Sec. Kerry’s Colin Powell Moment Praised by Administration YES MEN and Professional Purveyors of Yellow Journalism

by Scott Creighton

“Should President Obama decide to order a military strike against Syria, his main order of business must be to kill Bashar Assad. Also, Bashar’s brother and principal henchman, Maher. Also, everyone else in the Assad family with a claim on political power. Also, all of the political symbols of the Assad family’s power, including all of their official or unofficial residences.”…  “liberal” Bret Stephens at the Wall Street Journal

After Sec. Kerry’s morally bankrupt speech, all but accusing President Assad of using chemical weapons on his own people for no apparent reason other than conveniently giving Obama the regime change  “red line” he so desperately craved, the entire Obama administration is getting in line behind the propaganda along with certain influential media outlets as if the case for war has been proven. No real facts needed. They have Youtube videos released by the PR teams working with our terrorists in Syria run by Robert “Salvador Option” Ford … and that’s all the “evidence” they need.

Samantha Power         @AmbassadorPower

Haunting images of entire families dead in their beds. Verdict is clear: Assad has used CWs against civilians in violation of int’l norm.

Susan Rice         @AmbassadorRice

Only regime has capacity to launch CW with rockets.

Enter the Yellow Journalism:

“New patients kept coming. One doctor from the town of Kafr Batna likened the scene to a horror movie, with cars bringing in entire families — fathers, mothers and children — all of them dead.” New York Times

“This time the use of chemicals was more brazen and the casualties were much greater, suggesting that Mr. Assad did not take Mr. Obama seriously” New York Times

“As the administration moved rapidly toward a decision, Secretary of State John F. Kerry said the use of chemical weapons in an attack Wednesday against opposition strongholds on the outskirts of Damascus is now “undeniable.”” Washington Post

The disinformation vortex has been initiated.  Sec. Kerry’s baseless accusations have taken root just as the entirely fictitious Feb. 5th 2005 “slam dunk” from Colin Powell once did in the lead-up to the bombing of Iraq.

“The New York Times editorialized that Powell “was all the more convincing because he dispensed with apocalyptic invocations of a struggle of good and evil and focused on shaping a sober, factual case against Mr. Hussein’s regime.” The Washington Post was more war-crazed, headlining its editorial “Irrefutable” and declaring that after Powell’s U.N. presentation “it is hard to imagine how anyone could doubt that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction.”” Norman Soloman

Chemical weapons once again are the focus of the thinly veiled propaganda. Instead of holding up ridiculous vials of pretend weaponized chemical agents, all Sec. Kerry has to offer the civilized world are Youtube videos made by our propaganda outlets in Jordan. Videos made by Middle Eastern crisis actors hired for the day by our NGOs run by Robert “Salvador Option” Ford

Little in the way of actual evidence by any rational standard, but the administration yes men and the professional purveyors of yellow journalism get in line, right on cue, to propagate the propaganda in the swirling whirlwind of the globalist feeding frenzy as they sense more Syrian blood in the water in the very near future.

The technocrats, the constitution writers and the war-zone profiteers are packing their bags in anticipation of the plethora of opportunity waiting in Syria.

You would think that the American people would have learned something by now about this pattern of deceit, but you would be wrong.

Sadly, you would be wrong.

6 Responses

  1. It’s just so damn obvious… and predictable too. They’ve used the exact same methods to destroy many countries, yet the dumbed-down population of the so-called “west” keep falling for the BS. It’s truly a sad situation. I got into it with a co-worker yesterday when he started spouting off about how NATO needs to “bomb the shit” out of Syria because Assad is “murdering his own people”. I calmly laid it all out for him but he refused to believe me. I guess the myth that we’re the “good guys” is just too ingrained in him and it hurts his brain to think that we’re actually the problem, not the solution.

  2. Youtube videos made by our propaganda outlets in Jordan. Videos made by Middle Eastern crisis actors hired for the day by our NGOs

    If you’re willing to contemplate the possibility that atrocity videos from Syria are staged by “crisis actors”, why do you exclude that possibility in the case of domestic outrages like the Newtown massacre and the Boston bombing?

    If the US government is capable of faking these things in Syria, why couldn’t they do the same thing here?

    • because these look fake and they weren’t staged in a public event while thousands of people were standing around. pretty straight forward when you look at it.

      and I don’t know what happened at Newtown, only that Adam Lanza didn’t do it. that’s all I know about that scene.

  3. When they come some 4th of July, running behind their hounds, The People will cheer as they see such sport—the chasing down them who do dare

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