house, please forgive me…I had no idea.

        You are likely as in the dark as I am as far as understanding what you just wrote as well. But this part comes through clear enough:

        >”I can’t tell if you agree that is was possibly staged or that Miriam Carey was specifically targeted.”

        That is actually quite a wide open question, to ask if I think something is “possibly staged”. At this stage of actual knowledge of the incident, what is possible is quite extant. What is plausible? What is remotely possible? What is very likely? What is certain? These are all questions that would fall into your general inquiry.

        However, I don’t see how you can make the judgement that I don’t “give the government enough credit.”

        As far as “pulling the wool over” the eyes of the population, that is one of my main areas of research, ‘social engineering’. So I would say I am quite aware of the various techniques of psychological operations. Which leads to serious study of mass psychology in general, mob behavior, provocateurs, the whole gambit of the topic.

        But what we are discussing here is a specific incident, one that is only known of from a few short video snippets and information that has it’s original genesis from the Public Relations Regime itself.

        It might be more frightening to realize that this could happen to anyone who happens to drop into a situation wherein they are suddenly confronted by angry men with drawn weapons. It may be more emotionally comforting to believe that this was all a planed and staged event, that somehow Ms Carey was ‘special’ and put into the theater by some nefarious plan.

        I am not prepared at this point to pass judgement either way. It could very well be some strange ‘relationship’ between this unfortunate woman and the powers running DC.

        So, perhaps if you have something that you feel falls into the category of ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’, you can explain that to me in some specific terms. {?}


        • I guess you were just making a comment on this thread and not replying to the comment immediately above yours. I wasn’t sure. I’ve no bone to pick with a fellow truth seeker. But I am not sure you read the comment immediately above yours at 1:54 pm. In that comment I wrote to Scott and asked him what he thought of some specific things I noticed in that original video released by the Middle East Propaganda agency that is in contradiction to other reports of an alleged witness to the interim chase episode at the south side. I am convinced more than ever that it was choreographed and staged after looking again at the video frame by frame.

          Keep up the effort and have a good day.


    • “This is all theater, a distraction from the fact that the so-called “government’ is criminally incompetent. Whatever the Public Relations Regime points to, look the other way. ”

      Yes, that’s generally a valid way of looking at what comes to us from the ruling class through the infotainment industry. Still, There’s always the possibility that this particular killing wasn’t a planned psyop. Maybe her murder was planned, but it seems to have gotten out of hand.

      I can’t imagine what sort of benefit the regime could get out of staging something like this. It appears to me that a woman was murdered by panicked low level thugs, probably under orders from equally panicked white house staff dickheads who had no idea how to go about killing this person.

      One thing I consider a fact is that Executive branch functionaries are a bunch of idiots who were hired to do the bidding of some imbecile who managed to get himself elected president. The professionals, who know how to kill, torture and bribe for the executive branch are intelligence and military people, career pros. They aren’t white house staff temps who will be gone when the next poseur becomes president. Well planned ops are their department.

      If this was indeed some babymama drama that was being handled by staff weenies without any oversight by the pros, it seems to have gotten away from the people trying to handle it and ended up out on the street with a public execution.

      Apparently, somebody fucked up. i don’t know the truth here, but like you, I don’t give any weight at all to what the mainstream media has to say about it.

  21. I appreciate that you are not deleting dissenting opinions, Scott. I can assure you that I am not consciously aware of being some kind of “disinfo asset,” this is honestly my own opinion. It doesn’t make sense that there isn’t more video out there. Where’s the dash cams you know are in the cop cars? And yeah, where’s Al Sharpton and the NAACP? They should be screaming bloody murder, because that’s what it would be …

    You asked what might possibly be the motive to stage this drill. Here is my own speculation: Companies like OnStar can unlock doors for you when you lose your keys. They know right where you are at all times. If your car gets stolen, they can shut it down. If they wanted to, they could listen in on your every conversation. What if the government is really angling for a way to get this kind of back-door access to all new vehicles? Again, this is simply one opinion. I didn’t think Robbie Parker was for real, either.

  22. Jody,

    You end your comment above with this:

    “I didn’t think Robbie Parker was for real, either.”

    May I inquire as to what is meant by “real”? More to the point is; what do you think it all means?

    There are countless possibilities here once speculation begins. But where does it end? What conclusions are drawn?

