Hardening Split in Egypt as Islamists (and other Egyptians) Stage Huge Demonstrations

UPDATE: Morsi supporters stay on Cairo streets

Our first demand is the return of our legitimate president to run the country again, this demand is not negotiable and we demand for a parliamentary council as soon as possible,” said a pro-Morsi protester.


from the New York Times

zHundreds of thousands of Egyptian Islamists and other supporters of Mohamed Morsi, the country’s first freely elected president, who was ousted and detained by the military last week, filled public squares in Cairo and other cities on Friday in an intensified campaign aimed at returning him to power. The United States also dialed up its criticism, calling on Egypt’s interim authorities to release Mr. Morsi.

The protests underlined both the size of the opposition to the military’s intervention on July 3 and the hardening split over the country’s direction. Mr. Morsi’s supporters blocked major thoroughfares in parts of Cairo, snarling traffic and raising the prospect of further escalation, while Tahrir Square remained the domain of the anti-Morsi side.

In Washington, a State Department spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, said the United States concurred with a call made by Germany for Mr. Morsi to be released. Asked about Germany’s position at a daily briefing, she said, “We do agree.”

[read the rest, here]

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