HOLY SHIT! Race-Baiting New York Daily News Style

by Scott Creighton

Yes, Mayor “Take the GUNS!” Bloomberg is still the man with the plan and the cash to do it in New York and if you want to make it there you have to tow the Business Party line. That’s pretty obvious at this point.

But this front page from the New York Daily News goes way above and beyond the call of duty.

And now Trayvon Martin’s name has been added to that list? Comparing Trayvon to Emmitt Till and James Chaney?

You have got to be kidding me.

There is ABSOLUTELY no evidence that this shooting was racial in any way. NONE.

In fact, a new article put out by CBS Tampa Bay has a video of  George Zimmerman at a town hall type meeting just prior to the shooting calling out the Sanford police department for covering up the racially charged beating of a black homeless man. Zimmerman was speaking out on behalf of the homeless man against the Sanford police department that he had wanted to work for essentially sacrificing that career objective to do the right thing.

And try as they might to frame George for making racial comments on the 911 call before the incident, turns out the only one using racists slurs was Trayvon! Oh, but calling white people “cracker” isn’t racist, is it?

For a newspaper to attempt to lump this incident in with these classic examples of racially motivated hate crimes should be illegal. The Daily News is DELIBERATELY INCITING people to violent acts …

… quite literally yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded theater.

Someone should sue the Daily News for this. Immediately. Their business license should be pulled at the very least.


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7 Responses

  1. If I was Martin’s mother,I would sue the Daily News for the morbid picture of the hooded victim with a black cover over his face…. it is definitely a picture alluring to the ‘hooded’ deceased Martin…
    What a rude picture! How gross can the news get?

  2. For a very good factual antidote to this race-baiting horse manure, see Stefan Molyneux’s video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF-Ax5E8EJc&feature=share&list=UUC3L8QaxqEGUiBC252GHy3w

  3. Britain’s ITV (short for Independent Television which was possibly too obviously Orwellian) News tonight plugged this as the verdict “that divided a nation” but then showed footage of mixed-race protests all pushing the theme of unequal justice. The report also tries to tie this in with gun control. They never explained the “divided…nation” charge.


  4. For its demagogic part, the New York Post played up the gun angle with its headline, “Sent Packin’, Zimmerman to carry death gun – for protection.” See http://www.dcdave.com/poet15/sentpacking.jpg

  5. I think Holder picked the Zimmerman case to take a stand on not despite the fact that it was not really an example of racism but because of that fact. Here’s what I’m thinking: if Holder had picked a clear cut case of racist injustice then the vast majority of Americans would have supported the victim and there wouldn’t be a real conflict. But because this case does not appear to be a case of racism to anyone who scratches the surface, lots of people were bound to stand behind Zimmerman and provide an opposition to the protestors, who themselves are loyalists certain to answer the call of the President himself. (Or am I giving Holder et al too much credit?)

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