    I spent a couple of months investigating and ruminating on the Sandy Hook event. The Parker family is certainly an especially confounding aspect. I am curious as to what your conclusions are as to Mr Parker, and how you arrived at them.


  23. The only conclusion I can say that I definitely believe about Mr. Parker is that he did not just lose a daughter that day. Real grieving parents don’t act that way. Beyond that, I can’t say, they aren’t releasing death records for any of those people.

    • “Real grieving parents don’t act that way.”~Jody Paulson

      Well Jody, I would say that that is quite a subjective opinion. Did you come to this conclusion by yourself?

      The reason I ask is that I know, having followed the story as I mentioned, that this comment; “Real grieving parents don’t act that way,” became rather a mantra on the blogs.

      Do you know what the term “leading the witness” means in a legal sense? That is in a court of law…how that works, the psychological mechanisms involved and such.

      Let me ask you then, how far do we go “beyond a reasonable doubt” when assessing such information?

      Just for full disclosure, I am a retired digital special effects artist. I know quite a bit about the functions of the Adobe programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as the movie applications such as Maya and others. I have a keen eye for the artifacts of digital manipulation of both still and moving pictures.

      I won’t go further in this discussion, as it is a side issue. I was just curious as to your first mention of Robbie Parker.

      Thank you for your responses.


  24. Sorry, I just checked and it turns out they actually did release the death certificates. But I do recall there being an issue with that for months: “The death certificates were made public through the Freedom of Information Act after the Newtown Clerk’s Office refused to give them up, citing privacy for the victims’ families.”

  25. It’s quiet in here this morning. Too dam quiet, actually. I hope it doesn’t mean this story is losing momentum, that the interest in this is dying. That must NOT be allowed to occur. This incident has opened a door and exposed possible gov impropriety , It has opened them up to investigation into very sensitive areas, that so far certain questions remain to date, unanswered. It is rare indeed where the government is this exposed and this vulnerable. There is an opportunity here to hit them hard in a way they are essentially unable to defend satisfactorily. This opportunity should not be squandered.

    Now is the time for people to contact Republican representatives demanding objective inquiry into this incident because as I see it, these unscroupolous rep’s could see it as a usuible diversion. The feud between the left and the right has never been greater than the present and this situation is ripe for exploitation IE. to compel them to lean (our Republican Rep’s) to bring heat on this current execitive branch for what has occurred.

    There is certainly sufficient evidence available, photo and circumstiantial, to make a preliminary showing that possible executive Branch impropriety has, or is occurring regarding this incident. This opportunity must be exploited immediately, IMMEDIATLY, by any and all concerned individuals. Get creative! I sent direct emails last evening to Jesse Jackson and Big Al Sharpton. All I did to acquire their contact link was to goggle their individual names and pull up their web sites and found the contact link right up front. In the appeal I put great emphasis on the “white DC cops gun down unarmed African American female in broad daylight, on streets of nations capitol” And gov’s claim of victims alleged mental state has gone unfounded in face of no supporting evidence to substantiate claim and therefore, this claim is nothing more than HEARSAY TO JUSTIFY DC COPS USE OF “UNJUSTIFIED”, DEADLY FORCE! additionally, I included the photo evidence showing no damage to front of victims car that would be present in the face of the Gov’s claim that victim RAMMED, repeat, RAMMED, her car into barricades.

    That, if anything could, should, lite a fire under their asses and get the same action out of them as the Travon Martin situation produced. That’s the kind of heat that’s needed !

    All you alleged concerned readers here listen up, please. Don’t just sit on you asses and do nothing. There is great opportunity here. Don’t waste it.

  26. Adm Halsey’s great battle cry was


  27. Sorry that this post is off subject, but…

    BRIAN! Where have you gone?

    (just checking… i don’t really need you 🙂 hope you and the family are ok)

  28. Scott,

    My email is [removed at request of commenter]

    I have something coto for you and don’t want to mung up your blog with it.


  29. […] TRIED TO GAIN ENTRANCE TO THE WHITE HOUSE BY RAMMING THE BARRICADE. As an eyewitness and the police report lay out, Miriam was trying to leave the White House gate and the Secret […]

  30. […] TRIED TO GAIN ENTRANCE TO THE WHITE HOUSE BY RAMMING THE BARRICADE. As an eyewitness and the police report lay out, Miriam was trying to leave the White House gate and the Secret […]

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